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Christmas Swap 2019

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Nov 10, 6:16pm Top

Welcome to the Christmas Swap for the 75 Books Challenge Group 2019. Yes, believe it or not, it’s that time again. I am Jeff (mahsdad) and this is my 5th year running the 75 Group Swap. I'm looking forward to a great book picking season, always one of my favorite times of the year.

For those that are new, or those who’ve forgotten, this is our own version of SantaThing, where we get to bring some literary joy to our friends here in the group. It’s a secret Santa, where you will be buying and shipping books to one person that you get assigned. Remember, we are not affiliated with LibraryThing, so don’t bug them with questions or issues about shipping, that’s my job.

As in years past, we keep this simple: Let me know if you are playing, PM me your address (if you played last year and haven't moved, I still have your address) I will draw names randomly and everyone will get a 75er to buy gift book(s) for.

We keep it to a $25 limit, so it can be affordable for everyone. This can be new books, carefully preserved “used” books or eBooks (if you want eBooks, PM me your email addy). This will be open to everyone, everywhere, since there are free shipping options available, like Book Depository.

The cut off will be about the 24th of November (Sunday before US Thanksgiving, its late this year), this gives you two weeks to decide if you want to play. I will pick names after that date (I'll let you all know here). I am very forgiving, so just let me know if you want in, even after the"cut-off". After I randomly sort the names and make the selections, I will send out the addresses in PM messages as soon as I can.

Once that is done, you can select from that Lter's wishlist or pick something on your own. The former is a safer bet. Plan accordingly so that your gifts will arrive by Christmas, given shipping time, especially to any non-US friends. International shipping can sometimes take up to 3 weeks or more.

Make sure you have Christmas Swap or LibraryThing printed somewhere on the shipping label, so your giftee "knows" and can save it for a Christmas opening. Another suggestion was, if the shipper didn’t allow for personal messages, put “LT” in as part of your giftee’s name.

Please feel free to use this thread to ask questions, make suggestions, or explicitly state that you do NOT want the latest YA Werewolf/Vampire Romantic-comedy series even though everyone says you must read it.

Also, in years past, there have been a couple people who wanted to sponsor someone less fortunate in the group, to make sure they could participate in the fun. Let me know if there are any Secret Secret Santa’s out there and I'll put the word out.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Merry Festivus for the rest of us.

Edited: Nov 20, 9:27pm Top

Excited about the swap. My Christmas wish list here is up-to-date, but I also have a wish list at Book Depository (https://www.bookdepository.com/wishlists/WF2YT4). Mystery is my favorite fiction genre. I enjoy police procedurals such as the Deborah Crombie, Andrea Camilleri, Donna Leon, and Peter Robinson books (but I've read a lot of those). I also enjoy historical fiction, especially historical mysteries. It's probably best to stick to my wish lists unless you know me well. I do plan to participate in SantaThing so be sure to let my Santa there know what you are getting or check there to see what that Santa got if you order later.

My SantaThing link is here: http://www.librarything.com/santathing_thing.php?id=157

Nov 10, 9:38pm Top

Hello. I'm in Canada and wondered about asking to be paired with a 75-er who has a Canadian mailing address?

Also, I guess the $25 would translate into ~$35, so that's pretty reasonable. Lots of scope there.
And now a real newbie question - just to confirm, is PM = private message on your profile wall, yeah?

Nov 10, 9:44pm Top

I'm in. This is always fun. All my info is the same as last year. I've got a pretty healthy wishlist here. My Santa might co-ordinate with lycomayflower, who will know what family might be picking off there.

Nov 10, 10:12pm Top

>3 SandyAMcPherson: Hi Sandy. Yeah a newbie. Love it.

Yes, PM means a private message. I just left you one.

As far as pairing with a fellow Canadian, I'll try. Normally the way it works with my selections, you'll pick for someone and they will pick for someone else. I try not to do any circular picks. Hopefully with places like Book Depository you'll be able to find free shipping. Or if you're visiting your local library book sale and find something good, feel free to ship directly.

We're pretty informal around here.

Nov 10, 10:15pm Top

And Lori reminded me of something that I forgot to put in my introduction again.

If anyone is going to do Santathing, post it here, and/or let me know. That way your 75 Santa will can put comments on your Santathing page for what they are getting you so there's no dupes. I think we'll be selecting ahead of SantaThing.

Edited: Nov 10, 10:25pm Top

I'm going to try something adventurous this year, since I don't know what to ask for and think the fun of this swap is in the gamble. Instead of using my wishlist please go to this link: https://www.librarything.com/topic/310495#6934895 to see my fiction challenge. Pick one or more categories and buy something that you enjoyed that fit (and that is missing from my library). You can later let me know in a PM or in a note with the book which of the categories your gift fits.

If you're not a fiction reader, feel free to send me a nonfiction book that you enjoyed. I read all sorts of nonfiction. I love to learn.

If you're uncomfortable with such a request, I do have a wishlist in my library, albeit under construction.

Nov 10, 11:17pm Top

I'm not participating this year, but I wanted to drop by and make sure you know that after some recent spamming LT has put a limit on profile messages of 10 per day. So when you're sending out addresses and answering questions keep that in mind.

I've already mentioned to the staff how difficult that limit is for secret santas, etc. so hopefully they will change it soon.

Nov 10, 11:20pm Top

Ooo, thanks for the heads up, Nora. Good to know.

Nov 11, 8:31am Top

I'm dithering about signing up, since I might have a problem with trying to come up with a specific book list. As others have said, I'm really picky now about what I add to my wish list. I think I could start something on Book Depository, though. That was a great suggestion.

Nov 11, 10:29am Top

I'm in! Same info as previous years.

Nov 11, 11:18am Top

>10 SandyAMcPherson: Sandy, there's no pressure of creating a specific book list. Even if you just a post on your 75 thread with a half dozen or so books you wish you had, or have been thinking about would work, just as suggestions.

>11 drneutron: Hey Jim, got you down!

Edited: Nov 11, 1:28pm Top

Count me in, once again, Jeff. Thanks for keeping up the tradition.

Nov 11, 2:41pm Top

>13 msf59: Gotcha!

Nov 11, 3:45pm Top

I'm in, and like the idea of a post on my thread. I'll do that.

Nov 11, 5:19pm Top

I got you down Charlotte.

Edited: Nov 20, 10:06pm Top

I'm in again this year! My address has not changed since last year. I'm fine with gently used books, and I'll make sure my list is up to date by the time picks are made. I like surprises, too, so if my Santa is comfortable picking off list that's fine. I plan to participate in SantaThing and would appreciate it if my Santa here would leave a comment on my SantaThing profile to avoid duplicates.

ETA: My SantaThing link is https://www.librarything.com/santathing_thing.php?id=61

Nov 11, 5:55pm Top

Excellent Carrie, welcome back.

That puts us at 10 so far. Last year we had 20, maybe we can exceed that this year.

Nov 14, 8:35pm Top

Boosting the signal, looking for more friends to join us. Plenty of time. :)

Nov 16, 4:39pm Top

I'm in! Off to update my wishlist...

Nov 16, 5:48pm Top

Yippee! Welcome Amanda!

Edited: Nov 17, 9:42pm Top

I'm in! I also like the idea of a post on my thread with a good list from which to choose. Last year I developed a collection called "2018 Christmas Swap Wishlist" but the post seems easier.... :-)

I just checked and I sent you my address last year. I'm still in the same place.

Thanks Jeff!

Nov 19, 2:14pm Top

I'm in!

Will PM my address, as is different from last year.

Nov 19, 3:13pm Top

I'm in. It's always fun shopping for someone who wants a book or two for Christmas. Thanks for doing this.


I do believe you have my address.

Nov 19, 3:17pm Top

Assuming you got my PM, Jeff. All my info is the same. I'm good with gently used. I don't think I'm going to set up a separate Xmas wishlist this year. Anything in my wishlist collection that isn't tagged "library" is good, and that is a large selection.

Nov 19, 11:06pm Top

I've been busy with a federal jury trial (can't wait to share), so I've been behind with updates.

>22 EBT1002: Ellen, welcome, I got your info.
>23 lycomayflower: You too Laura
>24 weird_O: Wouldn't be the same with out you Bill. Yep I got your address
>25 ronincats: Got you too Rhonda. Do you want me to share your Kindle email with your Santa, or do you want paper this year.

That puts us at 14 so far. Still plenty of time for more to join.

SandyAMcPherson and PaulCranswick, I still need your addresses. :)

Edited: Nov 20, 4:10pm Top

Helpful Bits for Lycomayflower:

--Dead tree books only, please

--Used books are a delight!

--I made a wishlist for the swap, called 75ers Christmas Swap Wishlist, and it is here.

Nov 20, 9:22pm Top

A reminder, Santathing has started. If you are going to do that as well, post your link here, or PM it to me.

I haven't done it in a couple years, but if memory serves, you will NOT be able to see the comments or selections of your account, but we can, so we can post comments and suggestions for your Santathing santa on what not to get, so there's no overlap.

Merry Christmas.... Oh my goodness, its coming up quick. Except for this, I have no Christmas Spirit yet, this year.

Edited: Nov 21, 7:16pm Top

>1 mahsdad: I like this idea, being more personal.

I participated in SantaThing for several years, but not recently.

What do I need to do besides join?

I added books to a Christmas list: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/fuzzi

Used books are fine, good or better condition.

I prefer paperbacks, but am willing to accept hardcovers of older books.

Due to allergies I can't read musty books.

Nov 21, 4:30pm Top

>29 fuzzi: Instructions (such as they are) are up top. But basically, just PM me your address. Sometime next week I will pick a Santa for everyone and then you're on your own. Try to stay around $25 and pick the books you think your person would like.

Nov 21, 8:10pm Top

>4 laytonwoman3rd: Adding to my earlier post, I am fine with used books (as long as they don't fall apart, or smell of smoke/mold). And if you know of something that isn't in my library, which you think I'd like based on interactions here or whatever, please feel free to depart from my wishlist. I don't do the e-book thing.

Nov 21, 9:16pm Top

I'm of course in again.
The best bet for me is of course for you to use Book Depo which has free delivery to Malaysia.

I will update my Christmas Wishlist over the weekend.

Nov 21, 11:49pm Top

I am in! I think you have my address but will PM it to you just in case. Will create a Christmas wish list this weekend. Thanks for coordinating us!!

Nov 22, 2:01am Top

Hey Kim, You're in. :)

Nov 23, 7:01pm Top

Coming down to it. I'll probably pick the pairing on Monday. Here's who's playing so far. Am I missing anyone?


Nov 23, 8:05pm Top

You missed me! See >4 laytonwoman3rd: and >31 laytonwoman3rd:.

Nov 23, 8:18pm Top

You are absolutely right. My humble apologies. I'm glad I asked.

Nov 24, 1:22pm Top

Me too!
I've been busy moving, unpacking and getting ready for company.
Just found this today.

I'll PM new address.

Thanks for doing it again. Always fun!

Nov 24, 3:13pm Top

Jeff, yes, ebooks are okay and you can share my email. I'll PM you to be sure they use the correct one for my Kindle account. I love used books in good shape as well. I have an extensive Wishlist, but note that everything tagged "library" is available to me from my library system so my priority would be books not available that way.

Edited: Nov 25, 1:18pm Top

>9 mahsdad: The daily limit for profile comments has been upped from 10 to 30, so I think you should be okay. (See: https://www.librarything.com/topic/312443#6977197)

Nov 25, 8:01pm Top

Thanks Nora, I would have definitely run up against the limit if it had been 10. 30 should be okay.

To all, I'm going to hold off making the picks for a bit. I just saw on Kriti's thread that she might be interested. I want to give her a chance to get in.

And to anyone else who is hovering, let me know if you want in, there's still time.

Nov 25, 8:04pm Top

Yes, I'm interested! Thanks for holding for me.

Nov 25, 8:14pm Top

Excellent. I'll do picks after dinner and send out the PMs this evening.

Remember, if you're going to do Santathing as well, let us know so your Santa can go make comments there.

Have Fun!

Edited: Nov 25, 10:34pm Top

I have created a tag in my books section "Series Christmas Hitlist 2019" for whoever gets the short straw for me to choose from. Anything from my wider wishlist will of course be gratefully received.


I have made sure that all 20 in the Christmas list are available on Book Depo.
In my wider wishlist there are 466 books in total so plenty to go at.

Edited: Nov 25, 10:17pm Top

I've set up a Christmas wishlist collection, but I love (book) surprises so feel free to use it as more of a guide. My tastes are broad, and I'm as happy reading a fat Russian classic as I am a fantasy novella. All of the books I own are in my Your Library collection, so I don't have anything that isn't there.

I am more than happy to receive used books. Anything not falling apart or smelling like an ashtray is fine by me!

Thanks mahsdad for running this!

Nov 25, 10:12pm Top

Okay picks have been made. I'll start sending the PMs shortly.

For next year I'm contemplating a different selection method that would keep me in the dark as well. Downside of doing the selecting, I know who drew my short straw. :)

In order to complete blind picking, would anyone have any objections to the addresses being put in a password protected google sheet that all participants could access to get their giftee's address once the selection was made? I'd envision sending PMs to the participants with the link and the password. Then after the selection they could go get the address on their own.

NOT doing that this year, just brain dumping my thoughts on how to make this a little more efficient for next.

Merry Christmas!

Nov 25, 10:30pm Top

>47 mahsdad: I would heartily agree, Jeff, if I understood any of it!

Nov 25, 10:46pm Top

>44 mahsdad: I am also doing SantaThing.

>47 mahsdad: I would not object to my address being available to all participants in a secure way next year (I'd trust any of you with it, so why not all of you).

Nov 25, 11:22pm Top

All the messages should be out. PM me if you didn't get one and I'll see where I messed up. :)

Edited: Nov 26, 6:33am Top

I received my pick. Yah! Thanks for setting this up, Jeff. Fine job, again.

I will gladly take gently used books. I am just using my regular Wishlist, over on my profile page. These seem to be mostly story collections, but feel free to select something that will surprise and interest me.

Nov 26, 10:20am Top

For my Secret Santa:

I'll spend some time this evening making a Christmas wishlist collection. Used are always fine with me, and really the wishlist is just suggestions. I'm always open to new things.

Edited: Nov 26, 10:32am Top

For my Santa: I am also fine with gently used books. I don't have a wishlist and I'm open to all genres.

Nov 26, 12:41pm Top

I'm cool with used books too, if I didn't say that already.

Nov 26, 2:32pm Top

To my Santa:

I added books to a Christmas list: https://www.librarything.com/catalog/fuzzi

Used books are fine, good or better condition.

I prefer paperbacks, but am willing to accept hardcovers of older books.

Due to allergies I can't read musty books.

Thank you!

Nov 27, 8:09am Top

I've still not received a notification of my Santee.

Nov 27, 12:13pm Top

>56 thornton37814: My apologies. you should have a PM from me

Nov 27, 10:49pm Top

I'm working on a list. I'll try to post it in my catalog by Black Friday. Used books are welcome. Dead tree format much preferred.

Nov 27, 11:38pm Top

Dang it, I posted yesterday. I know. I'll have to recreate tomorrow. Sorry.

Nov 28, 9:00am Top

Found it! It seems that it's a big help to actually click on Post message when you are done. *facepalm*


I prefer tree books to ebooks but will take either, especially as I know some of the books I'm looking for are available in ebook only.

I have a preference for new rather than used as I have strong sensitivities. However if it's a relatively new (10 years?) paperback* that doesn't seem to have picked up any odors (smoke, mustiness, pets, perfume!!, fragrances), I should be okay.

*Used older books and hardcovers seem more likely to set me off.

I'm still putzing around with my lists, adding not subtracting, but you're safe picking from these. I'll be signing up for SantaThing but haven't yet.

My "Want to Read" is a very short list of books and is more of a note to myself of books I want to read sooner rather than later. While it would be nice to get one from that list, I really don't want people to feel obliged to pick from it.



Nov 28, 8:54pm Top

>59 Morphidae: I hate it when I do that...

Nov 29, 10:06am Top

My list is posted. (I finally kept a promise! Hurrah for me.) I think the collection to look at is evident.

Edited: Nov 30, 6:31pm Top

I have posted a Christmas Swap Wishlist here on my thread. I'm happy with gently used books, paper, hard, whatever.

And I have a collection called wish list, as well, so there are options there.

Oh boy.

Nov 30, 6:32pm Top

>47 mahsdad: That would work for me, Jeff. Thanks again for organizing this!

Dec 2, 8:38pm Top

Package sent!!! Thanks for organizing us, Jeff. : )

Dec 2, 10:52pm Top

I've ordered for my Santee...

Dec 2, 11:19pm Top

Order for my Santee is on the way.

Dec 3, 1:52pm Top

An order for my Santee is placed. (going to send something else from home). I used Book Depository (better prices than Ammy) and they don't have any gift options, so what I sent is unwrapped.

I would suggest that anyone getting anything "unexpected" from Book Depository, don't open it early if you want to be surprised :)

Dec 3, 9:27pm Top

My giftee's books have been ordered. They should arrive in two packages, one from Amazon and one from another vendor. I forgot to have them wrapped, but I don't think it was available for all of them anyway. Sorry about that! One package may arrive several days later than the other, but both should arrive well before Christmas.

Dec 3, 9:31pm Top

Lets just assume that you open shipping packages at your own risk of spoiling the surprise.

Tho, if your a Santa that was able to gift wrap, let me know and I'll pass the info along to your Santee know they can put something other than a brown box under the tree. :)

Dec 4, 8:57am Top

One of my Santee's books was suddenly "not available" so I had to find another book, quick. Someone here is getting two separate packages, probably at least a week apart...

Dec 4, 9:56am Top

I ordered the books for my Santee. They should arrive soon. It will arrive from Amazon with SantaSwap in the address field. No inside wrapping.

Dec 5, 9:26am Top

I sent mine on Monday through USPS. They made me put my name and return address on them. So somebody's probably going to guess who his or her Santa is. 🤣😂

Dec 5, 11:30am Top

Just ordered the books for my Santee! Two books coming before Christmas, but the third (one I really wanted to get) probably won't arrive until after January 1.

Dec 5, 5:59pm Top

Mine has been placed, two separate deliveries, if you get a delivery from Book Depository you are not expecting, it could be from me!

Yesterday, 3:52am Top

My Santee will be getting a single Amazon package next week.

Yesterday, 8:19am Top

I received 2 packages yesterday. Under the tree they go. B.A.G.

Yesterday, 4:38pm Top

If anyone gets a package from me, it'll be from me. Everyone watch your mailboxes.

Today, 12:38am Top

I got my package!

Today, 3:43pm Top

Got two books from Amazon today! Thank you, Santa!

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