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Sandy's Books: December β›„οΈπŸŽ„β›„οΈ 2019 (thread #4)

This is a continuation of the topic Sandy's Autumn 🍁 2019 thread #3.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Dec 1, 10:11pm Top

The last month to see if I can finish my library cascade before the end of the year, and fit in some BBs before my hoped-for Christmastime book gifts appear.

Reading update:Two 4-β˜… novels, and, just reviewed

Edited: Dec 1, 9:59pm Top

Seasonal photos for winter and the crazy season of decorating ~~

(1) Sunrise & snow clouds ~ (2) A childhood vintage toy

Edited: Dec 3, 10:50pm Top

Of course I need my book counter. I keep losing track of the total number of completed readings!

Dec 1, 9:25pm Top

Lastly, I'm reserving this space for a photo of my most recent textile creation. Still in a semi-finished quilting stage.

Dec 1, 9:28pm Top

Welcome. I hope you'll be particularly chatty now that all that turkey and trimmings have been processed.

I know there are masses of threads I have visited and not responded or commented. I gathered insights to add to my WL, envied people in warmer climes, and generally look forward to finding out what people have posted on WL for their friends & families to fulfill.

Dec 1, 10:12pm Top

Happy New Thread, Sandy! Waiting to see if Pulley was able to pull the ending together better in her second book.

Edited: Dec 1, 10:17pm Top

Hi Roni. I tried to be quite subtle about the book's dΓ©nouement, so I just hit the main points with little detail. Sure it had some hiccoughs, but I liked the narrative a lot. It was a haunting tale in the way magical realism can be. I like the details ~ Pulley is good at sucking me in so I don't see the blur between factual and *almost* real.

Dec 1, 11:42pm Top

Happy new thread!

Dec 2, 6:35am Top

I'm just plumping up the pillows, settling in, and eagerly awaiting a photo in >4 SandyAMcPherson:.

Dec 2, 7:28am Top

Happy new one!

Dec 2, 8:21am Top

Happy new thread, Sandy!

Dec 2, 9:08am Top

>8 quondame: Hi Susan. Glad to see you here...
>9 lauralkeet: Now there's pressure! But lovely to know there's an eager audience...
>10 figsfromthistle:, >11 karenmarie: Welcome. Great to have you visit.

Dec 2, 9:15am Top

>12 SandyAMcPherson: just an eager audience, no pressure intended!

Dec 2, 12:25pm Top

Happy new thread!

Dec 2, 3:09pm Top

Happy new one, Sandy. Also awaiting >4 SandyAMcPherson:!

I may just continue to be lazy for the rest of the month and not bother with a final thread, myself

Dec 2, 4:20pm Top

Happy new thread, Sandy!

>5 SandyAMcPherson: I know there are masses of threads I have visited and not responded or commented.
We all do, I visit many threads without leaving a comment. I would not have time to read if I did ;-)

Edited: Dec 2, 9:17pm Top

>14 foggidawn: Hi foggi. I'm reading Ballet Shoes this week. Were you the one who suggested this book when I was looking for middle-grade reading? It is turning out to be quite an engrossing read ~ a 'gentle on my mind' story. πŸ’–

>15 jessibud2: Hi from the flatland, where we are (ah-ha!) NOT having freezing rain! Yes, do relax. We're not obliged to read at all! I made shortbread today...

>16 FAMeulstee: Hey good to see you. I zoomed the threads looking for the new BBs so I could potentially score Christmas gifts in the online sales. Canada being as much a slave to "Black Friday" as our neighbours to the south.

So fun to know peeps are awaiting the baby play-mat being finished. I'm farming out the squaring up and seam binding. That's the part I really do poorly! And don't enjoy. Apparently I will have to wait until next week...

Dec 2, 7:48pm Top

>17 SandyAMcPherson: I remember Ballet Shoes, and other Shoes books - I think our middle school library had a section of -girl's'- books, but probably not, just a co-incidence of lots of them is a couple of shelves on the south wall.

Dec 2, 10:59pm Top

Happy new thread, Sandy.

I used to post more than most, I guess, but "lurking" is a honourable profession!

Dec 3, 8:47am Top

>17 SandyAMcPherson: I can't remember if I recommended it or not, but it's one that I can see myself recommending, so it probably was me? Anyhow, glad you are enjoying it.

Dec 3, 9:25am Top

Finished book #103!
I'm still amazed that I achieved reading even 75 books. What a great lot of fun and support this 75-er group provides! And the encouragement to review has been invaluable in prompting my memory of the story while still fresh in my mind.

Ballet Shoes (β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…) A book bullet, from humouress (https://www.librarything.com/topic/310765#6958180).

Surprisingly engaging! Initially, with the way the 3 orphans are so casually acquired and adopted, the story lingered on the edge of syrupy. However, the down-to-earth narrative of 1930's London and the prosaic details of the girls' lives was charming.

Streatfield wrote an amazingly captivating novel of a close-knit home and an enlightened view of dance, stage and ambitions fulfilled for practical reasons. The ending was the only flaw, being rather abrupt and a little too pat, but it was very enlightening for its day in that one of the girls was so well-mentored in her wish to pursue the study of mechanical and aeronautical devices.

Dec 3, 9:47am Top

I started reading the Stephens and Mephisto mysteries awhile ago. After a couple books, the theme wasn't appealing and didn't "compete" well with the Ruth Galloway series.
However... having finished the RG novels currently available I think I'll revisit the Magic Men series.

Here's the newest ~ fifth book, which appeared on Goodreads recently

Dec 3, 9:50am Top

Happy new thread!

Dec 3, 12:18pm Top

I remember reading one of Streatfield's "Shoes" books as a youngun -- probably that one, since LT says it's first in the series and the other titles don't strike a chord the way Ballet Shoes does. I remember absolutely nothing about it, except that I enjoyed it.

Dec 3, 10:37pm Top

>24 lauralkeet: I'd never heard of these stories until humouress suggested the book title.
I'm wondering if many middle grade readers these days would not find enough action which seems so prevalent nowadays? I loved the pace of the story and it was so well-written (except for my review criticism about the ending...).

Dec 3, 10:41pm Top

So there's been chatter now and then about Junk Drawers and about deleting photos there. Back last spring, I had masses of trouble figuring out how to upload photos to talk...
After much faffing about, I got the Junk Drawer to work reliably and not have obscure little blank squares instead...
Here where I wrote out a small tutorial for jessibud2 ...

I thought it might help others. There's probably a wiki page somewhere but I have added annotated screenshots because I am more of a visual person...

Dec 4, 12:28am Top

Happy new thread Sandy!

>25 SandyAMcPherson: Ooh, I got a mention :0)

>26 SandyAMcPherson: Maybe if you click on 'Help' at the top of the page you could add your tutorial to that wiki?

Dec 4, 5:49am Top

>26 SandyAMcPherson: - Thanks, Sandy. I am also a visual learner so your tutorial is probably just the thing that will work for me. I will try it tomorrow as I won't be home till dinner time tonight and I know I'll be too tired to focus by then

Dec 4, 7:05am Top

>25 SandyAMcPherson: I think you might be right about today's middle grade readers. When my daughters were that age (they are now in their mid-20s) interested in books I enjoyed as a child, but many of them fell flat for them.

I've also noticed that certain television programs, popular say in the 1980s, don't hold up well when watched today. There's something different about the pacing. So perhaps there are other factors?

>26 SandyAMcPherson: You might send a private message to Jim (drneutron), the mastermind behind the 75ers group. He's pretty well plugged into LT and might have a suggestion about how to share your creation, which is a thing of beauty. πŸ˜€

Dec 4, 9:00am Top

>27 humouress: Thanks for popping by. I think having a visual on the wiki would help a lot but I'm not sure that my way of using annotated diagrams and photos is appropriate for a prose-driven wiki.

I'm going to follow up >29 lauralkeet: Laura's suggestion and maybe Jim can run with it...

Laura, high praise, (a thing of beauty), thank you. In fact, I think you were the one that LizzieD mentioned for some help for navigating photos onto Talk, yes?

Dec 4, 10:01am Top

Just send Sandy a PM to this effect, but...

I think it's a great idea to see if we can get this on the wiki. One option is to link it to humouress' wiki page on doing cool things in threads, which we link to from the group wiki page. Another option, as I think about it, is to make a separate wiki page with this content, then just link directly to it from the group wiki page in that same area as the link to humouress'. First I gotta figure out how to embed pics in wikis - not hard, just gotta find the time to do it... πŸ˜€

Dec 4, 1:33pm Top

>31 drneutron: Take your time! Work does have that annoying habit of getting in the way of fun stuff. But the pay cheque is just so handy!

Dec 4, 2:37pm Top

>30 SandyAMcPherson: 'Twas I, yes. And now look how you've run with it!

>31 drneutron: excellent.

Edited: Yesterday, 9:03am Top

Warning: LARGE images (for clarity) and a loooong post here ~

The initial visuals, https://www.librarything.com/topic/310773#6984534, were too small to read on the Talk screen
(thanks to jessibud2 for the feedback).

I have re-drawn the annotations ~ here is another How to tutorial for junk drawer use.

My advice to enlarge the images if you can't read them on TALK: put your cursor on the image and 'right-click' to save to your device; on Mac computers, hold down the control button and click. I don't know how to do this on tablets, but one of our lovely 75-ers on Talk probably can advise.

Once the image is saved, you can manipulate it in a photo program to magnify the picture. I use "Preview"as a default app. On Mac systems, there is also iPhoto. I'm no longer a Windows user, so can't help there...

Here are the latest adjustments to Junk drawer, along with my original comments:

#1: Look in the top-right corner of your profile page and find "member Gallery"; Click as shown in image here ~


#2: Finding the Junk drawer and the link to add an image file (*jpg, *png, *gif or *bmp) Click the indicated selections ~


#3: Uploading the image to the junk drawer ~

What to do next ~~ upload the image to TALK!! (I know lots of folks can do this but some of us less computer-literate folks take forever to figure it out and for me, it was so frustratingly-arrrggh!)


So you want to have an image from the junk drawer appear in Talk ~
KEY POINT... click the image so the one you want is all you see in the junk drawer β˜› right-click (control-click on Mac) and select either "copy image address" (if Safari is your browser) or "copy link location" (Firefox) or the equivalent on other browsers...

NEXT - paste the copied link into the HTML format for images:
(I have substituted the sideways V characters with " Β§ " and " † ", so you can see the code):

Here's the HTML for the previous image, "copy image address"

Β§ img src="https://pics.librarything.com/picsizes/9e/f2/9ef2a79fa36048f63716f4b7477434b41716b42.jpg" †

The main thing to add to this code, if you want to reduce the size of the image, is to specify height in between img and src, like this: (make sure to incorporate the spaces exactly as shown!)

.... Β§ img height=150 src= ... †

TIP: Preview the post to check the height, which you adjust up or down by increasing or decreasing the number. Reclick 'preview' each time so the image is the size you want.

In this post, I left the images at quite a large size, so the details were legible; in my opinion, this sizing overwhelms the thread!

Yesterday, 8:28am Top

St. Nicholas' Day ~ my grandchildren will be up early to see what he left in their shoes!

Probably high-quality chocolate and a small toy. They will also enjoy Christmas day gifts with family visiting, but we're staying home. Prairie winter travel is too fraught.

Yesterday, 8:50am Top

I meant to post about Malory's book ~

A friend scored this gorgeous volume at an estate sale.

I forgot to look at the bibliography page though, so I'm not sure how old this edition is. I snapped an inadequate set of photos with my mobile phone camera but only the cover is worth showing off. The illustrations were so vivid. I think Mallory makes no effort at historical accuracy, so I've never been attracted to reading this title.

Yesterday, 9:08am Top

>35 SandyAMcPherson: Happy St. Nicholas Day! The Sunday School kids at my church always bring an extra shoe to church on the Sunday nearest the feast day, and they set them out on the porch for "St. Nicholas" to fill with candy. It's a fun tradition.

Yesterday, 9:20am Top

>37 foggidawn: It is indeed a fun thing. My grandkids were born in Amsterdam and Sinterklaas is more real to them than "Santa". They live in B.C. now.

A few years ago, when we were walking beside one of the canals (November 15 actually), a barge pulled up to a landing and St. Nicholas (with his white horse!) rode off along with a small entourage. It was so real and there wasn't a big crowd around, so felt quite normal.

We didn't follow but I guess he was headed to a festival to mark the beginning of the season. Those processions are so jam-packed, our family tended to avoid Dam Square where this happens amongst all the Christmas market booths.

We liked that Dec. 25 is more about families gathering for a feast and just being together. Christmas Eve is usually when a candle-lit service was attended and there are small gifts exchanged in some families. It is so much less frenetic than a celebration all on the one day.

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