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Betty's (dudes22) 2020 Quilt Fest


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Edited: May 15, 2:53pm Top

Well I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped last year completing some of my UFOs, so I’m going to bring a lot of them forward to this year. In fact, in looking over my thread from last year, I’m amazed at how little I accomplished. I made quite a few tops, but haven't actually finished the quilt. I do have a couple that are ready for the quilter, but will have to wait until we’re back from Fla. And I have a few charity quilt tops that I'm going to practice my machine quilting on.

I decided to cut a few single blocks to take with us when we go to Fla in Jan. Gives me a chance to try some new blocks for a small quilt display in my hallway. And I may take some more pieces from that hand quilting project I started last year. I think I will probably concentrate on my red/white quilt this year. I’m also hoping to finish a few of the smaller baby quilts to donate.

The photo at the top is the Christmas quilt I made last year for one of my walls. I can see it as I sit here and thought I’d give it top billing at least to start.

Finished Projects (Old & New):

1. Fireworks Block
2. 4 Reading Pillows - Addie, Elaine, Celeste (2)
3. Pat's table mat
4. Baby quilt
5. Pillowcases - 7

Dec 28, 2019, 6:41am Top

It's good to have plans! Will be watching in 2020.

Dec 28, 2019, 7:30am Top

>2 avaland: Amen to that LOL!

I've never thought of quilting as an especially portable craft, but I'm impressed with what you are able to accomplish when you are in Florida.

Dec 28, 2019, 1:52pm Top

>3 lauralkeet: - This year we are going to be there longer so I am taking my smaller machine so I'll be able to do a little more.

Dec 29, 2019, 10:15am Top

Yesterday was a friend's birthday and although we don't exchange gifts, I bought her a skein of alpaca/merino blend at the farmer's market to support a local alpaca farm. I think she really liked it even though it will have to be a small project.

Edited: Dec 29, 2019, 11:50am Top

>5 dudes22: I bet that yarn was nice and soft. It might be enough for a hat or mittens.

Dec 29, 2019, 11:55am Top

>6 lauralkeet: - That's what I was thinking. Or a headband.

Jan 4, 12:03pm Top

Got together with my best friend going back to high school today to finally do Christmas and received a dozen fat quarters as part of my gift. A few batiks, a few children's, and some patterns.

Jan 7, 8:30am Top

I'm sure you'll do beautiful work on whatever you decide.

Jan 16, 7:25am Top

Thought I'd just pop in to say that we're in Fla for a few weeks and I've been doing a little sewing although relaxing and reading are taking up most of my time right now. I started one of the projects I brought with me - just a one block that I'm going to use in a display wall in my hallway. I'll post a pic when I finish - maybe later today.

Jan 16, 4:34pm Top

>10 dudes22: I do HOPE you are getting that relaxing in!

Jan 18, 4:29pm Top

This is one of the blocks I brought with me to Fla. It's a different fabric layout to one I did last year. It's going to be one of a series of blocks and small quilts that I want to do for a blank space in my hallway - kind of a gallery. I'll finish them back home so they aren't too bulky to transport back. I'm not that thrilled with this one although my husband said he liked it. I think the white-on-white was to busy and prominent.

Jan 20, 10:02am Top

Here's the next block I've finished. I realized after I started it, that it's a variation on the one above. Both basic nine patches that have been changed a little. I think I like this pattern a little bit more. This block will be 16 inches. With two different fat quarters and some background you can make two blocks with the prints in the opposite places. When I go out to the fabric store, I might pick up some fat quarters and some background and make a quilt with 4 blocks. I'll need to figure out how much background I'll need. This pattern suggested ironing the seams open and it does lie flatter.

The other projects I brought with me are likely to take me longer. One is paper pieced, One is partly paper pieced and the other just has lots of blocks/pieces.

Jan 21, 7:48am Top

Oh, Betty, I like these! And they look so perfect! It's been a long time since I've done similar blocks (and I've never paper-pieced them).

I've done nothing since the first of the year but try to sort out the studio. I've been trying to finish a project related to my work on Ancestry.com and also trying to write reviews I didn't get to last fall or ones for this month's reading.

Jan 21, 8:15am Top

Those are really pretty, Betty. The colors in the second one really pop!

Jan 21, 1:09pm Top

>14 avaland: - Those two were not paper-pieced. It's two other ones I brought with me. I'm still waiting for one of your reviews. 😜

>15 lauralkeet: - Thanks, Laura. Yes, the colors in the second one are better. I liked the idea of pink and gray; it just didn't work out exactly.

Jan 21, 4:23pm Top

>16 dudes22: I like the design of the pink and grey one better, but I love the colors in the second one. The red has a vague pink look to it, somehow. It's probably the tiny polka dots in it.

Jan 21, 6:21pm Top

>17 Lyndatrue: - Thanks. Actually it is a deep pink.

Jan 21, 8:41pm Top

>16 dudes22: Which book are you waiting for the review from?

Jan 22, 7:49am Top

The Olga Tokarczuk book. But that was only a eye-wink. I'm not in any rush. I won't get to that til later this year. I have a category in my 2020 challenge for Pulitzer winners and I thought I might read one of hers.

Jan 22, 4:21pm Top

>20 dudes22: I have three left to review from last fall and that's one of them. I have some notes done for the other two, but I can't seem to explain to myself yet what I liked about it so much. I'll keep at it.

Jan 23, 7:29am Top

>21 avaland: - The phrase "what I liked about it so much" is probably enough of an endorsement for me.

So I've been working on some blocks for a small wall hanging and in laying them out yesterday, I think I'm going to have the same problem as the pink and gray block above - not enough contrast. Could be the light where I was working on them but I think I need to rethink what I'm going to do with them. We're off later today for lunch with a friend and there's a fabric store close by so I can pick up some fat quarters to supplement if I can decide what it needs. Or I can put it in a bag and ignore it until we go back home.

Edited: Jan 23, 2:57pm Top

After I posted above, I decided that maybe I should try the squares in another light. The room I'm using here is a little dark and I was laying it out on the bed because that's where I had the most room. So I brought some squares out where there's more light to take a picture to show here and I think I like it a little bit more. I still bought a little fabric to make a few more squares but I now think it will work without a big makeover.

ETA: I also bought a nice white and gold print thinking it would go nicely with some Christmas fabric.

Jan 24, 6:01am Top

>23 dudes22: Are there ample quilt shops in Florida where you are? More or less than in RI?

Jan 24, 7:41am Top

Well not too many near us. There were 2 that I found last year within 1/2 hr. I picked up a news paper called "The Florida Register" needle arts theme edition which has lots of adds for fabric stores. I'm going to have to grab my map app and see if there are any others close.

RI has very few quilt stores now. There's one in a town @20-30 minutes away and then there's Ryco's that is more like an hour away but worth the trip occasionally. They have tons of fabric. Almost overload when I go without at least one thing in mind.

Jan 24, 8:18am Top

>25 dudes22: That's true here, too.

Jan 27, 1:22pm Top

I like both blocks, but especially the colors on the second one. Lovely work!

Edited: Jan 31, 9:11am Top

So a couple of things about this mini quilt:

Once I add borders, it will be about 23x26. I only brought a small cutting mat with me so I can't square it up to add the borders. They will be 1" and the same as the background fabric, a grey polka dot. I may only add borders to three sides and leave the bottom as it is.

Because the pencil points are paper pieced, and there are lots of seams, I thought it would be better to press my seams open to reduce the bulk. Which was hard and wasn't working well. I think I may go back and press them all to one side or out from the middle and see how that works.

When I showed it to my husband he said, "Happy Valentine's Day. Nice heart." When I pointed out to him that it was colored pencils, he said, "It is?" Later he said, "Oh, I can see that now." Husbands, what can you do?

I also had a lot of skinny strips leftover that I think I'll try to do like a jelly jam and if it ends up small, I bought some fabric I could use as a border.

ETA: I've added a close up to show some of the prints of the fabrics that I didn't think showed up well in the other picture.

Jan 31, 12:37pm Top

>28 dudes22: I love this - the heart jumped out immediately.

Is the top a straight edge like the bottom?

I'm glad you added the close up. It gives us an idea of all the detailed paper piecing you had to do. I even see a strip like a fabric in my stash.

Jan 31, 7:25pm Top

>28 dudes22: Don't blame your husband too much. If it hadn't been for the close-up photo, I don't know that I'd have seen pencils either...not at first, at any rate. It's very pretty.

Jan 31, 7:32pm Top

Love this also! And yes, the heart jumps out first (you have more light color pencils in the foreground, that's probably why) but there is certainly no mistaking the pencils, either. Fabulous pattern!

Feb 1, 6:06am Top

Ok - you all win! I guess I'll use this for my Feb wall-hanging. Not this year, but next.

I used the left-over strips to do the beginning of a jelly jam quilt yesterday. For those not familiar with quilting, a jelly roll is 40-42 strips of fabric cut 2.5" wide by the width of the fabric (usually 42") When you buy them they come wrapped around each other, hence the "roll" part. When they first came out, someone came up with the jelly roll jam quilt. Basically you attached the strips end-to-end until you have a 1600" long strip. Then you bring the bottom to the top and stitch a seam down the side, cutting across at the bottom. Then you do it a few more times and you have a lap size quilt. And it usually only takes an hour or so to do. Anyway, I took my left-over strips which were 1.5"wide and basically did the same thing. They were all different lengths from the cutting above. Now I have the same problem of trying to square it off so I can add some borders.

Feb 1, 7:03am Top

I love that pattern, Betty! Hearts AND pencils!!

Husbands, what can you do?: that made me laugh. I feel your pain!

Feb 1, 4:46pm Top

Love the pencil heart!

Feb 2, 5:42am Top

>33 lauralkeet: - Thanks, Laura. But your husband bought you that sweater pattern a couple of years ago with no prompting as I recall. The one that I love.

>34 mabith: - Thanks, Meredith.

Feb 2, 7:11am Top

>35 dudes22: True, Betty. He has many fine qualities, but I could still see him making a remark similar to your husband's. In fact, I'm sure he has, I just can't remember the specifics at the moment.

Feb 2, 12:41pm Top

It dawned on me earlier today that all these blocks and projects will need finishing when I get back home. More UFOs. Luckily these are pretty small.

Feb 2, 3:03pm Top

So this is the quilt I made from the left-over strips from the heart/pencil-point quilt. It's a baby quilt size- around 34x39. It will probably be a charity quilt.

Feb 6, 1:01pm Top

Oh, lovely. It reminds me of the rectangular throw rugs my Nana used to make from leftover yarn.

Feb 6, 3:27pm Top

>39 avaland: - I'm really happy that I won't be adding more to my scrap pile and I've managed to use it up.

Feb 9, 9:06am Top

I saw this quilt hanging on a wall in a quilt shop I visited as a sample for a class and it said it was fat quarter friendly. They had run out of the pattern, but I came up with some measurements I think must be close. It was the quilting on it that I really admired. But I'll need to get home before doing that.

Feb 12, 6:04pm Top


Feb 13, 6:40am Top

I know it looks a little simple, but I was thinking for a quick baby quilt, it would work. The one in the store didn't have a border, but I think I'm going to put the floral around it for borders. It was the quilting that was most interesting for me.

Feb 13, 9:46pm Top

>41 dudes22: I love it. I saw your post a couple days ago; but just now have had a chance to comment. I am fascinated by the modern quilts I see on Instagram and this feels sort of modernish. Clean lines, an interesting design element that isn't overly fussy. Strong color ways. Liiiiiiike lots!!

Feb 14, 7:39am Top

>44 lesmel: - Thanks so much! I've been more drawn to a modern style of quilts than I used to be. I'm not really confident sometimes in my fabric selections, but I think this came together well. I'm somewhat afraid of all the open space that needs quilting because I don't think I do that well either, but the quilting I saw on this was parallel lines spaced close together in groups of two then separated by some space which really appealed to me.

Feb 15, 6:41pm Top

Love that little quilt design!

Feb 16, 7:37am Top

Thanks, Meredith. Once I get home, I have a bunch of fat quarters that I can use to do some more.

Feb 16, 3:07pm Top

The quilt I've been working on has a center section that is set on point and I need my bigger mat to square it off before I had borders. So I'm working on the pieced borders, but will finish it when I get home. I have one more small project I brought with me and a paper piecing project that I may or may not start. And I bought a couple of fat quarters thinking I might make some cloth napkins, so I might work on those this week before we start packing up.

Feb 18, 3:57pm Top

You mention packing up....when are you due back in RI? You do get some sun, sand & blue green water while you are down there, don't you? :-)

Feb 18, 8:08pm Top

Actually, we're heading to Mexico next week for 10 days and then heading home after that. We'll be stopping to see our grandson and a class-mate of hubby's on the way back. We should be home around the middle of Mar. We have been lucky and had some very nice weather while we've been here. According to the news people, it's been warmer than it usually is.

Feb 19, 1:36pm Top

Excellent! Have a wonderful time across the border.

Feb 19, 3:38pm Top

We do. We've gone to the same place every year for about 20 years. We like it's smallness and the staff is great.

Mar 11, 7:04am Top

Are you home, Betty? Settling back in?

Mar 11, 5:54pm Top

We just got in a few hours ago. I'm leaving most of the unpacking and settling in til tomorrow. I'll get the mail too from a friend. I think my first priority will be to get to work on our taxes. So probably no sewing news for a bit. Although my favorite fabric store is having their big yearly ST Patrick's Day sale on Sat and Tues so I might need to go look and see what they have.

Mar 14, 6:03am Top

Welcome back. As you can see not much is happening around here :-)

Mar 14, 10:06am Top

Yes - I noticed. I'm hoping to get back to quilting in a few days. I'm seriously conflicted about whether or not to go the fabric sale on Tues. Everything seems to be canceling. Got an email from church that all church activities are cancelled until the end of the month. I'm not planning on going anywhere for a couple of weeks - got enough food and fabric.

Mar 14, 9:57pm Top

>56 dudes22: I'm lower on cooking oil than I thought so I need some of that. I'm creating a list and adding to it. I figured if I get enough stuff, I can do curbside pickup at the grocery store and not feel bad about the fee for that. Otherwise, I'll just run in quickly with my gloves, get the items, and head home.

Mar 15, 7:27am Top

>57 thornton37814: - Good idea. I may look into that for things like milk and bananas. There were a couple of other things I discovered after I went to the market. This morning on the TV they say that they want everyone who has been overseas in the past 14 days to self-quarantine, which would be us since we got back on the 5th. I think it's a little late since people like us have probably already been out to get food as most people do when returning from vacation. Containing my husband may be the bigger issue.

Mar 15, 9:07am Top

I tend to be a stockpiler anyway, but I went to the store early Thursday and got what few things we still could use with no problems. We have books, fabric, the internet, television/streaming channels, endless outdoor chores.

Mar 15, 2:36pm Top

>59 avaland: - Yes, I tend to have enough on hand to "weather the storm". I have decided not to go to the fabric sale on Tues. Let's face it - I really have enough.

Mar 16, 11:22am Top

I went into my sewing room this morning to get the stuff I brought back somewhat organized. I stitched a few pieces of batting together for some of the smaller projects I made while away. I pulled out one of the single blocks for my display wall and thought I'd organize to finish. WHY - when you can't see it - do I agonize over what to put on the back? Should I pick a fabric with a color from the front? Or just use a neutral? And then I need to decide how to quilt. I much prefer the making of the top.

The other project I've been thinking about is that hand-piecing project I took to Fla last winter. (oh yeah - what ever happened to that - I can hear you saying it...) I got somewhat discouraged after we returned and have not worked on it hardly at all in the past year. I was thinking how overwhelming it was and I'm not the best hand-piecer. But I saw a quilt in that style that didn't have as many units in it and that has encouraged me to try and work on it some more. I also want to see if I can figure out a way to do it on the machine. It probably means a lot of Y-seams, but they don't bother me as much. I think I'll try a test block with some of the fabric I already have cut and see how it goes. Even if I can machine piece parts of it, that might go faster.

Mar 17, 6:55am Top

>61 dudes22: Making the top: yes, I suspect most of us find that the "fun" part. I do fuss about the backing sometimes, and I try to keep a few possibilities on hand. It bugs me to have X amount of leftover "backing" fabric that I can't find a use for, so I try to find fabric with that in mind. Any off-white fabrics will end up in the backgrounds of some future quilt, but other colors/prints don't always integrate with my stash. Thankfully, I do very little of my own quilting these days (and then I stick to a grid pattern of some kind).

Can you paper-piece any of the hand-piecing project?

I'm tempted to do a Covid-19 - inspired project, but I'd have to finish putting together the two scrappy block quilts that are out and cluttering up the studio (of course, all the outdoor work is starting to call to me, but we have roofers and landscape people coming over the next couple of weeks...so perhaps I will have time after all)

Mar 17, 8:37am Top

I don't usually use a neutral for the back. I think I figure if it's a quilt to be used (i.e. baby quilt, bed top, lap quilt) that it might show dirt faster than a print. Considering some of the quilts you've made, I find it hard to believe that anything (!) would not fit into one of your quilts. You have such a great color sense and put together fabrics that I probably wouldn't - and they look great! As I've said before, I think I'm a type-A person and that tends to influence my choices even though I'm aware of it and try not to let it.

I remembered that I had bought a booklet when I was going to do a Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt that talked about using the machine for part of the process and hand sewing the other part or sewing Y-seams. I pulled it out to look over but I need to work on finishing a few things first. I don't think paper piecing would work. I need to do a little practice at starting and stopping that at the 1/4' mark before I decide whether or not to take this approach.

Mar 17, 10:14am Top

I decided to put the blocks/quilts I worked on while we were in Fla on my design wall. I hope that will encourage me to finish what I started before I start something new. (And I won't lose the borders that I haven't attached yet.) Well - except for a table mat I want to make for the friends where we stayed on our way back. I made one for them a few years ago and Pat has put it in the guest room where it fits perfectly on the night table. But she needs one for the other side.) That's the only new thing I'll do when the fabric I ordered gets here.

I'm thinking I might try a pieced binding for the quilt at the top right matching the colors in the quilt if I have enough fabric. It will mean doing a straight attach instead of a diagonal, but I think it might look different.

>62 avaland: - I had some further thought about fabric not in your wheelhouse and I think I agree. I know I'm not inclined to like the civil war type colors for quilts. And yet, when we moved and I was putting fabric away, I realized how many I had that would work in that kind of quilt. That I don't know when I'll use them.

Mar 19, 10:27am Top

It's a dreary, rainy day here in RI. After I finished working on taxes for a while (though not done), I decided to put this quilt up on the wall over my china cupboard as my spring quilt. I can't tell you when I made it, but it was the first paper pieced project that I did. And I even quilted it myself. Crocus are one of my favorite spring flowers; probably because they are the first ones up.

Mar 19, 10:40am Top

I've finished the first of the projects that I started in Florida. I chose a pink and green stripe for the back. This will be part of a display wall that I have planned for the hallway once I get a few more done.

And, while I was posting this, FedEx threw an envelope on the porch which has the fabric I need for the binding of another.

Mar 20, 5:40am Top

>64 dudes22: What a lovely group of projects!

>65 dudes22: I made that one, too! I like your border. Will see if I have a photo of it. I probably have the year I made it noted, too.

>66 dudes22: Oh, very nice!

The day after I sent those two small (relatively) fabric orders (yesterday), one to Hancocks at Paducah, they sent me an email offering me 20% because "We noticed that you haven’t stopped by in a while. Come back to shop our amazing new fabrics, quilt kits, precuts, notions & more." ha ha. And so I might.

Mar 20, 8:41am Top

>67 avaland: - re:>65 dudes22:: I think I still have the pattern so if I look at the publication date that may give me an idea of when it was too.

So - (I know, I start a lot of my posts this way :) I was thinking I'd organize some of my scraps yesterday as I'm thinking of trying the "leaders-and-enders" method to create blocks for another quilt. While doing that, I found a bag with a half-finished project using the same pattern as the quilt on the bottom right in the picture in post #64. Guess I'll be working on that too.

I finished the top of a new table top mat as a gift for the friends we stayed with on our way home, but I'm not sure I want to go to the PO to send. There's no way to leave a package for pickup where our mailboxes are (only a little letter box), so I can't even print out a label and send it.

Edited: Mar 20, 10:19am Top

Here is the wall hanging I did (I had very little paper piecing experience when I did this:

My notes say it was made in 2004, which was not long after I saw one hanging in a quilt shop. I made it with fabric I had and the machine quilting is kind of sloppy.... I still have the packet with the directions and the 2nd pattern if someone is interested in making one.

Mar 20, 12:19pm Top

Looks like mine! Except it's reversed. I wonder which one of us did it backwards? I like the limey green you used - makes it a little brighter.

Mar 21, 3:42pm Top

>70 dudes22: Oh, I hadn't noticed! I'm a lefty so it's probably me!

I've been approached to sew surgical masks for medical facilities. I had thought of this some time ago but figured they would not be the quality needed for medical purposes. I was a little surprised to hear that medical facilities were looking for them. I've put more details over on my thread. One might find a local facility looking for the same thing.

Edited: Mar 24, 7:40am Top

>71 avaland: - I talked to my daughter-in-law who is a nurse at the biggest hospital in RI the other day and she didn't seem that enthusiastic about that idea, although she said that someone she knew was making them. Even if they have the masks, if they still need the filters.

I realized yesterday that although I have plenty of fabric, I don't have that much batting in larger sizes. So I sorted through my leftover batting pieces to see what I had that could be put together for larger pieces and put a few together. I have a couple of large bins and I tend to just add to them. I still have a bag of white batting to go through. I also picked out some fabrics to make kits for our church sewing group (for when we can meet again). As I was looking through fabric for the kits, I have to say, I was wondering why I bought some of them. I guess my tastes have changed over the years. Now to find a way to use them.

ETA: I've also been spending time organizing my quilting pins on Pintrest and deciding what I can try next and downloading some free patterns.

Mar 24, 8:15am Top

>72 dudes22: This is a good time to be going through and organizing things - both physical and digital.

Mar 24, 8:36am Top

>72 dudes22: A lot of the cross stitch designers are offering a free design during this time. I downloaded several last night. Most are small pieces and not very complicated, but they will be good for teaching someone to cross stitch. If I'm out at the desk in the morning, I sometimes take a project out there. I've had a few of the girls say they wish they knew how to do that because it looked relaxing. I've learned to keep a "kit" so I can teach. Of course with so few on campus now, I suspect it will be fall before I need any kits.

Mar 24, 5:58pm Top

>72 dudes22: I used quite a lot of my batting leftovers for the charity quilts and then I discovered another bin of the stuff, so that will also be used for finishing more charity quilts when I'm up for it.

Mar 24, 6:57pm Top

Luckily, I do have mostly smaller projects that won't need a lot of batting. I have a habit if I'm not going to continue on and finish a project of using material for another project and not having enough for the binding. So I went through a bunch of unfinished projects today and tried to get them in one place and somewhat organized. I also cut a bunch of squares to use for my leaders-and-enders.

Mar 26, 2:55pm Top

I love those crocus pieces. They're one of my favorite flowers.

Mar 26, 3:08pm Top

>77 mabith: - Thanks, Meredith. I love them too.

Mar 27, 7:18am Top

Almost time for them to rise from the ground and show themselves! Meredith, if you are interested in making one of these, I can send you the pattern and 2nd paper foundation.

Mar 27, 12:39pm Top

>79 avaland: - My crocus were up when we got back a couple of weeks ago. Of course, we're much closer the to water and therefore warmer than where you are ;)

Mar 29, 11:03am Top

>80 dudes22: I went out to rake up a bit of leaves, now that last week's snow is gone, and behold beneath the leaves peeking out there were some crocuses.

Mar 29, 12:21pm Top

>81 avaland: How lovely! I spotted the first coltsfoot today, which is the earliest spring flower in these parts. We don't have crocuses here - too cold for them I think.

Edited: Mar 29, 1:46pm Top

Betty, here’s a link with a searchable database for medical facilities looking for masks and what kind they prefer. Although, they listed one in NH but it’s not the one I was asked to make some for.


It’s further down the page.

Mar 29, 6:15pm Top

>81 avaland:- Nice!

>82 PawsforThought: - I had to look that up to see a picture. I also have a few daffodils that I think will pop open as soon as we get some decent sun. It's been rather dreary around here the past week.

>83 avaland: - Thanks for that. I think they might be collecting them at the quilt store also. I need to find that email.

Mar 29, 6:20pm Top

>84 dudes22: That sounds lovely. We still have quite a bit of snow left on the ground - it's only in the south-facing slopes that the coltsfeet are popping up.

Apr 1, 6:12pm Top

>85 PawsforThought: - Although we had a relatively snow-free winter, the weather has been grey and gloomy for a couple of weeks now. I think I would mind staying in less if I could sit in the sun on the porch and read. I still get out early to walk around our condo association, but I'd like to be out a little bit more.

Apr 1, 6:19pm Top

So I took a little break from making some masks. I found some elastic and bias tape on Etsy and will wait for that to come before I keep going. Meanwhile I have a table topper I've been working on for our friends in Hilton Head that we stayed with on our way back from Fla. When we visited them about 8-10 years ago, I made a table topper as a hostess gift. When we stayed this time, she had it on one of the bedside tables and it fit exactly. So I went through my fabrics when I got back and actually found all the fabrics I originally used. There was just enough of the focus fabric for me to do the front and use it on the back. So I'm making another of the table topper for the other table in the guest room. Will post pic when I finish. Imagine - 8-10 years.

Apr 2, 6:24am Top

>87 dudes22: Glad you took a break. How lovely to see your work in situ and being used & loved. And very good on finding the original fabrics!

I have a few projects in pizza boxes to finish; sometimes, I will throw the fabric in the box with the UFO.

Apr 2, 9:06am Top

I decided yesterday that there's one other sewing project I need to take on. I have a friend whose daughter's birthday is the end of the month. She's going to be 6 this year and I'm sure the "at home" is getting hard. (she's very active) So I think I'll make her a "reading pillow" and get some activity books to send for her birthday. I'll probably have to order a pillow form and I just need to decide a good size. Big enough but not too big.

Apr 2, 10:08am Top

Yeah, my daughters, the extroverts in the family, are a bit stir-crazy. Oliver, the nearly 5 year old grandson, made his own breakfast while Mom & Dad were still sleeping twice now. The first time they woke up to him eating something and he explained calmly that he made oatmeal for himself. This last time he made ice cream "cake" by taking a Hoodsie cup (ice cream), a yogurt cup and 1/3 of a bottle of maple syrup. He told his mother he was a "chef." The daughter who is local is at the grocery store currently (a local Market Basket) and says they have lost half their staff, the store were only letting 150 at a time in, and the checkout lines were very long. She said there are more people wearing masks (she was wearing one of mine).

Edited: Apr 4, 1:20pm Top

This is the table mat for our friends in S Carolina that I mentioned in post #87. The back is the blueberry fabric. Just needs a final press. I'll be going to the post office later this week with this and another birthday gift I need to send out. I'm trying to wait til I have enough that I won't have to go back in the near future.

Apr 4, 1:58pm Top


Apr 6, 2:19pm Top

MY order for elastic arrived today. So now I can finish some masks. Our governor just made it "mandatory" for everyone to wear masks when they go out where there will be other people: grocery, pharmacy, etc.

Apr 8, 1:52am Top

>93 dudes22: I was at the grocery store yesterday and it was like being part of a large quest-like board game with all of it's marks on the floors and one way arrows...etc. Everyone was wearing masks or something mask-like.

I'm working on another batch of masks which will bring me up close to 90 masks. I will definitely stop at 100.

Apr 8, 7:18am Top

I went to the market yesterday and was surprised at the number of people not wearing mask or gloves. And not able to follow the lines in the aisles. I also stopped at the drugstore and the clerks were also not wearing gloves or masks. I just don't understand it. There were still some shelves that were pretty empty but it's a smaller local market, so maybe that's why.

I must not have been paying attention when I ordered the elastic and ended up with 144 yards! I'll spread it around to a few people I know are making masks. I'm going to try and go to the post office today. I have a couple of boxes I need to send. I've been trying to get everything together so I can just make one trip.

Apr 8, 6:58pm Top

This is the reading pillow I made yesterday. I haven't put the pillow in yet and I have a couple of books to go in the pocket. What a cute, quick project.

Apr 8, 8:41pm Top

What a great idea, Betty!

Apr 8, 9:25pm Top

>96 dudes22: I love the fabric! :)

Apr 9, 7:13am Top

Thank you both! I've decided to do a few more after I finish the masks I'm making. My sister called yesterday looking for some "guy" material because my brother didn't like wearing flowers which was the only material she had. So I left a bag with some elastic, fabric and cookies at her door while she was at work.

Apr 9, 7:56am Top

>96 dudes22: Aw, that's so cute! I love it!

Apr 9, 8:16am Top

Love your book pillow. Also "a bag with some elastic, fabric and cookies" caught my eye. Especially the cookies! What a nice surprise that would be.

Apr 9, 11:15am Top

>99 dudes22: That's a nice gesture, Betty!

I've had the habit of shopping at Goodwill for nice quality 100% men's dress shirts in nice plaids. Mostly this is to mix in with other kinds of scraps (so everything doesn't look like quilting fabric). These have come in handy to make some "guy masks" (and, to be honest, the plaid make it so easy to do the pleats).

Apr 10, 7:37am Top

>100 scaifea: -Thanks, Amber.

>101 lauralkeet: - It mostly self-preservation so I don't eat all the cookies myself. I made them for a birthday box I was sending out and had some extra. And hubby's not a big cookie eater.

>102 avaland: - Thanks, Lois. I wonder if I should go looking through my husband's closet? But I don't think he has many plaid shirts. That would be one way to get him to get rid of some things. My sister isn't too far away. She has an apartment on my brother's farm and I can get eggs there which seem to be an item that is in short supply around here. And I got some fresh spinach which is just coming in.

Apr 11, 7:48am Top

I've been flitting between projects so I don't get too bored. This is a project I started while we were in Fla. I didn't have a big enough cutting mat while we were there to square it up before adding the borders. I'm thinking of quilting it in a grey, but I'm not sure I have enough thread of the same color.

Apr 11, 8:53am Top

>104 dudes22: Ooh, I love all the colors in that one.

Apr 11, 7:27pm Top

>104 dudes22: Oh, very lovely. Nice colors. How big is that, Betty?

Apr 12, 8:03am Top

It's about 32x32 - wall hanging size. You could make it bigger by adding more squares, I'm sure. (Are you thinking scrap quilt?) I bought the pattern for this. It's meant to be made with charm packs. I did buy a charm pack for the grey but used left overs for the colors. Because of the way I decided to set it, I needed a couple more grey squares than I had charm squares, so I made a couple more from my stash. I forgot that I had started one of these a while ago from my stash which I found when I got home. Not sure there's enough contrast, so I've put it aside again.

I found a few small spools of grey. Of course no two are the same. But I think a couple of them are close enough that it won't matter. Now I need to figure out how I want to quilt it.

Apr 12, 2:31pm Top

>104 dudes22: Oh, I like that one. The grey looks like silver when mixed in with all the other colours-

Edited: Apr 15, 9:57am Top

>108 PawsforThought: - Thanks, Paws. The grey is actually a bit lighter than it looks in the picture. The light in my sewing room tends to cast a shadow on my design wall making photos a bit darker.

Somehow, even though I saw them at Christmas, I forgot that friend's son and daughter-in-law were expecting a new baby this month and she's arrived. I decided to take a jelly roll I had and use some of the strips for a quick baby quilt. I usually like to use a flannel on the back, but I don't have anything that I think goes nice enough with the front. I guess I could look online to see if there's anything or wait til we get out of this. It's not like I'll be seeing them soon.

Apr 22, 2:14pm Top

Very pretty! I love how grey looks great with basically any color.

May 3, 7:20am Top

I agree with Meredith. I've not done much with gray but that wall hanging looks great. I'm going to settle down and check out that pattern you gave me.

Do you have any plans for your spring sewing? (we finally had a very nice day, warm & sunny; April was so rainy and frigid)

Edited: May 3, 12:07pm Top

Well - The reading pillow that was featured in post #96 has caught my interest for some quick projects. I made a couple for the grandchildren of one of the ladies I walk with in the morning and one for the grandchild of another friend. Living in a retirement community, it's mostly grandchildren. I've been pulling out fabrics to make some more. Rather like the pillowcases, I expect I'll end up with quite a few.

I also finished the baby quilt mentioned in post #109. I really need to figure out how to take better pictures. The pic is darker than the quilt. It's actually quite a nice shade of coral: (it might be too dark where my design wall is)

Today, I'm going to go through scraps and reorganize some for a few scrap projects. I really need to use up fabric. (So I can order more, of course :)) I'm not good with the method you use of piecing odd pieces together and then cutting out squares - I tend to agonize over it way more than I know I should. Plus I have a lot of novelty print left overs from baby quilts that have lots of color in them. The best I do with those is to cut large squares and then subcut and shuffle and put back together. You know what I mean...

ETA: Oh - and those jelly roll jam type quilts.

May 6, 4:00pm Top

So much fun to get in and play with fabric. I have a pattern you might find useful. Will post tonight after the pick up the grandson if I don’t fall asleep.

May 6, 6:17pm Top

Thanks. I went through a big tote of scraps I had and couldn't believe some of the small pieces I kept. I decided to get rid of a lot of the holiday scraps I had, put some larger pieces aside to cut into squares, and separated the others by color. I already had some scraps by color so I just added to them.

I pulled out some rectangles that I had made from scraps and realized I had more than I thought. So I decided I'd make enough more to make a quilt.

I also pulled out pieces from the hand sewing quilt project I started last year while we were away. I saw a picture for a smaller version of it and figured maybe I could at least finish a smaller version.

May 11, 7:57am Top

Update on scrap quilt:

While laying out my scrap quilt on the design wall, I realized that it was going to be way too narrow for the length. And I didn't start far enough up the wall so I ran out of room - but you get the idea of where I'm going. (there are borders not in the picture also). That's what happens when you don't pre-plan. So after figuring a few different configurations, I've decided to add an extra column and an extra row of red in the middle. I guess I'll pull all my scraps back out and make some more rectangles.

Meanwhile, I'm finishing a bunch of pillowcases that are in various stages. (mostly just cut in a pile.) Although I'm not finishing any tops, I'm working on more organization and smaller projects.

May 12, 9:23pm Top

>115 dudes22: Ooooooo! Pretty! I just love (saaaarrrrrcasm) when all the planning I think I do is for not. Like my December wall hanging. Mom got her version. Mine is languishing on the dining room buffet again.

May 13, 6:10am Top

>116 lesmel: - I can't say there was a lot of planning before I started laying it out. Just a general idea of what I could do with these rectangles.

So all of a sudden, my sewing machine started giving me trouble while I was working on the pillowcases. I had the message that said it needed oiling so I stopped to do that. When I went back to sewing, I started having trouble with my backstitch. I had seen a message from the place I take it that they were still doing repairs so I called and gave them all the information and then took it up and dropped it off. They had a table outside where you could put your machine and then you call and they come out and take your machine and leave your slip. Still a 3.5 week wait to get it back. Luckily I have a "smaller" machine that I can use. Meanwhile, it time for a deep cleaning in my sewing room.

May 13, 8:25am Top

>117 dudes22: oh that's a shame Betty. It kinda makes you want to have an extra machine as backup, no? But then again, being "forced" into a deep cleaning may not be a bad thing either.

May 13, 9:01am Top

Oh, Laura - I do have an older machine. I use it for just straight piecing and just don't put quilts together with it. I can still do the extra rectangles I need. I noticed a few "kitties" yesterday which gave me the push. "Deep" in this case is mostly vacuuming (I hate to vacuum).

May 13, 6:38pm Top

>117 dudes22: As you might remember I needed to inconveniently take my machine in for service in the middle of mask-masking, so I feel your pain! Good to see that one of us is moving ahead with sewing projects.

May 13, 6:45pm Top

I was thinking of you when I decided it needed to go in. Unfortunately I won't be getting mine back as quickly as you did.

May 24, 4:37pm Top

Various updates:

Lois sent me some soft cord elastic. Our governor is moving on to Phase II of reopening so I should probably make us a few more masks so I don't have to wash them as often. I'm still making some off and on for the homeless shelter our church supports and may use some of the cord for them too.

I've finished the extra rectangles for the quilt from #115 and have put sashing between the rectangles and am now putting the rows together. Then I'll have to figure the measurements to fit the border pieces in.

When lesmel posted her wall hanging of the mugs, it reminded me of a paper pieced project of tea cups I started ages ago. I decided to pull them out and see what I had. I was hoping I had enough done to do a small wall hanging. But only one block is complete, two just need the border pieces, and a couple more are in various stages. So nothing I could do anything with quickly. Back on the shelf, for now.

I also cut up a bunch of scraps into some blocks for some quick projects our church group might be able to work on if we can start getting together.

May 31, 7:30am Top

So I found another partially started quilt in the same pattern as #104. I had thought I might just trash it, but there was more done than I thought so I decided to keep going. But all that piecing in the borders has gone a bit wrong and the borders don't fit the sides. When you're sewing 26 1.5" strips together, just a thread or two can make a difference overall. So I could: a - put it back in a bag until I feel like fixing it, b - fix it now, or c - trying to block the inside a little bit bigger and then see how the borders fit. Not sure what I'll do. Finish a book, I think.

Jun 1, 7:22am Top

Is your church group doing projects physically as a group now, or still individually? (you are always sewing!)

Jun 1, 11:56am Top

We're still not meeting in person. No idea when that might happen.

Jun 5, 1:20pm Top

One of my friends who winters in Arizona and spends summers here in RI (they bought and built in our condo community after we told them about it; they live about 6 houses away.) made me this pair of socks as a thank you for a few things I did before they got here this year. She knits and crochets and makes a lot of socks. They fit perfectly. I have a very short foot and usually the heel of a sock is up my ankle. I just wish we weren't heading into summer so I could wear them a lot.

Laura - the stitches around the heel seams are so neat; I'm amazed. Now I can appreciate your sock pictures even more.

Jun 13, 7:44am Top

I really like the colors in those socks!

Jun 13, 8:38am Top

>126 dudes22: Ooh those look fab, Betty! Sock heels are a technique to be mastered for sure. I'm working on a pair right now that uses a different method for the heel and it doesn't look as nice as others I've made. There are some gaps along those edges. I think I can snug it up with some darning at the end but I'll probably avoid this heel method in future.

Edited: Jun 13, 2:20pm Top

>127 avaland: - I know, Lois - and the picture isn't that good. Now to wait till it's cooler so I can wear them.

>128 lauralkeet: - I knew you'd like seeing them, Laura. I remember you mentioned before that there were two different methods to make heels.

Jun 23, 3:57pm Top

Well - I finally got my sewing machine back. And dropped off my second one as long as I was going to be there. And since I was already half-way across the state, I decided to go to my favorite fabric store and buy a few things. I was mostly looking for white batting and actually didn't buy that much fabric. In order to make it better to shop, they moved things around and there wasn't as much fabric as there usually is.

Jun 26, 9:48am Top

>130 dudes22: I fear we'll see a lot fewer options of many things because of the coronavirus. I'm finding it difficult to find the variety pack of canned food my cats like best. I have to get the closest they have, but there is one flavor in there my cats don't like nearly as much so even though three cats are eating the one can, I'm throwing a good bit of it out. If it continues, I may just opt for purchasing individual cans, and those are not nearly as convenient as purchasing it by the box. It may be worth paying more just to have them eating it.

Jun 30, 3:08pm Top

Glad you got your machine back, Betty! Other than my elastic order via Amazon (which did, eventually, turn out okay), and an order of the bias tape maker (and a bit of fabric) from a store in Mississippi, and recently, some fat quarters from Spoonflower (which I have yet to receive) I have done little shopping over the last four he months.

I have gotten batting online from Backside Fabrics when I've ordered some nice backing (every now and again I want to put a really nice backing on a quilt rather than the usual. When I do this, I am always thinking about how much I will enjoy the leftovers!)

Jul 8, 8:09am Top

I saw this quilt on Pintrest and downloaded the free pattern. The original pattern didn't have the sashing, but I saw a picture with it and liked it better. It's 19.5" square. The hearts are paper pieced using a slightly different technique I learned in a class I took a long time ago using freezer paper. Now I really need to stop procrastinating and figure out the borders for the quilt up in #115.

Jul 8, 8:17am Top

>131 thornton37814: - I think you're right, Lori. Would it still be cost effective if you donated the kind they don't like to an animal shelter?

>132 avaland: - I thought about ordering batting but some places charge extra to ship it so I didn't bother. But now that I have some (I bought some of the cream color too), I'm going to finish some of my larger projects. I'm only stitching batting together for smaller projects. I'm going to check out Backside Fabrics though. Can always use another fabric place.

Jul 8, 10:02am Top

>134 dudes22: I was able to get the kind they liked when I did my PetsMart pick-up so I'm hopeful things will go better as soon as I finish the final layer in the current box.

Jul 8, 10:20am Top

>133 dudes22: That looks so cute!

Jul 9, 6:04am Top

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