LGBTQI+ Pride Month


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LGBTQI+ Pride Month

Jun 13, 2022, 8:40 pm

We're almost halfway through the month of June, but that's not too late. Yeah?

Queer History

LibraryThing's current List of the Month is Pre-1969 LGBTQ Literature. This is for fiction and non-fiction, and any site member may add to it.

I intend to start a thread for resources of historic queer literature but need to organize my notes better before sharing. Anyone who wants to jump in ahead of me is more than welcome to create the thread first.

Edited: Jun 18, 2022, 4:05 pm

Current Politics

I know everyone has their own topics to focus on now. Still, if you're US American, please take a look at the efforts to remove queer books in schools (including universities), prisons, community libraries, and bookstores (online and offline).

Some of the efforts have been successful, and all of it is a big deal.

Recent News Headlines for book censorship:

Although, some of the efforts might be bewildering.

The libraries that put up Pride displays are usually the ones that can afford to, and patrons with the means tend to buy their own copies for events instead of wait for holds. So... I guess, thank you, hateful CatholicVoters, for giving book purchasers an excuse to buy more copies for their LGBTQ+ collections by borrowing everything on display? (ETA: Actually, the campaign to keep books from actual readers, especially young readers who the children's and Young Adult books were made for, angers me the more I think about it.)

Unfortunately, efforts to prevent the ban queer books in other countries also appear to be rising. Those are too difficult to track from where I sit, so if you have any information to share, please join us the Banned Books group.