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Anybody Home?

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Nov 7, 2008, 1:09 pm

This group seems amazingly inactive. Where is everybody.?

Nov 7, 2008, 2:12 pm

Possibly they are all over in Pro and Con (Religion), talking about The Great Transformation book? I'm not reading the book myself, but am following the discussion, which is interesting.

A lot of my LT groups are slow/inactive, though. My guess is, people are busy reading. :D

Nov 9, 2008, 7:56 pm

same here... most groups i'm in don't EVER have posts. i'd gladly get into some interesting convos with this group if i felt like anyone was checking. (present company excluded, of course)

Nov 10, 2008, 2:07 am

Does anyone has a suggestion for a good subject? I'll respond.

Dec 5, 2008, 2:55 pm

I've been a member of LibraryThing for quite a while but have only recently become more active. I like it very much. As far as a topic, how about an easy one to start: what's everyone reading?

Dec 5, 2008, 4:51 pm

currently switching between the tales of beedle the bard, jonathan strange and mr. norrell, and the huge mass of mcsweeny's quarterlies that just arrived in the mail!

Dec 5, 2008, 4:59 pm

Sounds cool...Just posted on a new thread, "Currently Reading," here in World Religions...You may want to hop over there, atlarge...