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Jan 23, 2010, 4:32 am

Anybody got favourite natural anagrams?

By 'natural' anagrams I mean normal words or phrases that happen to anagram each other, like the famous 'Britney Spears' = 'Presbyterians', rather than the long ones contrived to make a humorous/satirical message.

I discovered years ago that (The) Lord of the Rings = Longshore Drift, which is quite good from a LT-titles perspective.

Jan 25, 2010, 10:39 pm

Long before Britney Spears' time, I was pleased to find that an anagram of Presbyterian is "Best in Prayer".

Another interesting oddity is that "eleven plus two" is an anagram of "twelve plus one".

Jan 26, 2010, 12:24 pm

I like that last one, and I can't believe I haven't seen it before.

Jan 26, 2010, 3:18 pm

Ah, conversely, I knew about "eleven plus two" = "twelve plus one" but I didn't know about "Presbyterian" = "Best in Prayer".

I was quite amused to find that ACTION POINTS (such as you might come away from a long meeting with...) = CONSTIPATION!

But then I'm juvenile like that...

Jan 28, 2010, 11:40 am

courtesan =

Jan 28, 2010, 11:50 am

Ouch, that's wude.

Jan 28, 2010, 5:57 pm

Just as well I hit "submit" before finishing typing!

Feb 1, 2010, 2:30 am

The foregoing reminded me of a true story about Gough Whitlam. An MP whom Gough didn't like began his speech with "I am a Country Member." Quick as a flash, Gough replied "Yes, I remember".