Aaron Lightner of The Talamasca

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Aaron Lightner of The Talamasca

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Edited: Sep 14, 2010, 1:08pm

I'm trying to remember what book of The Vampire Chronicles Lestat turns Aaron Lightner of The Talamasca into a Vampire.
Does anyone out there remember? The next book in The Vampire Chronicles I plan on starting to read is Queen of the Damned.
I may be wrong it might not be Aaron Lightner but David Talbot who Lestat turns into a Vampire. I think David Talbot is also a member
of The Talamasca too. I know Queen of the Damned is where Lestat wakes up Akasha and also ventures out into the desert to greet
the Sun Rise expecting to kill himself and all of the Vampires Worldwide and instead he only gets a severe case of Sunburn. In The Tale
of the Body Thief Lestat swaps bodies with a Demon and becomes human again.

I think David Talbot is or was a Big Game Hunter and he is dying so Lestat offers him a chance to save his life by being turned into a
Vampire. I wonder if Anne Rice deliberately chose the last name of Talbot because Lawrence Talbot turns into a Werewolf. See the connection there with the last name of Talbot? One becomes a Werewolf and another becomes a Vampire.