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K.A Knight

Author of Den of Vipers

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Works by K.A Knight

Den of Vipers (2020) 780 copies, 18 reviews
Diver's Heart (2021) 52 copies
Daddy's Angel (2020) 37 copies, 2 reviews
Rage (2019) 32 copies
Unstoppable (Pretty Liars) 25 copies, 1 review
Blade of Iris (2022) 24 copies
Stolen Trophy (2022) 21 copies
The Wasteland (2018) 21 copies
Hate (2020) 17 copies
Stepbrothers' Darling (2021) 17 copies
Fractured Shadows 17 copies, 1 review
Scarlett Limerence (2019) 12 copies
Den of Vipers: Bonus Scenes (2022) 11 copies
Deadly Affair (2022) 10 copies
Burn Me (2023) 9 copies
Pretty Painful (2020) 9 copies
Circus Save Me (2018) 8 copies, 1 review
Pretty Stormy (2020) 8 copies
Pretty Bloody (2020) 8 copies
Deadly Match 7 copies, 1 review
Gangsters And Guns (2021) — Author — 7 copies
The Summit (2019) 6 copies
Pretty Faces (2020) 6 copies
Crown of Stars (2022) 6 copies
The Nations 6 copies
Pretty Hot (2020) 5 copies
Cirque Obscurum 5 copies, 1 review
Unbreakable 5 copies
Pretty Wild 5 copies
Voyage to Ayama (2018) 5 copies
Monstrous Lies 5 copies, 1 review
The Standby 4 copies
Alena's Revenge (2021) 4 copies, 1 review
Aurora's Coven (2018) 4 copies
The Forgotten (2019) 4 copies
The Cities (2019) 3 copies
Aurora's Betrayal (2019) 3 copies
Nadia's Salvation (2020) 3 copies
Rebel (Legends and Love) 3 copies, 1 review
Revolt (Legends and Love) (2023) 3 copies
The Hero Complex (2019) 3 copies
Monstrous Truths (2022) 3 copies, 1 review
The Lost 2 copies
Taming The Ringmaster (2019) 2 copies
Stealing Shiloh 2 copies
Pretty Liars Duet (2023) 1 copy
The Damned 1 copy


Common Knowledge




Shouting at the top of my lungs my LOVE for this book. I devoured it. I don't mean just a little, but I literally could not stop reading. I am obsessed with this book. The characters and the world that the authors weaved for this book is amazing.

Ember made the right choice in joining the cirque. If she had not, she never would have met Diamond, Heart, Spade, and Club. Who as soon as I met them, I fell in love with them. Don't ask me to pick a favorite as all four of them are my favorites.

The way that they cared and encouraged Ember to be fearless is great. She is their queen. The intimate scenes where spicy but made even more because of the love their shared for Ember.
… (more)
Cherylk | Jun 26, 2024 |
Zoey has not had an easy life her father kills her mom and brother so her and her sister end in up in a group home till family can take them in and then she is raised by her sister and her new husband.
In this group home she meets Gray, who is older than her, he is her savior during her time there.
Little does she know when she leaves that wont be the last she sees of him.
After the horrors Gray experiences in the group home his life is forever changed.
Can these two accept the attraction and accept that they may be eachothers saviors?… (more)
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |
I can't recommend this story enough. I LOVE K.A. Knight so I'm not surprised by this story. Cora lives in a world where everyone is fractured. There used to be two realms the human realm and the monster realm...each had a king that worked towards equality. Centuries ago though the Kingdoms went to warm and they divided the realms permanently except for the annual sacrifice to the monsters, the hunt. This year it was Cora's sister but she was unhappy already with how her life was and wanted to protect her sister that she sacrificed herself. Little did she know she was what the realms were waiting for....she contained the magic and determination to rectify the wrongs with the help of her mates. Cora is mated to 6 men and these men help her learn and harness what she needs to to achieve the goal set before them and they will protect her at any cost.… (more)
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |
I loved being able to see this series from Talia’s perspective from the beginning. How her life started on the other side of wall and the thought process of her new developing life inside the wall with the monsters. The first books message still rings true here in this book that human kind can be more monster than anyone else. Cato learns that yes there are humans that mean his people harm there are some that wont to and will do all that they can to help. We also learn a lot of shocking things in this book about the monsters and the experiments that were done. Can’t wait to see what the third book talks about. My guess is it will focus on the reporter… (more)
kianas_smuttylibrary | May 17, 2024 |


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