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2000 AD Annual 1979 by Fleetway Comics
American astronauts and spacecraft;: A pictorial history from Project Mercury through Apollo 13 by David C. Knight
Apollo 13 (Penguin Readers, Level 2) by Brent Furnas
Apollo 13 (Science Fiction) - Elementary
Apollo 13 [1995 film] by Ron Howard
Apollo 13 [Movie Storybook] by Jane B. Mason
The Apollo 13 Mission (Graphic Library: Graphic History) by Donald B. Lemke
The Apollo 13 Mission (Overcoming Adversity) by Judy L. Hasday
The Apollo 13 Mission: Surviving an Explosion in Space (Space Missions) by Helen Zelon
Apollo 13: Life In Space by S.A. Kramer
Apollo 13: Space Race by Gail Herman
Apollo 13; "Houston, we've got a problem" by Alan Jones
The Apollo Adventure: The Making of the Apollo Space Program and the Movie Apollo 13 by Jeffrey Kluger
Avoid Being on Apollo 13! (The Danger Zone) by Ian Graham
Crisis in Space: Apollo 13 (High Interest Books: Survivor) by Mark Beyer
Greatest Adventure; Apollo 13 and Other Space Adventures by Edward Gibson
James Lovell: The Rescue of Apollo 13 (The Library of Astronaut Biographies) by Jan Goldberg
Newsweek Magazine 1970.04.27 April 27, 1970
Race Against Time: The Story of Apollo 13 by Paul May
Report of Apollo 13 Review Board by Edgar M. Cortwright
Super Kids by lrsjones
Time Magazine 1970.04.27 by Time Magazine
Triumph over Disaster Aboard Apollo 13 (Space Flight Adventures and Disasters) by Henry M. Holden
When We Walked on the Moon: Discover the dangers, disasters, and triumphs of every moon mission by David Long
You Wouldn't Want to be on Apollo 13!: A Mission You'd Rather Not Go On by Ian Graham
Apollo 13 by Jim Lovell1970-04-17
Apollo 13 (Junior Novelization) by Dina Anastasio1970-04-17
Apollo 13: The NASA Mission Reports by Robert Godwin1970-04-17
Apollo 13: The True Story by NASA1970-04-17
Apollo in Perspective: Spaceflight Then and Now by Jonathan Allday1970-04-17
Failure is not an Option: Mission Control from Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond by Eugene Kranz1970-04-17
First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen1970-04-17
Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth by Andrew Smith1970-04-17
Thirteen: The Apollo Flight That Failed by Henry S. F. Cooper Jr.1970-04-17