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Mark A. Rayner
About Me
Human-shaped, simian-obsessed, robot-fighting, pirate-hearted, storytelling junkie, Mark A. Rayner is an award-winning author of satirical and speculative fiction.

By day, Mark teaches his bemused students at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (at Western University), how to construct digital images, web sites, and viable information architectures that will not become self-aware and destroy all humans. By night he writes short stories, novels, squibs and other drivel. (Some pure, and some quite tainted with meaning.)

Alpha Max (Monkeyjoy Press, November 2021)
The Fatness (Monkeyjoy Press, 2017)
*Winner of an 2018 IPBA Benjamin Franklin award for Best Humor (silver) and a 2018 IndieReader Discovery award for Best Humor
The Fridgularity (Monkeyjoy Press, 2012)
*Winner of a Best Humor IndieReader Discovery Award, 2013
Marvellous Hairy 2/e (Monkeyjoy Press, 2010)
Marvellous Hairy 1/e (Enigmatic Ink, 2009)
The Amadeus Net (ENC Press, 2005)

Pirate Therapy and Other Cures (Monkeyjoy Press, 2012)
The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle (Dancing Men Press, 2003)
with John Sloan, David B. Lurie, Malcolm Ruddock, Jeff Black
Cordially Entertaining Emily Chesley. (Suitcase in Point: Toronto Fringe Festival, 2003)
with Cole Lewis & Company.
Duet for Killers (Small & Dangerous Theatre, Prague, 1993)
The Spy Who Bugged Me (Queen’s Players, 1989)
with Gary Wagner
London, Ontario, Canada
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