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Fieldnotes: On Staying Clam & Reading in 2019 ☽ Part I ☾

The Green Dragon

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Jan 9, 8:37pm Top

Yay! I finally remembered to start my new thread.

I'm currently reading Lethal White by Robert Galbraith AKA J.K. Rowling and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I bailed out on Warlight, The Three Body Problem and Record of a Spaceborn few, but I plan to go back to the Becky Chambers. Might not go back to the others, though.

Jan 10, 3:02am Top

All the piffle paid off; we have a 2019 Clam thread.

I have not heard a bad word said about the Robert Galbraith books. We have most of them in the house; I must get around to reading them someday.

I read The Three Body Problem. Let’s just say I was glad to get to the end of it and have no great desire to read the sequels. I think I was not able to suspend my disbelief sufficiently to suppress some of the physics knowledge that I have.

I enjoyed the first Becky Chambers novel but I found it difficult to get into the second. I gave it a good chance but I felt it just dragged on. I am told it gets better but I have plenty of other books that I am finding are better from the start.

Good luck with your 2019 reading and every other aspect of 2019. I am enjoying your beach photographs. I love it when I am near the sea. It is so relaxing.

Jan 10, 4:11am Top

Happy new year! I hope 2019 brings you all good things in reading and in life.

I have the Becky Chambers on Mount TBR. I'll get to it some time this year. Three body problem is on my kindle and I've heard such mixed reviews that I don't know what to expect.

Jan 10, 6:48am Top

>1 clamairy: Happy newish year, and I hope you find a lot of great reading for 2019!

Jan 10, 7:50am Top

Yay! Happy new thread and new year.

Jan 10, 8:18am Top

Hippo Gnu Ear! And new thread!

Jan 10, 8:21am Top

>1 clamairy: & >2 pgmcc: That's a shame about The Three Body Problem as I have that and its sequel already sat on the tbr shelves.

Jan 10, 8:42am Top

How come I didn't even know Record was available?! hmm. What didn't you like about it??

I didn't know JK had written so many of the Strike books, they made a decent enough TV series out of them last? year

I did read three body problem to the end, but wasn't convinced enough to read the rest and see how it all resolves.

Edited: Jan 10, 9:01am Top

>8 reading_fox: The thing that worked for me with Angry Planet was that most of the characters were on the same ship, but with Record they're all over the place. I didn't dislike it, it just wasn't getting me hooked like I'd hoped it would. I do plan to go back to it.

Didn't know they made a series! Does it cover the first three books or just the first book?

Jan 10, 9:19am Top

I really enjoyed Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, but wasn't sufficiently motivated to read the next one.

Jan 10, 9:22am Top

>9 clamairy: I think your Touchstone for "Record" may be going to the wrong book.

Jan 10, 9:28am Top

Hurray! The new thread. "She's never late, but always arrives precisely when she means to."

Jan 10, 9:55am Top

>12 MrsLee: I never thought of Clare as Mary Poppins, but now that you mention it.

Jan 10, 10:05am Top

>10 SylviaC: The second was good, but just had too much to live up to in my mind.
>11 pgmcc: Arg. I'll fix it later. On my phone now.
>12 MrsLee: Thank you! ♥️
>13 pgmcc: I was hoping she meant Gandalf!

Jan 10, 10:07am Top

>14 clamairy: Mary Poppins is much more fun than Gandalf. She can take you into chalk drawings on the footpath even before CGI was invented.

Jan 10, 10:08am Top

Very glad to have you back, Clam!

Jan 10, 10:19am Top

>14 clamairy: I did have Gandalf in mind, but I suppose Mary Poppins works too. :)

Jan 10, 2:05pm Top

I have to say I too love your beach photos. Like Peter says, being close to water is calming, and I wouldn't voluntarily live somewhere away from open water. And yours are so beautiful, with the light and everything.

Jan 10, 4:14pm Top

Happy new year and new thread!

Jan 10, 5:06pm Top

Happy New Year, clammy!

Jan 10, 8:07pm Top

Alrighty, then. More pics will be forthcoming.

I took this one during a foggy day earlier this week. This isn't the beach I usually spend my time wandering on. That one is public. This one is private, and part of the small community I moved into. Unfortunately it has been eroded by storms until there isn't much left. But what is left is still quite lovely.

Jan 10, 11:09pm Top

I miss the fog. We don't get it much where I live. And when we do, it's freezing fog and makes things icy and slick. But it leaves a film of frost all over everything, which is very beautiful. But the feel of freezing fog is different than fog in warmer temps.

Jan 10, 11:45pm Top

>21 clamairy: Really cool effect, with the fog and the reflections in the water.

Jan 11, 4:41am Top

Jan 11, 4:50am Top

>21 clamairy: That is a beautifully atmospheric picture.

Jan 11, 6:09am Top

>21 clamairy: This was one of the first things I saw when I checked facebook this morning! The perfect start to the day. Love the reflection and the fog; there's a real sense of mystery that draws me in.

Jan 11, 6:12am Top

>9 clamairy: - according to wiki it was the 1st three books, it was on the BBC called Strike. Doesn't look like it's currently available, but maybe there is/will be a dvd release.

Edited: Jan 11, 6:23am Top

>9 clamairy: The C.B. Strike series was on Cinemax network. Quite good. I think I saw them say they were planning on doing more of them.

Jan 11, 8:59am Top

Well that is lovely! We have fog fairly often here in the river valley. It's always nice to be out in.

Jan 11, 10:11am Top

>21 clamairy: Pretty! Calming, and yet, suspenseful.

Jan 11, 10:22am Top

Although we have fog quite often and I love it (having grown up on the dry Highveld), I'm still trying to work out how to take a picture of the fog that shows something other than greyness and says "I like this".

Jan 11, 8:50pm Top

>21 clamairy: Lovely! But I bet it's cold this time of year.

Jan 11, 9:34pm Top

>21 clamairy: I love this photo :)

Edited: Jan 12, 12:15am Top

Thank you, everyone.

Jill, it was actually in the mid 40s, that's why it was foggy. Today it was cooler and windy. We made it to the beach but we didn't stay long. I have to invest in a jacket for my dog. She's got a sweater, but it doesn't stop the wind.

Jan 12, 12:48am Top

Today’s fun fact is that Qatar where I live is supposed to be the only country of which the whole land surface is desert, but fog is not uncommon at night around this time of year.

Jan 12, 4:24am Top

>35 haydninvienna: It happens every night on the coast of Namibia, due to the icy-cold Benguela Current. Very occasionally it happens further inland, but then not all of Namibia is true desert. (Parts of the Caprivi are swampy.)

Jan 12, 8:13am Top

>35 haydninvienna: >36 hfglen: Fascinating info, gentlemen. Our fog is much more traditional.

Jan 12, 8:21am Top

>37 clamairy: LOL. Our fog comes at this time of year and we had one day last week when it was foggy all day long. We get land fog and sea fog so sometimes it can be sunny and beautiful and you see banks of sea fog rolling down the bayou. Very dramatic.

Jan 12, 12:33pm Top

Gorgeous photo!

Jan 12, 4:50pm Top

Happy New Year - may you have a year of many great reads!

Edited: Jan 13, 9:29am Top

oops wrong thread

Jan 13, 8:48am Top

>41 cindydavid4: Did you mean to post this in your own thread? 😊

Jan 13, 9:28am Top

Oops sorry I thought i was posting in the reading thread!!! I'll remove that one, thanks for the heads up :)

Jan 14, 3:20am Top


Have a great day, Clare!

Jan 14, 4:36am Top

Hippo Birdie two ewe. Many thanks for making this Pub the great place it is!

Edited: Jan 14, 10:00am Top

Happy birthday, clam!
ETA: May I call you Clare?

Jan 14, 1:41pm Top

Happy Birthday, clamairy, and may we both have many more!

Jan 14, 10:24pm Top

Thank you, all!

>46 haydninvienna: Of course!

Jan 15, 12:10am Top

Happy birthday - may the coming year bring you many excellent books.

Jan 15, 8:58pm Top

Sorry I haven't been posting, but my phone, cable and internet have been out for days. I did finish Lethal White and I'll come back to chat a bit about it when I get better internet access again. Using my phone for everything now. Luckily I have a large data plan.

Jan 15, 9:44pm Top

Happy (belated) birthday, clam!

Jan 15, 9:46pm Top

OMG, Happy Birthday, Island Lady!

Jan 16, 9:18am Top

>50 clamairy: If you didn't have such a beautiful beach to explore nearby, I would feel sorry for you. ;) Hope your modern world gets back to normal soon.

Yesterday, 2:30am Top

>48 clamairy: Thanks, I'm still feeling a trifle new round here. And in honour of your recent birthday, here is a picture of a clam:

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