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Oct 22, 2006
About My Library

Pretty much complete library now cataloged. I still have The Other Half's to do IF I'm allowed - so far the few are indicated by the tag OH

Once upon a time, pre-collections, I'd read (most many times) and owned everything I'd cataloged, except the OH where I'm not always that interested in reading them. Now I have a wishlist collection of stuff I haven't yet bought.

I used to not let my buying exceed my reading rate by more than a book or two. I'll eventually get around to reviewing all of them once I've re-read them (again), but I don't want to let LTing get in the way of reading! See tags section for those no longer owned. However then I bought a Sony Ereader. Now I have a huge stack of unread and uncatalogued ebooks, plus a lot of other ebooks that are available just like that. I do intend to read and review all of them, (except some of the duller classics) but my TBR list (mostly in the 'to read' collection) is somewhat longer.

If I haven't rated it, then the book was read sufficiently long ago that I no longer remember any pertinent details about it at all. Consider it a To Be (re)Read.

It appears that people are reading some of my reviews! - see link above - If you've enjoyed (or not) any of my reviews please feel free to leave a comment or question or a request for a book I haven't yet got around to reviewing. Apologies are offered for the occasional spelling/typing errors. At some stage I'll get around to proofreading them all and correcting them. I intend eventually to have reviews for all my books. I am a member of Review Discussions if you wish a more public discussion of any books I've reviewed. In due course I may get around to linking all my reviews to that group.

VIEWING My catalog is best achieved by sorting (clicking on the header) the TAGS column.

COMMENT! Whether, it's the series order, spelling, title, author, or simply my poor grammar, your help in keeping this catalog as accurate as possible is appreciated.

Please also comment if you suddenly think of a book that I appear to be missing or really should read. I'm always looking for more books.....

Favourite authors - doesn't really need explaining, apart from Oysterband, who are a band obviously. I don't really think LT is the best place for music CDs but as someone else has listed them, and they are so awesome live, I thought I could bend my principles far enough to add them as favourite. Douglas Hill is more of an ex-favourite I loved the Last Legionary when I was about 12 or so, and it's only by a chance conversation on LT that I've remembered the series, so I've added him here as a reminder.

Recently read: Vague timeline curtesy of ConceptDawg's alpha code is HERE, for my own amusement really. You can achive a similar effect by sorting on the date read field, which I have been fairly studious about filling in for a while. I seldom read more than 1 book at once. Currently Reading is displayed at the end of this text. It is a lie. This is my recently read field, now autopopulated by those books I've just finished and not yet removed from the CR collection.

I've learnt how important these can be.

sort order tagging: All books have a three letter author code as the first tag. These have been preceded by a ! to collect them in the tag cloud, seperate from descriptive tags and is a searchable non-character key. I'm in the process of editing the previous character . to ! beacause . has become non-searchable... if the catalog displays in an odd order this is why. Then (if part of a series) will come a series identifier and normally a couple of letters from the main protagonist, or the series name, followed by the book's place in the series. ie !don, cov3, is the third work of the covenant series by donaldson.

Use - is a tag added to try and achieve better recommendations from the suggester. I've deliberately not added it to authors who have a large derivative fan base as I'm not interested in reading spin-offs. If you know of a spin-off that is worthwhile, please let me know.

@2008 is added to all the books I've read this year if I remember thanks to an idea by nperrin.

GRB - a book designated for me to review from the Go Review That Book group.

ultb - Unique Library Thing Book, ie I'm the sole owner on LT. Just because some people are interested in this. Please feel free to combine works and let me know if this changes.

unowned books. Either ebooks or those that I've
purged :-( oh yes it happens. A number of my 2* and 1* books are removed from my physical library from time to time, in order to make space for more books!

~ is a sort code to separate non-fiction from fiction - it sorts to the end of the list.
! is the author sort code (some . still to convert)
/ is a series desiginator.

Rare tagmashes: social comment and enclave. Why? because I can.

I now own a Sony Kobo Ereader, which I'm finidng increasingly indispensible. Hence I now 'own' some ebooks, and have listed them, generally with little other information that title, author and ebook as the publication info.

Collections: Argh. How much time do I not have to sort these out properly.

Basically my "Your Library" is books I care about, and hence want included for recommendations, similar memebers etc - it includes books that I no longer own (but have read) and probably includes owned books that I haven't read yet, although not all unread ebooks are added. It doesn't include books I own and have read but don't care to have connections with - OtherHalf's books, and books I found rubbish.

SO how many books do I own - hmm this used to be so clear and now it isn't. I think it's 'All Collections' -wishlist -'read but unowned' and maybe -ebooks,-'Otherhalf's books' depending on your definition of own.

Wishlist is obvious. Stars indicate the degree of wish involved with 5* being buy it onsight, and 1* if it's free I might at least flick through it and see how it compares to what I expect of it.

It all needs a lot more work! including adding this - Create a series collection add in 1 book per series that I'm interested in and view from the series page to check which books I'm missing.

I'm just sticking this here so I can find it again - how to touchstone 'difficult' titles that don't otherwise always work

About Me

I don't own watch TV and read alot! I also cave and bike and cook.

The Tea Party

I had a little tea party
This afternoon at three.
'Twas very small-
Three guest in all-
Just I, myself and me.

Myself ate all the sandwiches,
While I drank up the tea;
'Twas also I who ate the pie
And passed the cake to me.

~Jessica Nelson North
From the talk thread Tea Poems

"Books to the Ceiling, Books to the Sky
My pile of Books Are a Mile High!
How I Love The! How I Need Them!
I'll Have a Long Beard by the Time I Read Them!"
~Arnold Lobel

From another LT thread.

Contacts: those users who I've crossed swords/words/hugs with in various fascinating talk discussions only partially complete because I haven't got around to marking everybody yet! Friends from other websites I've lured onto LT.
If you are randomly going to send me a friend request, some indication of why will be appreciated.

Talk: I appear to spend far too much time reading talk threads rather than actual books. The best / funniest thread I've come across so far is Lost Opportunities other contenders are always welcome.

Random LT features
A Random Member
A Random Book
A Random Tag

Already confused? Can't remember where something is? How many features does LT have anyway? wikithing Help listmight be able to help. There's also the very useful wiki list of new features where things that were fun hopefully don't go to die. Must remember to help keep this updated!

Combinations a neat tool to find new things that need fixing...

What I read:
Almost anything with words on it. However I've a particular liking for speculative fiction including both fantasy and science fiction. A complete list (as of 2009), inlcuding non-books and links to my LT reviews can be found in my Club Read thread HERE hah well it used to be until I forgot about it.

I've re-started with a Green Dragon group reading thread here which is current as of Oct 2010. Please feel free to comment! It makes me feel I'm not talking to the ether. I don't have the links to the 2011, 2012, or 2013 threads, but they are all in the GD if you're reall y that interested. I've just started the 2014 one HERE

And stolen from a talk thread by Esta1923 - "check my posted reviews to see if I am the reviewer for your book. All books are not equal (nor are all readers/reviewers) but the right combination enhances the chance to put books into the hands of appreciative readers which is what a reviewer does."

Manchester, UK
Also On
Currently Reading
Favorite Authors
Local Favorites

Bookstores: Barter Books, Forbidden Planet - London, Foyles (old Charing Cross branch), Waterstone's Manchester Deansgate

Libraries: Central Library, Manchester

Other: Hay Festival of Literature & the Arts, Manchester Climbing Centre, The Sherlock Holmes Museum

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