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Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? Page Two! 62Collectorator, Thursday 3:37pmignore
is it possible to share a catalogue 6JerryMmm, Sunday 5:48pmignore
Awards Field - Reading Lists? 10lesmel, October 16ignore
Please fix other author 3MarthaJeanne, September 28ignore
Series vs publisher series 39PhaedraB, September 24ignore
HP and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone 25avatiakh, September 15ignore
These Are Important Events? 17Collectorator, September 1ignore
first words - last words 7gilroy, August 31ignore
Common Knowledge fields specific to film, videorecordings 7bientrey, August 26ignore
Combination Issues: Who Should Fix? 200Collectorator, August 13ignore
English canonical titles for non-translated works 13AnnieMod, August 10ignore
People/Characters sorting 2AnnaClaire, August 1ignore
A tribe or nation is not a "character" in CK 79lhungsbe, July 28ignore
Has something half escaped dev? 4andyl, June 29ignore
Authors & People/Characters 15andyl, June 24ignore
"unknown" as a DOB 2lorax, June 19ignore
Someone seems to be deliberately destroying a lot of Series work 16karenb, June 8ignore
Canonical Names on Split Authors 7lorax, April 30ignore
Too many titles? 3eromsted, April 17ignore
Sanctions and Approvals 2aulsmith, March 3ignore
Book Table of Contents 19lorax, February 19ignore
"Published Reviews" from amazon, goodreads, kirkus? 11rsterling, February 18ignore
This author is not dead 2vancouverdeb, February 10ignore
Years as series "order" 3jjwilson61, February 9ignore
Other authors best practices 16macsbrains, January 22ignore
Analog Science Fiction and Fact series numbering 12aulsmith, January 14ignore
CK Gender Field Question 13MarthaJeanne, December 2014ignore
Edit or Add to CK? 6anglemark, December 2014ignore
References to this work on external resources 3jjwilson61, December 2014ignore
Great Books Again 2lilithcat, November 2014ignore
I can't edit my collections 4Athenais, November 2014ignore
Literary sources for titles 29laytonwoman3rd, October 2014ignore
Issue: "Series" pages used as "Character" pages 3macsbrains, October 2014ignore
Awards and revised editions 4jjwilson61, September 2014ignore
Golden Books 2eromsted, September 2014ignore
Dewey Decimal Numbers 14quintanar, September 2014ignore
Need Help Uploading Files to Wiki 7Collectorator, September 2014ignore
Where to change the default collection flag on manual adds? 3ulmannc, September 2014ignore
Published Reviews: What is a 'snippet'? 10mysterymax, August 2014ignore
Canonical Titles 51.Monkey., August 2014ignore
how do you change the edition of your book? 10spiphany, August 2014ignore
Awards Question: Pulitzer Prize 8andyl, July 2014ignore
How to list a book related to a Series? 3LipstickAndHighHeels, July 2014ignore
Aliasing and reliationship CK 3Kuiperdolin, June 2014ignore
Oldest living author? 4Kuiperdolin, June 2014ignore
Need help formatting on WikiThing 27jjwilson61, June 2014ignore
A Project for Someone 2Collectorator, June 2014ignore
Awards: same book, multiple nominations 7bergs47, May 2014ignore
Real places to add to the map. 1Louve_de_mer, May 2014ignore
Is is necessary to start new group? 3aulsmith, April 2014ignore
Is is necessary to start new group? 1bergs47, April 2014ignore
Should this be moved? 4Collectorator, April 2014ignore
Adding LT Early Review books 10MarthaJeanne, April 2014ignore
Declining Honours 15TLCrawford, April 2014ignore
Help Needed to Find Info About Author Aleid Van Rhijn 10JerryMmm, April 2014ignore
careful with plain links in the disambigs 1omargosh, March 2014ignore
Years in Square Brackets 10andyl, March 2014ignore
HTML tips 45cammykitty, March 2014ignore
Order of the British Empire 19PossMan, March 2014ignore
Organizations 7abbottthomas, March 2014ignore
[Famous person], with [Less known author] in smaller type (main or secondary?) 4MarthaJeanne, March 2014ignore
AUC Press's Arabic lit titles: Series? Publisher series? Not a series? 3diana.n, February 2014ignore
Two Author Pages 5MarthaJeanne, February 2014ignore
Interviewees 5lorax, February 2014ignore
Stating the Obvious (Author) 7omargosh, February 2014ignore
Metadata incorrect? 5MarthaJeanne, February 2014ignore
Bread Loaf Writers' Conference 3AnnieMod, January 2014ignore
Big screw-up on Washington 3barney67, January 2014ignore
Theological abbreviations after names 21Kuiperdolin, January 2014ignore
Authors main page for Common Knowledge 15PhaedraB, January 2014ignore
Authors, Works, Awards and misc. CK info 26barney67, December 2013ignore
Splitting author page when there is a LibraryThing Author mapped. 16.Monkey., November 2013ignore
Italian(?) on English site 2anglemark, November 2013ignore
First and last sentences in common knowledge 6timspalding, November 2013ignore
Forcing book covers in events 1Cynfelyn, November 2013ignore
National Book Awards CK pages 4rsterling, October 2013ignore
Collections Wiki Update/Discussion Thread 47MarthaJeanne, October 2013ignore
Widget won't work on wordpress!! 2tjsjohanna, September 2013ignore
Reordering book collections 8PhaedraB, September 2013ignore
widget won't show all my books 2conceptDawg, September 2013ignore
Ливиу Ребряну 5lilithcat, September 2013ignore
Starting from scratch 13SimonW11, September 2013ignore
Circulation procedures 2lilithcat, September 2013ignore
Abuse of People/Characters Box 11BarkingMatt, September 2013ignore
Reverting changes? 2omargosh, September 2013ignore
Gen. Stonewall Jackson -- should this be a project? 6omargosh, September 2013ignore
birth/death date not showing at top of author page 6omargosh, August 2013ignore
javascript problem on forms.. 7jjwilson61, August 2013ignore
website links for works 4JerryMmm, August 2013ignore
Is this a series? 6razzamajazz, August 2013ignore
Export to CVS -- missing DDC numbers 4lorax, August 2013ignore
tags 2jjwilson61, August 2013ignore
Member recommendations - where and how do members post them? 9lorax, August 2013ignore
Could someone who reads German check 4aulsmith, July 2013ignore
Comment and library description attached to false title 1Columbo_, July 2013ignore
Сайити Маруя 2PhaedraB, July 2013ignore
Does the People field apply only to fiction? 37BarkingMatt, July 2013ignore
Price Field? 3BarkingMatt, July 2013ignore
Dubious Awards 6barney67, July 2013ignore

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