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Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (3)

This is a continuation of the topic Barbara (Ameise1)'s world (2).

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Jul 21, 6:56am Top

Welcome to my 3rd thread.

This year I was not active on LT, but I was able to read some books. I hope I have more time to visit all my friends on their threads, discover unfamiliar authors and books, and hear how everyone is doing.
Last weekend we spent with our daughters in the Black Forest and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We had lots of fun.
This summer we spend most of our time at home, we will travel in the fall for the holidays. The summer in Zurich also has its charm, although it is very hot.


Edited: Jul 21, 7:06am Top

# 1 Bretonische Flut by Jean-Luc Bannalec (4 stars)
# 2 Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell (4 stars)
# 3 The Strangler Vine by M. J. Carter (4 stars)
# 4 H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (4 stars)
# 5 Liberation Movements by Olen Steinhauer (4½ stars)
# 6 I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (4 stars)

# 7 A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny ( 4 stars)
# 8 Finders Keepers by Stephen King (4½ stars)
# 9 Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo (4 stars)
#10 A Mind To Murder by P. D. James (4½ stars)
#11 Nerve by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#12 Die Brillenmacherin by Titus Müller (3½ stars)
#13 The Black Tower by P.D. James (4 stars)
#14 Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong (4 stars)

#15 The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars)
#16 Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe (4 stars)
#17 Kein Tag für Jakobsmuscheln by Catherine Simon (3½ stars)
#18 Friday on My Mind by Nicci French (4½ stars)
#19 Forfeit by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#20 Throttle by Joe Hill (3½ stars)
#21 The Strings Of Murder by Oscar de Muriel (4½ stars)
#22 Eine unbeliebte Frau by Nele Neuhaus (4½ stars)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:04am Top

#23 Innocence by David Hosp (4½ stars)
#24 Innocence by Dean Koontz (4 stars)
#25 The Redeemed by M. R. Hall (4½ stars)
#26 Poppet by Mo Hayder (4 stars)
#27 The Wrong girl by David Hewson (4 stars)
#28 Das Ende vom Lied by Alfred Bodenheimer (4 stars)
#29 Madame le Commissaire und das geheimnisvolle Bild by Pierre Martin (4 stars)
#30 Time Heals No Wounds by Hendrik Falkenberg (4 stars)
#31 Dark Fire by C. J. Sansom (4 stars)

#32 Whiskey Sour by J. A. Konrath (4stars)
#33 Reflex by Dick Francis (4½ stars)
#34 Deep Background by Rick Treon (3 stars)
#35 Vollopfer by Frank Köhnlein (4 stars)
#36 Totenliste by Harald Gilbers (4½ stars)

#37 Fatal Crossing by Lone Theils (4½ stars)
#38 Ali and Nino by Kurban Said (5 stars)
#39 Atemnot by Carola Clasen (3½ stars)
#40 The Unknown Guest by Charlotte Link (4½ stars)
#41 The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken by Tarquin Hall (4½ stars)
#42 Creation in Death by J. D. Robb (4&frac12 stars)
#43 Altweiberfrühling by Irène Mürner (3½ stars)

Edited: Sep 11, 8:43am Top

Edited: Jul 21, 7:06am Top


H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald (4 stars) (2019-01-21)

The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars) (2019-03-02)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:07am Top

Take It or Leave It Challenge

# 2 Read that nagging book: finished 2019-01-27
Liberation Movements by Olen Steinhauer (4½ stars)
# 4 Read the first book of a series/trilogy or saga: finished 2019-01-19
The Strangler Vine by M. J. Carter (4 stars)
# 7 Read a book by a female author, in Rolling Alphabetical order: finished 2019-01-12
Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell (4 stars)
# 8 Read a book originally published in French or German: finished 2019-01-05
Bretonische Flut by Jean-Luc Bannalec (4 stars)
#18 Read a book where the author has a set of double letters in their name: finished 2019-01-28
I'll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark (4 stars)

# 3 Read a book by an author who has written both fiction and nonfiction books finished 2019-02-08
Finders Keepers by Stephen King (4&frac12: stars)
# 4 Read A Book That Was Published At Least 10 Years Ago: finished 2019-02-03
A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny (4 stars)
# 6: Read a book whose title includes at least two 4+ letter words starting with the same letter finished 2019-02-16
A Mind To Murder by P.D. James (4½ stars)
# 7 Read a book with a four word title: finished 2019-02-26
Tod einer roten Heldin by Qiu Xiaolong (4 stars)
# 11: Read a book whose cover has an image relating to the sea finished 2019-02-25
The Black Tower by P. D. James (4 stars)
# 12 Read a book where the title refers to a woman finished 2019-02-22
Die Brillenmacherin by Titus Müller (3½ stars)
# 16 Read a work by an author you read in 2018: finished 2019-02-18
Nerve by Dick Francis (4 stars)
#17: Read a book which was listed by the same challenger who started any of the previous February finished 2019-02-15
Sworn To Silence by Linda Castillo (4 stars)

# 1: Read a book whose title starts with the last letter of the author's last name of the preceding book finished 2019-03-03
Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe (4 stars)
# 2: Read a Book where the author or a character has the name of "Joe" or a variation thereof finished 2019-03-23
Throttle by Joe Hill (3½ stars)
# 3: Read a Book that is in the "Recommended" section on your home page (either LT or member) finished 2019-03-10
Kein Tag für Jakobsmuscheln by Catherine Simon (3½ stars)
# 4: Read a book that starts with a quote for the semi-rolling alphabet challenge finished 2019-03-02
The Chessmen by Peter May (4½ stars)
# 5: ROLLING CHALLENGE: Read a book with a significant connection to the countries of the United Kingdom finished 2019-03-13
Friday on My Mind by Nicci French (4½ stars)
# 6: Read a book somebody else picked for you finished 2019-03-17
Forfeit by Dick Francis (4 stars)
# 8: Read a book by a woman who is born in the 20th century finished 2019-03-29
Eine unbeliebte Frau by Nele Neuhaus (4½ stars)

Edited: Jul 21, 7:09am Top

Take It or Leave It Challenge

# 2: Read a book in which the author's name has a Scrabble point value of 22 or more finished 2019-04-08
Innocence by Dean Koontz (4 stars)
# 3: Either read 2 books with the same title or list a book with one title and get someone to read another book with the same title within 3 days. finished 2019-04-05
Innocence by David Hosp (4½ stars)
#11: Read a book with a fictional setting finished 2019-04-24
Madame le Commissaire und das geheimnisvolle Bild by Pierre Martin (4 stars)
#15: Read a book in which the final paragraph is one sentence finished 2019-04-14
The Redeemed by M.R. Hall (4½ stars)
#16: Read a book published by a four-digit-publisher finished 2019-04-19
The Wrong Girl by David Hewson (4 Stars)

# 1: Read a book whose cover contains a hyphenated word finished 2019-05-26
Vollopfer by Frank Köhnlein (4 stars)
# 4: Read a book whose title contains at least one 4 letter or longer embedded word finished 2019-05-04
Der Lebkuchenmann Whiskey Sour by J.A. Konrath (4 stars)
# 5: Read a book because you've promised a review or a discussion finished 2019-05-18
Deep Background by Rick Treon (3 stars)
#10: Read a book about or set in Berlin, or by a German writer finished 2019-05-31
Totenliste by Harald Gilbers (4½ stars)
#12: Read a book with a mode of transportation, other than an auto, on the cover finished 2019-05-11
Reflex by Dick framcis (4½ stars)

# 1: Read a book (fiction or nonfiction) set in an Asian country with a population of less than 25 million (Azerbaijan) finished 2019-06-09
Ali and Nino by Kurban Said (5 stars)
# 5: Read a book where the same word appears at least three times on the cover (Puri) finished 2019-06-15
The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken by Tarquin Hall (4½ stars)
# 7: Read a book set in a real place you've never been (Trier Rheinland-Pfalz) finished 2019-06-09
Atemnot by Carola Clasen (3½ stars)
#11: Read a book where the author’s first, middle or last name starts with a “J” finished 2019-06-23
Creation in Death by J. D. Robb (4½ stars)
#13: Read a book that fits one of Paul S' pictures (PIC 26) finished 2019-06-15
The Unknown Guest by Charlotte Link (4½ stars)
#14: Read a book with an even number of pages finished 2019-06-02
Fatal Crossing by Lone Theils (4½ stars)

Edited: Sep 11, 9:16am Top

Take It or Leave It Challenge

# 2: Read a book by an author from or about/set in one of the nations participating in the 2019 Women’s World Cup (France) finished 2019-07-10
Commissaire Mazan und der blinde Engel by Jean Bagnol (4½ stars)
# 3: Read a book for the CFF Mystery Challenge Challenge (Reality Bites: Read a book from the speculative fiction genre
) finished 2019-07-08
Das Geheimnis des Bücherhüters by Corinna Gieseler (4 stars)
# 5: Read a book where the first sentence in Chapters 1, 2 or 3 mentions a number finished 2019-07-21
The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths (4½ stars)
#12: Read a book with a one word title beginning with a letter of the previous book finished 2019-07-06
Schussbereit by Irène Mürner (4 stars)
#13: Read a book with an author name (first, middle, last) that starts with one of the letters in EDGAR MARTINEZ finished 2019-07-15
Helle und der tote im Tivoli by Judith Arendt (4 stars)
#14: Read a book with a title of at least 4 words (subtitles excluded) finished 2019-07-20
A Fever of the Blood by Oscar de Muriel (4½ stars)

# 1: Read a book whose author's first and last names start with a vowel and end with a consonant finished 2019-08-18
A Man of Some Repute by Elizabeth Edmondson (4 stars)
# 2: ROLLING Challenge: Read a book that begins with who, what, where, when, how finished 2019-08-10
The Corsican Caper by Peter Mayle (4 stars)
# 3: Read a book where one of the title words begins with the letter “C” finished 2019-08-24
Cabo de Gata by Eugen Ruge (4½ stars)
# 4: Read a book for the August CFF Mystery Challenge Challenge finished 2019-08-08
Rat Race by Dick Francis (4 stars)
# 5: Read a book in which the author acknowledges another writer in the dedication, foreword, afterword finished 2019-08-16
The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan (4 stars)
# 6: Read a book with an inside part of the body in the title finished 2019-08-09
Das blutrote Parfüm by Sina Beerwald (4½ stars)
# 7: Read a book by a woman whose gender is not evident finished 2019-08-31
Dead Horsemeat by Dominique Manotti (4 stars)
# 8: Read a new-to-you book by one of the authors you've listed as a favourite on LT finished 2019-08-13
Seeking Whom He May Devour by Fred Vargas (4 stars)
# 9: Read a book where the first letter of the first name of the author comes alphabetically before the first letter of the last name finished 2019-08-03
Ein Gentleman in Arles - Gefährliche Geschäfte by Anthony Coles (4½ stars)
#13: Read a book set in a country you've never read about before finished 2019-08-06
The Bookseller of Kabul by Åsne Seierstad (4½ stars)
#14: Read a book by an author whose last name is longer than their first name finished 2019-08-28
Die Gottessucherin by Peter Prange (4½ stars)
#17: Read a book published by a two word publishing house finished 2019-08-01
Rain Dogs by Adrian McKinty (4½ stars)

# 2: Read a book with a 2019 copyright finished 2019-09-07
Fake und Fiktion by Thomas Strässle (4 stars)
# 7: Read a book where the author's first or last name begins and ends with the same letter finished 2019-09-01
Schüsse im Shortbread by Arthur Escroyne (3½ stars)
# 9: Read a book for the September CFF Mystery Challenge Challenge finished 2019-09-08
Shinigami Games Herbst by Andreas Neuenkirchen (3 stars)

Edited: Sep 11, 9:15am Top

Jul 21, 7:11am Top

Some family photos of our 30th wedding anniversary.

Jul 21, 7:22am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara, and belated happy anniversary again ;-)
I love the pictures of your family and you found some beautiful Zürich pictures again. Someday I hope to get to Zürich and see it all with my own eyes.

Jul 21, 7:31am Top

>11 FAMeulstee: Many thanks, Anita. I would be very happy if I could show you around Zurich. In the meantime a Zurich specialty: Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli

Jul 21, 7:42am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara! Your pictures are lovely as is your family! Have a wonderful day!

Jul 21, 7:45am Top

>13 Carmenere: Thanks so much, Lynda. It will be a very lazy day with lots of reading ;-)

Jul 21, 7:54am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara! Your photos of Zürich and you, your husband and your daughters are lovely.

Jul 21, 7:57am Top

Happy Sunday, Barb. Happy New thread. Love the vacation and anniversary photos. Glad to see you getting your reading in but it would be nice to see you around, a bit more often. Keep cool, my friend.

Jul 21, 8:41am Top

Hi Barbara! Happy new thread.

>10 Ameise1: Happy belated anniversary! Lovely pics of your family, thanks for sharing.

Congrats on 50 books read so far this year, too.

Jul 21, 9:10am Top

Happy New Thread, Barbara!

Lovely photos up top. That fountain with the blue light particularly got me. And >10 Ameise1:: those family photos are knockouts.

a Zurich specialty: Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli Those look delicious, and similar to macarons where we are.

Jul 21, 9:25am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara!

Jul 21, 9:45am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara.
Your pictures are beautiful.
Today it is hot and windy, so the wind sensor says no to the awning - a good time for indoor-reading.

Jul 21, 11:42am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara!

Jul 21, 3:10pm Top

Lovely photos as always, Barbara, and much good reading. Yes, I know I'm in Barbara's place now.

Jul 21, 3:36pm Top

Happy new thread Barbara my dear.

Jul 21, 5:23pm Top

Happy new thread, Barbara.

Jul 21, 11:03pm Top

Happy new thread, Barbara.

Your topper is as visually appealing as always.

Jul 21, 11:18pm Top

Happy New Thread, Barbara, and happy anniversary as well!

Jul 22, 2:45am Top

>15 kidzdoc: Thanks so much, Darryl. I have a wonderful family.

>16 msf59: Thanks so much, Mark. Slowly I'm making my way back on LT.

>17 karenmarie: Thanks so much, Karen. Well, my reading was good so far. I always go with a long list to my library and come home with completely different books. Sigh, this list will never shorten.

Jul 22, 2:50am Top

>18 jnwelch: Thanks so much, Joe. We do have lots of gorgeous fountains in Zürich. You know that the maccarons are a copy of the Luxemburgerli. The taste of them is heavenly.

>19 scaifea: Thanks so much, Amber.

>20 SirThomas: Thanks so much, Thomas. Yesterday it was hot here but the next six days will be much hotter. Well, the best thing is always staying at a cooler place and read.

Jul 22, 2:52am Top

>21 mstrust: Thanks so much, Jennifer.

>22 richardderus: Thanks so much, Rdear. Welcome here.

>23 johnsimpson: Thanks so much, John.

Jul 22, 3:04am Top

>24 BLBera: Thanks so much, Beth.

>25 PaulCranswick: Thanks so much, Paul. Zürich has lots of charming corners.

>26 ronincats: Thanks so much, Roni.

Jul 22, 3:08am Top

Today we're going to Montbéliard (France) for three days. Tomorrow we have an appointment for visiting the Peugeot car factory. I'm looking forward to it but also to the wonderful French food.

Jul 22, 7:00am Top

Happy new thread! Hope you enjoy your trip to France.

Jul 22, 1:52pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jul 22, 10:17pm Top

Happy new thread and happy anniversary!

Have fun in France :)

Jul 24, 9:58pm Top

Happy new thread, Barbara and happy anniversary! Your photos are lovely!

Jul 25, 7:25am Top

Sweet Thursday. Barb. I hope you are having a great week. Where are you at now?

Jul 26, 5:39am Top

>32 thornton37814: Thanks so much, Lori. We had a wonderful time.

>33 drneutron: Thanks, so much, Jim.

>34 figsfromthistle: Thanks so much, anita. Montbéliard is a beuatiful town and we had gorgeous food.

>35 tymfos: Thanks so much, Terri.

>36 msf59: Mark, we're back home since Wednesday. It was only a three days trip to France. Now, we're planning our holiday for October.

Jul 26, 5:39am Top

book 51

 The Ghost Fields

This is another good Ruth Galloway thriller. While Ruth is at a Bronze Age excavation site, a WWII plane is found buried in the neighborhood. In the cockpit sits a corpse from the same time, only Ruth has to realize that this body was recently placed in the cockpit. With the help of modern technology, it quickly becomes clear that he is dead. The question that needs to be clarified is how did he get to this place?
It was a fun read from the first to the last page.

Jul 26, 6:21am Top

book 52 Read in German


Three short stories by three authors (Andrea Camilleri, Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Lucarelli), where each writes about a judge who takes up the fight with the mafia on a small scale.
What these judges from different eras have in common is that everyone beats the current mafia boss of the community with his own weapons. The judges are not intimidated by the mafia methods. Each one of them can finally achieve a small victory, even if other mafia guys leap right into the breach.
I can only recommend this book.

Jul 26, 6:24am Top

Jul 26, 6:27am Top

Hi Barbara!

I've recently joined the Ruth Galloway bandwagon and have just started #4, A Room Full of Bones. I'm enjoying the books immensely.

Have fun planning your October holiday.

Jul 26, 11:45am Top

>40 Ameise1: I really enjoyed this one, Barbara.

Jul 26, 12:37pm Top

I hope you are staying cool somewhere, Barbara!

Jul 26, 3:57pm Top

>39 Ameise1: *owowow* Book-bulleted me with that one, Barbara! Please don't melt.

Edited: Jul 28, 4:51am Top

Where are you planning to go on vacation in October, Barbara? I plan to return to Lisbon that month if my vacation request is granted, although that's far from certain at the moment.

Jul 27, 7:24am Top

Is it cooler in Zürich as well, Barbara?

Jul 28, 2:28am Top

Happy new thread, Barbara. Those are great anniversary pictures. You are just ahead of me in the Ruth Galloway series. I will get to The Ghost Fields soon. Good to know it's a good one.

Jul 28, 4:16am Top

>39 Ameise1: This rings a bell but I don't seem to have recorded it on LT, so maybe read before I started recording my reading?

We have cooled off with some rain: hopefully you will get a break from the heat too.

Jul 28, 7:04am Top

>41 karenmarie: Glad to hear that you like this series too, Karen. Yes, we made our choice for the autumn holidays. I will report a bit below.

>42 BLBera: I almost finished reading, Beth. It's a beautiful story and very exciting to read.

>43 ronincats: >46 EllaTim: Roni and Ella, since yesterday it has become cooler. It started to rain last night and temperatures have finally dropped. Now all the windows are open, so we bring the heat out of the house. We have no AC and so the heat in our house has been dammed for a week.

>44 richardderus: Ha, I am glad to hear that you would like this, Rdear. I am sure that you will find it very interesting. If I look at my figure in the mirror, then it would be good if something would melt away in the heat of the day ;-). Unfortunately, this does not work :-D.

Jul 28, 7:16am Top

>41 karenmarie: >45 kidzdoc: Karen and Darryl, we actually organized our autumn holidays. A long-awaited wish comes true. We will be in Corsica from the 5th of October to the 19th of October. We booked our flight and rented a cottage for this time (see photos from the website). We always wanted to go to Corsica. In the summer it is definitely too hot and in autumn Thomas can not always take vacations. This year it finally works. We only have to rent a car for this time. The cottage is in the southwest of the island.

   (This will be our reading place.) 

Jul 28, 7:20am Top

>47 Familyhistorian: Thank you, Meg. I love this series. Fortunately, my library has the remaining books as well.

>48 charl08: Charlotte, I find this book fascinating and shows a different view of the mafia.
Good to hear that you are not so hot anymore.

Jul 28, 7:47am Top

>50 Ameise1: Looks like another beautiful holiday, you have planned.

Happy Sunday, Barb. Getting ready to go back to school?

Jul 28, 9:41am Top

>52 msf59: Mark, we are really looking forward to Corsica.
The school will start on the 19th of August. I will get a new first grade class and after 15 years a new teammate. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future. Next week I will not go to school to prepare, but from the 5th of August I will be on a daily basis at school in the preparation.

Jul 28, 9:57am Top

>50 Ameise1: Oh, Corsica looks gorgeous! I've just discovered a European holiday dream spot:

Hvar, Croatia! Doesn't that look idyllic?

Jul 28, 10:11am Top

>54 richardderus: Ah, Croatia is also on our to do list. It is also something to do in the autumn, as it is too hot in summer.

Jul 28, 3:12pm Top

book 53 Read in German

 The Architect's Apprentice

What a great epic, full of historical facts and yet fictional. It's about love, unrequited, unconditional but also about architecture and how it was built in the 16th century. It is about dreams that are fulfilled or unfulfilled but also about friendships that you can count on or that can lead you to ruin.
It was varied and exciting to read. I suffered with the protagonists, looked forward to them and kept asking myself, how can things go well?

Jul 28, 3:13pm Top

Next readding:

 Rain Dogs

Jul 28, 5:35pm Top

>50 Ameise1: Vacation on Corsica! How nice, looking forward to your autumn holiday, Barbara :-)

Jul 29, 7:26am Top

Hi Barbara!

Your vacation sounds lovely, the cottage looks wonderful. I hope your new teammate works out for school, too.

Jul 29, 11:58am Top

The pictures are great! I love the reading place.
I wish you wonderful holidays at this beautiful place.

Jul 29, 12:59pm Top

>58 FAMeulstee: >59 karenmarie: >60 SirThomas: Thanks so much, Anita, Karen and Thomas.

I'm sure I'll get a good teammate. I know her since years but we never worked together until now.

Tomorrow we'll make a day trip on the mountains.

Jul 30, 11:21am Top

You're going to have a great vacation, it's beautiful!

Aug 1, 4:34am Top

>62 mstrust: Thanks so much, Jennifer. I'm sure we'llhave a splendid time.

Aug 1, 4:37am Top

Happy Birthday Switzerland

Edited: Aug 1, 6:41am Top

Sweet Thursday, Barb. We are going camping this weekend and leaving tonight. We are going with a fun group of people. It should be a good time. How is Rain Dogs?

Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

Aug 1, 7:17am Top

>65 msf59: Thank you so much, Mark. We will celebrate our national holiday with my mother-in-law in our garden tonight. We did not buy fireworks, we leave that to our neighbors and the rest of our quarters. We will enjoy it.
Rain Dogs is very good. I highly recommend it.
I wish you much fun camping. Enjoy it.

Aug 1, 10:57pm Top

Switzerland is holding up well after all these years, Barbara!

Have a lovely weekend,

Aug 2, 6:34am Top

>67 PaulCranswick: Thanks so much, Paul. Wishing you a lovely weekend, too.

Aug 2, 6:34am Top

book 54 Read in German

 Rain Dogs

Also the fifth case of Detective Sean Duffy was very exciting. While in the preceding cases the Northern Irish conflict was all-important, this time it is only marginal. The key point this time is pedophilia, which took some time to arrive at this point. A British journalist is found dead. Who killed her and why? The focus is on a Finnish delegation. Duffy and his team need a lot of patience and nerves to get to the bottom of things. The evildoers are covered from the top for a long time.

Edited: Aug 3, 3:55pm Top

>64 Ameise1: That is 728 years ago!
Belated happy birthday to your lovely country.

Aug 4, 12:37pm Top

Happy Birthday, Switzerland! You are beautiful and make the finest chocolate.

Aug 6, 6:30am Top

>71 FAMeulstee: Ah, yes, Anita. Switzerland can look back on a long but also a warlike time. Switzerland, with its democracy as we have today, did not come into existence until 1848. Before that, it was more of an alliance among the various cantons.

>72 mstrust: Thank you, Jennifer. It's true that our chocolate is actually very good.

Aug 6, 6:31am Top

book 55 Read in German

 Ein Gentleman in Arles - Gefährliche Geschäfte

A great new Provence series for me, even though I still have to read the first volume.
This series plays in Arles and the Camargue and of course the culprits have something to do with Marseille. Just right for a lot of excitement, good food and the special people from Provence.
The Gentelman is Peter Smith a former intelligence agent who wants to live his retirement with his dog Arthur in Arles. Of course, he can not leave uncovering and detecting now and puts himself and his loved ones in danger. Luckily, he has recourse to other secret service providers, but also to a 'mafia boss', who support him with words and deeds.
On Beauduc beach, three young policemen are murdered. Soon it turns out that the culprit comes from very high up in the French military circles, who in turn must satisfy very rich patrons. With the help of his old friend Gentry Smith begins the investigation on his own initiative. Not only does he endanger himself but also his sweetheart and her father, who are long-time residents of Camargue.
This thriller grabbed me from the first moment. I'm sure I'll read the first volume and I hope that Anthony Coles will continue with this series.

Aug 6, 7:09am Top

book 56 Read in German

 Bei Zugabe Mord!: Eine Diva ermittelt im Salzburger Festspielhaus.…

I have mixed feelings about this cozy mystery. On the one hand, it has some funny scenes and statements that make me laugh. On the other hand, the plot is rather 'thin' and it was always predictable, what comes next. That's why the tension did not last.
Mozart's 'Abduction from the Seraglio' was to be played at the Salzburg Festival. But in the end it did not happen because the tenors were killed in a row and no substitutes could be made. The soprano counted for a long time to the suspects, as she already knew in advance how the next victim was murdered and she happened to be always on site. "First beheaded, then hanged, then spit on hot sticks, then burned, then bound and dipped, finally hurt."

Aug 6, 10:10am Top

book 57 ♫

 The Bookseller of Kabul

Åsne Seierstad had the opportunity to live with a bookseller in Kabul for five months. In this book she describes how life in general and in the bookseller's home is for people. It becomes clear that even if the female persons of the household are allowed to read and learn, they are dependent on the goodwill of the head of the family, who can cut the school off for his daughters at any time, so that they can tackle it at home. But even for the sons it is not easy, because the father not only determines their family future but also about their everyday life.

Aug 6, 10:12am Top

Next listening:

 Das blutrote Parfüm

Aug 6, 10:16am Top

Next reading:
 Rat Race

Aug 10, 8:46am Top

book 58 ♫ Read in German

 Das blutrote Parfüm

1776: Amélie has to flee Paris with her daughter Linnea after her husband is dead in his perfumery. She takes the most important Essenze and travels to Mont St. Michel in her parents' house. Her father is dead and her mother is in the prison of the monastery, imprisoned by Amélie's brother, who is the abbot of the monastery. Her sister is married to a host of the place. He is violent and abuses his wife.
Amélie tries to build her own perfumery, unaware that her daughter is already better at making the perfumes. Furthermore, Amélie is also unaware that danger is lurking everywhere and her life, as well as that of her daughter and sister are in danger.
This is a fantastic historical mystery that is exciting from the beginning to the end.

Aug 10, 9:01am Top

book 59 Read in German

 Rat Race

In this book, the horseracing plays only a marginal role, rather it is about flying.
Matt Shore is a pilot and flies trainers, racehorse owners and jockeys to the horse races. Already on the return flight of his first working day, his plane is blown up by a bomb. Luckily, no one hurt. Of course he has the commission of inquiry on the neck. Nobody can explain how the bomb came on the plane. At a later date, the plane of Colin Ross' sister is manipulated. She can land safely with a spectacular rescue operation.
Who is behind all this? Matt finds all the pieces of the puzzle with time, can he convict the villain before the next assassination?
Very exciting written.

Aug 10, 9:06am Top

Happy Saturday, Barb. Bookseller sounds like a good one. Enjoy your weekend.

Edited: Aug 14, 4:28am Top

book 60 Read in German

 The Corsican Caper

I love this series. While Sam and Elena spend their vacations in Marseille with their friend Francis Reboul, Francis finds himself under the pressure of a dubious Russian, who lies in front of Marseille with his luxury yacht and has decided to buy Reboul's property. Francis does not want to sell, so the Russian is always brazen and ready to let Francis get killed. Of course, far from him and therefore he has chosen Corsica, unaware that Francis and Sam have very good friends there in the underground.
Great and exciting written with a lot of good food that made my mouth water.

Aug 10, 9:49am Top

Aug 10, 9:50am Top

Next listening:

 Die Gottessucherin

Aug 10, 9:51am Top

>81 msf59: Happy Saturday to you too, Mark. I'm sure you would like the bookseller.

Aug 10, 1:42pm Top

I love the Vargas books, Barbara. I'll watch for your comments.

Aug 11, 5:35pm Top

>83 Ameise1: Enjoy, Barbara!
Sadly I have already read all Adamsberg books. I hope Fred Vargas is going to write more.

Aug 13, 11:52am Top

Dropping in to say hi, Barbara!

Aug 14, 4:23am Top

>86 BLBera: Beth, I love this series too. I've read some of them before but as usually not in the correct order ;-).

>87 FAMeulstee: I enjoyed it very much, Anita. Luckily, there are still some left for me.

>88 mstrust: Nice to see you, Jennifer.

Aug 14, 4:23am Top

book 61 Read in German

 Seeking Whom He May Devour

Also the second volume of the Adamsberg series was exciting.
It plays in the French Alps. Adamsberg's muse Camille lives there and has built a new life with new friends. A Canadian bear researcher has been particularly impressed. Here in France he watches the wolves. Suddenly, the contemplative community gets into turmoil, because not only sheep are torn but also people fall victim to a 'giant wolf'. Camille sets out with Sol and the watchman in search of the malefactor. He is always a step ahead of them.
Adamsberg does not come into play for a long time, which initially irritated me a little. In the end, it is he who came to the culprit on the track.
It was an exciting read.

Aug 14, 4:27am Top

Aug 14, 6:27am Top

Happy Wednesday, Barb. I hope the week is going well. I have not read Fred Vargas in many years. I should revisit that series.

Aug 18, 9:52pm Top

I'm just making a quick stop to say hello, Barbara. You've done some great reading!

Aug 18, 11:01pm Top

Ditto, Barbara!

Aug 19, 7:04am Top

Hi Barbara!

>64 Ameise1: A very belated Happy Birthday Switzerland! Thank you, Switzerland, for the best tennis player in the world, Roger Federer.

>80 Ameise1: Rat Race is on my radar this month to keep caught up on Julia's Dick Francis Challenge. Glad you liked it. I read it a long time ago but can't remember a single thing about it.

Aug 24, 9:06am Top

>92 msf59: Happy Saturday; Mark. I love her books and I'm happy that htere are still some left for me ;-).

>93 tymfos: Thanks so much, Terr. I had a wonderful reading year so far and especially August was fantastic.

>94 ronincats: Thanks so much, Roni. Since a week the new school year has started, that will slow down my reading.

>95 karenmarie: Don't we have some lovely Swiss guys? Glad to hear that you liked Rar Race as much as I did. Happy saturday, Karen.

Aug 24, 9:06am Top

book 62 Read in German

 The Little Beach Street Bakery

This was a cozy read with lots of romance and humor.
Polly's advertising agency, which she leads with her estranged husband in Plymouth is bankrupt.
Therefore, she decides to start a new life on a small island by indulging in her favorite hobby, bread making. The resident old baker, who has not baked bread for a long time, is not thrilled, but all the inhabitants of the small island and the fishermen secretly buy Pollys bread. She quickly makes friends with the fishermen and a wounded puffin, whom she nursed back to health, is her faithful companion.
Polly quickly dives into island life, falls in love, but has to realize that she is only exploited. But an American dropout has also kept an eye on her. Until their love is something, still pass various adventures.

Aug 24, 9:42am Top

book 63 Read in German

 A Man of Some Repute

This is the first volume of a new series for me. It was a very exciting read and I will continue to read the other books.
The secret agent Hugo Hawksworth is assigned to Selchester in 1953. He takes his younger sister with him. The two are housed in Selchester Castle. Shortly after their arrival, the body of the lost Earl of Selchester is found. For the past seven years he was considered lost. Who is the murderer? Why does the police and some government officials want to sweep the case under the carpet?
Together with the Earl's niece, Hugo sets out to find answers. They find even more bodies.

Aug 24, 9:47am Top

Next reading:

 Cabo de Gata

Aug 25, 5:16am Top

book 64 Read in German

 Cabo De Gata

This is a great essay about a dropout who is in a major life crisis. The narrator thus writes what he remembers. First you are in Berlin, where he dissolves his household, logs out everywhere (including all insurance) and said goodbye to his father and his 'daughter'. He tells how he travels to Andalusia by train shortly after the New Year and gets stranded in Cabo de Gata. Even when the sun is shining every day, it is bitterly cold at night and he heats his room with candles. With the rent of his accommodation, he has lunch, which consists daily of fish, soup and a hated vanilla pudding. Every day he goes to the bakery, buys his bread and some cheese in the supermarket. He always drinks his afternoon coffee in the same bar at the same time.
Actually, he fled from Berlin, so he can finally write his book, but even in this place, he is not possible. There are new routines for him, which he pursues meticulously, because he feels that if he does something different, then something bad will happen.
He encounters locals, but can only talk rudimentary, since he does not speak Spanish and every now and then another foreigner gets lost in this small place, with which he can then exchange better.
The story is great. Ruge tells the individual episodes to the smallest detail, so that one has the feeling to be there yourself.

Aug 25, 5:17am Top

Next reading:

 Dead Horsemeat

Aug 26, 5:49am Top

Guter Wochenstart!

Edited: Aug 26, 8:11am Top

>100 Ameise1: Sounds good, Barbara, added to mount TBR.

Aug 26, 12:37pm Top

greetings to Zürich

reading means living

Edited: Aug 27, 9:48am Top

64 books, you're doing well. Hugs xx

Aug 30, 11:23pm Top

>101 Ameise1: Be interested in your take on that one as I have it on the shelves (well more accurately in a pile on the bedroom floor) somewhere in the new house.

Have a lovely weekend, Barbara.

Edited: Aug 31, 9:44am Top

>102 paulstalder: >104 paulstalder: Thanks so much, Paul. It was a good week. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

>103 FAMeulstee: It was a very good reading, Anita.

>105 DianaNL: Thanks so much, Diana. I had a fantastic eading year so far.

>106 PaulCranswick: Paul, I can highly rercommend it. Very gripping and intelligently made. Happy weekend to you too.

Aug 31, 10:12am Top

book 65 ♫ Read in German

 Die Gottessucherin

The story takes place during the Inquisition in the 16th century. It begins in Portugal, where a young Jewish woman Gracia is married to a rich Jewish merchant. He and his brother bring converted Jews out of the country to Antwerp. But even there, the Jews are not sure, because the Dominican Inquisitor is out for revenge. While the husband of Gracia dies and she promises him on the deathbed that she will bring his mortal remains to the Promised Land (Thebes), the whole family is on the run again, taking the intermediate stops in Venice and Tuscany until they finally get protection find at the Ottoman sultan. In all these years, hundreds of Jews are being rescued, but many are losing their lives too, but the love happiness of female family members has long been lost on the track.
It's great told and very exciting. The historical accuracy of the facts from that time are stunning.

Aug 31, 10:33am Top

book 66 Read in German

 Dead Horsemeat

This is a very exciting thriller that moves in different social milieus. On the one hand money laundering and on the other the drug cartel. It's also about nasty politicians, obedient chief officials and prostitution.
The drug trade is about horse owners who are not afraid to kill live animals. The weaknesses of individuals are deliberately made use of in order to be able to blackmail them at the same time so that the powerful can not be brought down.
The only one who can not be blackmailed, even if it is tried again and again, is Commissaire Daquin, who is open to his homosexuality. But the evildoers are not aware of that.

Sep 4, 8:05am Top

book 67 Read in German

 Schüsse im Shortbread

Already the short biography of the author is interesting. He is the 36th Earl of Sutherly and his wife is a chief commissioner. He writes the books about the cases his wife has to solve.
Arthur and Rosy are newly married. The honeymoon was supposed to have gone to the Côte d'Azur, but instead they are in the Scottish Highlands to help Rosy's protégé on her first fall. In the Tackergill Tower Castel, they move into the Honeymoon Suite because four people were shot in the restaurant Shortbread. What do these people have in common? Rosy first investigates undercover and Arthur tries to support her as well. The whole thing seems to be very tricky. In addition, Rosy is five months pregnant and gets bleeding during the investigation. This means to determine from the hospital bed.
The story is amusing, but did not overly bother me.

Sep 4, 8:06am Top

Currently reading:

 Fake und Fiktion

Sep 6, 9:44pm Top

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Barbara.

Sep 7, 7:29am Top

>112 PaulCranswick: Thanks so much, Paul. I hope your weekend ist going well, too.

Sep 7, 7:29am Top

book 68 Read in German

 Fake und Fiktion

This is an exciting essay on the concepts of fake and fiction. What is soon clear is the fact that, depending on the language, fake has a different meaning and development of a fake. The Anglicist language differs from the German language. This also shows me that the cultural understanding of both languages is greater than assumed for me and therefore the mutual understanding of certain statements clearly differs.
Fiction, too, is very complex and can sometimes be difficult for readers to distinguish what may be considered fiction or factuality. Likewise, any translation of a text changes the original, and it is difficult to determine in retrospect what the original author really meant.

Sep 7, 7:31am Top

Next reading:

 Shinigami Games Herbst

Sep 7, 7:49am Top

Happy Saturday, Barb. I hope all is well. It looks like you are getting plenty of reading in.

Sep 8, 11:08am Top

Hi Barbara!

I hope you're doing well, school is good and interesting, and that your reading continues on successfully.

I've already the next in the Dick Francis challenge, Break In, and am deliberately waiting to readBolt until November 1st. It's hard, though because I like the jockey Kit Fielding so much!

Sep 8, 11:32am Top

>114 Ameise1: Sounds really interesting, Barbara. Different meanings of "fake"?

I the curious so I had a look at a dictionary definition which has it as

1Not genuine; imitation or counterfeit.

‘she got on the plane with a fake passport’

1A thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham.

‘fakes of Old Masters’

1Forge or counterfeit (something)

‘she faked her spouse's signature’

I thought this was interesting though - it suggests that ": origin uncertain; perhaps ultimately related to German fegen ‘sweep, thrash'.


Sep 8, 4:43pm Top

Hi Barbara my dear, hope you and Thomas have had a good weekend and send love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Sep 11, 9:10am Top

>116 msf59: Happy Wednesday, Mark. Yep, my reading is going well.

>117 karenmarie: Karen, I'm glad to read, that you like Dick's books. I'm not sure if I'll read some more this year, but there is always another year to read more of him.

>118 charl08: Charlotte, with the lexical translation, the difference between the Anglican and German is not explained. This book was written by a German philology professor (Switzerland) as a scientific treatise. Unfortunately, my English is not so good that I could explain it now exactly. In addition, I would certainly use 'wrong' words in English and so we would be in the middle of his scientific treatise on fake and fiction. In any case, the whole thing is highly complex and very exciting. I'll probably when reading fiction and non-fiction have his explanation in the head.

>119 johnsimpson: Thank you, John. We are fine. Last week, our youngest moved out of our home. We are looking forward to living our own rhythm of life after almost 30 years. Love and hugs to Karen and you xx

Sep 11, 9:11am Top

book 69 Read in German

 Shinigami Games Herbst

Somehow I was not really warm with this Japan thriller. Maybe it's because I do not really understand the Japanese mentality or the plot did not suit me.
A female inspector gets emails at dawn. These are a mysteries. If she can solve them, she can save one or more lives that would otherwise brutally kill her adversary. She works with former male colleagues. In addition, her boss finds that women do not belong in this position. It's a race against the time.

Sep 11, 9:12am Top

Edited: Sep 11, 2:09pm Top

>120 Ameise1: No worries Barbara. It sounds like a fascinating read!

Sep 11, 4:37pm Top

Your reading spot in Corsica is unbelievably gorgeous! It will be here in no time at all. Have you chosen your reading list?

Sep 14, 4:48pm Top

>114 Ameise1: >118 charl08: This makes me think of how the leaders of Soviet Union tried to change the language by removing words from the vocabulary, so certain things became unspeakable...
And that some cultural differences show in the lack of words in one language or the other. Like the french word charité (Nächstenliebe) became charity (Wohltätigkeit) in English.

Sep 15, 8:33am Top

Hi Barbara!

Empty nesters, as we say here in the US (and elsewhere?). I hope that you and Thomas find a good rhythm soon. Bill and I are happy empty nesters. We love it when Jenna visits and love it when she returns to her home.

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