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2020 AlphaKIT Main Thread

2020 Category Challenge

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Edited: Nov 11, 8:31am Top

I'm planning on running the AlphaKIT for 2020, so anyone who enjoys it please join us.

For newbies, there are really no rules. Each month we have two assigned letters which can be used in any way to select a book or books to read that month. Creative selections are welcomed!

I'll put up the letters once our friend cyderry selects the letters. Thanks Chèli.

Here are the letters for 2020:
A & U January
F & B February
G & C March
S & T April
L & P May
K & Y June
J & R July
O & H August
M & E September
D & V October
I & Q November
W & N December

Yearlong letters: X and Z

The wiki for 2020 is: https://wiki.librarything.com/index.php/2020_AlphaKIT#2020_AlphaKIT

Oct 20, 10:43am Top

I enjoy this and seeing how inventive everyone gets with their letters.

Oct 20, 11:45am Top

I have planned a category for this in my 2020 challenge - looking forward to it!

Oct 21, 12:47am Top

So happy to see this KIT! Thank you majkia!

Oct 21, 8:19pm Top

I don't think I could function without the ALPHAKit!!!

Oct 22, 9:47pm Top

I always do this one. It helps me (sometimes) get to books that are harder to get to, as I often choose based on tags. Some books don't have any or have very few tags.

Oct 29, 9:04am Top

Thanks for doing this.

Oct 30, 12:00pm Top

I will be participating and in fact want to try to be even more intentional next year.

Nov 4, 12:21pm Top

This has proven to be the most successful kit for me personally in terms of organizing my reading!
It forces me to take a good hard look at my stacks and has often moved to the top a book that I had forgotten about! Thank you for hosting this again :-)

Nov 4, 8:45pm Top

I will definitely participate. This is one of my fave challenges.

Nov 5, 3:14pm Top

The Letter combos for 2020 are:

AU January
FB February
GC March
ST April
LP May
KY June
JR July
OH August
ME September
DV October
IQ November
WN December

Nov 5, 3:18pm Top

I've updated the IP. Thanks so much Cheli.

Nov 5, 3:53pm Top

YAY! Let the stacking and lists-making begin! :-D

Nov 5, 7:26pm Top

We're away on vacation so I'll have to wait til I get home to my spreadsheets to start my list.

Edited: Nov 5, 8:30pm Top

>11 cyderry: These letter combos just crack me up! Gold (periodic table Au), football, Gold Coast, street, liquid propane or long play, Kentucky, Junior, Ohio, Maine or myself, daily value, intelligence quotient, What's new. (Just my creative mind working overtime!)

Nov 5, 9:44pm Top

>15 LadyoftheLodge: Great alternative take on the letters!

Nov 5, 9:52pm Top

>15 LadyoftheLodge: Gold for Australia!

Nov 6, 6:29am Top

>17 pamelad: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie - Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

P.S. I am SO not a sports fan, but it is such an Aussie thing to do! Although I will be watching the Olympics. Too bad AU wasn't in July or August; it might have helped us win some gold in Tokyo!

Thanks for organising. Now time to start looking through my shelves.

Nov 6, 8:34am Top

I owned a travel agency in Texas years ago and the code for Southwest Airlines is WN.
I am going to write the letters on my calendar now.
Thanks for the hard work from the organizers.

Nov 6, 10:00am Top

The letters just came out that way.

I never thought oF AU for gold but I did see FB = Facebook, ST for street, LP for old vinyl records,. It seems like every year there are a few combos that really have a life of their own!

Nov 6, 11:21am Top

I'm afraid KY for Kentucky was not the first thing that sprang to mind... but them my brain is usually in an inappropriate place. *dirty laugh*

Nov 6, 12:00pm Top

>21 Helenliz: I hate to say that I thought of that too. My husband is from Kentucky, so that jumped to mind first though.

Edited: Nov 6, 11:21pm Top

>21 Helenliz: I had that same thought for KY ****same dirty laugh*****
I also thought it was a bit odd it hit in June too.

Edited: Nov 7, 2:21pm Top

>20 cyderry: Yeah, that LP stands for long play (vinyl records). I wonder how many people remember those??? My sisters had tons of them!

Nov 7, 2:54pm Top

>24 LadyoftheLodge:, me, I am old enough to remember. I had my own collection of LPs.

Nov 7, 2:56pm Top

IQ, intelligence quota

Nov 7, 7:34pm Top

JR made me think of that TV show, Dallas, that my mum used to watch. Big hair and big sleeves on the dresses is all I remember!
ME could also be me - lots of books with me in the title.
ST could be the abbreviation for saint or street.

I am trying to stop myself from making too many lists in advance next year, but I just can't stop myself wanting to!

Nov 8, 10:14am Top

>27 JayneCM: I am glad to know I am not the only one who saw those letter combos! Great minds and all that! I had not thought of JR related to that TV show, good one!

Edited: Nov 8, 7:55pm Top

>28 LadyoftheLodge: I have had Dallas 1963 on my TBR pile for so long, so I am taking a bit of a stretch to get there!
JR = J.R. Ewing = Dallas TV show = Dallas 1963
Maybe we need to see how many degrees of separation we can get to make a book fit the letters - that would be a fun challenge!

Nov 8, 10:13pm Top

Well, since there are no rules for AlphaKIT, degrees of separation sounds like a great idea to expand our options!

Nov 9, 11:34am Top

>29 JayneCM: I remember that Dallas craze, although I did not watch the TV shows at all.

I am wondering if we could use the letter combos to make reading selections?? I know there are no rules, but is that stretching it too far? Such as titles that have "me" in them for September?

Edited: Nov 9, 1:21pm Top

>31 LadyoftheLodge: I was also thinking the letter combos might be a good idea, especially with so many combos this time around that could actually mean something!

ETA: AU - title with silver in it... the ones that are the short forms for states maybe could be set in those states... etc.

Nov 9, 2:00pm Top

>32 LibraryCin: >32 LibraryCin: I would love to have the "combo letters connections" as an option.

Nov 9, 4:25pm Top

>32 LibraryCin: Au is gold, not silver, but I'm sure we got the idea.

There are no rules, so if that is the way you want to use it, why not? I know I use it quite strictly, the letters have to be initials of the author's name and the book has to have been listed for the orange Prize - but all of that is my self imposed rules. I say it's entirely up to each person how they choose to play it.

Nov 9, 5:30pm Top

I think it is great to expand the idea to everyone's different interpretations - lots of fun!

Nov 9, 5:48pm Top

Be as imaginative and innovative as you guys like. Go for it!

Nov 9, 8:51pm Top

>34 Helenliz: LOL! Oops! Yes, my mistake!

Nov 11, 10:50am Top

>38 majkia:. Many thanks Majkia for setting up the wiki so promptly.

There was considerable discussion in the thread about using the letters together also such as au for gold, st for saint or street, etc. Are we going to do this?

Nov 11, 11:27am Top

>39 sallylou61: I think the option of the combo letters (e.g. AU for gold, etc.) is entirely optional. It certainly is an interesting twist of interpretation! :-)

Nov 11, 11:38am Top

I guess I started the whole thing when my mind began rolling in those letter combo tracks. I think it should be optional.

Nov 11, 11:46am Top

I think if you guys decide to use the letter combinations, just put a note when you enter the books to say so. I don't think we'll need a separate list for them.

Nov 11, 1:36pm Top

Thanks to >1 majkia: and > 11 for setting this up. I may try to include some of the combinations just to change it up and broaden the KIT. I like it when everybody does it their own way, but shares their way on the thread--Fun!

Nov 11, 3:41pm Top

I think this is a good idea.

Nov 11, 6:16pm Top

Thanks for setting this up.

Nov 11, 7:02pm Top

Putting the ampersand in made me think of Food and Beverage rather than Facebook

Nov 12, 10:27am Top

>46 Robertgreaves: Love that! It is a good idea and works for me.

Yesterday, 12:26am Top

This will be my first time doing the AlphaKIT. I'm hoping it will help me work my way through some of the books on my shelves. Haha. Thanks for hosting, majkia!

Yesterday, 6:40am Top

>48 EBT1002: Welcome to the AlphaKIT! Hope it helps clear off those bookshelves.

Yesterday, 9:36pm Top

>48 EBT1002: glad to have you! AlphaKIT has helped me read my own books probably more than any other challenge.

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