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2020: Obits and Memorials

Literary Snobs

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Jan 6, 10:25am Top

Jan 6, 12:59pm Top


Love her stinging wit. So much acid, but nothing base.

Jan 9, 12:16am Top

Ah, there goes Buck Henry:


Responsible for a lot of laughs in his lifetime.

Jan 9, 11:03am Top

SF writer Mike Resnick has died. No obit yet, here's his Wikipedia page:


Jan 10, 7:34am Top

>4 CliffBurns:, obit here from Tor.com

Wikipedia says he held the record among authors for most Hugo nominations (37).

Jan 10, 4:07pm Top

Czech film maker Ivan Passer, director of "Cutter's Way":


Jan 10, 4:12pm Top

Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Canadian super group Rush:


Jan 11, 5:14am Top

>5 Cecrow: Does it mention the time he caused a re-organisation of the SFWA after he and Malzberg published sexist rants in the organisation's newsletter?

Jan 16, 1:59pm Top

Christopher Tolkien:


Personally, I thought he damaged his father's literary legacy by releasing "posthumous" works that were substandard and slapdash.

But I'm a well-known stick in the mud.

Jan 17, 3:01pm Top

>9 CliffBurns: What astonishes me is that JRR's work consumed two lifetimes: one to write it, one to decipher and bring orderliness to it. With more to go, perhaps.

Jan 17, 4:15pm Top

A whole scholarship built up around elves, over-ripe prose, bad songs and more padding than a rubber room.

Go figure.

Jan 17, 5:44pm Top

>11 CliffBurns: I think it illustrates the power of visual design in marketing, because that first edition of The Hobbit had a fairly arresting cover design. And to be fair, Christopher Tolkien's map had a certain quirkiness that later imitators - well, only imitated. (At least he didn't have any rivers that flowed uphill, unlike others...)

But for that whole corpus to be built on such an unpromising start: I re-read The Hobbit last year for the first time in fifty-five (plus) years, and had issues with it: https://www.librarything.com/work/3206242/reviews/48917190 (Not quite "The Hobbit: a Marxist perspective", but I do pick at the world-building quite a bit.) Had Christopher T. not approached his self-imposed task with as much filial duty, we might not have ended up with such a bloated genre led by a bloated set of cornerstone texts.

Edited: Jan 17, 6:01pm Top

Derek Fowlds, who played civil servant Bernard Woolley in the BBC's Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51147182

Jan 17, 9:35pm Top

>12 RobertDay: Well-considered review, Robert. Thanks for posting the link.

Edited: Jan 22, 10:01am Top

>15 justifiedsinner:, that's not funny. Hard to believe it's been thirty years since Graham Chapman died.

Jan 22, 8:56pm Top

>16 Cecrow: Apparently he had been suffering from dementia for several years. Also not funny.

Jan 22, 9:58pm Top

Yes, since at least 2015. So sad, but He has made people laugh for so many years; may his memory be a blessing

Jan 22, 11:14pm Top

Jan 24, 4:30am Top

Ive watched the McNeil/Lehrer most of my adult life. Do we have any of the great journalists left? He will be missed.

Jan 26, 4:10pm Top

!!!!!! oh my goodness, so damn young, always loved watching him play. My condolences to his family, friends, team; may his memory be a blessing

Feb 1, 2:06am Top

Mary Higgins Clark

Feb 1, 5:48pm Top

Feb 5, 1:24pm Top

Gene Reynolds, TV producer famous for MASH

Feb 8, 9:51pm Top

Great TV actor Robert Conrad. Wild, Wild West and Black Sheep Squadron

Feb 17, 11:45pm Top

Feb 26, 1:04pm Top

Feb 26, 1:14pm Top

>31 CliffBurns:, would not surprise me if his name continues to appear on covers, ala Tom Clancy.

Feb 26, 3:23pm Top

I believe his son will continue his literary "legacy".

Be still my beating heart.

Feb 27, 10:00pm Top

>31 CliffBurns: I really like his books. I listen to the audio books when I am driving.

Mar 9, 1:18pm Top

Loved him in 'Three Days of the Condor".

Mar 9, 2:09pm Top

How about the change that comes over him in one memorable scene in "Virgin Spring" when he realizes his house guests are the men who attacked his daughter? From affable host to murderous berserker.


Mar 9, 7:04pm Top

I thought we'd all agreed to retire the phrase 'murderous beserker' in tribute to Klaus Kinski after his obit was posted--?

Mar 9, 11:06pm Top


Mar 15, 1:03pm Top

A true avant-garde, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, of Throbbing Gristle fame:


Mar 26, 7:15pm Top

Harlem Globetrotters ball handling legend Curly Neal. I saw him when I was a kid.

Mar 26, 7:47pm Top

saw them many times as a kid. Always amazing. I know have "Sweet Georgia Brown" whistling in my head, not a bad thing

Mar 29, 8:43pm Top

Stanley Kubrick's favorite composer, Krzysztof Penderecki:


Mar 30, 4:36pm Top

I didn't know he was still alive. Alive until recently that is obviously he isn't still alive. A shame that whilst Glass, Reich, Pärt are relatively well-known he isn't--the former are more accessible, I guess?--despite em er Stanley Kurbrick's endorsement. Highly recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu371CDZ0ws. Very powerful.

Sounds alas as if you might be supplying another link too soon. Radio programmes tonight playing a lot of John Prine with the comments normally heard after a death; apparently Prine is very ill indeed w. corvid19.

Mar 30, 5:40pm Top

>50 bluepiano: As of half an hour ago Rolling Stone says John Prine is stable and on a ventilator. Cross your fingers, sounds like he may be improving.

Mar 30, 7:26pm Top

Hang in there, Big John!

"The Missing Years" is a favorite album of ours. Here's "Picture Show" from that album:


Apr 3, 11:06am Top

Musician and songwriter Bill Withers. He did 'Ain't No Sunsine' and 'Lean on Me'.

Apr 3, 11:11am Top

oh man, losing lots of musicians and song writers lately. Great singer, Aint No Sunshine is one of my fav songs. RIP may his memory be a blessing

Apr 3, 11:53am Top

Adam Schlesinger: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/apr/01/adam-schlesinger-fountains-of-wayn.... Tbh I'd not heard of him but quite a big deal was made of him on arts programme last night so perhaps this will mean something more to someone else here.

Apr 3, 3:37pm Top

>56 bluepiano: Fountains of Wayne's best known song, "Stacy's Mom". It got a lot of airplay but I don't remember it as being a major hit.

Apr 5, 6:25pm Top

Fisherman Linkola, one of the most respected and revered thinkers in Finland (also, a great uncle of a former colleague of mine).

Deep ecology does not get much deeper than his views of the world.

Hear also the man talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWH1X9TN_YE

Apr 7, 9:48pm Top

Sad to say the Angel from Montgomery never came. RIP John Prine.


Edited: Apr 7, 11:51pm Top

oh no! We have lost a giant. (is it just me or have we been losing several musicians and song writers this last month?) Ive been listening to his music for 4 d ecades, and I will continue to do so the rest of my life RIP, may his memory be for a blessing.

thats an excellent obit from RS btw.

Apr 8, 8:19pm Top

Apr 10, 1:26pm Top

Nobuhiko Obayashi, director of the movie House.

Apr 10, 2:16pm Top

Oh man, I loved House.

Apr 14, 1:45pm Top

Just found out that actor, author and audiobook narrator Ron McLarty passed away on Feb 8. Really enjoy his narration and have read a couple of his novels including The Memory of Running. Still have his Art in America on my TBR. Sad to hear.

Apr 14, 3:33pm Top

Oh I loved Memory of Running! Havent read his others, but apparently he had dementia since 2014 :(

Edited: Apr 29, 11:18pm Top

>66 jldarden: ... oh, I missed that notice re Ron McLarty. I really liked The Memory of Running.

Apr 24, 1:36am Top

Deirdre Bair, biographer of Samuel Beckett:


May 6, 12:31am Top

This just in:

Beat poet Michael McClure has died.

Announcement from City Lights Bookstore.

Not COVID related.

May 9, 11:39am Top

Oh, that's a big one. I'm sorry he's gone.

May 9, 12:28pm Top

val kilmer sings one of Richard's songs in Top Secret - Tutti Frutti

May 29, 8:52pm Top

"He was a blisteringly magnificent solar flare of a human being. "

Tony Kushner on Larry Kramer:


Jun 19, 1:57pm Top

>84 jldarden: Dang, one of my favorites.

Edited: Jun 22, 11:16am Top

Paolo Giorgio Ferri, Hunter of Looted Antiques

Fascinating life. Surprised there were no assassination attempts, he was going against some very powerful people. Tho sad that he said the amount he has found is probably 3% of what is still out there.

Italian officials continue to pursue scores of items they recognize from the looters’ dossiers whenever auction houses and dealers put them on the market.

“Paolo Ferri opened a road, and we hope it will not be abandoned,” Mr. Isman said.

Edited: Jun 22, 2:11pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Jun 27, 12:59pm Top

Charles Webb, author of THE GRADUATE. A very unusual man, it turns out:


Jun 27, 6:16pm Top

wow, no kidding. He seemed like he was very happy with his life, which I guess you'd have to be to live as he did.

Edited: Jun 30, 1:45pm Top

Ohhhhhhhhh! No surprise, but oh man what a talent. a good long life is right. Condolences to family and friends; may his memory be for a blessing (wondering where my copy of 2,000 year old man is)

Edited: Jul 6, 12:03pm Top

ENNIO MORRICONE, who wrote the sound track to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and over 400 other films.

I was watching The Good, Bad & Ugly last night on Netflix oddly enough. Great copy of the flick on Netflix big rectangular screen, great resolution and good sound. I started watching the same movie on an over the air channel with commercials etc. when I remembered it was on Netflix.


Jul 6, 1:01pm Top

I always loved his main theme for "The Thing".

Very simple but effective.

Jul 6, 2:36pm Top

Speaking of music, though not snobbish, Charlie Daniels. Stroke.

Jul 6, 3:50pm Top

Oh!!!! there's a piece from my high school/college days gone!!!! I got into country big time and was spending lots of nights dancing country swing to his songs. A life well lived certainly. May his memory be a blessing

Jul 6, 5:00pm Top

Unfortunately, Daniels started revealing his reactionary views more and more as he got older and, I think, did some lasting damage to his musical legacy.

Edited: Jul 6, 9:25pm Top

Yeah I didn't realize that.....too bad. Another one Ray Stevens went off the deep end as well; really loved his stuff years ago, looked for anything new, and came up with all these awful websites. Ah well I still have memories of good times of listening to both of them

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