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Viveca Sten Mysteries

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Edited: Jan 24, 7:03pm Top

Still Waters February group read.

Get your copies now!

Jan 24, 6:46pm Top

Viveca Sten & Sandhamn

From https://vivecasten.com

- Married, with three children, Viveca lives just north of Stockholm.
- She has had a highly successful legal career as a lawyer and until recently held the position as General Counsel at PostNord (the Swedish & Danish mail service), but left in 2011 to focus on her writing.
- Since 1917, Viveca´s family have spent all their summers at Sandhamn where her novels are set.
- Viveca has written several non-fiction books prior to her crime novels.
- Viveca is a great humanitarian and has for several years been involved in the Red Cross Centre for Tortured Refugees. - -- Her warmth and caring has been passed on to her three children and last summer her daughter left for the US to tour with the volunteer organization Up with People.
- She describes herself as driven, stubborn and caring, which is obvious when you meet her, read her books and see all the things she has accomplished in life.

Jan 24, 6:49pm Top

I have my copy downloaded on my Kindle!! Starting it today. : )

Jan 24, 8:06pm Top

Of my 3 local libraries, only one has books by Viveca Sten, and only in Spanish or Italian. I have Still Waters on my Kindle, so I can dip my toe in the water.

Jan 24, 8:08pm Top

Hi Berly.
I saw on your 75-er thread that you included my name in this group read.
Fessing up ~ not knowing I was expected to read 'dans un groupe' ~ I already finished and reviewed the book.
Do NOT go and look! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

Jan 24, 8:33pm Top

This thread is now on the group wiki.

Jan 24, 9:15pm Top

I'll wait to begin it until closer to February, but it's on my list.

Edited: Jan 24, 9:33pm Top

>4 quondame: Good thing you have Kindle!!

>5 SandyAMcPherson: Well, I expect you read it recently enough to chime in with comments here. ; )

>6 drneutron: Thank you!! (How are you so fast?)

>7 thornton37814: Start whenever works for you.

Jan 24, 9:50pm Top

I'm in! Have downloaded Still Waters to my trusty Kindle.

Jan 24, 10:41pm Top

I'm in, too. I have already read the first four, but I might reread just for fun.

Jan 24, 11:43pm Top

Hmmm. I've started this one, but I may not be able to continue it into February. I'll keep up with the thread though, and I might join you - sorry not to be more precise. All things depend on my mom. (I'm delighted that the early Stens are still cheap for Kindle!)

Jan 24, 11:52pm Top

>9 katiekrug: This is all your fault you know, so I am glad you are in. ; )

>10 Crazymamie: Reread! Reread!!

>11 LizzieD: Hope you find the time to read it with us, but the thread will be here. And if a bunch of us like it, maybe we'll continue!! Sending best wishes to you and your mom.

Jan 25, 7:42am Top

I'm following along and will start closer to (or in) February

Jan 26, 2:40am Top

I plan on picking up my copy from the library tomorrow. It's waiting for me.

Feb 2, 9:25pm Top

Okay, I have my copy, the vertigo is on the wane, and I am ready to dive in!!

Feb 3, 12:24am Top

>15 Berly: Good to hear that you are doing better, Kim. The book was really good. I finished it this morning.

Edited: Feb 3, 2:23pm Top

>16 Familyhistorian: Awesome! Please post some thoughts here while it is fresh in your mind. You can hide them if they are too revealing and then we can read them later when we catch up. Maybe put the page or chapter as a heading...

For those of you who don't know how to hide your post, put the word "strike" in-between the greater than and less than signs at the beginning of what you want to hide and then "/strike" between the symbols whenever you want to finish hiding.

Oops! Don't use "strike"!! Use "spoiler"

>18 Thank you Laura for catching my late-night brain cramp!!

Feb 3, 6:51am Top

Hey Kim, I'm glad to see you're on the mend and ready to dive into your first Viveca Sten.

FYI, the "strike" tag will put a line through your post (like this), but if you really want to hide it, put the word "spoiler" between the greater and less than signs at the beginning, and "/spoiler" between the symbols at the end (like this).

Feb 3, 8:03am Top

I'll be jumping in as soon as I finish my current read.

Edited: Feb 3, 2:23pm Top

>18 lauralkeet: Okay, so it was late. That's what I meant! LOL. I am adjusting the post....

>19 katiekrug: Yay!!

Feb 3, 7:51pm Top

>17 Berly: Will do as soon as I get to the write up for my thread. I'm behind on reviews once again. Thanks for the spoiler instructions.

Feb 4, 1:12pm Top

I'm in as well. Always looking for a new mystery series to get into. It's downloaded on my Kindle and will wedge reading it in between finishing Beneath a Scarlet Sky and The Starless Sea

Feb 5, 11:49am Top

I'll begin soon. Trying to finish a couple library e-books first since they have due dates. Hoping to finish one either at lunch or tonight.

Feb 5, 9:00pm Top

I plan to start it at work this weekend

Feb 6, 8:33am Top

I've started and it's reading well.

Feb 6, 7:05pm Top

I suspect I'll begin it sometime this weekend.

Feb 6, 9:37pm Top

Count me in too. I started reading the book a few days ago and enjoying it so far.

Feb 7, 12:54am Top

I'll start it this weekend, too, once I finish my current read.

Feb 7, 1:07am Top

Wow!! Look at all these people here. : )

Edited: Feb 7, 11:31am Top

I've started reading and so far so good. I hadn't realized Sandhamn is a real place. I looked it up, and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Feb 7, 1:47pm Top

>30 katiekrug: I have figured out how to mark places on my Kindle this time round!! From p. 169: "...among the finest stretches of sand in the archipelago. There was a reason the real name of the island was Sandhön, or Sand Island, although most people these days called is Sandhamn. It was one of the few island sin the Stockholm archipelago that didn't consist mainly of rocks."

Edited: Feb 8, 4:12am Top

Sand? Did someone mention sand?

Why, yes! I did.

Tell us a sand/beach story or where your favorite beach is...

; )

Feb 8, 4:25am Top

I'll get us started...

So, on my honeymoon, on our very first day at Club Med on St. Thomas Island, I thought I was a widow.

We got there in the late afternoon and the orientation wasn't scheduled until after dinner, but figured we were good to have a swim in the ocean beforehand.

So, we ran in and swam out a ways. It was quiet and beautiful. The water was warm, the waves were gentle, the sun was shining. After a bit, I started to head back to shore and when I was about halfway there, I heard a boat motor.

I turned around to look and saw a boat with a water skier behind it....aiming directly for my husband. There was only the driver in the boat with no lookout passenger and he was driving forward while looking back over his shoulder at the skier behind.

The skier saw my husband in the water and tried to signal the driver away, but she couldn't get him to understand. My husband was waving frantically in the water. I was screaming.


So the skier finally let go of the rope hoping the driver would slow down and turn around to come back and get her, missing my husband.


I watched in horror as the boat continued straight ahead, running right over the spot where my husband was.

I began sobbing, convinced I was a widow.

Several long seconds later, my husband surfaced.

We had no idea that we chose the water skiing instruction area to swim in. There were no signs. My husband later told me that he kept hoping the driver would see him, but realized he was going to have to dive to avoid being hit. He could feel the pulse of the motor on his feet as he swam down. It was that close.

For the rest of our honeymoon, we got free drinks, extra money to gamble with and the best tables at all the restaurants.

And we are still married 28 years later. : )

Feb 8, 9:11am Top

I'm 1/3 of the way in and finding it easy reading. I like Nora and think her husband is a jackass :)

Beach story:

My husband grew up in South Florida, on the Atlantic side, and was used to the gentle, bathtub-like water. The first time he came to Cape Cod, where my family went every summer, he was all excited to hit the water. We went to Nauset Beach, set up our things, and then he went running down to the shore and straight into the water. And started shrieking. Apparently, he was not expecting the North Atlantic in June to be much different from what he was used to :-P He then got knocked over by a wave and got scrapes all over from the rocks and broken shells as the water pushed him back toward the beach. My cousins and I still tell that story, complete with high-pitched shrieking and "ow, ow, ow" which he kept saying all day.

Edited: Feb 8, 3:58pm Top

>34 katiekrug: Poor guy. And now he has that story to live down for the rest of his life!! LOL

I am thinking their marriage is doomed. The only question is, will it be in this book or a later one? ; )

Additional comment--This is just me musing and it should come as no surprise since she starts making comments in like the first 30 pages of the book! Only time will tell. ; )

Feb 8, 9:20am Top

>35 Berly: - PRobably not this one because these things are always dragged out in series!

Feb 8, 8:20pm Top

I’m about half way and really enjoy this. I may be able to finish it at work tomorrow or Monday

Is it wrong of me to hope that Norah leaves her loser husband, or should I be hoping he realizes what he has and becomes less of a dick?

Beach story:
Before Nate and I moved to Nova Scotia and we had all these ideas of living near the ocean and talking long walks on the beach together. Little did we know that we were moving to an area that was all rocky shores and the Atlantic Ocean was so cold that I couldn’t even swim, although our dog Jackson loved it! We were married ocean side in Peggy’s Cove and despite the rocks it was the best location that I ever could have asked for.

Feb 8, 8:55pm Top

>37 ChelleBearss: - I just want her to leave him :)

Edited: Feb 8, 10:31pm Top

Yet another beach story.

I had recently moved to LA after college and was hoping to have my little dachshund Piglet live with me. I liked the beach at night and was sitting on the sand with Piglet wrapped in the front of my hoodie. A man approached and Piglet went wild, all 12 pounds of her. The man made a quick exit. Piglet, however declined, loudly, to live with someone who deserted her all day, so I lost my protection.

Feb 8, 11:15pm Top

>34 katiekrug: >35 Berly: I'm hoping their marriage is doomed. I was hoping that would happen in the first book. I do want to know what will happen about her job offer though. I'm hoping she will accept it and not cave in her desire because of her husbands concern over her because of her close call.

Feb 9, 7:06am Top

I've read the first four books so I'm just lurking in this conversation and really enjoying those spoilery bits. It's funny how the lives of the characters can sometimes take precedence over the mystery isn't it? Nora is a great character.

Feb 9, 10:21am Top

>41 lauralkeet: Me, too, Laura! And I agree.

Feb 9, 10:24am Top

>41 lauralkeet: and >42 Crazymamie: - I find myself not caring much about the mystery itself, which seems to be getting needlessly drawn out. How many team briefings can one sit through where the same information is presented and nothing happens?

But I do really like the characters, so I'm enjoying the read.

Feb 10, 9:30am Top

I finished yesterday and really enjoyed it! I love both Norah and Thomas and can't wait to read more about them. I will buy the next book and keep going with this series

Feb 10, 9:31am Top

I finished it this morning and will come back to share my comments when I put them on my thread. Short version: I'll read the second one, but I hope it's a bit stronger.

Feb 10, 11:25am Top

Still Waters by Viveca Sten

This is the first in a series of mysteries set in the Swedish archipelago (which you should look up on Google Images - it's gorgeous!). The setting and the characters made it interesting, while the mystery itself just seemed to sort of drag on. I also found it stretched belief that someone would report a person falling overboard on a ferry and the ferry company wouldn't even check the CCTV tapes.. There were other details like that that niggled at me while reading. That said, I will read the next one, because I like the main police character, and I need to know if Nora leaves her douche-canoe of a husband.

3 stars

Edited: Feb 14, 11:46am Top

I've just started Still Waters. So far, so good. :) It's a welcome break from some of the others I am reading right now.

Feb 10, 8:46pm Top

I am at least 1/4 of the way through it--maybe a little further. I'm enjoying it. I looked up the exact location of the island on a map and looked at Google Images to find photos of the island. I want to go there!

Feb 11, 3:21am Top

I've finished and enjoyed it, although as it's the first in the series I expect the others to be better.

I've gone on with the series as I like the characters and books two and three are better so I can see I shall be reading through the whole series - I own up to book 7 but I think there are more than that but not yet translated into English.

Feb 11, 4:41pm Top

>37 ChelleBearss: Even though you can't go swimming there, I am glad it wound up being a perfect wedding site.

>38 katiekrug: And you were right! Not a surprise. LOL

>39 quondame: I am sorry Piglet moved out on you. She sounds like a cutie.

>40 Familyhistorian: To be continued.....

Feb 11, 4:45pm Top

>41 lauralkeet: The characters were way more fun than the mystery in this one. Although I must admit (pats self on the shoulder) that I guessed who the culprit was about halfway through.

>42 Crazymamie: Hi Crazy!

>43 katiekrug: >46 katiekrug: Agreed and agreed!

>44 ChelleBearss: >45 katiekrug: I definitely enjoyed the characters enough to continue on and rumor has it that the books get better, too. Yay!

Feb 11, 4:49pm Top

>47 streamsong: I can only handle light reads right now, so this was a perfect read. Hope you continue to like it.

>48 thornton37814: Maybe we should have a group trip to see the island?!

>49 CDVicarage: Glad to hear #2 and 3 are even better.

I finished reading #1 I want to find out what happens with Nora and her life and Thomas as well. They are likable characters. I think I am saving #2 for March. : )

Feb 11, 11:12pm Top

>50 Berly: To be continued..... Does that mean the group read will continue through more of the series, Kim?

Feb 12, 8:31am Top

>53 Familyhistorian: I'm game to continue the series.

Feb 12, 4:27pm Top

>53 Familyhistorian: >54 thornton37814: I'm game! I already purchased the next book *grins*

Feb 13, 9:55pm Top

I finished the first one.

I'm hoping Berly will let us know if she wants to continue the series or if those of us who want to do so need to set it up on our own.

Feb 14, 2:46am Top

I finished it too.
The book was quite exciting and easy to read. The author also has a good eye for details and for her protagonists. Her fate seems to be more important to her than solving the murders, which disappointed me a little.
A few little things also bothered me - The ferry fall and the symptoms of Philip Fahlén were a bit too obviously designed to confuse the reader.

I don't have good beach stories - We love to go for long walks (and good food) along the North Sea coast in spring.
It is wonderful to experience, but boring to tell.

Edited: Feb 14, 11:40am Top

Finished it up in a gulp! I'm definitely in for reading onward.

I also loved the character development and I'm anxious to read more about them, too.

Thanks to those who put their comments in spoiler tags. Perhaps those who didn't could add those tags - so the denouement would be more suspenseful without knowing that Nora survived. I want to hear more of her story, too, since it ended without being resolved.

Feb 14, 12:42pm Top

>58 streamsong: I was a little surprised it ended where it did. I can see either spouse changing their minds--or perhaps Nora getting her boss' job instead.

Feb 14, 12:52pm Top

>59 thornton37814: Oooh hadn't thought of that last possibility, Lori. Of course the last wouldn't solve the problem of her self-centered husband.

Feb 14, 8:55pm Top

>60 streamsong: No. It wouldn't. Lots of ways this could turn out.

Edited: Feb 15, 2:14pm Top

I finished the book. Overall it was enjoyable and easy to read. Questions to Nora about her boss during her job interview made me think she may be getting his job instead of the one she was told about. I'll be reading the next book since I want to know what happens with her job.

Feb 15, 7:22pm Top

>62 annushka: That thought crossed my mind too.

Feb 16, 8:52am Top

>62 annushka: That would be ideal as it doesn't seem like she wants to move so much as she wants to not work under her current idiot boss. It would save her marriage and solve those issues if she got her boss' job instead!

Feb 16, 9:27am Top

>64 ChelleBearss: - I don't want her to save her marriage. He's AWFUL.


Feb 16, 12:08pm Top

>63 thornton37814:: I don't think her marriage can be saved. Even if she stays with her husband now, it does not look to me like they are on the same page about their roles in the marriage and will have a fight again when similar situation will arise.

Edited: Yesterday, 2:09am Top

Sorry--been under the weather. Haven't even read all the comments here but wanted you all to know I am happy to set up a thread for book two!! Very fun!!

Feb 16, 8:29pm Top

>67 Berly: I wondered what had happened to you. Glad you are back, and I hope you are feeling better. I think several of us want to continue the series. I wasn't sure if folks wanted to do it monthly or every other month, quarterly, or what. I'll go with whatever. I'll just have to order #2 whenever.

Yesterday, 2:11am Top

>68 thornton37814: Good question, Lori.

For those who want to continue with the series, do we want to read

A) one a month or
B) one every other month or
C) one a quarter?

Let us know!!

Yesterday, 9:29am Top

I'd be up for A) ... or anything. I may read ahead and just comment on each thread as it's open. I'm not patient when it comes to finding series I enjoy and tend to gobble them up :)

>65 katiekrug: He is selfish, for sure, but I think her scare was pretty scary for him so perhaps we will see him become a better husband in the next book? Or perhaps he has lost her already and it's going to implode at some point. I kind of don't want her to move though because then she wouldn't be around Thomas either.

Yesterday, 9:45am Top

>69 Berly: I'll go with whatever the majority is. Although I'm participating in several challenges with monthly commitments, at my present reading rate, I can probably keep up. I tend to read mysteries quickly anyway.

Yesterday, 11:20am Top

I'll abstain from voting, as I'm not sure when the mood will strike to read the next one. I rarely read straight through a series.

Today, 7:19pm Top

I think one every other month would be good.

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