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Works by Horace

Epodes and Odes (0030) 960 copies
The Odes of Horace (0023) — Author — 843 copies
The Complete Works of Horace (1901) — Author — 810 copies
The Complete Odes and Epodes (1997) 537 copies
The Satires (1939) — Author — 226 copies
Ars poetica (0018) — Author — 122 copies
Selected Poems of Horace (1947) 82 copies
Horace: Epodes (2000) 50 copies
Q. Horati Flacci Carmina (1989) 37 copies
Horace Odes I: Carpe Diem (1995) 36 copies
Satirer och epoder (0035) 36 copies
Horace: Epistles Book I (1994) 26 copies
Two Roman Mice (1871) 23 copies
Horace in his odes (1988) — Writer — 20 copies
Oden I-III 18 copies
Horace Odes II: Vatis Amici (1998) 16 copies
Horace Satire 1.9: The Boor (1998) 12 copies
Odes i Epodes Volum I (2009) 12 copies
Odas epodos Arte poética (1984) 12 copies
Odes i Epodes Volum II (2009) 11 copies
Quintus Horatius Flaccus (1972) 11 copies
Le satire; Le epistole (1838) 11 copies
[Horace] (2010) 8 copies
Odes and Epodes (0030) 8 copies
Satirer Bok 1 (2012) 5 copies
Pluk de dag vijftig oden (2015) 5 copies
Ad Pyrrham 5 copies
Q. Horati Flacci Opera (1955) — Writer — 5 copies
The new life 4 copies
Odi ed epodi (2018) 4 copies
Sátiras (2010) 3 copies
Horazens Briefe (1987) 3 copies
Poetic Art (1975) 3 copies
Odas-Epodos (1980) 3 copies
OBRAS COMPLETAS. (2006) 3 copies
Ars Poetica : Siir Sanati (2010) 3 copies
Odi. Epodi. (2004) 3 copies
Odes: Book III (2022) 3 copies
Odes IV 3 copies
Satire (Italian Edition) (2017) — Author — 3 copies
Odes i epodes (vol. I) (1978) 3 copies
Sermo et lyra (1999) 2 copies
Horace: Select Odes (1926) 2 copies
Odes: Book IV 2 copies
Horatius (1988) 2 copies
Die Gedichte des Horaz (1990) 2 copies
Epístola a los Pisones (1996) 2 copies
Horace: Epistles, Book I (1954) 2 copies
Odar. Tredje samling (2010) 2 copies
Epistulae 2 copies
Carmina Latīna — Author — 2 copies
The art of poetry (1974) 2 copies
Carmina 2 copies
Jeugdwerk 2 copies
Odi ed epodi 2 copies
Horaz. Texte 2 copies
Odes. Book 3 (2021) 2 copies
Epístolas (2017) 2 copies
The Epistles of Horace (2018) 2 copies
Arte Poética (1941) 2 copies
Arte poetica 2 copies
Satiren und briefe (2015) 2 copies
Jeugdwerk 2 copies
Horace Odes II 2 copies
Romaj Odoj 2 copies
Glanz der Bescheidenheit (2000) 2 copies
Bloemlezing 2 copies
Gedichte 2 copies
The Hawarden Horace (1894) 2 copies
The Ars poetica of horace (1939) 2 copies
Le liriche 2 copies
Le epistole. Libro 1° (2019) 2 copies
Sàtires Epístoles (2009) 2 copies
Odas (2015) 1 copy
Epistolas 1 copy
ODES I EPODES 2 (1981) 1 copy
Odas 1 copy
Odas (1988) 1 copy
Satires 1 copy
Sátiras y epístolas (1996) 1 copy
XXV Odas de Horacio (1992) 1 copy
Obras II 1 copy
Certi fines 1 copy
Ódák (1985) 1 copy
Epistole e Ars poetica (2015) 1 copy
Szatírák 1 copy
Le epistole 1 copy
I carmi 1 copy
Ódák és epódoszok (1975) 1 copy
Le epistole 1 copy
ODEN 1-3 1 copy
Runoudesta (2004) 1 copy
Versek 1 copy
Carmi 1 copy
Le Odi 1 copy
Válogatott versek (2006) 1 copy
Odi scelte 1 copy
Odi: Epodi (1986) 1 copy
Horats' Oder 1 copy
Horatius I 1 copy
Horace's odes (2010) 1 copy
Odes I (1925) 1 copy
Epitres 1 copy
Six Odes 1 copy
Fifteen Odes of Horace — Author — 1 copy
Oeuvres complètes (1950) 1 copy
Dzieła wszystkie (1988) 1 copy
Odas y Épodos (2006) 1 copy
Opera (1963) 1 copy
Odes book II (2017) 1 copy
Another Look 1 copy

Associated Works

Rhetoric; Poetics (0322) — Contributor — 962 copies
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (1995) — Contributor, some editions — 904 copies
Classical Literary Criticism (0384) — Contributor — 443 copies
Critical Theory Since Plato (1971) — Contributor, some editions — 393 copies
The Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse (1983) — Contributor — 230 copies
Criticism: Major Statements (1964) — Contributor — 211 copies
The Utopia Reader (1999) — Contributor — 110 copies
The Norton Book of Friendship (1991) — Contributor — 92 copies
Roman Readings (1958) 67 copies
Classic Travel Stories (1994) — Contributor — 63 copies
Virgil and Other Latin Poets (1923) — Contributor — 36 copies
Springs of Roman Wisdom (1975) — Contributor — 28 copies
Komt een Griek bij de dokter humor in de oudheid (2007) — Contributor — 25 copies
Loss: An Anthology (1997) — Contributor — 18 copies
Translations from Horace, Juvenal & Montaigne — Contributor — 2 copies
For Lucasta, with Rue (1999) — Contributor — 2 copies


Common Knowledge

Legal name
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus
Other names
65-12-08 [BCE]
Date of death
8-11-27 [BCE]
Venusia, Apulia (now Venosa, Italy)
Place of death
Rome (now Italy)



Shakespeare-Owned Book Found? in The Globe: Shakespeare, his Contemporaries, and Context (May 2021)
Horace in Ancient History (August 2010)


BettyMullen | Oct 5, 2023 |
Esta edición en especial tiene la misma que la edición en tapa dura Gredos. Tiene una introducción resumida y algunos errores en los números de notas. Incluso en una página tienen todos los números de las notas de la otra edición sitada en vez de la que se está viendo. Por suerte estos problemas son mínimos.
juan32 | Sep 9, 2023 |
Maybe it's the translation. Really, what's the point of a metrical translation into unmetrical "verse"? It's a contradiction in terms.
judeprufrock | Jul 4, 2023 |
With Horace, I’ve found yet another reason to learn Latin. There’s always a loss when you read a text in translation. Simply consider that ugly anglicisation Horace. As if Horatius isn’t a perfectly decent Roman name.
Quintus Horatius Flaccus had studied in Athens at the Academy founded by Plato where he also learned to appreciate the Greek lyrical poetry (Pindar, Sappho, Alcaeus) that later strongly inspired his own writings. Although he fought as a military tribune on the losing side at Philippi, he later supported Augustus, at least in writing. His Carmen Saeculare (also included in this book) was commissioned by Augustus in 17 BCE.
Horace later self-deprecatingly downplayed his role in the war – likely a wise thing to do all things considered. But it is under any circumstance as a great poet that he was celebrated, both in his own time and ever since. - I started reading this book containing his Odes last summer, and for some reason I left it hibernating all through the winter. It just might be that it should be read in the summer:

"The garlanded cupbearer waiting, and garlanded I,
Here in the shade of the arbour, drinking my wine."

Personally I am inclined to forgo the garland, but life on Horace's Sabine farm is otherwise much to my liking – as is his praise of the simple living and the simple pleasures. But he is painfully aware of the ways things are changing:

"It won’t be long before the little farms
Will be crowded out of being by the great
Estates of these latter days with their enormous
Fish ponds bigger than Lake Lucrinus is.
It wasn’t like this at all in Cato’s time
Or Romulus's time. Our fathers' ways
Were not these ways. Nobody minded then

That this holding was nothing more than a little farm.
They thought more then about the common good."

He can also be, and indeed he often is, more humorous - here with a morbid twist in an ode dedicated to a tree on his estate:

"That man probably strangled his own father;
His hearth is probably stained with the blood of a houseguest
He murdered at midnight; he’s probably an expert at poison
Or any other crime you choose to name --

That man who planted you you wretched rotten
Falling tree come down on your master’s head."

His sense of humor is often present in the odes to faithless lovers or the banter between lovers - or in the praise of wine. But he always returns to the joys of simple rural life. It was Horace’s patron Maecenas who gave him the villa outside Rome - and the first three books of Odes were dedicated to him, and so is the particular ode this quote is taken from:

"The more the money grows the more the greed
Grows too; also the anxiety of greed.

Maecenas, glory of simple knighthood, this
Is the reason I myself was always afraid

Of too much ambition and of rising too high.
The more a man can do without, the more

The gods will do for him. So, empty-handed,
Deserting the camp of the rich, I seek the camp

Of those who ask for little, and thus I am
A more impressive master of all the wealth

I happily have contempt for than if I
Were that poor thing belittled by his riches,

Hiding away in his storehouse everything garnered
From the rich Apulian fields his peasants till.

The splendid lord of the riches of Africa
Mistakenly thinks he's better off than I,

With my little farm whose crops I'm certain of,
And my quiet little stream of pure brook water."

There is a subtlety in Horace that I find really intriguing, and I liked Ferry’s translations a lot - the only exceptions were when he used some very obvious anachronisms, but they were so few and far between that it really didn’t matter all that much. I haven’t read any other translations, but as can also be judged from the above quotes, this translation is quite an accomplishment. It is also great to have the Latin version on on the facing page – and it makes it all the more striking how much more wordy the English language is in comparison to the simple, concise and elegant Latin.
… (more)
saltr | 5 other reviews | Feb 15, 2023 |



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