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Chess players & readers of chess books.

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Favorite chess book of 20201 unread / 1Eramirez156, January 2021
Endgame Books11 unread / 11brother7, September 2018
Mcfarland chess ebooks on sale1 unread / 1Eramirez156, November 2016
New chess book collecting blog2 unread / 2booksforreading, March 2016
Match in Sochi3 unread / 3booksforreading, November 2014
What chess books would you like to see translated into English?3 unread / 3bernsad, May 2014
Opening Repertoire17 unread / 17laramonet, August 2013
Russian Chess Books3 unread / 3Celtic_Duck, July 2013
What books have made the greatest impact on your game?40 unread / 40Zatoichi123, July 2013
What is your favourite opening?12 unread / 12jimgag, March 2013
Chess authors, tags, characters, series, pictures5 unread / 5gangleri, October 2012
Can anyone advise on chess software?16 unread / 16ThrillerFan, August 2011
Favorite Chess Blogs1 unread / 1Eramirez156, April 2011
Tag Combinations: Chess, Ajedrez, Echecs, Xadrez1 unread / 1Tatarana, March 2010
book recommendations10 unread / 10k2laz, February 2010
LibraryThing Chess Tournament?12 unread / 12katie2k9, February 2010
New Tournament?2 unread / 2molbagol, May 2009
Chess Forums2 unread / 2scottja, June 2007
Hi!4 unread / 4sakredkow, November 2006
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