LibraryThing Challenges

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Games and challenges for hard-core Thingamabrarians.

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What's in a Name Challenge1 unread / 1SqueakyChu, May 2009
Fun with Touchstones9 unread / 9JBD1, August 2007
Stump the Unsuggester18 unread / 18undeadgoat, April 2007
LT scavenger hunt!13 unread / 13cckelly, January 2007
What to call these?20 unread / 20cckelly, December 2006
LibraryThing tag-hop challenge #2 (Sunday, October 22)12 unread / 12timspalding, October 2006
Another Challenge9 unread / 9WhimsyWinx, October 2006
Six degrees of vampire smut44 unread / 44timspalding, October 2006
Tag Trivia answers3 unread / 3_Zoe_, October 2006
Tag Trivia1 unread / 1jjlong, October 2006
six degrees of lovejoy2 unread / 2WhimsyWinx, October 2006
Six degrees of Spam22 unread / 22timspalding, October 2006
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