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Meetup details!3 unread / 3sonyagreen, January 2010
Saturday or Sunday night for the event?7 unread / 7ablachly, January 2010
ConferenceThing—now a party, not a conference6 unread / 6foggidawn, January 2010
Boston?3 unread / 3bibliovermis, January 2010
Meetup/Event/Blow-out?7 unread / 7timspalding, December 2009
This sounds fun!1 unread / 1jordsly, December 2009
Simmons College2 unread / 2infosoph, November 2009
the unconference is a great idea1 unread / 1MLBeacom, November 2009
great topic!2 unread / 2ablachly, November 2009
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