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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

TopicTopicMessagesLast Message 
Can't post a comment47 unread / 47LibraryCin, Today 9:57pm
Export Your Books as Excel isn't working30 unread / 30karenmarie, Today 8:41pm
Connection News Never Loads3 unread / 3hailelib, Today 7:34pm
What happened to tag combination?16 unread / 16MarthaJeanne, Today 3:28pm
Sharing reviews to Facebook + missing from my page23 unread / 23froxgirl, Today 2:00pm
Time stamp behaves odd28 unread / 28kristilabrie, Today 1:32pm
Failed to get a read connection to the database.26 unread / 262wonderY, Today 12:16pm
LibraryThingSample.csv link is broken3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Today 11:47am
Export as MARC or tsv returns zero-byte file7 unread / 7kristilabrie, Today 11:46am
Problems with the search3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Today 11:43am
Unable to Manually Add a new book11 unread / 11kristilabrie, Today 11:42am
cant post, and touchstones dont work3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Today 9:09am
Error when navigating from HelpThing: Profile to own home page3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Today 8:41am
how to delete a pix from my junk drawer4 unread / 4MarthaJeanne, Today 7:18am
Blank tagmashes8 unread / 8norabelle414, Yesterday 10:46pm
"Next" missing on alphabetized search results3 unread / 3Bettesbooks, Yesterday 6:14pm
Touchstone for a one-word common title12 unread / 12kac522, Yesterday 5:56pm
Links from venue directory not working2 unread / 2conceptDawg, Yesterday 4:57pm
Search is down31 unread / 31lemontwist, Tuesday 3:40pm
Fatal errors - Please help!3 unread / 3BookHavenAZ, Tuesday 2:09pm
Add book page isn't working4 unread / 4the_red_shoes, Tuesday 2:00pm
Add book page isn't working2 unread / 2conceptDawg, Tuesday 1:56pm
Spell check nw/posting to FB nw3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Monday 7:58pm
Whitespace handling issues with local venue search2 unread / 2lilithcat, Monday 6:52pm
Problems with Home page, and moving around in Talk10 unread / 10JanWillemNoldus, Monday 4:24pm
Additional Talk problems:3 unread / 3bnielsen, Monday 3:40pm
threads not opening or opening with error message2 unread / 2kristilabrie, Monday 2:00pm
LibraryThing galleries5 unread / 5Nicole_VanK, Monday 10:53am
WHERE ARE MY TAGS???2 unread / 2kristilabrie, Monday 8:33am
Personal /catalog/ sort out of order2 unread / 2spiralsheep, Sunday 11:19am
Cover Guess not opening6 unread / 6terriks, Saturday 3:27pm
search multiple pages missing next button2 unread / 2kristilabrie, Friday 2:37pm
NEW Cover Problem on App (not Amazon Related)12 unread / 12Well-ReadNeck, Friday 11:05am
Images on Add books page broken6 unread / 6kristilabrie, Friday 9:56am
everything in all my groups now marked as "unread"?4 unread / 4kristilabrie, Thursday 8:39am
Error reading Library of Congress Catalogue18 unread / 18bnielsen, Thursday 2:36am
Missing Work ID102 unread / 102humouress, May 5
Work not properly combined5 unread / 5humouress, May 5
Awards and honors drop down box lagging10 unread / 10bergs47, May 5
Works that shouldn't exist6 unread / 6gilroy, May 4
Coming from the WIKI going to my profile goes wrong5 unread / 5kristilabrie, May 4
Series touchstone only brings up deleted series5 unread / 5humouress, May 3
Author gender in Stats/Memes is not working9 unread / 9SirThomas, May 1
Wrong Charles Mann2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, April 30
Added books not showing in my catalog7 unread / 7kristilabrie, April 30
Does rsshtml work?2 unread / 2lorax, April 30
Tried to add a book, the copies went to a library that apparently isn't my own, and private10 unread / 10Jarandel, April 30
Unusably slow3 unread / 3kristilabrie, April 30
Twitter connection bug?8 unread / 8.mau., April 29
Photos populating no longer sticking6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, April 29
I Am Human Zero8 unread / 8kristilabrie, April 29
Display catalogued books by tags weirdness6 unread / 6kristilabrie, April 29
Covers not Linking Properly on Publisher Pages3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, April 27
using app scanner not working consistently any more2 unread / 2kristilabrie, April 27
Extremely slow tag changes11 unread / 11BookEndsIntl, April 25
error using power edit on the "from where" field33 unread / 33jasbro, April 25
Sorting by title or author if non-latin characters are prevalent in the catalog53 unread / 53AnnieMod, April 21
Cannot add new role for other author5 unread / 5aspirit, April 21
Members with Your Books not updating4 unread / 4casvelyn, April 19
Adding to List & Thumbing Down Acting Inconsistently6 unread / 6spiphany, April 19
Book tied to wrong series4 unread / 4spiphany, April 19
updating books generating 500 Error4 unread / 4Taliesien, April 16
Lesser Used Cover Stuck on the Main Work13 unread / 13spiphany, April 16
New LT Local Locations aren't findable via "Link Sources and Venues"19 unread / 19jonsweitzerlamme, April 14
Reordering Collections4 unread / 4jasbro, April 13
Having trouble with LT widget on wordpress blog6 unread / 6rosalita, April 12
Website bug5 unread / 5kristilabrie, April 12
Covers Disappearing20 unread / 20Antheii, April 11
Books added without Collection or Tags6 unread / 6BookHavenAZ, April 10
Work combination results in works showing as "zero copy" on list pages1 unread / 1spiphany, April 10
Tiny Cat Birthday Picture Broken on Front Page - Firefox5 unread / 5kristilabrie, April 9
Ikke et land for gamle m by <<McCarthy=maccarthy>>3 unread / 3bnielsen, April 8
Zero Data Works in work bench but no combine12 unread / 12kristilabrie, April 8
Collections not accurate in app5 unread / 5kristilabrie, April 8
Search your library is unreliable6 unread / 6kristilabrie, April 8
Minor weird display issue3 unread / 3kristilabrie, April 8
Search of my books - results not up to date24 unread / 24kristilabrie, April 7
Page sort not working correctly8 unread / 8kristilabrie, April 7
less than sign causes TSV export to change some characters9 unread / 9bnielsen, April 5
LibraryThing Widget producing Javascript error6 unread / 6kristilabrie, April 5
Touchstones inside spoiler tags14 unread / 14conceptDawg, April 5
Data disappearing when entering Common Knowledge fields32 unread / 32Cynfelyn, April 4
Are touchstones working?82 unread / 82fuzzi, April 2
IGNORED threads unavailable29 unread / 29Crypto-Willobie, April 1
Newly manually added book links to wrong book & series4 unread / 4BoekenTrol71, April 1
New book added links to the wrong work3 unread / 3lowelibrary, March 31
Mateusz Urbanowicz3 unread / 3Albertos, March 30
Library of Congress card numbers returning results for Amazon products (not books)13 unread / 13shawn.ucd, March 30
Sizing Issue / Lack of scroll bar on Add to Series modal5 unread / 5andyl, March 29
Member recommendations for private members2 unread / 2timspalding, March 25
Zeitgeist Top 25 books incomplete2 unread / 2timspalding, March 25
Open italics tag15 unread / 15timspalding, March 25
Tagmash > Related subjects > "show all/less" is misconfigured2 unread / 2lorax, March 25
Count off on library... by a lot. Shows more books in common than I have.14 unread / 14melannen, March 24
Author Link Going to Wrong Page5 unread / 5aspirit, March 24
missing books19 unread / 19MaryPieroCarey, March 23
Missing "Physical summary" field when manually creating book24 unread / 24melannen, March 23
Improper UTF-8/Unicode Display on Catalog Page1 unread / 1brycenesbitt, March 23
Author showing no catalogued works, again11 unread / 11timspalding, March 22
Tags C and C++ are different on iOS4 unread / 4AnnieMod, March 21
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