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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

TopicTopicMessagesLast Message 
Author image not displaying9 unread / 9rodneyvc, Yesterday 8:43pm
uploading to member gallery does not work for me12 unread / 12rodneyvc, Yesterday 8:42pm
blank entries contained in the charts/graphs series listing4 unread / 4knerd.knitter, Yesterday 3:45pm
Books in your series not sorting properly on Series pages5 unread / 5knerd.knitter, Yesterday 2:09pm
Importing a Set of Books goes to Multiple Collections.1 unread / 1JoeB1934, Yesterday 12:11pm
Swedish and Finnish library sources10 unread / 10drlskbibliotek, Yesterday 10:56am
Wiki not updating24 unread / 24kristilabrie, Yesterday 10:18am
German National Library: Missing ISBNs in LibraryThing3 unread / 3mice_elf, Yesterday 10:04am
Import not working?78 unread / 78vickila49, Wednesday 7:10pm
Invisible review?7 unread / 7kristilabrie, Wednesday 12:45pm
z39.50 - New Jersey State Library20 unread / 20navistar96, Tuesday 7:00pm
Book added to my collection changes to a different, unrelated book4 unread / 4johndre3k, Tuesday 1:03pm
Zeitgeist/ Helpers stats all wrong for 2 days17 unread / 17bergs47, Tuesday 5:42am
"Next available barcode" on catalog page is broken4 unread / 4kristilabrie, Monday 3:50pm
Constantly getting signed out7 unread / 7kristilabrie, Monday 3:38pm
Israel Union List not working to Import records8 unread / 8kristilabrie, Monday 11:49am
Small Barcode Bug in iOS App3 unread / 3kristilabrie, Monday 11:47am
Import books from .csv stuck again?2 unread / 2kristilabrie, Monday 9:04am
Small bug when inputting published book review2 unread / 2kristilabrie, Monday 8:53am
Duplicate Barcode Bug in "Your books"1 unread / 1kristilabrie, Monday 8:47am
Unable To Reach Wiki2 unread / 2lilithcat, Sunday 8:06pm
Import your books seems to be broken4 unread / 4kristilabrie, April 9
GHA has Microsoft Defender warning for www.librarycat.org (TinyCat)15 unread / 15mice_elf, April 9
weird tags3 unread / 3EGBERTINA, April 8
TinyCat Down4 unread / 4norabelle414, April 8
Book Link Error, Keegan's Foster5 unread / 5AnnieMod, April 3
Sharing individual books on fb3 unread / 3SusanBraxton, April 2
Thingaversary calculation error10 unread / 10knerd.knitter, April 2
Broken blog link for "tag translation in effect" links on language sites3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, April 2
Collection not remembered when selecting Cover Data9 unread / 9knerd.knitter, April 2
Add Books not working3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, April 1
Author mismatch (Martínez-Väzquez)3 unread / 3swynn, April 1
Universal import added wrong book3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, March 30
When I add books to a List not all my books show up in the "Your Books" tab10 unread / 10themulhern, March 29
Cannot "examine and separate out names" on some author pages10 unread / 10waltzmn, March 28
Bug with image uploads to award page gallery5 unread / 5al.vick, March 28
Hyperlinks on iOS5 unread / 5Maddz, March 27
Non-English site - Author role not actually saved5 unread / 5kristilabrie, March 27
Common Knowledge autofill not working4 unread / 4kristilabrie, March 27
Series deleted when combining works46 unread / 46kristilabrie, March 27
Awards and Honors - Ordered3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, March 26
Manually Added Book, Information Incorrect, "Black Hole Work"?4 unread / 4fuzzi, March 22
"Your Catalog" on app not updating4 unread / 4rpublic04, March 22
Featured Author homepage module doesn't use crop setting4 unread / 4knerd.knitter, March 22
CK Author Nationality misbehaving when misused1 unread / 1Cynfelyn, March 22
Excel export error - exports numbers only, not words14 unread / 14bnielsen, March 22
Posting to facebook and twitter53 unread / 53kristilabrie, March 21
CK items not showing on the Finnish LT "Your books" page38 unread / 38kristilabrie, March 19
Recent additions to 'My Books' have gone missing4 unread / 4libraian, March 17
have to refresh page to mark a message from admin10 unread / 10amanda4242, March 12
CoverGuess author linking issue3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, March 12
Book not using chosen cover13 unread / 13waltzmn, March 11
Language sites / Add books / Other authors drop-down menu5 unread / 5Cynfelyn, March 11
Unicode replacement character on language.php page3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, March 11
number of sent messages3 unread / 3kristilabrie, March 11
LoC Quick link not working2 unread / 2kristilabrie, March 11
Favorite Authors5 unread / 5kristilabrie, March 11
Edit Quick Links -> Bookstores shows "You must be signed in to use the Favorites feature."10 unread / 10Nevov, March 9
"Add to catalog" acting strange4 unread / 4lilithcat, March 8
Too Much Happiness: Stories Showing narrator not author23 unread / 23AnnieMod, March 5
wrong data uploaded after barcode scanning6 unread / 6kristilabrie, March 5
Unable to get off SCAN TO ADD page after scanning a book62 unread / 62kristilabrie, March 5
Spam voting: invisible item4 unread / 4Dariah, March 5
Window not closing when flagging author picture2 unread / 2lilithcat, March 4
Lightbox doesn't close on flagging author image8 unread / 8lilithcat, March 4
Delays in TinyCat Admin Users Updates2 unread / 2kristilabrie, March 4
Patron Does not exist3 unread / 3kristilabrie, March 4
Liath Luachra The Grey One3 unread / 3waltzmn, March 3
Facebook - review share8 unread / 8froxgirl, March 2
App not updating with books I added yesterday5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, March 2
Unable to check items out to patrons1 unread / 1GHA.Library, March 1
Error with Tint Cat reports9 unread / 9GHA.Library, March 1
Missing tags in library book display2 unread / 2JoeB1934, February 29
Cover Images Not Loading31 unread / 31conceptDawg, February 28
MARC Export missing books?23 unread / 23kristilabrie, February 27
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek: Encoding problem with Umlauts5 unread / 5bnielsen, February 27
Added books are not showing covers10 unread / 10humouress, February 26
Broken add book page3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, February 26
TinyCat security certificate expired5 unread / 5norabelle414, February 25
'Similar Libraries' Counts not Updating7 unread / 7surly, February 25
iOS app catalog bug7 unread / 7kristilabrie, February 24
Auto-Assigning Barcodes / Import Bug1 unread / 1kristilabrie, February 23
I can't upload a cover from my laptop5 unread / 5Tzctlibr, February 22
Photo Inset11 unread / 11katiekrug, February 21
Legacy Library icon blurry on divided author pages5 unread / 5Nevov, February 21
Covers incorrectly classified as "Custom"55 unread / 55lorax, February 21
Mystery Tag Combination Votes7 unread / 7darius52, February 20
Privacy error7 unread / 7kristilabrie, February 20
"Error retrieving Details" of newly added books.4 unread / 4waltzmn, February 19
GHA TinyCat not accessible3 unread / 3timspalding, February 17
Separated works disappear from list of author's works4 unread / 4SandraArdnas, February 17
Search where? links failing12 unread / 12jjwilson61, February 17
Items added to LT are not showing up in TinyCat.4 unread / 4GHA.Library, February 16
Just Lost New Collections I created7 unread / 7kristilabrie, February 16
2024 Billing Email and Payment History Show 2023 Due Date2 unread / 2kristilabrie, February 16
Is "Null Island" Growing Again?13 unread / 13johnandlisa, February 15
Some LT pages won't load for me -- wheels just spinning11 unread / 11amysisson, February 15
Can't scan with app "Error with authentication token combination"38 unread / 38conceptDawg, February 15
Unable to edit a post from last year15 unread / 15conceptDawg, February 14
Author division page for United States not working?3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, February 14
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