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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

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Unable to add Book from Amazon8 unread / 8AnnieMod, Yesterday 5:22pm
Add to Your Library doesn't7 unread / 7AnnieMod, Yesterday 3:44pm
Elon musk39 unread / 39coolman862, Yesterday 11:59am
Elon musk7 unread / 7Stinkymna60.0, Thursday 3:44pm
Please elon4 unread / 4Stinkymna60.0, Thursday 3:44pm
Elon musk4 unread / 4Stinkymna60.0, Thursday 3:44pm
Elon musk7 unread / 7Stinkymna60.0, Thursday 3:44pm
Title changes in List View4 unread / 4Bookmarque, Thursday 8:47am
Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list24 unread / 24MarthaJeanne, Thursday 2:21am
Can't make previously-divided author a single author40 unread / 40gabriel, Wednesday 5:10pm
Series are getting uncombined/undeleted10 unread / 10SimoneA, Wednesday 2:25pm
STOP BANNING STINKYMNA11 unread / 11Stinkymna32.0, Wednesday 1:33pm
Reviews with no review data56 unread / 56fuzzi, Wednesday 11:59am
Widget disappearing after few hours1 unread / 1CaiusLibrary, Wednesday 10:57am
2 Works Mixed Together?6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, Monday 8:11pm
Can’t scan books on app with new iPhone 16 update4 unread / 4kristilabrie, Monday 12:00pm
CK changelog date error2 unread / 2Aquila, Monday 6:45am
Cannot delete venues14 unread / 14kristilabrie, Sunday 5:36pm
Read dates displaying incorrectly in Android app32 unread / 32Amzzz, Saturday 3:26am
problems with series?19 unread / 19LunaSlashSea, September 16
Can't Add Books97 unread / 97AnnieMod, September 15
Another CK problem : Original publication date12 unread / 12FAMeulstee, September 14
Are series touchstones working?10 unread / 10humouress, September 14
error connecting to server in app14 unread / 14kristilabrie, September 14
Large number of SOURCES disappearing84 unread / 84JMK2020, September 14
touchstones not working right in messages6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, September 13
Blank cover images in cover view?6 unread / 6kristilabrie, September 13
Catalog "Covers" View Issues1 unread / 1kristilabrie, September 13
Filters Export Issues with Excel and Tab-delimited12 unread / 12aspirit, September 13
Book cover captcha includes blank covers4 unread / 4Littlemissbashful, September 13
Excel export broken59 unread / 59kristilabrie, September 13
Get this Book ??12 unread / 12kristilabrie, September 13
Books added today (9/10/22) cannot be found using search or in Tinycat.13 unread / 13kristilabrie, September 13
Danish characters Æ, Ø & Å not recognized15 unread / 15kristilabrie, September 12
The source for "The Royal Library of Sweden (LIBRIS)" doesn't seem to work23 unread / 23bnielsen, September 12
Israel Union List not working to Import records4 unread / 4kristilabrie, September 12
Taiwanese catalogs not working6 unread / 6o_naphta, September 12
Bad Data Message When Looking at Authors in Android App4 unread / 4dummy971, September 11
Can't Drag and Drop Display Styles Anymore10 unread / 10Msbookwoman, September 11
Popup work info box20 unread / 20kristilabrie, September 8
hitting "my collections" on a list means I can't get back3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, September 7
If someone is a "contributor" or other role, the work is not showing up on the author page?2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, September 7
Can't edit a book11 unread / 11EdwardShuman, September 7
Can't add books23 unread / 23kristilabrie, September 7
Add books: Slovak National Library source not working for 2 months10 unread / 10kristilabrie, September 6
Zeitgeist -> Reviews -> Recent is empty5 unread / 5AnnieMod, September 2
how do I join a group4 unread / 4grandlake, September 2
Add a picture on author page is not working9 unread / 9Nevov, September 1
unable to delete books3 unread / 3kristilabrie, September 1
Tags Can't Be Chosen in Android App5 unread / 5conceptDawg, September 1
Date Read in Your Books diffesr from Actual Date Read7 unread / 7conceptDawg, September 1
Search has lost functionality5 unread / 5DuncanHill, September 1
Incorrect Link in Group Admin Profile Comment / Email3 unread / 3kristilabrie, September 1
Book not displayed with STRANGE MESSAGE5 unread / 5johninvienna, August 31
Quick links on work page9 unread / 9karenb, August 31
Cannot use auto-complete when adding more than 1 tag5 unread / 5MatthewHerring0, August 31
" The collection is empty" for all tags accessed through Android app18 unread / 18GREGandDANICA, August 30
CK fields no longer works at all (with french)2 unread / 2JMK2020, August 30
Books not found in Libraries where they reside12 unread / 12davidgn, August 29
jpg vs jpeg9 unread / 9waltzmn, August 29
No results are showing up when I try to combine series, even though there are three identical series10 unread / 10kristilabrie, August 29
Unable to find series to add relationships6 unread / 6kristilabrie, August 29
black hole work?59 unread / 59gilroy, August 29
Review Disappears3 unread / 3aspirit, August 26
When combined title is selected by algorithm4 unread / 4kristilabrie, August 26
MARC Import incorrectly detecting no ISBN and no other data9 unread / 9kristilabrie, August 26
Issue Exporting MARC & Excel14 unread / 14Stevil2001, August 26
Search Members' Books in Groups Broken2 unread / 2AbigailAdams26, August 25
New tabs/pop-ups19 unread / 19dkhiggin, August 23
Can't access Change Cover40 unread / 401666.Coffman.Library, August 23
"your tinycat" link broken / malformed2 unread / 2knerd.knitter, August 22
MARC Export missing books?11 unread / 11kristilabrie, August 22
Improperly disambiguated author - can't save as single author2 unread / 2lilithcat, August 22
Recent News dried up?9 unread / 9kristilabrie, August 21
Recent News showing too few books3 unread / 3kristilabrie, August 21
Private (feature is in development)22 unread / 22Taliesien, August 21
Checkmarks missing for some books on author and tag pages, etc38 unread / 38Taliesien, August 21
Dormant Group Message6 unread / 6aspirit, August 19
Duplicate Books2 unread / 2knerd.knitter, August 18
Can't change the language option of my latest review13 unread / 13knerd.knitter, August 18
series group name changes not saving6 unread / 6amanda4242, August 17
The source for "Det kongelige Bibliotek" doesn't seem to work6 unread / 6bnielsen, August 17
error using power edit on the "from where" field48 unread / 48jasbro, August 16
unable to search after most books3 unread / 3kristilabrie, August 16
Power Edit - Misc - From Where2 unread / 2kristilabrie, August 16
source National Library of Australia not returning all available results?7 unread / 7kristilabrie, August 15
Android App, no way to exit "edit mode"4 unread / 4kristilabrie, August 15
Diacritics not working on swedish site (again)8 unread / 8ccatalfo, August 15
Duplicate Barcodes while using universal import.7 unread / 7kmo4040, August 14
Problem to import ISBN from BNF / Sudoc6 unread / 6JMK2020, August 13
Alphabetize A28 unread / 28AnnieMod, August 12
MARC Export Issue: Running a 2nd Export Error3 unread / 3knerd.knitter, August 12
"What should you borrow" gone?2 unread / 2knerd.knitter, August 12
Broken source? - National Library of Australia5 unread / 5zetetic23, August 11
Series touchstones do not appear in side column in Talk3 unread / 3kristilabrie, August 11
Export not working32 unread / 32Alex_McCall, August 11
Wrong description on the work page2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, August 10
Stagnant Navigation in LT App2 unread / 2conceptDawg, August 9
Dates Incorrect in iOS App2 unread / 2kristilabrie, August 9
ISBN correct but different book/author appears in Work Details3 unread / 3EAG, August 8
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