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Sep 17, 2008
Real Name
Nicole Hale
About My Library
I'm an avid reader, and love to dip my fingers into just about any genre, author, style, or country (there are a few exceptions).

My mood dictates what I choose next - do I want a light read, something magical and fantastic, or do I want to sink my teeth into some solid literary piece or a classic? If it's raining, I have a craving for mysteries. My daughter and I love to read board books, and I personally like children stories to lighten my day.

I have a library that reflects my tastes, and I love my sprawling, unpredictable, bibliophile hobby.
About Me
As a baby, I would sit quietly and pay attention when my mom read books to me. As a child, one of my favorite places was the library. As a teenager, I read books to escape teen trauma. As a young adult, I went to the University of Arizona and majored in English Literature and Creative Writing. As an adult, I read some part of some book every single day. Reading is one aspect of my life that has never changed.

I do have a list of the few things that are more essential to me than reading: God and my faith, my wonderful husband Mike, my adorable daughters Aubrey and Sophie, my lovable and crazy family, my zany friends.

My beautiful baby girl has recently taken me out of the classroom, where I was a teacher for three years, and placed me back in the house. I am a happy stay at home mom, squeezing in as much writing and reading as I can during nap times.

Currently, I have a few book projects that I would like to finish some day.

1) Read Greek and Roman mythology from different sources, Metamorphosis, Greek tragedies, Homer, and other assorted similar items.

2) Read all of the Grimm and Andersen fairy tales, folktales from around the world, Lang's fairy book series, and as many fairy tale re-tellings as I can find.

3) Read all of my unfinished college books.

4) Read Arthurian lore, hitting all the major works,the background sources that contributed to these cannon texts, and the modern day versions that I find compelling.
Tucson, AZ
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