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Linda Zagon
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I have many genres, and enjoy all books!!
Many of the books I have read and reviewed are on, and facebook :https:/, and twitter:https//
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I am a retired educator with many years of experience teaching reading. I' have organized and have taught professional reading workshops for other teachers and parents..(East New York, Brooklyn,NY. Also, I am an avid book lover and reader of many genres.I go to local library book clubs , and often speak to Facebook and Goodread readers as well as review for BookBrowse, about various books. To keep the peace at home, I own 3 Kindles, 3 Nooks and hundreds of books(I itch to buy more, but there is no room) I only hope that I have enough memory on my devices. I also am a consummate purchaser of books for my pleasure ,and for gifts to share with special people in my life.
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