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The Hibernator Starts a New Year with New Resolutions and a New Baby

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Jan 14, 6:15am Top

Well, here I am at 12:43am making my 75ers thread for 2019. IL is awake and fussy, and my "baby shift" starts at midnight. So thought I'd make some use of the time as I hold a pacifier in his mouth with one hand.

Hi! I'm Rachel (the_hibernator). I am a homemaker and caretaker of aging parents. I have 2 step-kids (D: 9yo and M: 6yo - middle image with Aaron and IL), one biological son (IL: born December 7, 2018). My nephews are J (14 - holding IL on left), B (4 - right picture), and my niece is L (3 - right picture). I have three cats: Myra (left), Puck (top), Hero (right).

My reading goal for the year is 150, including children's books for IL & my own reading.

My weight loss goal is to get to 140lbs from my current post baby weight size. I hope to do that by training for a "walking marathon" happening in September. That is contingent upon my figuring out how to use the enigmatic baby wrap thing to strap IL to me.

I have made some overly ambitious reading projects which I do not expect to necessarily finish in one year, but I've been slowly slogging through. They are below.

Edited: Jan 11, 11:15am Top

2019 books read

1. Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher
2. America's Champion Swimmer, by David A Adler
3. Harry the Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion
4. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do You See?, by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle
5. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, by Eileen Christelow
6. Clifford Cares, by Normon Bridewell
7. On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman
8. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You See?, by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle
9. Frozen: Melt My Heart
10. Where's Spot, by Eric Hill
11. The Elephant and the Bad Baby, by Elfrida Vipont
12. Tiger in my Soup, by Kashmira Sheath
13. Good Night, Alfie Atkins, by Gunilla Bergstrom
14. Bedtime for Frances, by Russell Hoban
15. The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate
16. Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Dec 26, 2018, 2:12am Top

Create Your Own Visited Countries Map

This is a project starting in August 2018 – I would like to read books from a larger variety of international authors (especially books in translation), so I will keep track of the international authors I read, marking them on this map and listing the book below. I will only list one book per country – my favorite.


Don Quixote, by Miguel Cervantes

United Kingdom (UK)

The Island of Doctor Moreau, by H. G. Wells

United States of America (USA)

Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

Edited: Jan 2, 1:29am Top

This is a project starting in October 2018. I would like to read a greater variety of nonfiction works - and especially to get some off of Mt. TBR. So I created a list from the Dewey Decimal system and am making an effort to read one of each. I will try to finish by the end of 2019, but I'm not going to force myself into it. I have lots to read. I'm not going to double-check that my books actually fall into these categories at a library. I'm being a bit fast and loose.

100 Philosophy - To Be Machine, by Mark O'Connell

150 Psychology

170 Ethics

200 Religion

300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology

320 Political science

330 Economics

360 Social problems & social services – Them, by Ben Sasse

390 Customs, etiquette, & folklore

500 Science

520 Astronomy

530 Physics - Einstein's Cosmos, by Michio Kaku

540 Chemistry

550 Earth sciences & geology

560 Fossils & prehistoric life

570 Biology – The Re-Origin of Species, by Torill Kornfeldt

580 Plants

590 Animals (Zoology) -The Soul of an Octopus, by Sy Montgomery

610 Medicine & health -The Vaccine Race, by Meredith Wadman

900 History

910 Geography & travel

920 Biography & genealogy

930 History of ancient world (to ca. 499)

940 History of Europe

950 History of Asia

960 History of Africa

970 History of North America

980 History of South America

Edited: Jan 11, 11:19am Top

In order to increase the variety of fiction books I've read, I modified a list of genres and subgenres off of Wikipedia, and hope to read one of each. (Of course, I will read many of some.) This project started in October 2018, and I try (but will not force myself) to fill as many in as possible by the end of 2019.

Adventure novel

Historical romance –The Witch of Willow Hall, by Hester Fox
Contemporary romance

Historical fiction - The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Historical Mystery
Holocaust Novels
Prehistoric fiction

Literary fiction
Mathematical fiction
Slave narrative - Currently Reading Washington Black, by Esi Edugyan

Occupational Fiction
Political fiction
Pulp fiction
Christian fiction

Christian science fiction / fantasy
Contemporary Christian fiction
Historical Christian Fiction

Islamic fiction
Jewish fiction

Epic / high fantasy
Ancient history fantasy
Medieval fantasy
Low fantasy - The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate
Urban fantasy
Paranormal romance
Comic fantasy
Contemporary fantasy
Dark fantasy
Magic realism
Retelling myth/fairy tale
Superhero fantasy - Black Panther: Nation Under Our Feet, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Horror The Wasp Factory, by Iain Banks
Supernatural / paranormal
Ghost story
Monster literature
Vampire fiction
Werewolf fiction
Occult detective - Dresden Files (series incomplete)

Science fiction
Alien invasion
Post-apocalyptic – The Passage (series incomplete), by Justin Cronin
Hard science fiction
Military science fiction
Parallel universe, aka alternative universe
Alternative history
Space opera

Speculative cross-genre fiction
Climate fiction (cli-fi)
Weird fiction

Suspense fiction
Crime fiction
Detective fiction
Mystery fiction

Legal thriller
Medical thriller
Political thriller
Spy fiction
Psychological thriller

Urban fiction
Women’s fiction
LGBT fiction

Edited: Jan 11, 11:21am Top

I very likely won't finish the POPSUGAR Challenge, but here is an idea of what I will attempt to read for it:

1. A book becoming a movie in 2019 - Chaos Walking (series): Other challenges Mt. TBR, Fiction Challenge (Dystopia)
2. A book that makes you nostalgic - Crime and Punishment: Other Challenges Educated Mind Project, prompt 7
3. A book written by a musician - My New Teacher and Me
4. A Book that should be turned into a movie - Empty Grave, by Jonathan Stroud
5. A Book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Other Challenges Educated Mind Project

6. A Book with a plant in the title or cover - The One and Only Ivan
7. A reread of a favorite book - Crime and Punishment: Other challenges Educated Mind Project, prompt 2
8. A book about a hobby - Furiously Happy: Other challenges Mt TBR, Nonfiction (920), prompt 37
9. A book you meant to read in 2018 - The Scarlet Letter
10. A book with "pop," "sugar," or "challenge" in the title - High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society: Other Challenges Mt TBR

11. A Book with an item of clothing on the cover: Scythe: Other challenges Mt TBR, Nonfiction (940)
12. A book inspired by mythology, legend, or folklore - The Conqueror's Saga
13. A book published posthumously - Wives and Daughters: Other challenges prompt 31
14. A book you see someone reading on a TV or a movie - Comedy of Errors
16. A book with a question in the title - Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?: Other challenges Mt TBR, Nonfiction (170)
17. A book set on a college or university campus - The Magicians
18. A book about someone with a superpower - Steelheart: Other challenges Mt TBR, Series CAT (a series that's new to you), Fiction (superhero fantasy)
19. A book told from multiple POV - Overstory: Other Challenges Mt. TBR,
20. A book set in space - Carve the Mark: Other Challenges Mt. TBR, Fiction (soft science fiction)

21. A book by two female authors - Magesterium series
22. A book with a title that contains "salty" "sweet" "bitter" or "spicy" - Salt: A World History: Nonfiction (900)
23. A book set in Scandinavia - A Man Called Ove: Other challenges Mt TBR, Fiction (literary fiction), prompt 25
24. A book that takes place in a single day - The Master and Margarita: Other challenges Fiction (magical realism), Mt TBR, prompt 14
25. A debut novel - A Man Called Ove: Other challenges Other challenges Mt TBR, Fiction (literary fiction), prompt 23,

26. A book that's published in 2019 - Any of my NetGalley books published in 2019
27. A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature - Dresden Files (series)
28. A book recommended by a celebrity you admire - Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City: Other challenges Mt TBR
29. A book with "love" in the title - Love's Labor Lost: Other Challenges Nonfiction (540)
30. A book featuring an amateur detective - The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Other Challenges Mt TBR, Fiction (Detective Fiction)

31. A book about a family - Wives and Daughters: Other challenges prompt 13
32. A book written by an author from Asia, Africa, or South America - Sapiens: Other challenges Mt TBR, Nonfiction (560)
33.A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in the title - A Thousand Splendid Suns: Other Challenges Mt TBR, Armchair Traveler, Fiction (Islamic Fiction)
34. A book that includes a wedding - I'm sure I'll come up with one
35.A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter - Stay with Me: Other Challenges Armchair Traveler

36. A ghost story - Infidel: Other challenges Mt TBR
37. A book with a two word title - Furiously Happy: Other challenges Mt TBR, Nonfiction (920), prompt 8
38. A novel based on a true story - Alias Grace: Other challenges Fiction (historical mystery)
39. A book revolving around a puzzle or game - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Other challenges Fiction (soft fantasy)
40. freebie

Dec 26, 2018, 10:27am Top

Happy almost New Year, Rachel :-)

Dec 26, 2018, 12:18pm Top

Hiyah, Rachel! Happy new thread!

Dec 27, 2018, 4:21pm Top

Lovely to see you setting up a thread, Rachel. I look forward to keeping up with all your reading in 2019.

Dec 28, 2018, 1:16am Top

New Baby!!

Congratulations, Mama!!

Dec 28, 2018, 2:06pm Top

Hi Rachel, stopping by to wish you a fabulous reading year in 2019, and to drop a star so I can find my way back here. Love the thread topper pics!

Dec 29, 2018, 8:55am Top

Happy New Year & New Thread! Starred you!

Dec 31, 2018, 3:06am Top

Thanks for stopping by Nora, Jim, Micky, Kim, Lori, and Rhian!

Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 31, 2018, 4:05am Top

Fun pictures Rachel - I'll be following along. Wishing you plenty of sleep in 2019.

Dec 31, 2018, 4:14am Top

Happy New Year, Rachel! Wishing you a wonderful year with your family.

Love all your reading projects, so I will be following along.

Dec 31, 2018, 5:03am Top

Rachel, your reading ambitions are impressive. I'll be cheering you on. Glad to see you thriving.

Dec 31, 2018, 9:10am Top

Congratulations on the little one and happy reading in 2019.

Dec 31, 2018, 10:49am Top

Happy new thread and Happy new year, Rachel! Congratulations on your newest addition! Looks like 2019 is going to be a busy and wonderful year for you!

Dec 31, 2018, 11:44am Top

Happy reading in 2019, Rachel!

Dec 31, 2018, 3:20pm Top

Hope you have a great 2019!

As to your weight loss goals from your 2018 thread, that's great to try for! All I can say as a mom of 2 is to just take it easy for a while and enjoy being a mom without trying to lose too much weight at once. The hormones can be crazy for 8-12 weeks and you don't need to add stress of weight loss on top of that. That's just my 2cents though after doing it twice. Elissa is 18 months and I just lost the last of her baby weight but I still have 10lbs left over from Chloe and she is four! lol

Dec 31, 2018, 9:45pm Top

Hi Rachel! Dropping off my star and enjoying your pictures. I especially love the one of the kitties on the bed with Washington Black.

Dec 31, 2018, 11:36pm Top

Happy New Year and happy new thread! And congratulations on your new addition to your family!

Jan 1, 10:19am Top

I wish you from my heart a healthy 2019 filled with happiness, satisfaction, laughter and lots of good books.

Jan 1, 10:25am Top

Happy New Year, Rachel & family and Happy New Thread. Looking forward to sharing another year of books with you! Have an exciting year with that new addition.

Jan 1, 10:54am Top

Hi Rachel, happy reading in 2019.

Jan 1, 11:04am Top

Jan 1, 11:04am Top

Happy New Year, Rachel, and belated congratulations on the new little member of the family, too!

Jan 1, 12:40pm Top

Happy New Year, Rachel. Congrats on the new little one. You will have a busy year! Good luck getting some reading done.

Jan 1, 2:08pm Top

Happy New Year! congrats on the new addition to your family

Jan 1, 2:47pm Top

Happy New Year! Congrats on your new baby!
I'll keep an eye on your thread

Jan 1, 5:11pm Top

Happy new year, and congratuations on the new baby! Wishing you a year full of good reading.

Jan 1, 6:28pm Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, Rachel, this year.

Jan 1, 7:43pm Top

Happy New Year and congrats on that beautiful baby! Dropping a star so I can keep up with your excellent reading lists!

Jan 1, 9:43pm Top

looking forward to following your reading, etc, in 2019!

Jan 1, 10:19pm Top

Dropping off my star, Rachel!

Jan 2, 4:52am Top

Happy New Year Rachel! And happy new thread!

Wishing you and your family the best for 2019.

Echoing >20 ChelleBearss: Chelle - don't stress about losing the baby weight. It'll happen. In the meantime, there's more important stuff to stress about do ;0)

Jan 2, 10:08am Top

Happy 2019!! Congrats on your new little one! I hope you had a joyful holiday season!

Edited: Jan 4, 1:53pm Top

At last I said “Uncle Tom? Tell me the Poddy Story—“

“At Your Age?”

“Please.” I crawled up on his knees. “I want to sit in your lap once more and hear it. I need to.”

“All right” he said and put his arms around me. “Once upon a time long long ago when the world was young, in a specially favored city lived a little girl named Poddy. All day long she was busy like a ticking clock. Tick Tick Tick went her heels, tick tick tick went her knitting needles, and most especially tick tick tick went her busy little mind. Her hair was the color of buttercups in the spring , her eyes were the changing blue of sunshine playing down through the spring floods, her nose had not made up its mind what it would be, her mouth was shaped like a question mark. She greeted the world as an unopened present and there was no badness in her anywhere.

“One Day Poddy –“

I stopped him. “But I’m not young any longer . . . and I don’t think the world was ever young!”

“Here’s my hanky”, he said “Blow your nose. I never did tell you the end of it Poddy you always fell asleep. It ends with a miracle”.

“A truly miracle?”

“Yes. This is the end. Poddy grew up and had another Poddy. And then the world was young again.”

“Is that all?”

“That’s all there ever is. But it’s enough”

-- Robert A. Heinlein - Podkayne of Mars

Jan 2, 4:01pm Top

Hi Rachel!

Happy new year and happy first thread of 2019.

I'm happy for you. Be gentle with yourself and take a bit of time to just relax and savor the accomplishments of the last several years.

Jan 2, 9:10pm Top

Happy new year! Looking forward to following along!

Jan 2, 9:33pm Top

>38 magicians_nephew: Love that. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Rachel!!

Jan 3, 12:12pm Top

Hi, Rachel! Happy New Year and congrats on your little guy...from another Rachel, who also has a little boy who was born in December (of 2017). I've got you starred!

Jan 4, 1:17am Top

Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you, Rachel. Enjoy IL's first year, any reading you manage is a bonus.

Jan 4, 1:31am Top

Congratulations Rachel and happy new year.

Jan 4, 4:06am Top

>38 magicians_nephew: Beautiful. Thank you.

I'm sure you're busy enjoying your little miracle, Rachel.

Jan 4, 1:54pm Top

Sending love to you and your family, Rachel, and hoping you can sneak in a nap sometime soon.

Jan 4, 1:57pm Top

>5 The_Hibernator: I picked up The Witch of Willow Hall at the Boston Book Festival and had a nice chat with the author - first books are always exciting.

Jan 4, 3:44pm Top

Happy New Year, Rachel! Congratulations on the baby!

Jan 4, 3:49pm Top

Happy New Year, Rachel! Nice family photos up top. Our daughter is doing that pop sugar challenge, too. Our challenge, as my wife says, will be trying to clear our tbr shelves. Ha!

Jan 4, 5:37pm Top

Happy New Year! I've seen this Pop Sugar Challenge in a few threads today, hmm... maybe I'll check it out...

Jan 5, 7:48am Top

Happy new year.
I wish, that you may find a good and solid path in 2019

Jan 5, 8:39am Top

Happy New Year! Baby is here?!? Congratulations! He's gorgeous. I hope you are getting as much rest as possible and enjoying as much as possible. Those beautiful and exhausting infant days go fast.

Jan 5, 8:54am Top

>14 charl08: Hi Charlotte! I'm already sleep deprived in 2019, lol. But perhaps tonight will be different? Who knows! Happy New Year.

>15 EllaTim: Thanks for the follow! I have a lot of projects going on, but a lot of it will be dabbling in this one and that one. Not sure I'll finish any challenge straight through. That would require too much rigor.

>16 AuntieClio: Thanks Stephanie! I always start out the year with a bunch of goals, and then they peter off as the year goes on. But maybe this year will be different because some of them are vague enough that I can still read whatever I suits me in the moment.

>17 Kristelh: Thanks Kristel!

>18 Carmenere: Thanks Lynda! Yes, I expect this year to be very busy. :)

>19 FAMeulstee: Thanks Anita!

>20 ChelleBearss: Hi Chelle! Yes, everyone keeps telling me I should take it easy and not worry about the baby weight. I don't plan on beating myself up if I don't make my goals or anything. And so far, I'm having trouble finding time to exercise. Taking care of a baby, two step-kids, and my parents takes up a lot of time, even with Aaron helping out as much as he does. Plus I have all the cleaning to do, being the stay-at-home parent. Still, just doing that stuff should keep me active. :)

Jan 5, 9:09am Top

>21 EBT1002: Thanks Ellen! I'm particularly fond of that picture that captured all three cats at once. :)

>22 foggidawn: Thanks Foggi!

>23 Ameise1: Thanks Barbara!

>24 msf59: Thanks Mark!

>25 richardderus: Thanks Richard!

>26 Storeetllr: Thanks Mary

>27 harrygbutler: Thanks Harry!

>28 BLBera: Thanks Beth!

>29 figsfromthistle: Thanks Figs!

>30 vikzen: Thanks Victoria!

Jan 5, 9:17am Top

>31 cbl_tn: Thanks Carrie!

>32 PaulCranswick: Thanks Paul! I totally need all those things.

>33 Miss_Moneypenny: Thanks Miss_Moneypenny

>34 banjo123: Thanks Rhonda!

>35 ronincats: Thanks Roni!

>36 humouress: Thanks Nina! I know...trying not to stress about it. But it's also nice to have goals. The baby fat is actually getting smaller faster than I expected. I still have the gut, but I can squeeze uncomfortably into some of my old clothes already.

>37 jennyifer24: Thanks Jennyifer!

>38 magicians_nephew: Hi Jim! Thanks for dropping a little Heinlein on my thread!

>39 karenmarie: Thanks Karen. I'm not too great at being gentle with myself, I guess. I always have so many things I want to do. My therapist's mantra is "self-care, self-care, self-care."

>40 Foxen: Thanks Katie

Jan 5, 9:26am Top

>41 Berly: Hi Kim!

>42 aktakukac: Hi Rachel! Your baby is pretty young too! Hope you post lots of pictures. :)

>43 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg! I agree, reading time is a bonus. But I'm getting some audiobook listened to at least, and am reading to IL.

>44 fairywings: Thanks Adrienne!

>45 humouress: Sure am Nina!

>46 bohemima: Thanks Gail!

>47 magicians_nephew: I loved Witch of Willow Hall. How nice that you met the author, I bet she was excited about her new book.

>48 alcottacre: Thanks Stasia!

>49 jnwelch: Hi Joe! My TBR shelves are so diverse that doing the POPSUGAR challenge is a way of clearing them. :)

>50 dk_phoenix: Hi Faith! I generally don't finish the challenge because I don't like narrowing down my choices. I just like having challenges to make sure that I get a variety of books read. Then I don't stress about them. But they're fun!

>51 paulstalder: Thanks Paul!

>52 nittnut: Hi Jenn! Yes, the baby came. Seems fast, doesn't it. But he's already grown so much. EEK!

Edited: Jan 5, 9:30am Top

2018 Book #47 To Be a Machine, by Mark O'Connell

Summary Believe it or not, transhumanism (the alteration of humans using technology in order to improve upon the human in some way), is becoming more and more mainstream. In this well-researched book, journalist Mark O’Connell records his journeys through transhumanism conferences, meetings with rich, well-connected transhumanist individuals, and a crazy bus-ride with a person who was “running for president” and wanted to make people live forever.

My Thoughts Like the author, I am skeptical that transhumanism is really a great development for mankind. It feels a little – well – wrong to change one’s body to “improve upon it.” And I don’t want to live forever. However, I think the book was very interesting and expressed some interesting arguments in favor of transhumanism. Despite the author’s skepticism, he portrayed transhumanists in a positive light, and remained impartial. The book was well-researched, and I certainly feel more educated on the subject now. I would suggest this book to people who are interested in technology waves of the future with a dash of philosophy.

Jan 5, 9:30am Top

Note that I'm still catching up on reviews from 2018. That is not my first book of 2019.

Jan 5, 10:11am Top

This last week went well. During the weekend, Aaron and I each spent special time with each kid without the baby around. Aaron took both kids (separately) to an inside amusement park. I took D to get a mani / pedi and bought her this gigantic cake at Buffalo Wild Wings. I have not had time to do something with M yet, but the plan is to go to that Spiderverse movie and dinner either tomorrow or Monday.

Because we found the owner of the cat my sister and J rescued, my dad decided he wanted a kitten as a mouser. So we procured a kitten for him. He asked mom multiple times what she wanted to name her, and mom answered “is she staying?” every time. So her name is now Is-she. I wanted to name her Mothra, but was voted down by dad. 🙂

I went out for New Year’s Eve with my friend Todd. I didn’t get a picture of him, but I got a selfie:

We were wearing all red and black. 🙂 Aaron was sweet enough to watch the kids for the evening, for which I’m really grateful. He, D, and M stayed up till midnight to watch the ball drop. So we were all tired in the morning.

We have decided to sign M up for chess lessons starting Sunday. He’s resistant to change, so I hope he doesn’t object too much. He loves chess and is good at it for a self-taught 6-year-old. (In the sense that he can almost beat me, not in the sense that he is a child prodigy.)

Reading this upcoming week

Mimesis and Greece in the Bronze Age are both long-term reads, which I’m sort of alternating through. But I’m in the mood to read just a chapter or so of each soon.

Completed last week

Jan 5, 10:20am Top

>59 The_Hibernator: I really loved Into the Spider-Verse, I hope you like it!

Cute kitten!!

Jan 5, 4:51pm Top

Hi, Rachel! Lovely new thread you have here--lots of wonderful photos.

Did you see that Robert Alter has a new The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with Commentary, complete in three volumes? I am lusting after that set of books!

Have a very happy new year!

Karen O.

Jan 5, 11:29pm Top

>59 The_Hibernator: - I love Is-she's colouring! What a sweetie! Great "red/black" look for your New Year's eve outing.

Jan 5, 11:31pm Top

Hi Rachel! Sounds like your new year is off to a good start... hope you get some sleep soon.

Edited: Jan 6, 6:43am Top

>60 norabelle414: Hi Nora! I'll let you know what I think. And, yes, isn't she adorable? I'm quite glad I went the Craigslist route.

>61 klobrien2: No, I didn't know Alter had a new translation of the Hebrew Bible out. How delightful! Thanks for sharing Karen!

>62 lkernagh: Yes, I love the pastel calico look, Lori!

>63 banjo123: Thanks Rhonda! My first week has gone well, and I've even completed 10 books towards my goal of 150. At that rate, I'll finish about 500 books this year. Of course, I'm counting the little books I'm reading with the kids (they count, right?). But I'm trying to get through the list of 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up with IL. :) At least until he grows sick of me because I've read into the teen section and he's still three years old. lol

Jan 6, 12:13pm Top

Belated Happy New Year, Rachel! Wow, you started the new year full of energy, with lots of activities! :o

Love the kitten story. Also love how you and Aaron make sure the older kids don‘t get too jealous and can spend quality time with you alone. All the very best to you and your family!

Jan 6, 2:13pm Top

Stopping by to add my belated happy new year wishes to you and the family Rachel!

Jan 7, 6:31am Top

>65 Deern: Thanks Nathalie! Yes, spending time with the older kids has been working out very well so far. Hopefully we actually keep it up instead of letting it slide.

>66 souloftherose: Thanks Heather! You too!

Jan 7, 6:37am Top

On the Agenda for today:

IL and I will go to a 1 month checkup and then I will take my car in for repairs. I probably won't be able to pick it up today, so luckily I can borrow my dad's car (which he's not supposed to be using, of course). M has a cubscout meeting later today, but Aaron will take him to that. If I get any reading done, I hope it'll be American Overdose as well as some books I got out of the library for IL.

Jan 7, 6:40am Top

2018 book #39: Beyond These Walls, by Tony Platt

Summary Dr Platt, a well-established criminologist, outlines the history and current state of incarceration in the US. He covers topics such as how women and minorities as overly-impacted by the harsh sentences, the overpopulated prisons, and the enforced deportations of documented and undocumented immigrants. He warns us that past efforts at reforming the system have actually resulted in changes for the worse. He urges that change needs to happen from the top down, rather than from the bottom up – in other words, we need to change how the people at the top think about incarceration, and not focus only on punishing the people at the bottom (i.e. cops and prison guards) for the failures of the system. He suggests that if we punished white collar crimes (especially those that affect thousands of people) with the same ferocity as crimes of the poor, then reform would happen faster – since the people who have power to do something about the problem will witness the problem first hand.

My Thoughts I admit, at first I didn’t think I was going to like this book. It started out slow – detail-heavy, with too many statistics listed in sentence after sentence. However, I started getting more into the narrative by the second or third chapter, when Platt started including more information on each event spoken about, instead of just listing events. By the end of the book, I was quite enjoying the educational aspects of the book. This is a topic that I have read a bit on, but not extensively, so I can say that it is a good book for a lay-person trying to educate herself on the history of incarceration in the US. Platt’s views on how we got where we are today, and some of his suggestions of how to look at reform differently (i.e. from the top down and by putting more white-collar people in prison) are definitely food for thought. This is a well-researched book, with lots of important information. It’s not fast reading, but it is worthwhile.

Jan 7, 8:49am Top

Dropping by to see how mamma-hood is treating you. You're busier with a one-month old than I was until my kids got to pre-school age! Except for that, you're balancing your time with all your kids nicely.

I like the story of Is-she's name; I'm glad your dad talked you out of Mothra :0) You know, my mum always answers a question with a question. It's really frustrating not being able to get a straight answer out of her.

Spiderverse was so much fun; I went to see it with the kids because my husband wasn't interested in a 'cartoon' but I think he missed out.

Jan 7, 4:16pm Top

>69 The_Hibernator: Sounds good. You've reminded me that I really wanted to read that book about the prison librarian... (title escapes me). Your schedule sounds super busy, glad you're still getting the time to read too.

Jan 7, 4:34pm Top

>69 The_Hibernator: And onto the TBR it leaps. "Thanks" awfully.

*glowers off to Ammy*

Jan 7, 10:18pm Top

He's so gracious, isn't he?

Jan 8, 9:51am Top

>70 humouress: Mammahood is treating me well, Nina, except that I got spit-up on and peed on within a half hour. lol. As the older kids were yelling "I need my ______" That has been my morning. So pretty standard. :)

Spiderverse was a delight. I got several really good laughs out of it.

>71 charl08: I think I know what book you're talking about Charlotte. Yes, I have been super busy lately, but I guess that's what happens when you have a baby, two kids, and parents that need to be taken care of.

>72 richardderus: Lol, Richard, close your eyes next time you enter my thread?

>73 humouress: Indeed.

Jan 8, 10:00am Top

Well, this morning was not the best of mornings for me. I have been getting to bed after my 6pm bedtime since Saturday night, and it finally caught up with me this morning. I had to wake Aaron up an hour early to take the squirmy baby so I could catch an extra hour of sleep before the day started. It helped, but my brain is still foggy. Besides getting peed on and spit up on within a half-hour's time, I also found Malcolm pretending to wash his hands by running the water with his hands held firmly down at his sides. So I scolded him about water conservation and lying, and bought three kids books on water conservation from Amazon. Hopefully they make an impression on him. And hopefully they don't start a "if it's yellow let it mellow" trend, because we have been working so hard on getting him to flush the toilet!

On the agenda for today: This morning I'm dropping IL off at my parent's house and catching a shuttle to the car place. Apparently, my brake pads were worn down dangerously, but it's all fixed now. I'll pick up my car, and then rush back to pick up D for a doctor's appointment. Then I'll hopefully have some time to go grocery shopping (though come to think of it, I don't even know what we need right now, sigh) and then do some things around the house, if IL will let me put him down for any period of time. (He wouldn't yesterday, for some reason. Just cried within a minute or two of being put down.) After that, we have another step in the process of getting D assessed for autism (which I don't think she has). So. Busy day. And I'm already feeling disorganized and not ready....

Jan 8, 10:18am Top

>75 The_Hibernator: Ugh - that does sound like a busy day. Hope you get through everything ok and manage to get to bed early enough tonight.

Jan 8, 11:53am Top

>76 souloftherose: ugh. You know what? Forget that. I'm going to take the day off in between the two appointments. That's about 6 hours of reading time freed up. Laundry can wait.

Jan 8, 11:57am Top

>77 The_Hibernator: Good thinking, Rachel. You have to grab those moments when you can.

Jan 8, 1:21pm Top

Jan 8, 1:28pm Top

I hope that, by the time you read this, you're positively zen in your ability to relax and recharge your batteries.

(See?! That was gracious!)

Jan 9, 10:26am Top

>78 Crazymamie: Well, I didn't get much reading done, but I bought The Hate U Give movie and started watching before I ran out of time. I'll try to continue snatching some personal time for the next few days until I feel a bit better.

>79 humouress: Lol. Thanks Nina!

>80 richardderus: I felt much more zen after a while. :)

Jan 9, 10:34am Top

>81 The_Hibernator: Sounds like a very good plan.

Jan 9, 10:35am Top

Yesterday, I found some interesting old items when I emptied out the cupboard and drawer of mouse nest and chewings and poo at my parent's house. I accidentally got into the project when I heard a squeaking from the drawer, and pulled it open to see about 6-7 mice in there. They all ran to the cupboard. I'm hoping that now that they have to build a new nest and find a new food source WITH a new cat around (who does, indeed, chase mice) they'll give up and mostly go away. :) But that didn't really add much rest to my "rest" yesterday. And I got a little rest when I came home, except I told the kids they couldn't watch screens till 6, and they are incapable of self-entertaining. So....well, not much personal time. I'll try to snatch some over the next few days while they're at school.

On the Agenda today:

I've got some personal time until about noon, when I have a therapist appointment followed by an appointment to find out about baptizing IL. Then I'll get home just before the kids arrive, so not much free time (since they're not allowed to watch screens until 6). Luckily, no more meetings tonight, so I'll be able to go to bed on time. Plus, I told D that she could play on the computer as long as she was doing the math problems that are her homework. And M could play on my tablet as long as he was doing chess puzzles. Figured the screens are incentive enough to get them to do something productive for a while. I told M that the more puzzles he does, the more he's going to win at chess. That's a big motivator for him - winning. lol

Jan 9, 1:32pm Top

Hi Rachel and a late Happy New Year!

Happy Mama hood! It looks like all are thriving and IL is growing so quickly!

Scheduling personal time is a very good thing. It's like the standard airplane spiel. You need to put on your own oxygen mask in order to help others. Or as a councilor once told me, you need to fill up your own cup in order to pour blessings down on others.

I like the way you're going back to pick up un-reviewed books from 2018. I have quite a few of those, too and hope to get some if not all reviewed.

I loved Into the Spiderverse and want to see it again!

I see that The Hate You Give has mixed movie reviews. I'll be interested to see what you think of it. I nominated it my RL book club for this year, so will be doing a reread towards summer.

Jan 10, 12:42am Top

>83 The_Hibernator: I remember that my eldest (effectively an only child for his first five years) couldn't entertain himself which limited my me time; if I left him by himself and there was no noise, that was the danger sign of him getting into mischief. My younger son would quite happily entertain himself; if it got quiet and I checked on him, he'd be playing contentedly by himself. He loves Lego.

Right now, he's sitting next to me making paper aeroplanes (a fad he had when he was younger, so I bought lots of craft books on them. I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone and a) clear out their more childish things without having to throw them out wholesale and b) keep him occupied during the holidays while trying to prevent him resorting to screens). We have lots of sticker books, too. DK do a nice educational series (dinosaurs and so on) but I don't know if your two are too old for stickers. Maybe they can read board books to IL :0)

Jan 10, 9:10am Top

>84 streamsong: Hi Janet! I'm still working on The Hate U Give, as I have no time to watch at the moment. But I should have some time today. This and Friday will be good days for me to have some me time before D and M get home.

>85 humouress: Hi Nina! Luckily, they don't get into much trouble. They just sit around and complain about having nothing to do and how I'm mean for not letting them watch screens. They are both fairly well behaved, it's just that they have a horrible addiction to screens. I'm trying to wean them off, but there's only so much I can do when they want to use me as a personal entertainment system. I told them that entertaining themselves is a part of growing up, but they don't really care much. lol. Oh well. I guess I have to deal with what I've got.

Jan 10, 9:19am Top

Yesterday went well, though I got very little personal time. That'll be for today and tomorrow. We did get an extra special dinner with the entire family, including my sister's family, at my parent's house. I picked up some Olive Garden to go.

On the Agenda today: Finally, we are getting the final assessment for Deirdre's autism. From the first two, the therapist thinks that she probably doesn't have it, but he thinks this final assessment will yield some important information. We'll see. After that, I'll have several hours of free time. Yay! And then M and D both have therapy. I'm sort of dreading M's therapy, because today he's going to find out that his mom isn't going to be doing therapy with him anymore. In the kill-the-messenger philosophy, he will blame me (he's already upset at me that today isn't a mommy therapy night and told me he hates me because I'm not letting him hang out with his mom). I told him that it's his mom's choice when to hang out with him - it's never mine. I don't think he believed me. :( I wish Aaron could be the messenger this time, but it's a timing issue. I always seem to end up the messenger with mommy flakiness with him.

Jan 10, 2:46pm Top

Anyone interested in a year-long group read of Ranger's Apprentice. Morphy and I are starting Ruins of Gorlan today. If there's interest, I'll start a group thread.

Jan 10, 5:21pm Top

>88 The_Hibernator: I loved that series, I was really happy when my boys decided it wasn't too hard for them anymore.

Edited: Jan 11, 9:24am Top

On the Agenda for today:

Nothing but swim lessons at 4! Yay! Free time!

Finished The Hate U Give movie yesterday. It was fantastic, though the ending was a change from the book.

Jan 11, 9:33am Top

Hi Rachel!

When Jenna was young, if she complained of boredom I told her that I could find chores for her to do if she couldn't entertain herself. That usually got her motivated. Of course this is pre-screen. I don't know how I'd deal with it now, though. She always had chores to do, ever since about 3, simply because she was a member of the family and we all worked together for the family.

I'm glad to hear that you're carving out Free Time for yourself.

Jan 11, 10:03am Top

>91 karenmarie: Well, if they use the word "bored" they have to do chores. But they are careful not to use that word anymore. They just say "I don't know what to do." I'm not going to FORCE them to do chores if they say that, but I will suggest chores. They have actually done a not-so-bad job of entertaining themselves lately. I'm quite proud of them.

The screens are such a huge problem because Aaron is addicted to video games. When he was a single father, he would let them watch screens all day while he played on his computer all day. It was his way of coping with the depression of being a single father. He is much better now, but the damage has already been done.

Jan 11, 2:59pm Top

A friend loaned me her copy of The Hate U Give. I guess I should get to it. Too many books calling to me right now.

Jan 11, 6:08pm Top

>88 The_Hibernator: Yes, I replied on your message in the Group Reads: Organizational Thread

Jan 11, 6:53pm Top

Happy Friday, Rachel. I hope you had a good week. I am toying with going to upper Minnesota for some birding, next month and would probably spend a night in the Twin Cities. A Meet Up may be possible. Of course, I will base it on the weather and we know anything can happen in mid-Feb. I will let you know.

Edited: Jan 12, 12:39pm Top

>93 BLBera: Yes, Beth, you should definitely get to The Hate U Give - but make sure you're in the mood to read something difficult. I cried so many times when I read the book (and watched the movie).

>94 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita! That will be fun if you join Morphy and me. Now we just have to get Morphy to be more active on LT this year. lol Hopefully she'll have a better year this year.

>95 msf59: That would be great if we could have a meet-up Mark! There are several of us who live here in the Twin Cities. Beth (BLBera) lives somewhere in MN - though I don't know where. Morphy lives in MN, though she's been a bit homebound - hopefully she could get out for a little meetup. I'll ask her. Katie (cammykitty) lives here, too. There's also another Katie, but she hasn't been active lately (as far as I've noticed) and I've forgotten her id. ETA: oh! And Erik!

Edited: Jan 12, 8:20am Top

Tuesday, I had a couple of appointments, AND I cleaned the horrendous mouse-nest out of my parents kitchen. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten since I’d moved out. Since then, the cat has apparently been catching about three mice a day, so hopefully their mouse problem will be at an end soon. If they just go away, then they won’t have to deal with the cat, right? 🙂

Anyway, the week was a series of appointments scattered around, with me trying to eek out some reading time as well as some time to do the necessary things of life. Yesterday, Aaron took M snow tubing, paid for the entrance, and then M refused to even try. 😦 Aaron was pretty upset.

My mom got an a “walking EEG” which means she was all wired up but still able to move around freely. We’ll see if she’s been suffering any petit mal seizures. Those could have an effect on her memory. Also, D finally got her autism assessment. I still don’t think she has autism, and I think everyone else now agrees with me, too. But the assessor said that he’d have some interesting information regardless.

Planned for the weekend: today, D will cook us dinner. Which means that Aaron and I will spend the entire afternoon helping her cook dinner. We have decided I’ll take the make-the-shopping-list and the shopping part and he can take the cooking part. That will make accomplishing all the important things we have to do this weekend very difficult. Tomorrow, I will have a “girl’s day” with D and niece L. I’m also inviting my friend Liz, because I was already supposed to hang out with her when my sister suddenly sprung girl’s night on me. (She was planning on taking M and nephew B out for boy’s night, and L assumed I’d do the same with her and D.) I’m thinking we’ll do something craftsy. Maybe teach them to crochet? Can you teach a precocious 3yo to crochet? I don’t know how to crochet either, but Liz does.

P.S. M tells me that staring at a screen will rot my brain. I’m trying to explain the difference between doing something productive like composing a post and watching TV. He doesn’t believe me.

Reading this upcoming week

This week, I hope to finish and review The Merchant of Venice (coming up on Tuesday). I’m starting The Ruins of Gorlan as a part of a year-long read of Ranger’s Apprentice series with Morphy and Anita. Anyone is welcome to join. And I’m FINALLY listening to Overstory.

Completed this week

I finished two books this week: The Scarlet Letter and The One and Only Ivan. I watched three movies: Into the Spiderverse, The Hate U Give, and another version of Twelfth Night. All three were really good, though I preferred the other version of Twelfth Night that I watched a week or two ago.


Since I plan on reading these books soon, I broke down and ordered them on audible. It was one of those days when I wanted to start something light – then I went ahead and started Overstory anyway. lol

Jan 12, 4:56pm Top

The rot your brain comment made me laugh Rachel! Kids can be so quick thinking.

Good luck with your crafts for girls night. I think I'd go for something more basic: scratch pad art or bead bracelets (but then I am not craft gifted!!)

Jan 12, 5:19pm Top

>97 The_Hibernator:

Finger crocheting can be a lot of fun for little ones - and can be done together!

(Re: mice = based on many cats and too many years of experience =

Yes, a good mouser cat will keep mice at bay, but the only permanent solution
is to completely SEAL the house, from soffits to foundation.

Depending on your weather, this is best done by teams of carpentry-minded people
in the late spring or early summer. By Autumn, mice have moved back in.

Mice will even eat through the mortar in old foundations.)

Jan 12, 5:29pm Top

We get mice in the walls every winter but they don't really do anything (except make little nests in the insulation, I suppose) so we don't bother trying to eradicate them. If they get into the attics and crawlspaces and start trying to gnaw on Christmas decorations we'll put in a mousetrap. And kitty keeps the population outdoors at bay so there's never a colony.

Jan 12, 5:48pm Top

Such darling pictures of IL!

Jan 12, 7:19pm Top

I hope your weekend plans are going well, Rachel.

Jan 13, 8:32am Top

>97 The_Hibernator: He seems to have already grown so much. And he‘s so present, already, feet in full movement! Imagine rows of little hearts posted here and me grinning sheepishly at the pics! :D

Jan 13, 4:43pm Top

IL is so cute!

Jan 13, 10:59pm Top

Hello, Rachel! Thanks for stopping by to say hello! Seems you're off to a roaring start in 2019. Good luck with the genre spread and the nonfiction range.

Jan 14, 6:18am Top

>98 charl08: Hi Charlotte! The kids enjoyed learning to crochet, and were about as good at it as I am. Well, at least D was as good. That's not saying much. lol. She hand crocheted a long chain. I'll put pictures up on next week's update. :)

>99 m.belljackson: Yes, the house needs to be sealed, but they also have many other projects to work on in their house and they'll need to figure out which is most important to them. They need to redo their entire basement - ceiling to floor - for instance. Last year they replanted their lawn and the year before they put in new windows. Maybe next year the project will be to get rid of the mice.

>100 PawsforThought: I think they've had mice for a long time, even when I was living with them with three cats. However, the mouse problem became a Mouse Problem when I moved out last year. They are everywhere. They just dash about the house with no fear whatsoever. J is afraid of mice (it's kind of funny to see a 14 yo boy afraid of mice). So this is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

>101 karenmarie: Thanks Karen!

>102 Familyhistorian: They went very well, Meg!

>103 Deern: Hi Nathalie! Yes, he is very alert and looking around at his environment. He's even started to smile a little bit. Like REAL smiles, not is-he-farting? smiles.

>104 banjo123: Thanks Rhonda!

>105 justchris: Thanks Chris!

Jan 14, 6:59am Top

Well, this weekend was a mess. On Saturday, Nephew J had run away from home (just to my parent's house) because he'd gotten into an altercation with my sister. He claims that she physically attacked him, and she claims that he physically attacked her. He said he wasn't feeling safe living there anymore, and was ok living with his dad, me, or my parents, but NOT with her. So I contacted his dad, decided my house was best of those three options, and started looking for lawyers. My sister had found him by the end of the day, of course.

Next day, J ran away again. This time, to his neighbor's. He apparently decided that he would turn his mom in for dealing marijuana - which is something he'll probably regret. He called his dad to come pick him up. When I found out, I called his dad and warned him that he'll get a kidnapping charge if he takes J. He needs to get temporary custody. This is something that hadn't occurred to J's father. So when he got to town, he took J to the police station to turn my sister in and get temporary custody. But the police don't care about marijuana anymore. So they told him to take J home.

At this point, I was feeling the relationship between J and his mother had degraded to dangerously toxic levels, and CPS needed to get involved. Because regardless of who is hitting whom (I'm guessing it went two ways) there is violence going on, and the younger kids shouldn't be seeing that. Nor should either J or my sister have to deal with it. On top of that, if my sister is indeed dealing drugs out of her house (and it would appear she is), then she shouldn't have two small children and a teenager living there. I'm all for the legalization of marijuana, but she needs to run a legit operation or else she is endangering her children.

So I called CPS, the person I talked to "hoped" she could get the case assigned, but wasn't entirely sure I had enough to go on. (Yes, by the way, I feel very guilty calling CPS on my sister - but I saw no other choice at that moment because I know that she can be violent and I was worried about J's safety.)

Today, I will be calling J's therapist to see if he can eek out any more information from J, and possibly be taken more seriously by CPS. I will be calling lawyers and hopefully making an appointment. I feel terrible getting involved like this, because I feel that I am betraying my sister and damaging the relationship beyond repair. Does that mean I am choosing to help J by abandoning the younger kids to their mother's whims?

I also have my 5 week post-partum followup. Hopefully that, at least, will go well.

D didn't end up cooking her meal on Saturday, because we didn't get the food on time. But the hand crocheting went well on Sunday, despite my being distracted by all the goings on with J.

Jan 14, 7:54am Top

>69 The_Hibernator: Adding that one to the BlackHole!

>107 The_Hibernator: Sorry to hear that the weekend was a disaster. I hope this week turns out better.

Jan 14, 8:02am Top

Gads, Rachel. What a sad thing about your nephew, all around. Keep taking care of yourself as you are Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Aunt, and Super Child.

>106 The_Hibernator: Can't your parents simply get an exterminator in? What does it mean to get the house 'sealed'?

Jan 14, 9:12am Top

>106 The_Hibernator: Yeah, that sounds like a real colony of mice.

Jan 14, 1:39pm Top

>107 The_Hibernator: {{{Rachel}}}

I just hope they all realize how fortunate they are that you're organized and fearless, of course after they all get the stuff together.

Yesterday, 10:11am Top

>108 alcottacre: Thanks Stasia! Yesterday was difficult too, but hopefully it'll get better from here on out. :)

>109 karenmarie: Hi Karen! I'm not sure exactly what "sealed" means, but I've heard of people doing it before. They could get an exterminator in...I'm not sure why they never have. Probably because they'd have to leave the house for a while?

>110 PawsforThought: Yup, Paws, it's pretty intense. They're all over the place.

>111 richardderus: Thanks Richard! It's good to have support.

Yesterday, 10:14am Top

Well, yesterday was hard, as Colette realized that CPS had been called on her and she gave me a blow by blow description of who they were interviewing and what they were asking. Talking to the lawyer didn't achieve anything, as she said there was nothing she could do. What she said made sense - she said the only thing that will make the courts change their mind is if J keeps running away.

On the agenda for today: Today I will go to my therapist, which is sorely needed. Then I will spend the rest of the day reading and cleaning. I might take a bit of a nap, as well. Generally IL will let me take a nap if I cuddle with him while I'm doing it. And cuddling is good for him. :)

Yesterday, 10:45am Top

It makes me so sad that a child needs to run away repeatedly before the system will accept that he feels unsafe in a house with physical violence.

What does your sister think about J staying with you informally, whenever he feels like it? Could it be phrased as helping her out? "Just send J over here to cool down whenever there's a conflict; he can stay as long as he wants."

Yesterday, 11:08am Top

>114 _Zoe_: She doesn't approve of me having him over for the night at all. I'm not sure why, but she has been angry at me on and off for various reasons for almost a year now. I'm not sure why. She tends to be a very angry person.

Yesterday, 3:34pm Top

>113 The_Hibernator: I might take a bit of a nap, as well. Generally IL will let me take a nap if I cuddle with him while I'm doing it. And cuddling is good for him. :) The first rule of naps is nap when the baby naps, depending on how tired you are. I was very tired for pretty much the first 6 months after Jenna was born, so naps were very important. For me. She stopped taking an afternoon nap way before the books said she would. *smile*

Yesterday, 8:44pm Top

107> This sounds very hard with no good choices for anyone involved, especially caring family members like you who want to see the situation improve but have little/no legal authority to intervene. I suppose J could try becoming an emancipated minor and then make his own choice about where to live. But I expect that option is no easier than any of the others.

You aren't abandoning the younger kids. You're doing your best to support the sibling who is better able to put on his own oxygen mask. That is the first rule in a crisis--put on your own oxygen mask first. I'll be sending you and your relatives good thoughts and hoping that there's some improvement. All kids deserve a loving, safe, supportive home (and childhood).

I hope your upcoming appointment goes well. Belated congratulations on your new family member.

Today, 1:30am Top

omg Rachel; you have so much on your plate with the kids and the mice. I don't envy you, but I'm in awe of how you get it all done. Take care of yourself, too.

I've learned that various members of my family (my sons, myself, my nieces) don't deal well with geckos, spiders, frogs, cockroaches ... I haven't the heart to kill cockroaches, but it needs to be done, so I'll stay to watch it (slippery little so and sos they are) and yell for help until someone comes and does it for me. Hypocritical, I know.

>113 The_Hibernator: I remember when my eldest first started kindy, he'd come home wiped out and sleep for ages so I got my 'me' time. Then I had to lie down with him to get him to fall asleep. Then I got used to having a nap while cuddling him. But then we got to the point where I'd be asleep and he'd be wandering around unsupervised (only in the living room, because he was fenced in by safety gates) - and that was the end of my daytime naps. I mean his naps.

Today, 7:06am Top

Happy Wednesday, Rachel. I hope your week is going well. I also loved The Hate U Give and want to see the film version. If you liked that one, you might also enjoy The Poet X, my current audio. This one is in verse and beautifully done.

Today, 9:40am Top

>116 karenmarie: Hi Karen. Yeah, people keep telling me to sleep when he's sleeping...but how am I supposed to get any housework done that way? Or any of the other stuff I'm supposed to be doing? But I DO try. Luckily, I am doing fairly well on the sleepiness count. I don't HAVE to take naps most days. Just some of the days. I have a lot more energy now than I did all the way through my pregnancy.

>117 justchris: Thanks Chris! Things with my family have always been dramatic, it just always seems to happen at an inconvenient time, no? lol. Anyway, things will improve eventually, and I'll try not to concentrate on the negative things as long as they aren't slapping me in the face at any given moment. :)

>118 humouress: I don't like killing mice, Nina. I'm ok with a cat doing it, and feel a little bad when a human does it. Strange, no?

That's kind of how my first day of pneumonia went when I was pregnant. I was feeling really tired for some reason - I had no idea why - and I was babysitting my sister's younger kids as well as watching M and D. I turned on the TV and slept on the couch while they ran crazy around the house. I tried to keep an ear out for trouble, but, really, I was asleep. Luckily, D kept the little ones in check. lol My sister got there and thought I was faking the fatigue. lol I showed her!

>119 msf59: Hi Mark! I do plan on listening to The Poet X. It was, I think, the National Book Award winner for YA? I've heard great things about it.

Edited: Today, 9:43am Top

On the agenda for today: Nothing. That's right, nothing. I've cancelled my dentist appointment and will spend the day reading, napping, and getting the laundry folded. (Ok. I'll wash another load of dishes. But that's it.)

Maybe by tomorrow I'll be myself again, and be able to get more stuff done around the house. :)

Today, 10:43am Top

Thanks to Richard, I have found a new challenge to NOT complete this year. But it's always fun pretending I will. The Bookish Reading Challenge

A book you bought for the cover - Bone Witch, by Rin Chupeco

A book by an author you’ve met - My New Teacher and Me, by Weird Al Yankovic

A book you’re embarrassed you haven’t read yet - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

A book that is under 220 pages - Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

A book that came out the year you were born - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

A book whose title uses alliteration - Clifford Cares, by Norman Bridewell

A book in your best friend’s favorite genre - Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse

A book from an independent publisher - Roam, by C. H. Armstrong

A book you borrowed from the library - Harry The Dirty Dog, by Gene Zion

A book featuring a fictional language - Harry Potter (Parseltongue)

A book won in a raffle - Chaos Walking, by Patrick Ness

A book about going on a quest - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J. K. Rowling

A book set in a city you’ve visited - Main Street, by Sinclair Lewis

A book with a dust jacket - I'm sure I'll find one

A book by two or more authors - Magesterium series, by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

A book that is over 1000 pages - The Mahabharata

A book that’s been out for less than a month - Netgalley books

A book with a name in the title - The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

A book from a genre you want to read more of - Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher

A book written by a Native American author - On the Rez, by Ian Frazier

A book with an asexual character - Clariel, by Garth Nix

A book you were given as a gift - Hey Kiddo, by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

A book translated from Spanish - Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

An award-winning graphic novel - Hey Kiddo, by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

A book featuring a false confession - The Trial, by Franz Kafka

A book you meant to read in 2018 - Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

A book featuring a memorable cat - Harry Potter

A book set in South America - Love in the Time of Cholera, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

A book by an author you’ve never heard of before - Netgalley choice

A book featuring a nonbinary protagonist - Magnus Chase, by Rick Riordan

A book about intersectional feminism - We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (I think this counts?)

A book with a place in the title - Main Street, by Sinclair Lewis

A book by an author you’re thankful for - Becoming, by Michele Obama

A book signed by the author - The Dancing Master, by Julie Klassen

A book set in Africa - Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad

A book about mental health - Furiously Happy, by Jenny Lawson

A book written by an immigrant - We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A retelling - Circe, by Madeline Miller

A book about incarceration - The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander

A book recommended by an author - Evicted, by Matthew Desmond

A book with a person of color on the cover - I'm sure I'll find one

A book by an author who uses a pen name - The Cuckoo's Calling, by Robert Gailbraith

A book whose title includes a verb - Roam, by C. H. Armstrong

A book recommended by a librarian - Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse

A book being adapted in 2019 - Chaos Walking, by Patrick Ness (I assume adapted for a movie or such)?

Today, 2:42pm Top

>122 The_Hibernator: *preens*

You're so organized you picked the books out already! I'm going up without a net: I'm reading as and when I want to, no reference to the meme...I'll fit the books I've read into it if I can.

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Hello Rachel! I hope your day is going well.

>122 The_Hibernator: This looks like an excellent challenge to NOT complete. I have not chosen my next audio, though I have a couple in mind. I may just draw a straw from this challenge and see what happens.

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Wow, what a tough situation with J and your sister, Rachel. Kudos to you for trying to get it sorted.

I loved The Ranger's Apprentice series way back when, but this unfortunately is not the year for a re-read - my wife and I have committed to trying to get books off our bulging tbr shelves. I'll look forward to following your and Morphy's comments on it.

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