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2019 - Majkia's Reading - Part 1

The Green Dragon

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Edited: Yesterday, 5:13pm Top

This year I'm planning to do less planning. Reading mostly TBR books, but hoping to finish off more than a few series I've started.

Three things I strongly believe in: The Pearl rule, the Bechdel test, and the Oxford comma.

Happy New Year everyone!

Edited: Yesterday, 5:17pm Top



1. Brilliance - Marcus Sakey - 3.5* 🎵
2. The Wrong Stars - Tim Pratt - 3.5* - ebook
3. Deadhouse Landing - Ian C. Esslemont - 🎵
4. Hunting Party - Elizabeth Moon - 3.5* - ebook
5. The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larrson - 4.0 - 🎵 (Simon Vance)
6. Artificial Condition - Martha Wells - 🎵 (John Banks)



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Jan 1, 8:41am Top

OK. I have to ask. Where did you get those wonderful icons?

Jan 1, 8:54am Top

Happy new year! :) I look forward to following your 2019 reads.

Jan 1, 10:16am Top

>6 Bookmarque: Feel free to snag them! I have no idea where I got them originally.

Jan 1, 1:48pm Top

Happy New Year! Following along again :)

Jan 1, 3:35pm Top

1 Brilliance - Marcus Sakey

An Alt History which deals with children being born with advanced mental traits, and the societal consequences as those children grow, and more and more of the population becomes so gifted.

A thriller, nicely written, with a plot that moves the story right along. Characters you can care about and cheer for, with a few twists I did not see coming.

Jan 1, 3:36pm Top

>7 YouKneeK: >9 Narilka:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope we all have a terrific reading year.

Jan 1, 3:47pm Top

Jan 1, 5:58pm Top

Following...and have a splendid reading year. Looking forward to multiple bullets...

Jan 2, 5:45am Top

Happy new year! I hope it is a good one for you in books and in real life.

Jan 2, 7:35am Top

Added my three beliefs for reading to the first post:

Three things I strongly believe in: The Pearl rule, the Bechdel test, and the Oxford comma.

Jan 2, 8:41am Top

Happy New Year! May you enjoy your reading in 2019!

Jan 2, 2:40pm Top

2. The Wrong Stars - Tim Pratt Series: Axion #1

Interesting sci fi with a strange alien race the humans call Liars. When the survivor of a goldilocks ship turns up unexpectedly with a piece of alien tech that could change life forever, things start to go badly wrong.

Quite well written, a plot that moves things along nicely, likeable characters, and distinctly inscrutable tech and aliens.

Jan 3, 8:55am Top

>15 majkia: Yes, yes, and yes!

Jan 3, 1:46pm Top

>1 majkia:

I really enjoyed the series that begins with Hunting Party, especially the first three.

Jan 3, 2:04pm Top

>19 suitable1: I've got the Heris Serrano combo 1-3 so hoping to read all of them. Good to hear that!

Jan 3, 2:05pm Top

>18 SylviaC:. LOL Thumbs up!

Edited: Jan 3, 3:46pm Top

>1 majkia: >19 suitable1: >20 majkia: I agree that the first three in that universe are particularly good, though I've enjoyed all of them and the Vatta's War series, though the repetition does wear a bit. They still read better than the woman-military-leader books written by men.

Jan 4, 6:13am Top

>1 majkia: >19 suitable1: >20 majkia: >22 quondame: (whew, what a row of referrers!) I'm in two minds - I enjoyed Hunting Party well enough to continue to read all the Serrano stories, and then to go on to read Vatta's War.
I did like Vatta's War better, but both was enjoyable reads. Felt a bit light-weight, though, and thinking about it I think maybe that was because they were a bit formulaic.
I have Vatta's War lined up for rereading, though, so it can't be that bad :)

Jan 4, 7:03am Top

I really enjoyed Vatta's War series. So far Hunting Party - I'm not very far in - reminds me of that, the characters are similar with a similar set up - no longer in the military.

My thoughts on Vatta's War series was that it was the most realistic depiction of women in the military I've yet read. Having been there myself for 20 years, I have a bit of experience with it. ;)

Jan 4, 7:19am Top

That part I enjoyed, and I have no issues with the authenticity, at all. It's more how similar the stories and characters are, and the predictability of the relationships - things like that.
All in all I liked both series, Vatta's War enough to reread but not enough to pick up the newly published sequels - mainly for fear of getting the original story spoiled - and would recommend at least Vatta's War to anyone who's into space opera or military sf.

Jan 4, 7:47am Top

>25 Busifer: Yes. I knew you weren't critiquing that. Most older sci fi seems to me, to follow a lot more conventions of the genre than the newer stuff. I blame the publishers.

Jan 4, 8:05am Top

>26 majkia: I didn't think so, I just wanted to clarify myself :-) And I very much agree with you on publishers and convention. It is like they thought that no one would buy a book if it wasn't very much like all other books that previously been successfully published.

I for one very much enjoy the present-day variety of sf, at least as long as I feel that the author has been subject to some editing. But I feel that has gotten better as well. There was a time in the 00's when every book seemed to be at least 500 pages, many of which held a lot of superfluous stuff.
The mark of a real good author of olden times was, to me, that they could tell a compelling story in under 200 pages. There was a time recently when 200 pages hadn't even got the story started...

Jan 4, 3:07pm Top

I'm enjoying the comments on Hunting Party, the Serrano series, and Vatta's War in this thread. I've enjoyed all those books, and I was planning a reread of Vatta's War once I finish some library books. I was surprised to see that Busifer was doing the same. I may go on to reread the Serrano series once I'm done with Vatta's War.

Jan 4, 6:44pm Top

I preferred the Serrano series over Vatta's War. I cared for the Serrano characters much more.

Edited: Jan 5, 5:37am Top

I too own the Serrano omnibus of the first 3 books. I read Hunting party some years ago and really enjoyed it but never carried on. If majkia is reading them this year then perhaps it will inspire me to do the same.

Jan 5, 7:56am Top

On the reread of Vatta's War I might chose to do a listen this time around. A long time ago I got Trading in Danger from Audible, and I have some credits to spare, too.

If I instead chose to read my paper editions it will be later on in the year, as I've some other books lined up first: I have accumulated quite the TBR pile while awaiting for my reading spirit to rise it's head and want to prioritise getting through some of them before I start to reread golden oldies :)

Edited: Jan 8, 1:50pm Top

3. Deadhouse Landing - Ian C. Esslemont Series: Path to Ascendancy #2

Throughout the Malazan series, I moaned about how little of Dancer and even Kellanved we saw. So when Esslemont came out with this prequel series I was ready to grab it up. And I'm delighted I did. The two of them together are hilarious, and seeing them grow up together and Dancer's constant frustration with his little mage friend makes me grin.

I listened to the audiobook read by John Banks who did a terrific job.

Eager for the next book.

Jan 8, 4:38pm Top

We've been having the kitchen redone and it is nearly finished. Folks have asked for pictures so here it is, at least as it is today. Just a few more things to do and then I can actually use it! New sink, new cooktop and vent, new countertops and backsplash. Cabinets were re-pickled.

Jan 8, 4:41pm Top

Very nice.

Jan 8, 5:24pm Top

>33 majkia: That looks great!

Jan 8, 10:06pm Top

That's very nice, and I like the bird collection!

Jan 9, 4:17am Top

That's great, and I love the birds too!

Jan 9, 8:44am Top

Lovely! I love that the bird collection is on glass shelves for better viewing. What a great idea! Very pretty color combination, it rather puts me in mind of marsh grass or beach at sunrise, probably because of the birdies. :) Seems relaxing.

Jan 9, 8:57am Top

There are a lot more shorebirds up there. Once the rest of the counter gets cleaned off I'll take a photo of the rest of it. Thanks for the comments. I'm really pleased with how it came out.

Jan 9, 4:05pm Top

Here's the rest of the counter showing all the shorebirds

Jan 10, 4:01am Top

Oh, that is lovely!

Jan 10, 8:25am Top

Happy New Year, majkia! Your new kitchen looks amazing. May 2019 bring you many wonderful books and meals!

Jan 11, 9:54am Top

>40 majkia: Love it! An inspiring place to cook.

Jan 11, 5:37pm Top

4. Hunting Party -Elizabeth Moon Series: Heris Serrano #1

I really enjoyed her series Vatta's War, so was looking forward to reading this. She's really good at depicting women in the military, and does a great job of getting the types of thinking that is required of anyone in charge of other people and their health and well being.

Hunting Party didn't disappoint in this regard. This is an older woman in this series, where the heroine in Vatta's War was young and new to the experiences. This time, this woman is seasoned and unhappy about having resigned her commission and missing all that went with it.

I enjoyed the characters and the different settings, although I confess I learned more about fox hunting that I really ever expected to, but as there was quite a bit of character development going on with it, I didn't mind all that much.

The younger characters were annoying at first but definitely grew through the adventures they endured.

If you like military sci fi, give this a try. It's quite different from most of the genre but all the better for that.

Jan 14, 7:19am Top

5. The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larrson - Series: Millennium Trilogy #2

I listened to the audiobook read by Simon Vance.

Tricksy, with lots of diversionary tactics, these books keep you reading and wondering just how things can possibly turn out well. The main character, Lisbeth, is a troubled young woman who has no idea how to back down. You come at her and she comes right back at you with all her strength, intelligence and ability.

Characters are interesting, flawed and complex. They interact in surprising ways and the plot is hard to predict.

Really enjoyed it and hope to read the last of the trilogy soon.

Jan 14, 7:35am Top

>45 majkia: I enjoyed the trilogy very much. The Swedish film of the first book is very good. I found the film sequels lacked something. I have only seen the trailer for the American film and I cannot see it adding anything to the experience other than some loud music with heavy beats to tell the viewers they are supposed to feel tense and scared.

Yesterday, 5:05pm Top

6. Artificial Condition - Martha Wells Series: Murderbot Diaries #2

Sooo much fun. Love the murderbot and her obsession with 'Sanctuary Moon'. Like her new friend too. :)

I listened to the audiobook read by Kevin R. Free, who does a great job, and gets the humor just right.

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