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Paul C Back to Basics in 2019

This topic was continued by Paul C Back to Basics in 2019.

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Jan 1, 4:45pm Top

Since I am starting this year with this Priestley classic that I've been looking for for the longest time and I am in the land of fish n chips at the moment.....what better way?

Edited: Jan 16, 5:07am Top

I am Paul Cranswick, sometime group statistician, Malaysian correspondent - construction project manager and avid book accumulator.

Father of three - Yasmyne, Kyran and Belle - the first two already studying in university in the UK and hopeful of a return to the UK in the none too distant future.

Had a tough few years and this affected badly my reading last year which was the first that I have failed to reach 100 books. This year - hope springs eternal so let's see.

Edited: Jan 16, 5:08am Top

2019 Books


1. Findings by Kathleen Jamie BIAC
2. Black Robe by Brian Moore
3. Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood
4. Football in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano
5. The Rider by Tim Krabbe

Edited: Jan 16, 5:09am Top

Currently reading:

The Good Companions by J.B. Preistley

Edited: Jan 16, 5:10am Top


January 2019 - The Natural World https://www.librarything.com/topic/296824#6632759
February 2019 - Pat Barker and Peter F. Hamilton
March 2019 - The Murderous Scots https://www.librarything.com/topic/296824#6637458
April 2019 - Rosamond Lehmann and John Boyne
May 2019 - The Edwardians https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6656870
June 2019 - Nicola Barker and Wilkie Collins
July 2019 - YA Fantasy Series https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6660927
August 2019 - Anita Brookner and Jim Crace
September 2019 - Biography and Memoir https://www.librarything.com/topic/299559#6674204
October 2019 - Rose Tremain and Louis de Bernieres
November 2019 -The Jewish Contribution https://www.librarything.com/topic/301575#6688724
December 2019 - Zadie Smith and Michael Morpurgo
WILDCARD - Back to the Beginning - LIVELY and ISHIGURO

Here is a link to the thread:

Jan 1, 4:58pm Top

Next is yours

Jan 1, 5:06pm Top

Good Wednesday, or near enough, squire Cranswick.

Jan 1, 5:16pm Top

A suitable topper indeed, Paul. Wishing you a better year, and one full of good reads!

Jan 1, 5:27pm Top

Happy New Year, Paul! I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and yours.

Jan 1, 5:27pm Top

Happy reading 2019, Paul.

Jan 1, 5:34pm Top

>7 richardderus: Thank you kind Sir. Today spent in Hay-on-Wye and I'll list my reserved list of additions here shortly.

>8 harrygbutler: Thanks so much Harry.

Jan 1, 5:35pm Top

>9 BLBera: Thank you Beth. It got off to a pretty good start anyhow.

>10 Ameise1: Thanks dear Barbara. I'll get around threads shortly.

Jan 1, 5:37pm Top

Happy new year! Wishing you lots of good reading this year.

Jan 1, 5:43pm Top

Happy New Year Paul! Dropping my star here. Wishing you a good reading year to come.

Jan 1, 5:46pm Top

>13 cbl_tn: Lovely to see you Carrie!

>14 EllaTim: Stars always make me bright, Ella. xx

Jan 1, 6:08pm Top

Happy New Year and new thread!

Edited: Jan 1, 6:12pm Top

Plumping my cushion Paul.

When do you head back to Malaysia? I hope you had a good visit with family.

How many times have you succumbed to F&C?

Edited: Jan 1, 6:15pm Top

>5 PaulCranswick: Does the challenge have a 2019 thread yet Paul?

Jan 1, 6:19pm Top

Hello Dear Friend. I plan to spend more time on the threads this year. 2018 was not a successful year for keeping up to date with you and many others.

All good wishes for completing the 100 book plan for 2019. All Happy, Happy New Year to you and your family!

Jan 1, 6:27pm Top

Welcome to the New Year Paul. Good Fish and Chips should never be passed by.

Jan 1, 6:28pm Top

I like "back to basics."
Dropping off my star and looking forward to staying a bit more in touch with one another in the coming year, Paul!

Jan 1, 6:29pm Top

"Good Fish and Chips should never be passed by."
Um, Yes.

Jan 1, 6:35pm Top

>17 Caroline_McElwee: Thank you Amanda - my queen of the BAC. xx

>18 Caroline_McElwee: Make yourself comfy, Caroline......always more than welcome in these digs.

Jan 1, 6:37pm Top

Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 6:38pm Top

>19 Whisper1: I sincerely look forward to that, dear Linda - you are one of the pals I most esteem in the group so it will be great to have you around more.

>20 RBeffa: Indeed Ron. Indeed!

Jan 1, 6:40pm Top

>21 EBT1002: I hope so too Ellen, dear.

>22 EBT1002: Yes Ellen. Especially so in West Yorkshire - the home of great fish and chips.

Jan 1, 6:40pm Top

>24 mahsdad: Thanks Jeff.

Jan 1, 7:06pm Top

Found and starred! How long will you remain in the UK? I am sure you are savouring every minute!

Happy new year and here's to a better one!

Jan 1, 7:08pm Top

Happy New Year, Paul and Happy New Thread. Looking forward to sharing another year of books with you! And hoping to see you around more often. You were missed.

Jan 1, 7:26pm Top

>28 jessibud2: I head off back to Malaysia on the 6th, Shelley. XX

>29 msf59: Thanks Mark. I will do my best to be around more in 2019.

Jan 1, 7:52pm Top

Welcome back, Paul! Glad to see you here.

Jan 1, 7:54pm Top

For PAUL and HANI -

From The Reason You Walk by Canadian Anishaabe leader WAB KINEW
on reconciliation with his father:

"The worst things one human being can do to another had been confronted by the very best that the human spirit has to offer.
On this day at least, the best part of us had won out."

Jan 1, 7:54pm Top

>31 drneutron: Thanks Jim. Always great to be back and starting a new year.

Jan 1, 7:59pm Top

>32 m.belljackson: Thanks Marianne. I am always in favour of reconciliation because life is too short. I also have to cater for the feelings of my siblings and mother for whom my father has assumed almost demonic proportions. I do let the kids see him and have spoken to him by telephone but I cannot condone that:
1 He called my kids half breeds

2 That he cheated my brother from a shared business with calculated spite aimed at ruining him and his family.

I don't wish him ill but I am not about to go and play happy families with him either.

Jan 1, 8:00pm Top

One more, PAUL, for a great fun start to The 2019 New Year for your Malaysian Jazz Friend =

The entire Art Ensemble of Chicago will be featured in original paintings on A Skateboard!!!

Jan 1, 8:03pm Top

>34 PaulCranswick:

Sounds like he could give BOTH Knausgaard and Wab Kinew's fathers some real competition...

Jan 1, 9:02pm Top

Happy New Year Paul! A couple of those authors on The British Isles Challenge interest me. I have to say I didn’t realize John Boyne was British. I will be checking it out.

Jan 1, 9:10pm Top

Dropping off my star, Paul!

Jan 1, 9:20pm Top

Happy New Year and happy new thread, Paul! I hope your reading ambitions are realized this year.

Jan 1, 9:31pm Top

Happy New Year, dear Paul.

Jan 1, 9:37pm Top

Paul, now I want Fish and Chips!

Jan 1, 9:53pm Top

Hola Paul, and may we both live in far less interesting times in 2019!

Jan 1, 10:00pm Top

I have high hopes for 2019 and wish you and yours a wondrous year, too!!

Jan 1, 10:52pm Top

Yay! Paul C's back! Happy new year to you and yours! May all your endeavors in 2019 be rewarding and your free time for reading, plentiful!

Jan 1, 11:06pm Top

>25 PaulCranswick: You are very kind! Thank you.

Jan 1, 11:50pm Top

Happiest of Happy New Years to you, Paul! I wish you every good thing in 2019, and that includes more time to read, reflect, and report.

Jan 2, 12:12am Top

Happy New Year and new thread. I hope 2019 brings you more reading, LTing and family time, Paul. And yay for fish and chips, you may be in the land of fish and chips now but where I am can probably give them a run for their money!

Jan 2, 1:38am Top

Happy New Year Paul!

Jan 2, 3:55am Top

Happy New Year Paul! And happy new thread!

Wishing you and your family the best for 2019.

Jan 2, 4:00am Top

>35 m.belljackson: That sounds a blast!

>36 m.belljackson: Yes, he is some piece of work, but my father nonetheless. The kids are oblivious to his earlier remarks and in all fairness I do think he regrets them.

Jan 2, 4:02am Top

>37 brenzi: Lovely to see my queen of reviews! It is a British Isles challenge this year, Bonnie, so the British and Irish challenges are combined.

>38 ronincats: Thanks Roni. That gives me a very bright start to the day.

Jan 2, 4:03am Top

Happy New Year Paul. Sounds like you are off to a good start, nothing like fish and chips to accompany a good book.

Jan 2, 4:04am Top

>39 foggidawn: Thank you Foggy. I hope that I do a little better at the very least!

>40 AMQS: Lovely to see you Anne, do you have a thread yet?

>41 banjo123: It would be nice to share a jumbo portion, Rhonda!

Jan 2, 4:05am Top

>42 evilmoose: Megan, it is nice to see you bright eyed and bushy tailed at the start of 2019.

>43 Berly: Kimmers! Wondrous would be.....well, just wondrous.

Jan 2, 4:07am Top

>44 Carmenere: Thank you Lynda. I hope I can be a bit more active this year.

>45 Whisper1: Just saying it as it is, dear Linda. Wisdom, fortitude and thoughtfulness combined. xx

Jan 2, 4:09am Top

>46 LizzieD: Thanks Peggy. The reading and reflecting would be lovely.

>47 Familyhistorian: One day I do hope to find out, Meg. xx

Jan 2, 4:10am Top

>48 SandDune: Thank you Rhian.

>49 humouress: I will return to tropical climes soon enough dear neighbour. Lets make that long overdue meet-up in 2019?!

Jan 2, 4:11am Top

>52 avatiakh: Thanks Kerry. Fish and Chips are a good accompaniment to most things aren't they? I remember having pretty good fish and chips in Christchurch by the way a number of years ago.

Edited: Jan 2, 4:13am Top

>57 PaulCranswick: Let's resolve to do it this year!

ETA: all this fish 'n chips talk is making me hungry. Wrapped in newspaper, doused in vinegar and salt and steaming hot, I hope.

Jan 2, 5:42am Top

>59 humouress: Nina, I am not a traditionalist on fish and chips because I usually seek out curry sauce as an accompaniment.

Jan 2, 5:44am Top

Eh voila!

Jan 2, 5:48am Top

This is from my favourite fish and chip restaurant - The Kingfisher - in Wakefield.

Jan 2, 5:55am Top

I remember eating fish and chips out of newspaper :-). Well I would never take curry with this meal.

Jan 2, 6:07am Top

Acquisitions for 2019 since my arrival in UK

1. The Good Companions by J.B. Priestley (1929) 618 pp
2. Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett (1911) 327 pp
3. Wolfwatching by Ted Hughes (1989) 55 pp
4. Foreign Affairs by Alison Lurie (1984) 279 pp
5. The Echoing Grove by Rosamond Lehmann (1953) 300 pp
6. All Night Long by Erskine Caldwell (1942) 283 pp
7. Black Robe by Brian Moore (1985) 224 pp
8. Southtrap by Geoffrey Jenkins (1979) 254 pp
9. Esther Waters by George Moore (1894) 362 pp
10. God's Gift to Women by Don Paterson (1997)
11. Panic Room by Robert Goddard (2018)
12. Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano (1995)
13. The Four Feathers by A.E.W. Mason (1902)
14. The Wild Places by Robert MacFarlane (2007)
15. Findings by Kathleen Jamie (2005)

Jan 2, 6:07am Top

>63 Ameise1: You may get a pleasant surprise, Barbara.

Jan 2, 6:37am Top

Hi Paul! Just popping by for a quick visit before things get very hectic around here! A very Happy New Year to you and yours, good sir! Sorry to hear there have been some tough times and family upheavals. Hopefully 2019 will offer less of that sort of thing and more in the way of good reads!
I see you favour the curry sauce option with your F & C. I'm more of a mushy peas lady myself, but the husband is slowly converting me to curry sauce. Or rather, I now take both. And lashings of tartar sauce and ketchup too! Hmm. Hungry now.

Jan 2, 6:47am Top

Oh Paul! Now I've got to go and have dinner.

(Curry sauce, you say? That was never an option that was offered, back in the day. Certainly not with newspaper. Is it good, then?)

Jan 2, 6:52am Top

Happy reading in 2019, Paul!

I hope 2019 is going to be a good year for you and your family, with enough reading time to reach your goal :-)
Enjoy your time in the UK.

Jan 2, 7:23am Top

>66 HanGerg: Nice to see you Hannah. SWBO agrees with both of us - she normally takes both curry sauce and mushy peas!

>67 humouress: Yes, Nina, it is a recent addition, I think. Delish though.

Jan 2, 7:24am Top

>68 FAMeulstee: Thank you Anita. Will you beat your 2018 reading score do you think?

Jan 2, 7:30am Top

Happy New Year, Paul! Looking forward to seeing what you read this year.

Jan 2, 7:40am Top

>61 PaulCranswick: oh-ah, I forget they come with curry sauce up in your part of the world!

Jan 2, 8:09am Top

>71 alcottacre: I hope that we'll both be here on LT much more in 2019.

>72 Caroline_McElwee: Is it only in the North, Caroline?

Jan 2, 8:41am Top

>70 PaulCranswick: I don't think so, Paul, I am still recovering from my November/December reading run. It was fun to see how far I could stretch my readings for once. But feel no need to do such an experiment again.

Jan 2, 9:05am Top

>64 PaulCranswick: Quite a stack already, Paul. I've not yet read The Four Feathers, though I have it around somewhere; I've only read Mason's Inspector Hanaud mysteries and possibly an odd short story or two.

Jan 2, 9:06am Top

Happy 2019, Paul! I should have known that once I found your thread it would almost be time for a new one! ;-0

Jan 2, 9:31am Top

>73 PaulCranswick: Haven't noticed it in London Paul. Maybe there are areas with a greater Indian population, but not my local chippie (Turkish).

Jan 2, 9:41am Top

Happy New Year and good reading!

Jan 2, 10:14am Top

I would be willing to try curry sauce with fish and chips, but over here in America, I usually just stick with tartar sauce.

Jan 2, 10:56am Top

Happy New Year, Paul! Hold the curry sauce for me, please.

Jan 2, 11:29am Top

Thanks, Paul! and Happy New Year to you too. May it be filled with the best of books and food!

Jan 2, 11:30am Top

Your thread got away from me! Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 12:04pm Top

>74 FAMeulstee: Well over 500 books is some experiment, Anita!

>75 harrygbutler: Thanks Harry. I haven't read anything by him yet but it fits my Edwardian theme in the British Isles Author Challenge.

Jan 2, 12:06pm Top

>76 ChelleBearss: Hahaha not really, Chelle. I am not quite like the old me.....just yet.

>77 Caroline_McElwee: Interesting, Caroline. I can hardly imagine fish and chips without it now!

Jan 2, 12:06pm Top

>78 torontoc: Thank you Cyrel. Lovely to see you here.

>79 foggidawn: It really ought to export better than this, Foggy!

Jan 2, 12:09pm Top

>80 kidzdoc: Held mate. More for me that way. SWMBO says your a philistine for not trying curry sauce with your chips. If she's willing to go to gator tails she thinks it the least you could do.

>81 Kristelh: Thank you for the kind wishes, Kristel.

>82 figsfromthistle: I was slightly later to the party than usual, Anita.

Jan 2, 12:51pm Top

>62 PaulCranswick: Yes, please. Two, please. Now. Please.

>64 PaulCranswick: Remarkable restraint you're showing. Hilda Lessways? Arnold Bennett? Bless him, Bibliofather, he knows not what he does.

Yours for a tsundoku-filled 2019,

Jan 2, 1:19pm Top

>87 richardderus: A man of some discernment obviously!

Good plain old fiction surely, RD?

I also wish you a 2019 with everything in it you like dear fellow.

Jan 2, 1:31pm Top

>88 PaulCranswick: The whole Five Towns cycle is good, basic storytelling, nothing fancy, nothing tricksy or cutesy. But the Potteries aren't terribly fascinating, are they? I mean, a hotbed of social realism they aren't, and they've never inspired romantic epics or suchlike that I'm aware of. Still and all, Bennett's ability to build a tale is undeniable. Just wish he'd been a smidge less verbose doing it.

Jan 2, 1:34pm Top

>89 richardderus: There is appeal in the humdrum and the rising above pretty unpromising circumstances - even if the rising is often measured in inches!

Jan 2, 2:43pm Top

Stopping by to drop a star and wish you a 2019 filled with good books and food. Looking forward to following your journey.

Jan 2, 3:22pm Top

I see your book buying is off to a good start in 2019!! : )

Jan 2, 7:58pm Top

>91 witchyrichy: Thank you Karen.

>92 Berly: One tries, Kimmers. One tries. xx

Jan 3, 12:10am Top

Not trying to rush anything, but I just finished my first BIAC read...

Jan 3, 2:35am Top

>94 amanda4242: Hahaha, well done so here comes October's picks and I'll get us a thread later today.

Edited: Jan 3, 3:02am Top



Our October lady is ......

Rose Tremain

Jan 3, 2:42am Top



Our October lady is ......

Rose Tremain

Sadler's Birthday (1976)
Letter to Sister Benedicta (1978)
The Cupboard (1981)
The Swimming Pool Season (1985)
Journey to the Volcano (1985)
Restoration (1989)
Sacred Country (1992)
The Way I Found Her (1997)
Music and Silence (1999)
The Colour (2003)
The Road Home (2007)
Trespass (2010)
Merivel (2012)
The Gustav Sonata (2016)

The Colonel's Daughter (1984)
The Garden of the Villa Mollini (1987)
Evangelista's Fan (1994)
Collected Short Stories (1996)
The Darkness of Wallis Simpson (2005)
Great Escapes (2008)
The American Lover (2014)

Edited: Jan 3, 3:04am Top



Our October gentleman is ......

Louis de Bernieres

Edited: Jan 5, 4:40am Top



Louis de Bernieres

Latin American Trilogy
1. The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts (1990)
2. Senor Vivo and the Coca Lord (1991)
3. The Troublesome Offspring of Cardinal Guzman (1992)
The Latin American Trilogy (omnibus) (1994)

1. Red Dog (2001)
2. Blue Dog (2016)
aka Red Dog: True Blue

Corelli's Mandolin (1994)
Birds Without Wings (2004)
A Partisan's Daughter (2008)
The Dust that Falls from Dreams (2015)
So Much Life Left Over (2018)

Notwithstanding (2009)
Imagining Alexandria (poems) (2013)
Of Love And Desire (poems) (2016)
The Cat in the Treble Clef (poems) (2018)
Labels and Other Stories (2019)

Sunday Morning At the Centre of the World (2001)

Jan 3, 3:25am Top

Hi stranger, Nice to see you have Peter F. Hamilton ups on your challenge list this year .....

all the posting of Fish & chips makes me hungry for them ... its hiding towards 10pm so that's not a good thing ! D

Happy new year

Jan 3, 4:25am Top

>100 roundballnz: I thought about you, Alex, when I chose him, because I wouldn't have heard of him without you.

Jan 3, 9:59am Top

Happy New Year, Paul! I'll stop in from time to time.

Jan 3, 10:47am Top

Happy New Year, Paul! I am hoping that this one is full of fabulous for you. Your first author pick reminds me of when you sent me The Road Home by her, which I absolutely loved - I think of you every time I see both it and The Shipping News sitting on my shelves.

Jan 3, 10:48am Top

Happy reading in 2019 Paul

Jan 3, 12:53pm Top

Happy 2019, Paul!

I hope it's an easier year for you, and a better one for reading. The Good Companions sounds like a fun one.

Jan 3, 2:34pm Top

Happy New Year, Paul, and happy reading!

Jan 3, 5:48pm Top

Just stopping by to say hello and drop off a star. Looking forward to another year of fun.

And now I want fish and chips.

Jan 3, 7:28pm Top

>86 PaulCranswick: SWMBO says your a philistine for not trying curry sauce with your chips. If she's willing to go to gator tails she thinks it the least you could do.

Hmph. Tell her that I have plenty of beef borscht left over, but she won't get a drop of it. (She'll know what I mean.)

Jan 3, 8:11pm Top

>62 PaulCranswick:

Paul, I looked at that picture and headed directly to my stove. That looks like delicious (what we call in the states) comfort food. I am not sure what three sauces we see.

So whether you make it to 100 this year or just "War and Peace", it is nice seeing you on board for 2019!

Jan 4, 4:47am Top

Happy new year, Paul.

Jan 4, 8:38am Top

dropping off my star! Happy New Year!

Jan 4, 9:06am Top

Hanging my star at the top of this thread so I can follow along. I'm terribly behind on 2019 threads. Glad you are enjoying your time in the UK, and I hope you'll be able to return there on a more permanent basis soon. I would love to have "proper" fish and chips. The UK is on my wish list of places to visit. I think I'd enjoy quieter places than London for the most part. The older I get, the less of a big city person I am. I still want to see London itself, but I want to spend more time in other places. Maybe I'll get there one day.

Jan 4, 10:55am Top

>102 ffortsa: Lovely to see you Judy.

>103 Crazymamie: I loved those days Mamie when I had plenty of spare cash and could send books to my dear friends when the whim and fancy took me. Hopefully again soon.....

Jan 4, 10:57am Top

>104 calm: Thank you Calm. By the way we have planned a trip to West Wales for my next UK visit. Maybe a meet-up? Maybe April.

>105 jnwelch: Lovely to see you Joe. It is a long book buddy but will get finished on the way back to KL for sure.

Jan 4, 10:58am Top

>106 aktakukac: Nice to see you Rachel - i think you have already beaten the number of posts on your thread in 2019 compared to last year.

>107 SuziQoregon: A fish and chip shop would do well I can see amongst our little discerning community!

Jan 4, 11:01am Top

>108 kidzdoc: She has smiled Darryl. She has smiled. Enigmatic, but a smile nonetheless.

>109 Forthwith: It is indeed comfort food, Michael. Great stuff in fact.
I am not bothered about 100 this year. I failed to do it in 2018 so that spell is broken so to speak. I'll just read and see where I get to this year.

Jan 4, 11:02am Top

>110 DianaNL: 2019 heralds your return Diana and that is immediately a cause for celebration!

>111 The_Hibernator: It wouldn't be the same in the group without you Rachel.

>112 thornton37814: I like libraries and book shops and nice eateries but in as rural a setting as possible!

Jan 4, 1:24pm Top

Like many of your faithful thread followers I am behind on all the threads. A week without internet will do that, so I am going to hijack your thread for an announcement, and because I know you like Scandicrime you might be interested.

I am hosting a mystery challenge thread within the 75'ers Group.

Here is the link. https://www.librarything.com/topic/301787

For lack of a better title I christened it: Lackberg and Leon: A Scandicrime vs Venetian Mystery Challenge. I thought about doing something with North vs. South or Hot and Cold Climes Crime, but somehow it just didn't mesh. If one of you can come up with something let us know over on the new thread.

It is part of the 75 Books Challenge group. For a couple of years we have been doing a compare and contrast mystery group read and this year we selected the Erika Falck series by Camilla Lackberg and the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon as our two authors. Scandicrime vs. Canal Crime? The Ice Princess is our first book for this year.

If nothing else, drop a star on the thread and just lurk. We don't mind.

Jan 4, 5:24pm Top

>118 benitastrnad: Ooh great Benita. I have a few Donna Leon's to read and PLENTY of Scandi. In addition to Leon there is also Marco Vichi and Andrea Camilleri and Carlo Lucarelli and Valerio Varesi and Massimo Carlotto.

I would also refer you to Carlotto's own picks on the interesting site "Five Books"


Jan 4, 5:31pm Top

Hope you have a lovely weekend, Paul!

Jan 4, 5:43pm Top

>120 dk_phoenix: Thank you, Faith. It is lovely to see you back. xx

Jan 4, 6:13pm Top

Hi Paul!

I can’t believe I missed your thread – thank goodness Jim keeps a threadbook and I went through it methodically today. Of course I then got distracted making meatloaf for supper and a lemon pound cake for afters, but here I am to wish you a very Happy New Year and Happy First Thread of 2019. I hope your reading soars to new heights and your business and personal life thrive.

>62 PaulCranswick: You’ll probably be shocked to hear that I love catsup/Worcestshire/tabasco/lemon/horseradish sauce – known as cocktail sauce here in the US – with fried fish.

>64 PaulCranswick: I am humbled to realize that I’ve only heard of one of those books although I’ve heard of several other of the authors.

Jan 4, 7:13pm Top

Happy Friday, Paul!

Jan 4, 7:41pm Top

>122 karenmarie: How can I compete with meatloaf and lemon pound cake, Karen?!

>123 alcottacre: It is now officially Saturday here in the UK, Stasia - albeit by minutes!

Happy Saturday to you my dear lady.

Jan 4, 7:44pm Top

Happy new year, Paul, and hoping you can read more in 2019 than last year! Have a great weekend!

Jan 4, 7:50pm Top

>125 bell7: Me too, Mary, but I don't want it just to be measured in number of books this year.

Jan 4, 8:36pm Top

Happy reading! Hope this year is better for you than it was before

Jan 4, 9:33pm Top

Hi Paul, I'm dropping my star here and sending wishes for 2019 to be a stellar year for you and yours.

Jan 5, 12:05am Top

Hi Paul! Fish and Chips, a perfect "Friday night, I don't want to cook" meal. I like your addition of curry. I have never tried curry with fish and chips but I can admit to loving pierogis with curry (I prefer them with either butter chicken or a good masala), so there you go. ;-)

Dropping a star so I can find my way back. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Jan 5, 3:34am Top

>127 applebook1: Thanks Yoona. It would be lovely to see your thread more active this year. xx

>128 DeltaQueen50: Will my guru be having a thread with us this year (he types hopefully)?

Jan 5, 3:41am Top

>129 lkernagh: Lori, I had a pretty good Indian meal on the evening of sending Kyran back to Portsmouth.

SWMBO as usual requested something that, strictly speaking wasn't on the menu which in this case was a King Prawn Gujarati. Similar to this one:

Jan 5, 4:13am Top

More additions to report:

16. Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood (1933) 256 pp
17. Flamingo Boy by Michael Morpurgo (2018) 288 pp
18. Look at Me by Anita Brookner
19. The Spy and the Traitor by Ben MacIntyre
20. The Lake by George Moore (1905)

Jan 5, 5:07am Top




Diversity is a strength of British literature. The contribution of its various creeds and ethnicities be it from Asia, Africa or the Caribbean has added a richness and texture to our language and literature that has elevated it tremendously. The impact of the Jewish community is quite possibly chief amongst these - both via immigrants fleeing persecution or lack of recognition - Arthur Koestler and Elias Canetti spring to mind as well as those assimilated and comfortable in their British skins.

Some authors to choose from :

Grace Aguilar
Naomi Alderman
Lisa Appignanesi
Caryl Brahms
Jenny Diski
Linda Grant
Zoe Heller
Eva Ibbotson
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
Bernice Rubens

Dannie Abse
Alain de Botton
Stephen Fry
Neil Gaiman
Anthony Horowitz
Howard Jacobson
Matthew Kneale
Harold Pinter
Michael Rosen
Isaac Rosenburg
Jack Rosenthal
Will Self
Tom Stoppard
William Sutcliffe
Adam Thirlwell

Jan 5, 6:31am Top

Stopping in with belated New Year wishes!!! Just got back home and trying to thaw out. Hope all is well with you and all the family.

Jan 5, 6:38am Top

>134 BekkaJo: Lovely to see you Bekka. Will look out for your thread......

Jan 5, 6:40am Top

The British Isles Author Challenge Thread is up:


Jan 5, 7:38am Top

A bit late, but still: Happy new year.
I wish, that you may find a good and solid path in 2019

Jan 5, 8:45am Top

Happy New Year! and OY with the fish and chips! It's only 8;45 am and now I want lunch. Grrrr.

So I see you're heading back to Malaysia tomorrow - or todayish. Time. What is time? Anyhoo. Safe travels and good reading!

Jan 5, 9:15am Top

>137 paulstalder: I love that image, Paul, and so very opportune for the start of the new year.

>138 dragonaria: Thanks Kimberly. Todayish is right. Will be going off to the airport in about 90 minutes.

Jan 5, 10:54am Top

>64 PaulCranswick: You are off to a great start in adding to the acquisitions!

Jan 5, 12:34pm Top

>139 PaulCranswick: I made that picture a few weeks ago on a cold December morning ... it looks a bit like my way: I see a few steps (days) ahead and the rest disappears around the bend.
Have a good trip to Malaysia

Jan 5, 7:09pm Top

>132 PaulCranswick: great new additions!!

Jan 6, 2:39am Top

Belated Happy New Year Paul and safe travels! May the new year bring you joy, success (as stress-free as possible), always good health of course and many many great reads.

As I don‘t eat fish, I‘d happily give those chips with curry sauce a try. Though I also like them with vinegar (and hate them with ketchup/ tomato sauce and mayonnaise, the German combo).

Jan 6, 3:55am Top

A little belated Happy New Year.
A little belated Happy New Thread.
I wish you and yours a year full of books, love, friends and health.

Jan 6, 12:03pm Top

>140 Whisper1: I have a couple more to gladly report, too, Linda as there were a couple of secret santa books waiting for me on my return.

Thanks so much to Carrie:

21. The Rider by Tim Krabbe (1978) 148 pp
22. Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden (2005) 432 pp

Jan 6, 12:04pm Top

>141 paulstalder: Nice description Paul.

>142 SuziQoregon: Thanks Juli.

Jan 6, 12:07pm Top

>143 Deern: Nathalie, I agree with you on ketchup and mayonnaise. There is no possibility of such condiments spoiling my enjoyment.

>144 SirThomas: Thank you so much Thomas.

Jan 6, 12:10pm Top

Journey back was awful - both planes were full to the brim and I didn't get an aisle seat on either. I realised centre seats make me claustrophobic and I was extremely uncomfortable on the first leg of the trip.

To make matters worse I put The Good Companions accidentally in the checked in luggage and so wasn't able to finish it en route.

I did get the year off to a decent start though by finishing two books on the journey.

Edited: Jan 11, 1:49am Top

BOOK #1 IN 2019

Findings by Kathleen Jamie

Date of Publication : 2005 (1 of 150)
Pages : 190 (190 total)
Author Origin : UK (1 of 80)
British Isles Author Challenge (January 1 book total)

Very rich writing mainly concentrating on the natural world of the far north of Scotland.

Jamie is a poet and this shines through in evocative prose:

"it was a weakling light, stealing into the world like a thief through a window someone forgot to close."


Jan 6, 12:29pm Top

Book #2 in 2019

Black Robe by Brian Moore

Date of Publication : 1985 (2 of 150)
Pages : 224 (414 total)
Author Origin : Canada (although born and brought up in Northern Ireland) (2 of 80)

Epic tale by an undeservedly ignored author these days. All his 1980s novels are excellent and this one is up there with The Colour of Blood as my favourite.

Seventeenth Century New France was an imposing and hostile place. A replacement Black Robe sets off to bring religion to the hostile tribes.

Very well done.

Jan 6, 12:34pm Top

It's years since I read >150 PaulCranswick: Black Robe Paul. I agree, a fine novel. They also made a pretty good film version off it as well.

Jan 6, 1:21pm Top

>151 Caroline_McElwee: They did indeed, Carolie - De Niro and Irons if I remember rightly.

Jan 6, 1:25pm Top

No, that was The Mission Paul, there is a movie called Black Robe with a Canadian cast with Lothaire Bluteau as the lead.

The Mission was also a fine film though.

Jan 6, 1:25pm Top

>152 PaulCranswick: The De Niro film is The Mission.

Jan 6, 1:44pm Top

>153 Caroline_McElwee: Of course you are right, Caroline. My excuse is that I have been travelling for 24 hours and it is 3 am here with no sleep on the horizon.

>154 amanda4242: Yes, Indeed, Amanda

Jan 6, 2:08pm Top

>150 PaulCranswick: - Hi Paul. Glad to be back on terra firma, I imagine!

Re Black Robe. Many years ago, I took a course in Irish Lit and though this wasn't the one I read by Moore, I remember it was made into either a film or a tv movie, in Quebec and I think it was banned for awhile (or was met by great controversy). Quebec being a very Catholic province, I guess it rubbed some people the wrong way. It was quite awhile ago and my memory of the details of what happened are sketchy, at best (early 1970s, I think).

Oh. I am just now seeing Caroline's note in >153 Caroline_McElwee:.

Jan 6, 2:21pm Top

>155 PaulCranswick: yup, that will scramble your brain Paul. I'm not sure I could do a long flight like that myself. The longest i've done is 8 hours.

Jan 6, 2:25pm Top

>156 jessibud2: The book is cinematic, if that makes sense, Shelley. I have liked other books by him more but not much more.

I am not overly pleased to be back but my work is here for now.

>157 Caroline_McElwee: I prefer the direct 12.5 hour flight to London, Caroline, but I couldn't book it. I do wish my budget would have allowed Belle and I a little more comfort.

Jan 6, 2:25pm Top

Sorry to see your travels home didn't go well but yay to finishing two books already!

Jan 6, 2:30pm Top

Sorry to read you had a rough flight back to Malaysia, Paul.
I hope you can catch up on sleep soon.

Jan 6, 2:56pm Top

>159 ChelleBearss: And a third imminent, Chelle.

>160 FAMeulstee: I will probably sleep on Wednesday, Anita!

Jan 6, 3:07pm Top

>161 PaulCranswick:

Hey - at least nobody puked AND no kids were reading HARRY out loud!

Jan 6, 3:28pm Top

Welcome home Paul!

>162 m.belljackson: Looks like getting the kids to read aloud is the way to go.

Jan 6, 3:40pm Top

Hi Paul, just dropped my star off even though it is a bit late, hope you and Belle have a safe journey home and you may not yet be aware that your beloved Leeds are out of the FA Cup after a 2-1 loss at QPR.

I have also made a good start to the reading year and have finished two so far.

Jan 6, 3:41pm Top

Good to see that you are home safely, Paul, although was it really necessary to hit me with a BB? (The Brian Moore)
I hope the coming week is successful without too much stress.

Jan 6, 4:11pm Top

>145 PaulCranswick: I thought Three Day Road was excellent, Paul, so I hope you like it.

>149 PaulCranswick: >150 PaulCranswick: Two Book Bullets for me right off the bat!

Jan 6, 8:37pm Top

>149 PaulCranswick: That was one I looked at for the BIAC, but since it wasn't available locally, I decided on one that was. I might even get to a second one if it is still available when I finish the one because it was on my radar.

Jan 6, 8:56pm Top

>61 PaulCranswick: oh dear. Gravy on chips? Reminds me of the time a guest at the neighbour's party made poutine and W said "I'm not going to stand around here and watch you do that to chips" and promptly left :)

>150 PaulCranswick: I am tempted!!! I reject the idea that the latest publication is the only thing to read, and try to harvest the good'uns from years gone by. I will just go ahead and WL this one. (Mark that down a BB for you, sir!!)

Jan 6, 9:09pm Top

>148 PaulCranswick: I certainly understand about the middle seat in a crowded plane. I suffer from migraines, and there's nothing like a very heavy perfume to bring one on immediately. Sadly, my experience with middle seats usually entails a middle aged lady wearing either a very heavy Estee Lauder perfume or a Clinique fragrance called aromatics.

Jan 6, 9:10pm Top

>145 PaulCranswick: You should have a couple more on the way! Glad you made it home safely.

Jan 6, 10:24pm Top

>132 PaulCranswick: Nice mini-haul.

>150 PaulCranswick: I loved the film...Moore wrote the screenplay...and had the novel for years. Somewhere along the line I lent it to someone and never got it back.

Hope your first weekday back was a good one.

Jan 7, 1:26am Top

Too bad your trip back was uncomfortable, Paul. Hope that work will not be as crazy as it was before you went to the UK.

Jan 7, 9:56am Top

Ugh, I hate the middle seat on planes! My preference is the window seat, as I can lean against the wall and there’s no danger of having my elbow whacked by the beverage cart on its way by.

Jan 7, 10:43am Top

I absolutely always, always try to avoid the middle seat on a plane. Last time, I smiled at the person next to me and made up a story about being claustrophobic, and he gave me his aisle seat. A little white lie that was necessary for a 10 hour flight :)

Jan 7, 10:49am Top

Hi Paul!

Congrats on book #2 already in the new year.

Does the abdication of the king and setting of an election to replace him have any immediate impact on you?

Jan 7, 12:03pm Top

I think I might join in on your British Isles challenge. I'll see if I can find books of interest.

I've never had "proper" fish and chips but I've had the American version. I'm a heathen and put ketchup (no mayonnaise, yuck) on them.

Ketchup + mayo = Thousand Island dressing

Jan 7, 4:09pm Top

Ah, the middle seat. I know someone who deliberately books the middle seat, as he sees it as an opportunity to potentially make not one, but two new friends. Yes, he is an extrovert, and does not understand that I prefer to spend my flight time quietly reading a book and not engaging with my random seat neighbors. ;-)

Glad to see you are safely back home and with two books already completed.

Jan 7, 8:47pm Top

>162 m.belljackson: Hahaha I guess I should be thankful for small mercies then, Marianne.

>163 humouress: I don't quite see the advantages of an eight year old live audiobook, Nina. xx

Jan 7, 8:49pm Top

>164 johnsimpson: Yes mate I did see that, but promotion is our goal this season and we fielded pretty much the reserves at Loftus Road.

Well done with the reading, John.

>165 bohemima: Thanks Gail. I am sure that you would like Black Robe even as I apologise for drawing your attention to it. :D

Jan 7, 8:51pm Top

>166 alcottacre: I read The Orenda a couple of years ago, Stasia, and was completely blown away by it. I am sure that I will like everything he has written.

>167 thornton37814: I ordered it from Book Depo myself, Lori, and it is very poetic so I'm glad i took the trouble to do so.

Jan 7, 8:57pm Top

>168 LovingLit: Would you take the chips / fries completely dry then, Megan?

Book bullets at the beginning of the year are the best shrapnel possible.

>169 Whisper1: I have to be fair, Linda, I was the meat in a very pleasant sandwich. My daughter on one side - the stubbornly unspeaking Ysabelle - and on my aisle side there was a very nice young lady in braids from Mali of all places. Still couldn't help the claustrophobic feelings I always get so I did get up and spend an hour or so at the back of the plane stretching my short little legs.

Jan 7, 9:08pm Top

>170 cbl_tn: I am in eager anticipation, Carrie. Thanks so much as it was a lovely way to come home.

>171 richardderus: I hate it RD when I lend out books that never get returned. The book is normally better than the film and I guess the film seems to have had its merits.

First day back was tiring as I was in a Commercial meeting at the site within 30 minutes of my return and surprised that my memory enabled me to contribute at least a little bit.

Jan 7, 9:11pm Top

>172 Familyhistorian: I don't see too much let up to be quite honest on the work front Meg, but at least I have had a couple of weeks off to recharge my batteries.

>173 foggidawn: That is exactly what I did on the second leg of the trip, Foggy! I much prefer the aisle and normally manage to get one but the flights were all chocka-block. I normally don't travel business for personal holidays but if I manage to ever sort out my finances I might change that policy!

Jan 7, 9:15pm Top

>174 figsfromthistle: Lacking your charm Anita - I got stuck with it!

>175 karenmarie: No Karen. It was actually quite well known in certain circles that the Agong or King was a drug addict and his election in the first place was slightly controversial for reasons of perceived incompetency. Malaysia's Federal system results in nine sultanates of which each is supposed to serve in turn for fixed terms. That system is creaking a little now and thank heavens as they are such a drain on the public purse.

Jan 7, 9:18pm Top

>176 Morphidae: Heaven forfend, Morphy, against Thousand Islands dressing!

Would love to have you along for some of the BIAC challenge this year. I have missed your presence dearly on LT these last times.

>177 lkernagh: I am an avid plane reader too Lori but do also enjoy chatting with fellow passengers in between. Not enough though to wish to have one either side.

Jan 7, 9:59pm Top

>130 PaulCranswick: Sorry Paul, I am keeping my thread at the Category Challenge as my main thread. You can always find me here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298887 and of course, I do plan on dropping in to visit every now and again.

Jan 7, 10:30pm Top

I don’t like sitting in the middle seat in a plane. There simply isn’t enough room for my big butt. That makes everybody uncomfortable. However, with the change in policy at Delta I no longer get to choose. Even though I am a frequent flyer with them.

Jan 7, 10:35pm Top

>178 PaulCranswick: Oh, I misread >162 m.belljackson:; I didn't see no kids reading aloud. But it does work sometimes, if you can get them to read their own bedtime story if you're too tired. On the excuse that it's good practice for them.

Jan 8, 12:50am Top

>186 DeltaQueen50: Ok Judy. I will come over and visit you as often as I can. xx

>187 benitastrnad: Delta does sound like a carrier I should avoid, Benita.

Jan 8, 12:54am Top

>188 humouress: My sister asked me to buy a couple of Roald Dahl books for her son for Christmas. When I happily brought them home to my mum's place she told me...."but Christian hates reading"!
His mother, my devious sister, either wanted to read them again herself or wanted to practice reading with him. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and plump for the latter. I suppose Roald Dahl could instil a love of reading in many a youngster.

Jan 8, 3:05am Top

>190 PaulCranswick: Well there's always hope for the fallen. If there's anything that might jumpstart a reading life it's Dahl. Danny the Champion of the World is one of my favorite books of my youth. Keep at it.

Jan 8, 9:38am Top

>191 mahsdad: My nephew got Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory both of which I loved as a boy. He is lucky but probably doesn't yet quite realise it!

Jan 8, 11:27am Top

>190 PaulCranswick: >191 mahsdad: I managed to find a set of Roald Dahl's books for Chloe for Christmas for very cheap at Costco! I think she is a touch young for them but I think we will start them later this spring.

Jan 8, 11:33am Top

Matilda and James and the Giant Peach are my favorites by Dahl. Here's hoping that the rest of the week is kind to you, Paul.

Jan 8, 1:32pm Top

>193 ChelleBearss: I remember reading them to my kids, Chelle. Great bonding time.

>194 Crazymamie: We went to the Roald Dahl museum in the UK several years ago and it prompted the kids to read all his books. I think Matilda was overall favourite of theirs too, Mamie.

Jan 8, 1:45pm Top

Book #3 in 2019

Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood

Date of Publication : 1933 (3 of 120)
Pages : 256 (670 in total)
Origin of Author : UK (2 of 80)

Unemployment. Poverty. Northern England.

A familiar troika of my growing up in Eighties Britain only this was set in the Great Depression and betrayal of the 1930s and its misnamed National Government.

The Hardcastles are typical. They suffer. They try to rise above the drudgery. Their lives are mean and sad and tragic.

Part social documentary, part powerful novel, wholly recommended.

Jan 8, 8:50pm Top

>185 PaulCranswick: Oh, I don’t mind Thousand Island. But it belongs on salad not fries (chips.)

Jan 9, 4:08am Top

>181 PaulCranswick: >168 LovingLit: LovingLit: Would you take the chips / fries completely dry then, Megan?
nope, I would have a little mayonnaise and a lot of chilli sauce mixed together and dip my fish and chips into that. (controversial? He he, maybe)

Jan 9, 6:58am Top

>191 mahsdad: Jeff: Oooh, that is my very favorite Dahl book! So, so wonderful. There's an excellent audio version out there, read by the fabulous Peter Serafinowicz.

>193 ChelleBearss: Chelle: Charlie was about Chloe's age when we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together and he was absolutely enchanted. I hope she loves it, too!

Hi, Paul!

Jan 9, 10:14am Top

You are dealing out the BB's again Paul! I think I'd love Findings but couldn't find it here.

Best fish and chips I ever had was in Oban, Scotland! Way better than we can get in IJmuiden Holland. We sometimes consider going back there, just for the fish, though Oban had other things going for it as well;-)

Jan 9, 10:51am Top

I'm slowly doing the rounds - Looks like I should just have time to say Happy New Year! before this thread turns into the next.

On my recent holiday trip on small airline Allegiant , I was not only able to pick my seat, but chose an exit row seat which gives more legroom and ensures no kids. I love kids, but not flying with a fussy small fry next to me.

I had to promise that in case of emergency, I could open the 40 pound emergency exit door, disengage it and throw it outside across the wing. Ha! In that sort of emergency, this little old lady could probably handle a lot more than 40 pounds!

Jan 9, 11:11am Top

>197 Morphidae: I don't really like manufactured sauces, Morphy, the curry sauce is prepared fresh.

>198 LovingLit: Each to their own, Megan, and that certainly wouldn't be my own!

Jan 9, 11:30am Top

>199 scaifea: Dahl deserves so much recognition for his contribution to making reading a delight for children of all ages.

>200 EllaTim: Oban is a delightful place isn't it, Ella? I wouldn't have thought of it for fish and chips necessarily but the Firth of Lorn is really picturesque and Oban Single Malt is well worth a try as it has a great mixture of smokiness and sweetness.

Jan 9, 11:32am Top

>204 PaulCranswick: Interesting trip, Janet. Allegiant is quite a name for an airline.

Jan 9, 11:35am Top

Another Carrie, Secret Santa book to happily report. Thank you dear lady!

23. The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh (1948) 149 pp

Jan 9, 11:46am Top

>195 PaulCranswick: Roald Dahl was always a favorite of mine and my students. Not sure of the age but Cory Doctorow's Little Brother and Homeland are just subversive enough to intrigue the older middle/high schooler boy.

Jan 9, 6:43pm Top

>205 PaulCranswick: Glad it arrived! I had not heard of that particular Waugh novel before. I'll be on the lookout for it myself since the cemetery in the book is supposed to be based on Forest Lawn in L.A. I have relatives buried there. (My grandfather's uncle and aunt.)

Jan 9, 8:24pm Top

>206 witchyrichy: Karen, I must go and look those up as I had never before heard of them shame on me.

>207 cbl_tn: It is one of the more lauded of his later works, Carrie. xx
Interesting personal sub-plot!

Jan 9, 11:55pm Top

>177 lkernagh: DELIBERATELY books the middle seat?! I can't even begin to get my mind around that sort of behaviour.

Jan 10, 12:11am Top

>177 lkernagh: I hadn't heard of that before either in all fairness, Megan.

Jan 10, 3:22am Top

Gotta love our teeny-tiny planes. Window or aisle and no choices ;)

Hope the first week back isn't too appalling.

Jan 10, 5:16am Top

Happy New year! 3 books down for you I see. *

Jan 10, 9:27am Top

>150 PaulCranswick: Looks good.

Happy Thursday, Paul!

Jan 10, 11:03am Top

>211 BekkaJo: It is a busy first week but I'm enjoying it rather to be honest.

>212 BBGirl55: Another about to be logged, Bryony.

Jan 10, 11:04am Top

>213 The_Hibernator: Thanks Rachel.

Jan 11, 1:48am Top

Book # 4 in 2019

Football in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeano

Date of Publication : 1995 (4 of 120)
Pages : 192 (862 total)
Author Origin : Uruguay (3 of 80)

One of the very best books written on football (or soccer as it is inelegantly referred to Stateside).

Galeano has an acerbic pen and his setting of the scene for each of the World Cups by talking about the world events then current, is priceless.

Opinionated and a lover of the beautiful game, he does fall somewhat in the trap of rose-tinted nostalgia whereby the sport was a thing of glory and honour until the TV, big sponsors and professionalism turned it into a fear ridden, defensive shell of itself.

If you like the sport you'll love the book, if you love good writing you'll like this book.

Jan 11, 2:08pm Top

Hi Paul! Dropping a star.

Jan 11, 2:26pm Top

Hi Paul! Just a quick hello, hope you're doing well.

Jan 11, 8:20pm Top

>217 swynn: Thanks Steve. Look forward to keeping up with you again this year.

>218 karenmarie: I am ok, Karen. Struggling a little with bronchitis but I cannot complain. My mum was discharged from hospital yesterday which certainly helps.

Jan 11, 9:48pm Top

Paul, I'm sorry you are struggling with bronchitis...as you know, that knocks the stuffing out of you.
I'm sorry your mother was hospitalized again. I seem to remember that this occurred last year as well. I'm glad she was discharged.

Let's hope the rest of 2019 is less stressful, and certainly more helpful.

All good wishes to you my friend!

Jan 11, 11:34pm Top

HI Paul,
Dropping in to say hello and to send wishes for a great year of reading.

Jan 12, 12:00am Top

The appropriate topping/sauce/accompaniment to chips (and most but not all potato things) is butter and salt, plenty of both. Yum!

Jan 12, 12:16am Top

>220 Whisper1: Thank you dear Linda. My mum is always susceptible post operatively and this time was no different.

>221 mdoris: Thanks, Mary!

Jan 12, 12:16am Top

>222 bohemima: I have never seen anyone put butter on french fries before, Gail. Interesting and worth a try methinks.

Jan 12, 3:56am Top

>216 PaulCranswick: Sounds like something I should point my boys in the direction of.

>222 bohemima: Butter?!

Jan 12, 2:19pm Top

>222 bohemima: butter on chips! Ok...

Jan 12, 3:20pm Top

Ah, Paul, another era of music ends with the death of Joseph Jarman...

Jan 12, 7:34pm Top

I have a sudden hankering for fish and chips which I have with tartar sauce and ketchup. Not in my immediate future unfortunately.

Jan 12, 9:07pm Top

>145 PaulCranswick: >180 PaulCranswick: I loved Three day road and have been sitting on the fence for Orrenda. May have to purchase it.

Jan 12, 11:54pm Top

>225 humouress: Good football book if a bit highbrow.

I will try butter but I don't believe that it will become a favourite!

>226 BBGirl55: Et tu, Bryony?

Jan 13, 12:00am Top

>227 m.belljackson: The Art Ensemble of Chicago were certainly groundbreaking weren't they? Jarman was some instrumentalist too. RIP.

>228 Familyhistorian: I do miss fish and chips when I come back here, Meg. We don't have any good alternatives locally and it is often referred to on the menus as "fish and chip" . I was worried that I would finish up with only one of my little potato friends.

Jan 13, 12:00am Top

>229 markon: You should Ardene as it is really an exceptional novel.

Jan 13, 12:06am Top

Welcome back home and I see your book reading has picked up its usual speed. Happy Sunday! : )

Jan 13, 2:48am Top

>233 Berly: Well I am doing better than last year so far, Kimmers!

Jan 13, 7:35am Top

>216 PaulCranswick: sounds like a good read, Paul. I think I picked that up along with The Ball is Round in a Kindle sale during the World Cup but didn’t get around to reading either. Will try and correct that this year.

Jan 13, 7:51am Top

>235 harvey_g: It is a good read Harvey and especially his various precis of the world cup competitions.

Jan 13, 12:22pm Top

>231 PaulCranswick: Paul - if you or your friend ever become ultra-uber-rich, ECM recently released a 21 (!) CD Box Set of the AEC.

Jan 13, 2:54pm Top

I think I need to go to England to experience what proper fish and chips are. I'm sure they aren't the Long John Silvers or Captain D's varieties. ;-)

Jan 13, 4:24pm Top

>216 PaulCranswick: Book bullet! Paul did you read The Language of the Game by Laurent Dubois? It is really fun.

Jan 13, 4:26pm Top

Hope you had a great weekend, Paul!

I can't say I've ever tried butter on fries before but on a baked potato butter is a must :) (And sour cream, cheese and bacon if I'm not counting calories! )

Jan 13, 4:52pm Top

>216 PaulCranswick: That looks like it might be a penguin classic Paul, from the cover design....

Hope you recover soon, butter or no butter (always mayo for me).

Jan 13, 6:25pm Top

>237 m.belljackson: Wow that must be something, although not always the easiest listening.

>238 thornton37814: Yes, I would recommend it, Lori. Long John Silvers is very far from most UK Fish and Chips.

Jan 13, 6:26pm Top

>239 banjo123: I haven't, Rhonda, so that is book bullet well and truly returned!

>240 ChelleBearss: Ooh yes please Chelle. Ooodles of butter of jacket spuds!

Jan 13, 6:27pm Top

>241 charl08: It is indeed a Penguin classic, Charlotte, well spotted.
I am not a mayonnaise fan unfortunately.

Jan 13, 6:46pm Top

>196 PaulCranswick: Adding that one to the BlackHole. Thanks for the recommendation, Paul.

Jan 13, 10:08pm Top

Got you starred! Pretty sure I can't keep up with you, but I hope to dip my toes in at intervals to see how you and the family are doing. Sorry that 2018 was so difficult for you and interfered with proper reading time. Me too. I didn't even reach 50 books. Already doing better this year!

Jan 13, 10:47pm Top

Paul--Wishing you a great week ahead!!

Jan 13, 10:55pm Top

See all the opinions on butter with fries (chips)! That’s what makes the world go round. I have to admit I’ve used lots and lots of ketchup on them, and occasionally even dipped them in ranch dressing. Butter will always be my choice, though.

I wish you and all of yours a healthy and happy week, Paul.

Jan 14, 12:09am Top

Malt vinegar on my fish and chips, Paul!! Never ketchup (catsup).

Jan 14, 1:26am Top

Garlic butter on fries = nummo!

Jan 14, 6:33am Top

Mayo for my fries, please.

And I unashamedly proclaim my love for Long John Silvers!

Jan 14, 9:01pm Top

Morning Paul! I have a vote happening on my thread. Just thought you might like to know.

Jan 14, 9:20pm Top

Finally stopping by and catching up before you move on to thread number 2! Hope you’re feeling better, Paul!

Jan 15, 2:15pm Top

Ketchup and Ranch dressing mixed up for my fries please.

Jan 15, 2:59pm Top

Hi Dear Paul, first of all, wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with great books to read and acquire! I haven't planned my reading in the last few years simply because my moods won't allow it. I've found when I try to impose myself anything I tend to drop books too often, so I just go with the flow and so I've done away with my beloved lists for a while, all but the lists of what I've actually read. But I must say your British Isles Challenge looks incredibly tempting, and I may want to take on some of your themes and authors at various points during the year. Rose Tremain is among my all-time favourites, I've always got a couple of Louis De Bernieres novels knocking about waiting to be read, Jewish authors aplenty and on and on. Glad you're still organizing stuff for us! xo

Jan 15, 3:39pm Top

All this talk of fries is making me hungry! And I'll add a dip no one's mentioned yet: chocolate milkshake. I know it sounds revolting, but I like the contrast of the sweet and creamy shake with the salty crunch of fries.

Jan 15, 3:50pm Top

Hi Paul! I just got Happiness in the mail. Was that from you, my SS? I am looking forward to reading it.

Jan 15, 4:20pm Top

Butter and ranch and mayo, oh my. (More like, oh, yuck. Heh.)

I'm a simple ketchup-on-fries gal, myself.

Jan 15, 4:22pm Top

Happy Tuesday - or is it Wednesday there already? - Paul

Jan 15, 4:41pm Top

I prefer my chips with gravy whenever possible, if not then I agree with Morphidae and "ketchup" is the choice.

Edited: Jan 15, 5:18pm Top

I'm just loving all this "what goes on the chips" talk! My current preference is for something I don't think anyone else has mentioned, although I might have missed it----Buffalo hot sauce (the stuff so popular on chicken wings here). I don't care for ketchup or mayo alone on much of anything, although I grant their usefulness as ingredients in certain mixtures. I like malt vinegar on fish and chips. I also like cocktail sauce (ketchup with horseradish, lemon juice and a dash of tabasco). Once in a great while, I will put tartar sauce on the fish. "Gravy fries" were very popular among my high school crowd 50 years ago, and they can still be ordered in many diners, but I'm not a fan. A few years back one of the lunch places I frequented from work featured what they called the "Penn State Special"---French fries (chips) topped with their homemade chili con carne and further topped with melted cheese. As deadly as it was delicious. I would definitely try curry sauce, or butter, on chips.

Jan 15, 5:17pm Top

I prefer my chips/fries with just salt on them, or possibly a salt/pepper dip. If I'm eating them with something that goes with ketchup I'll have that. If anyone comes near them with dressing, mayonnaise or any non-ketchup dip they'd better be prepared for a fight.

Jan 15, 5:40pm Top

I have my chips 2 ways either with salt and vinegar or with garlic mayonnaise never together.

Jan 15, 6:30pm Top

>261 laytonwoman3rd: >263 BBGirl55: Vinegar and salt make a great chip topper.

Jan 15, 6:54pm Top

Lots of chips talk here. My favourite topping is satay sauce. Garlic sauce is a good second:-)

Edited: Jan 16, 4:12am Top

We had fish and chips just the other day. Our local is called Focus on Fish and my order now includes a couple of potato fritters for the vegetarian offspring. That is a large slice of potato dipped in batter rather than the grated potato of a rosti or latke. We usually just have salt with a squeeze of lemon on the fish. The only dip I'd consider is aioli, so if there was some available I'd be dipping.
I generally order the fish - tarakihi, I just looked it up and in Australia it's known as jackass morwong.

Jan 15, 8:00pm Top

>245 alcottacre: More than welcome, Stasia. Lovely to see you back and active here this year. xx

>246 justchris: Well Chris, keeping up with me is not the athletic exercise it used to be! Lovely to see you here.

Jan 15, 8:07pm Top

>247 Berly: Well it has been a hectic one so far, Kimmers.

>248 bohemima: And curry sauce is my preference Gail, although I also like Brown (HP) sauce or just a liberal sprinkling of salt and pepper.

Jan 15, 8:08pm Top

>249 ronincats: Yes, malt vinegar with fish and chips does definitely go well, Roni.

>250 richardderus: Garlic is a thing of beauty, RD.

Jan 15, 8:10pm Top

>251 scaifea: The franchise may be better in the US, Amber, but its Malaysian version is less than wonderful. The independent fish and chip shops in the UK produce wonderful fish and chips. I hope to get the chance to treat you to them one day.

>252 BBGirl55: I'll pop along, Bryony, if I'm not too late.

Jan 15, 8:11pm Top

>253 Copperskye: Lovely to see you Joanne as always. Thread #2 will be upcoming fairly soon, I think.

>254 SuziQoregon: Ranch dressing may be interesting, Juli.

Jan 15, 8:13pm Top

Paul, I see your thread is brimming with condiment heresies. Being American, I usually prefer the old standard of ketchup on fries. However, if I'm in a South American restaurant, I love, love, love the huancaina sauce on my fries. Aioli is an acceptable substitute on occasion in other restaurants. But my true love is sweet potato fries straight up.

Jan 15, 8:14pm Top

>255 Smiler69: Dear Ilana, I have enough trouble trying to organise myself these days, but I occasionally do still have bursts of energy. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

>256 amanda4242: Well, Amanda, I wouldn't have picked that one out! I do like to have my chips or fries with tomato soup occasionally.

Jan 15, 8:15pm Top

>270 PaulCranswick: Oh, it's probably not much better here; I'm just partial to bad fast food, to be honest. But I've love the chance to be treated to the real thing with you someday!

Jan 15, 8:18pm Top

>257 Berly: Yep Kimmers, that was one of mine - guilty as charged! Enjoy it my dear.

>258 Morphidae: Oh the diversity of life expressed in what we all like to take with our fries! Nice to see you Morphy. xx

Jan 15, 8:19pm Top

>259 alcottacre: It is indeed Wednesday morning here, Stasia, and a happyish one too!

>260 fairywings: Adrienne, would that be beef gravy? Also yummy.

Jan 15, 8:22pm Top

>261 laytonwoman3rd: Oooh yes please Linda. I love Chili on fries, all gooey with melted cheese in the mix. I am actually quite hungry now!

>262 PawsforThought: Hit the nail on the head Paws! I don't overly care for salt on chips alone but mixed with black pepper it is delightful.

Jan 15, 8:24pm Top

>263 BBGirl55: I know you are from a part of our green and pleasant land where it isn't so common, but try the curry sauce, Bryony - delicious!

>264 bohemima: Salt and vinegar is possibly the traditional condiment to British Fish and Chips, Gail. Tried and tested.

Jan 15, 8:26pm Top

>265 EllaTim: Yes the satay sauce is a slightly sweeter version of my own curry sauce favourite, Ella. Not bad at all but of course rules out anyone with peanut allergies.

>266 avatiakh: Those potato fritters are popular in the UK too, Kerry.
That is one heck of a name for a sauce!

Jan 15, 8:29pm Top

>272 justchris: I love that, Chris. "Condiment Heresies". Maybe it should be the title of my memoirs or at least a chapter thereof!

>274 scaifea: Hahaha Amber. You would have a real pal in Belle then as she has the same partiality!

It was her 15th birthday yesterday and but the two of us in Malaysia. We had Korean food together and I really enjoyed her company. Sweet girl (even though I am hugely biased)!

Jan 15, 8:34pm Top

>264 bohemima: amen!

>270 PaulCranswick: counting the votes when I wake up in the morning so you have about 8 hours to vote

>278 PaulCranswick: I don'the like curry sauce I know I'm weird!

Jan 15, 8:38pm Top

Salt and vinegar on fries for me, please. I was once told it was a very French-Canadian thing but it's what I grew up with in Montreal and I just thought everyone ate fries that way!

Jan 15, 8:47pm Top

>280 PaulCranswick: I am looking to buy a condo later this year, and I am so excited about getting a full-size refrigerator again, and all to myself. I am tired of trying to squeeze everything into the small apartment-sized units. People keep looking at me in disbelief when I squee about this because I'm single and how could I possibly fill up a whole refrigerator. They have no idea just how many condiments I possess. And how many more I still need...

Jan 15, 11:00pm Top

>281 BBGirl55: I will get there in time to vote, Bryony.

>282 jessibud2: It is now lunchtime, Shelley and I am going to go get me some fries with salt and vinegar.

Jan 15, 11:01pm Top

>283 justchris: We will probably be downsizing, Chris, and I expect a fairly major announcement in the first quarter of this year.

Good luck with the moving.

Jan 15, 11:40pm Top

>285 PaulCranswick: Good luck with the downsizing! Not an easy task. I too need to keep working on it. But at least I already got a start on it a couple years ago when I broke up and moved out of a house and into a tiny apartment. Lots of the people who are buying the other condos in this new development are going to be dealing with a major transition, as many of them are close to retirement, have lived for decades in their own houses, etc. That's a lot of accumulation to shed. And good luck with your own major transitions this year.

Jan 16, 12:23am Top

>286 justchris: Thanks Chris. Moving home is immensely stressful. SWMBO is presently scouting properties in Sheffield in expectation of a move there. Let's see.

I am so used to condo living now that I do think I would find the transition to a landed property a bit of a task.

Jan 16, 12:24am Top

>283 justchris: I see you. I need an additional small freezer to fit in meat and also the pre-packaged stuff. But then, I also keep my flours in there to prevent insects getting into them.

>285 PaulCranswick: Downsizing? Paul, where will you fit all your books?!

Jan 16, 12:32am Top

Book #5 in 2019

The Rider by Tim Krabbe

Date of Publication : 1978 (5 out of 120)
Pages : 148 (1,110 total)
Origin of author : Netherlands (4 out of 80)

Thanks to Carrie for giving me this one for my Secret Santa stocking.

Those regulars here will probably remember my unlikely (given my present dimensions) affiliations with cycle racing, so this book was bound to be something I would appreciate.

Tim Krabbe is a chess master and that shines through in his depiction of the strategy of cycle road racing. Will our hero win, will someone beat the field into submission on the climbs or a "wheel-sucker" pass through sneakily on the home straight.

I enjoyed this short novel.

Jan 16, 12:33am Top

>288 humouress: We currently have three rather overstocked fridges so I also know the issue.

Books are a problem that is for sure! 11,000 books do take up space.

Jan 16, 12:37am Top

>290 PaulCranswick: (Yes; I didn't confess that we have 2 fridges.) Obviously a necessity in the tropics. Obviously...

Jan 16, 1:18am Top

Anticipating downsizing, Paul? I don't envy you the task of dealing with your own library.

Jan 16, 1:24am Top

>291 humouress: Obviously. Obviously. Obviously. xx

Jan 16, 1:26am Top

>292 Familyhistorian: It could be cathartic Meg. I do have to face up to it sooner or later though.

Jan 18, 9:59pm Top

>282 jessibud2: I don't know about the French Canadian connection--salt and vinegar on french fries is something I learned about when I went to college in central Pennsylvania. Up in the northern corner of the state where I grew up, it was always ketchup. I converted in no time flat!

Jan 18, 10:19pm Top

>295 laytonwoman3rd: It is close to lunchtime here and I am hungry again!

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