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Centipede Press Dune

Fine Press Forum

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Nov 10, 2019, 12:33pm Top

Jerad sent out an email this morning that included this tidbit:

Dune is finally, finally, finally! heading to the printer next week. Preflight, color checks, galley checks, etc., will take some time. But we are good to go! So if you can let me know that you want me to reserve a copy.
It would also be good to know if you’re willing to settle for an unsigned copy should all of the signed ones sell out. And, finally, it is very important to know if you will be wanting the remaining books in the series (which will take some time to publish; they definitely won’t be coming all at once), or if you just want the first Dune.
Each additional book in the series will have extra bonus items: the original John Schoenherr artwork; an interview with Frank Herbert by David Wingrove; “The Road to Dune” by Frank Herbert, another essay on Dune by Herbert; perhaps the H. R. Giger Dune paintings.
Anyway, if you can let me know this week on this information, that would be ideal. It won’t be much longer. Remember, we are not taking pre-orders on this title just yet, nor is there any anticipated date to do so, although I can say late January or early to mid February would be the earliest; so, well after the holidays.

So if like me you have been impatiently waiting for this probably best to send an email now and get on the list. I would probably pass it up and stick with the fabulous FS edition of Dune except for the fact that he is going to print the whole series. I need a private press edition of God Emperor of Dune.

Edited: Nov 11, 2019, 12:36am Top

>1 Sorion: "I would probably pass it up and stick with the fabulous FS edition of Dune except for the fact that he is going to print the whole series."

I've been mulling this over and decided to skip this edition. Reluctantly, because the preliminary artwork is very promising. I already have the Folio edition and it's magnificent. I'm hopeful Folio will at least publish the first three books, especially with the Dennis Villeneuve adaption coming later this next year.

Nov 10, 2019, 5:59pm Top

>1 Sorion: Wow.

The covers are absolutely hideous. Folio's edition remains the best, IMO.

Nov 10, 2019, 8:16pm Top

>2 Czernobog:
Where have you seen the artwork and cover for Dune?

Nov 10, 2019, 8:20pm Top

Jerad just responded to my email re. price- he expects the first volume to run between $400-$500 for a signed copy. At that price I’ll have to pass, especially with his other books on the horizon, especially the William Hjortsberg set and letterpress T.E.D. Klein.

Edited: Nov 11, 2019, 7:10am Top

>4 SDB2012: "Where have you seen the artwork and cover for Dune?"

I found artwork using Google so it's not from an official source. You'll have to confirm with Jerad to be sure.
  1. Dune - Mark Molnar - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xVX6m
  2. Dune Messiah - Marc Simonetti - https://marcsimonetti.artstation.com/projects/X3ZzY

Nov 11, 2019, 4:44am Top

>3 RATBAG.: I saw the dialogue between >4 SDB2012: and >6 Czernobog: (the covers shown in the facebook post are of the trade hardback I think, not the CP edition), but still interested in where you saw the covers. They're neither in the newsletter nor on the CP website as far as I can tell.

Nov 11, 2019, 7:10am Top

>7 Levin40: Correct I have deleted that part of my post to avoid confusion.

Nov 11, 2019, 11:22am Top

>4 SDB2012: Centipede FB page, unless they're early stage productions.

Nov 11, 2019, 11:23am Top

Oh, wow I did NOT see these.

Ok. I'm having second thoughts now.

How can I get my hands on it?

Nov 11, 2019, 11:24am Top

Do you have any links for both titles mentioned?

Peaked my curiosity with these.

Nov 11, 2019, 12:01pm Top

That artwork is so so enabling, but that rabbit hole .. and H.R Giger i have been a fan of since my teen

Nov 11, 2019, 12:30pm Top

>3 RATBAG.: RATBAG.: If you're referring to the titles I mentioned, Jerad has only discussed them in his weekly newsletters.

On T.E.D. Klein from the April newsletter:

'Children of the Kingdom by T.E.D. Klein.
Plates are made, paper has been bought, polymer plates for letterpress in the works. Honestly, probably spring 2020.'

And Hjortsberg from the September newsletter:

'Above is a look at some of the great artwork that we have commissioned for our forthcoming editions of William Hjortsberg’s Falling Angel (one of the 20 greatest horror novels of the 20th century) and its long-awaited, never-before-published sequel, Angel’s Inferno.

Ricardo Martinez, who lives in Spain, created dustjackets, endpapers, and frontispiece artworks for each book. And they are, in a word, magnificent. Also included are a number of illustrations from Alessandro Boni’s forthcoming graphic novel of Falling Angel, none of which have ever been published. Our new edition of Falling Angel contains the novel, the 1978 letter from Stephen King, the 2006 William Hjortsberg afterword, and new essays by friends of William Hjortsberg’s, plus photographs, the Boni artwork mentioned above, and a gallery of archival artwork from different paperback and hardcover editions, and the artwork that accompanied the novel when it was published by Playboy.

But the real treat is the second book. Our understanding is that William Hjortsberg was literally finishing the final revisions, on the final page of the book, when he passed away. The family has allowed Centipede Press first publication rights of this book. Both Falling Angel and Angel’s Inferno have their own signature page, with a facsimile signature by William Hjortsberg, and signatures from the artists and other contributors, as well as some amusing, slightly Satanic signatures that help make this book a real treasure.

Both books will be enclosed in a single slipcase. We are hoping for a publication date of early January 2020. More details will be coming in December.'

Unfortunately the art work is no longer available in the email. According to the email I received from Jerad yesterday, the Hjortsberg set should cost $200+.

Edited: Nov 11, 2019, 1:16pm Top

Found some more Marc Simonetti art for Dune Messiah (the usual disclaimer applies - not confirmed w. Jared):


This is the cover art apparently (this is not what hideous looks like >3 RATBAG.: ... - but the interior illustrations are better.)

Nov 11, 2019, 1:15pm Top

>6 Czernobog:
That art looks pretty great.

Nov 11, 2019, 1:18pm Top

>14 Czernobog: Quite true.

In my rush to Google the book, this was what I came across and I had instantly closed it.


Nov 11, 2019, 1:20pm Top

>13 SolerSystem: Thanks so much for all of this. I truly appreciate it!

Edited: Nov 11, 2019, 5:14pm Top

>14 Czernobog:
Think there's some confusion here. Dune Messiah is waaaaaaayy off and the cover could easily change. That image was also posted at least a year ago, if not two years. I have faith in Jerad but don't think we can jump to any conclusions based on preliminary art. The Brian Herbert announcement was also years ago.

I'm not sure about the Dune images. The one of Baron Harkonnen seems like a more polished version of an image I recall seeing a while ago so I'm hopeful.

Nov 12, 2019, 6:32am Top

Would anyone happen to know if Centipede Press has a subscription newsletter?

Nov 12, 2019, 7:19am Top

Yes, Jerad usually enrolls you after you buy your first book but I imagine you can also email him and ask to be enrolled.

Edited: Nov 12, 2019, 7:44am Top

>18 MobyRichard: Agreed - it is far from certain that the art from Mark Molnar (Dune) and Marc Simonetti (Dune Messiah) will be used because the source of this information is not Centipede Press / Jerad. That's why I added disclaimers to the links posted. However it would make sense if Dune Messiah - which I think is the second book - is already in pre-production by now.

Nov 12, 2019, 9:57am Top

>21 Czernobog:

I wouldn't mind at all if those are the final Dune illustrations. Except the sandworm. Too puny...:/

Nov 12, 2019, 1:27pm Top

I like all of the illustrations seen minus one and that is the one of Paul fighting. I particularly love the images of Stilgar and Liet and think they captured them well.

Nov 12, 2019, 5:51pm Top

The images shown for Dune are copyright Centipede Press. Didn't look at the other link.

Nov 13, 2019, 5:25pm Top

Are we looking at a December 2019 release, then?

Nov 13, 2019, 5:49pm Top

>25 RATBAG.: Unfortunately not. According to the newsletter pre-orders can be placed in late January or early to mid February at the earliest.

Edited: Nov 13, 2019, 6:02pm Top

Ah, noted. Fair, considering it is a hefty tomme.

Thank you, Czernobog!

Jan 8, 10:50pm Top

While we wait...

I made this for fun. :)

Art work is, of course, copyright of the artist Mark Molnar.

Jan 10, 3:05pm Top

Quite a talent. Love it!

Jan 10, 3:11pm Top

>29 NLNils: Thanks, Nils!

Jan 11, 10:13pm Top

>28 RATBAG.: RATBAG: Looks terrific! I just read Dune for the first time this summer. Spent forever looking for a decent copy to read from. Still not this beautiful though...

Edited: Jan 12, 12:36pm Top

From the latest Centipede newsletter:

“As Dune makes its way through pre-press, we are pleased to report work steams ahead on the second book of the series, Dune Messiah, with a new introduction by Gregory Benford and artwork by Marc Simonetti. The shortest of the Dune novels, this gives us an opportunity to run a complete selection of John Schoenherr’s Dune artworks: from the stories that appeared in Analog, to The Illustrated Dune, to the magnificent Dune Calendar, and more. However, we have run up against a stone wall regarding access to some of the originals. We have a small PDF that we can send which has a selection of the art and the originals we are missing. If you’d like to help, let me know. Thank you!”

Sounds promising and challenging at the same time! Who knows someone here is an "access merchant" and can help with finding and providing some of the missing original Schoenherr art.

Jan 12, 2:46pm Top

>31 grifgon: Hey, Griff! Thanks so much, and welcome to the forum. :)

Jan 12, 2:47pm Top

>33 RATBAG.: Tearing my hair out in excitement. I want to pre-order it already! Gah!

Jan 12, 3:08pm Top

>32 NLNils: Beat me to it!

Really looking forward to this. Jerad's commitment to the entire core series being printed is very special.

Jan 12, 3:47pm Top

>32 NLNils:

>35 Sorion: So, are we looking at a February preorder, gentlemen?

Jan 12, 5:01pm Top

>31 grifgon: Spent forever looking for a decent copy to read from

Have you seen the Folio Society edition? The chances of them releasing the whole series are VERY slim, but as far as standalone Dune goes (and personally I have no interest in the whole series) - in my opinion, this is it:


Jan 12, 5:34pm Top

>37 elladan0891: Why are the chances very slim?

Jan 12, 5:43pm Top

Ok, I'm freaking out.


Guys! Oh my God...

Edited: Jan 12, 7:17pm Top

>39 RATBAG.:
Great to see your enthusiasm, but this gives everyone an even greater dilemma.
Do we collect the Centipede series, FS series, or for the true fanatics, both?
And there is also the Easton Press edition!
These first world 21st. century problems are sometimes almost overwhelming!

Edited: Jan 12, 7:29pm Top

"Do we collect the Centipede series, FS series, or for the true fanatics, both?"

>40 wcarter: Agreed! This really shakes things up.

I REALLY want to collect both, but we already know that the CP edition will retail at $400-450, whereas the Folio edition retails at $120ish.

Plus, before I take the plunge, I need to see how the CP edition will turn out and what extras it will be offering.

The John Schoenherr illustrations for the EP editions are lovely, but I'm not the biggest fan of EP's craftsmanship...Yes, their style is unique to their brand and is near-impossible to change, but it doesn't seem that there's anything new or special these editions have to offer.

In the end, it is a matter of bonuses and extras/more bang for buck.

A very difficult decision for me, as I have not yet read Dune.

P.S.: I think Centipede's set - when fully published - will be extremely sought after...same as their and Folio's Book of The New Sun.

Edit: Jerad from CP has mentioned including John Schoenherr's art for Dune, but how dismissive it makes the EP editions, I am not sure.

Jan 12, 7:28pm Top

>40 wcarter: Well obviously both ;) . Seriously though I don’t expect FS to release anything beyond Dune personally. Their edition is a must have but Centipede’s series will also be a must have.

Jan 12, 7:29pm Top

>41 RATBAG.: You haven’t read Dune yet!? Dude stop everything else you’re doing and read it this week! Get a cheap paperback if you have too. It’s the greatest SciFi ever published.

Jan 12, 7:30pm Top

>42 Sorion: Why not, Sorion? I think it's silly to release the first book of any given saga or series and just give up. Taking into consideration that Dune is a consistent best-seller at Folio, it makes even more sense to go forth with it. They're doing it for Game of Thrones, so my hopes are up.

Jan 12, 7:31pm Top

>43 Sorion: And that's exactly why I INSIST on reading it in the best, most beautiful edition ever published. :)

But which one...?

Jan 12, 10:29pm Top

>39 RATBAG.: Heh, well, FS moves in mysterious ways. I'm surprised though, and, like >42 Sorion:, I'm still a little skeptical. Here are my thoughts on this: Dune is not a current pop-culture phenomenon like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones to have consistently high demand for every book in the series. Demand diminishes with every subsequent volume, plus the series is known to be uneven. And the first book stands out in particular, being distinctly iconic, with others not sharing the same status.

Here on LT 29,183 members catalogued Dune, only 5,936 catalogued Chapterhouse Dune.
On Goodreads, whopping 660,158 people rated Dune. 115,699 rated the next book, Dune Messiah, with the numbers dwindling for every subsequent book, all the way down to 43,358 for Chapterhouse Dune. I'm sure amazon's sales ratings paint similar picture.

Now, producing a few hundred copies of a limited edition of the whole series makes sense - there should be enough fans/collectors-completists to sell out. But regular Folios need to have print runs of at least a couple thousand or more, and Folio would need to be careful estimating demand and adjusting print run figures for every subsequent volume. And lately FS has been careful publishing long series, and did not hesitate to cut a series short if they thought demand was not there. But I guess they think they can still make profit on the rest of the Dune series judging by that youtube comment.

Jan 12, 10:45pm Top

>46 elladan0891: Would love to get my hands on a LE Dune set from Folio.

But, if I may, how would you explain the Bond series then?

Jan 12, 10:47pm Top

>46 elladan0891:
Very logical comment. I think that I agree with your logic.

I am already committed to Centipede Press's Dune series, as I told Jerad that I am interested in the whole series when he was trying to estimate interest in the saga.
I have not read Dune yet, and I am looking forward to enjoying the experience in the future.

Jan 13, 12:20am Top

>46 elladan0891: "Dune is not a current pop-culture phenomenon like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones to have consistently high demand for every book in the series."

Don't forget the movie on the way!

Jan 13, 2:06am Top

>45 RATBAG.: Buy the FS edition. It is amazing. It's something you should purchase anyway if you're going to collect FS books. Then buy the CP edition anyway. This is one of those books it's worth it to have both. Especially as Dune is a book you'll want to reread.

Jan 13, 8:59am Top

46: if Herbert were alive today, it's quite possible Dune would be milked like GoT or Potter. It still might. The first book was fabulous, the others are in my opinion simply not worth your time - there is much better science fiction to read. The first book had such vision, and the subsequent books are "what?"
Just my opinion of course! I'm still waiting for a beautiful Earthsea...

Jan 13, 10:36am Top

>49 RATBAG.:
The movie would have to be a smashing hit, followed by equally successful sequels. Possible? Sure, but it would take a few years. Likely? I doubt it.

Jan 13, 11:24am Top

>47 RATBAG.: "how would you explain the Bond series then?"

007 is different. Here the whole series is iconic and, together with movies, is a slice of pop culture. Like TGoT or Potter. And it's more or less even - people usually either like the series and read/watch multiple episodes, or dislike and skip the whole lineup. If you look at LT ratings of all Bond books, they're remarkably similar.

And if you look at LT for numbers of members who cataloged a given book, although Casino Royale seems to be more popular than others and numbers for the last couple in the series dipped, numbers for the majority of the books are very similar. There is no distinct downward curve as in the Dune series.

Jan 13, 1:00pm Top

>53 elladan0891: Spot-on on the numbers, just checked.

I will be going for the CP edition, then. Makes the most sense, considering all the wait.

Edited: Jan 13, 1:16pm Top

>51 astropi:

I wouldn't say the later books have no vision. They just subvert the vision of the first book.
In fact, the first book subverts the vision of the first book through Paul's visions of the coming jihad
which his "victory" makes possible.

Jan 13, 5:34pm Top

>28 RATBAG.: Very nice!

Jan 13, 5:44pm Top

>56 Czernobog: Many thanks!

Jan 13, 6:55pm Top

The Easton Press edition of Dune is very nice. It used to be fairly easy to find and affordable, but that is no longer the case.

Jan 13, 9:21pm Top

>58 astropi: The art looks fantastic, but the binding and the resolution of the scanned artworks plus the overall design is a deterrent.

Jan 14, 9:53am Top

>59 RATBAG.:

For the price, it's a great deal. Used to be a million copies out there.

Edited: Feb 16, 8:22pm Top

>5 SolerSystem: and everyone else:

The Centipede Press homepage has now been updated with a thumbnail of Hjortsberg's Falling Angel (New cover art)

Feb 16, 10:36am Top

>26 Czernobog: Unfortunately not. According to the newsletter pre-orders can be placed in late January or early to mid February at the earliest.

No mention in today’s newsletter. I’m watching it like a hawk.

Feb 16, 11:38am Top

Heh, me too! Incredibly excited about this edition.

Feb 16, 1:12pm Top

>62 NLNils:

>63 MarkHowland:

I've come to learn with CP that said month means: said months +5 months later. LOL

Feb 23, 12:28pm Top


nothing. :(

Feb 23, 1:01pm Top

>65 RATBAG.: Keep breath bated: Check.

Feb 25, 6:51am Top

I wouldn't hold my breath for Dune for awhile still. Last I heard is that it's coming along nicely. It's been in the works for 5 years now (not even the longest amount of time for a CP book- I know Childhood's End was about 6 years, and All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By was 8), but there's also a number of other high profile books that I think Jerad's focusing on first- Ramsey Campbell's Masters of the Weird Tale collection and the Hjortsberg Falling Angel/ Angel's Inferno set.

Feb 25, 10:30am Top

>67 SolerSystem: Also two other titles that I can't wait for any longer. :)

Mar 1, 11:25am Top

No news once again...

Mar 1, 11:49am Top

>69 NLNils: I can hear the FS Dune calling my name...beguiling me

Mar 1, 5:38pm Top

I'm just hoping CP is working on the other 5 books simultaneously. Otherwise could be waiting a looooong time.
Really I just want the first four anyways. I'd love to see a David Ho illustrated God Emperor of Dune.

Edited: Mar 1, 7:27pm Top

>71 MobyRichard: In the minority here, but I wouldn't mind not seeing David Ho on any title in the near future.

Unlikely, I know.

I mean, every (7? lol) out of 10 Centipede Press books is illustrated by him.

I realize that Jerad's margins may be thin, as with other small presses, and that there are budgeting costs to consider, and that David might be CP's 'signature artist', but I wish there was more diversity on art duties (as with Folio and Subterranean, for example).

Mar 1, 9:39pm Top

>67 SolerSystem: Curious, why would it take 5 years to make?

Mar 1, 10:41pm Top

>72 RATBAG.: The 5 volume Wagner series was illustrated by 5 different artists. The 4 Elric books out so far use 4 different artists. I have 5 CP books illustrated by Tom Kidd but only 4 titles illustrated by David Ho out of 54 CP titles in my library. Meanwhile, my 8 Bond titles from the FS all seem to be illustrated by Fay Dalton.

Mar 1, 11:45pm Top

>74 kdweber: IMO, it is completely justified and logical to go with one artist for the entire series (Bond), whereas having rotating artists on a series - as opposed to having them on stand-alone books - is not my cup of tea. I find that it just destroys the mood.

In the case of CP's Dune, however, I would enjoy the exception.

Mar 2, 3:20am Top

75: I'm actually the opposite. I prefer to have different artists which I think gives you a more varied and diverse interpretation of the books. Although, I don't mind a single artist as long as he/she are good :)

Mar 2, 6:22am Top

>73 RATBAG.: lots of reasons I'm sure, but the biggest probably being that Jerad is a one man operation. He's got to gauge interest first, figure out if he's doing the whole series or just the first novel. And I'm sure securing the rights to as monumental a work as Dune is no easy task. Then there's commissioning new introductions, new artwork, etc. All while working on all of his other books.

I will say his output last year was much less than in previous years, but he was also moving into a new warehouse. There's a bunch of big ticket items that have been in the works for years now that I have a feeling we'll be seeing this year. Hopefully, anyway.

Edited: Mar 2, 11:42am Top

>77 SolerSystem: Well-said. Fingers crossed he'll keep on delivering great books; his output over the years has been mighty impressive.

Mar 2, 2:49pm Top

>78 RATBAG.:

Agreed. CP is a one-man show. Amazing how big the CP catalog is.

Mar 15, 3:25pm Top

Corona will delay this further, methinks.

Apr 26, 12:10pm Top

>80 RATBAG.:

It may not be due to coronavirus, but there was a delay:

"This one has been delayed a bit because I needed to reprint the color section. That will take a little longer. Looking at August now."

It feels like forever, it's hard to not be excited about this edition!

Apr 26, 2:39pm Top

>81 MarkHowland: Agreed! Damn you, COVID-19.

Apr 26, 3:17pm Top

What I am excited about is keeping the money in my pocket for a little bit longer. :) I have just had to make a couple of expensive purchases/payments, and this delay of Dune is actually good for me.

Apr 26, 7:06pm Top

83> Good for all of us!

Apr 26, 9:27pm Top

Glad to see it delayed if that means better quality control.

Jul 5, 10:27am Top

From today's newsletter:

Dune is definitely (definitely?) October.

Jul 5, 10:45am Top

Sounds like it’s a gonna be a busy rest of the year for Jerad.

Jul 5, 7:15pm Top

At this point, I am planning a raid on Jerad's warehouse to grab that unbound preliminary copy of Dune and bind it myself...if it exists. :)

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