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Donald Trump: mentally, physically, temperamentally compromised #6

Pro and Con

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Edited: Dec 15, 2019, 7:17am Top

John Dean @JohnWDean | 10:19 PM · Dec 14, 2019:

What’s ironic about Trump being POTUS
that those who elected him do not realize is
he could not pass a federal civil service exam,
not pass the vetting process for a high level appointment,
never pass a confirmation hearing for any cabinet or other post.


He couldn’t pass a citizenship exam either
- VACCINES CAUSE ADULTS @gottaspeakgirl | 11:09 PM · Dec 14, 2019

Edited: Dec 17, 2019, 9:07pm Top

It is hard to capture how bizarre and frightening Trump’s letter to Pelosi is
Jennifer Rubin | Dec. 17, 2019

On the eve of his impeachment, a stain that obviously torments him more than his enablers have let on, President Trump issued a rambling, unhinged and lie-filled letter* to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). It is difficult to capture how bizarre and frightening the letter is simply by counting the utter falsehoods (e.g., repeating the debunked accusation that Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin was fired for investigating Burisma; claiming Congress is obstructing justice; arguing he was afforded no rights in the process), or by quoting from the invective dripping from his pen.

What is most striking is the spectacle of the letter itself — a president so unhinged as to issue such an harangue; a White House entirely unable to stop him; a party so subservient to him that it would not trigger a search for a new nominee; a right-wing media bubble that will herald Trump for being Trump and excoriate Democrats for driving the president to this point; and a mainstream media not quite able to address a public temper-tantrum (resorting instead to euphemisms such as “scorching,” “searing,” etc.). The letter and the response (or lack thereof) is the perfect encapsulation of the state of American politics — in which one major party has bound itself to the mast of a raging, dangerous narcissist while the other cannot uphold the norms and institutions on which our democracy depends...


6 page letter from Trump to Pelosi:


Katherine Faulders @KFaulders | 6:52 PM · Dec 17, 2019:

WH lawyers were cut out of the process of drafting Trump’s 6-page letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the House impeachment vote, jonkarl reports. At POTUS direction, the letter was drafted by Leg Affairs Director Eric Ueland, Stephen Miller & counselor to CoS Michael Williams.


Edited: Dec 19, 2019, 2:34pm Top

Yep, folks, our articulate President! He's here all night!

Take what Trump said about the late Democratic Rep. John Dingell (and his wife and current Rep. Debbie Dingell) on Wednesday in Michigan (it's long but you need to read all of it):

"Then you have this Dingell. Dingell. You know Dingell from Michigan, you know Dingell, you ever hear of her, Michigan? Debbie Dingell, that's a real beauty. So she calls me up like eight months ago. Her husband was there a long time — but I didn't give him the B treatment. I didn't give him the C or the D. I could have. Nobody would have -- I gave the A+ treatment. 'Take down the flags!' 'Why you taking them down?' 'For ex-congressman Dingell.' 'Oh OK.' 'Do this, do that, do that, rotunda.' Everything. I gave him everything. That's OK! Don't want anything for it. I don't need anything for anything. She calls me up. It's the nicest thing that's ever happened. 'Thank you so much. John should be so thrilled. He's looking down. He'd be so thrilled. Thank you so much, sir.' I said, 'That's OK, don't worry about it.' Maybe he's looking up. I don't know. I don't know. maybe. Maybe. But let's assume he's looking down. But I have him A+, not A, not B+, not B. I have him the A+, and she called me, so nice, oh. I won't go into the conversation because it's not fair to do that. But all you want to say is, let's put it this way: it was the most profuse thank-you that you could ever get. On a scale of 0 to 10, it was a 10. OK. So that was what, February or something. Now they talk about this phony impeachment. And she's out there. 'Well, we have to look seriously at our president because he may have violated the Constitution of the United States. And I can't be happy with that because I love our country. I love this and I love that.' She loves everything. I said, 'She's a no, OK.' No but I look at her and she's so sincere and what happens? 'I vote to impeach Trump.' And you know what — I didn't say — who the hell knew this was even going to come up."


Dec 21, 2019, 4:40am Top

He seems to realize when he's mispronounced or stumbled over some words. Wonder what that's all about?

The Daily Show @TheDailyShow | 8:01 AM · Dec 20, 2019:
Trump's Best Words (2019)
2:42 ( https://twitter.com/TheDailyShow/status/1208009403892256768 )

Dec 21, 2019, 2:02pm Top

>2 margd: Trump's letter to Pelosi, contd.

Mental health professionals read Trump's letter: A study in "the psychotic mind" at work
Bandy Lee, Justin Frank, Lance Dodes, David Reiss and others unpack a "venomous and vitriolic" historic document

Chauncey DeVega | December 20, 2019 12:00PM (UTC)

...In total, Trump’s "impeachment letter" to Nancy Pelosi is but one data point among many demonstrating that he is mentally unwell and a threat to the safety of the United States and the world...


Edited: Dec 28, 2019, 7:16am Top

It’s quite scary to think what would happen if the US were struck by a crisis that required a real president on the job instead of a sock puppet insult dog
- David Frum @davidfrum | 9:49 PM · Dec 27, 2019:

Quote Tweet
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · 9h
Come on Crazy Nancy, do it! https://twitter.com/john_kissmybot/status/1210686166191812610


Repost from Trumpian Lows thread:

George Conway@gtconway3d | 11:57 PM · Dec 27, 2019
Now our psycho president has retweeted the alleged identity of the whistleblower.

Cate McGowan @cate_mcgowan · 6h
...violating the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA).

Karen Myatt @karenamyatt · 6h
...Oh, and he doxxed Pelosi tonight, retweeting photos of her home.

Time for a Baker Act.*


* The Baker Act is a Florida law that enables families and loved ones to provide emergency mental health services and temporary detention for people who are impaired because of their mental illness, and who are unable to determine their needs for treatment.

https://ufhealth.org/ufhealth.org › baker-act

Dec 28, 2019, 6:18pm Top

What I don't understand is how is it that Trump's mental defectiveness is catching? I mean, before he was inaugurated, I don't remember Republican senators and congresspersons looking so universally and overwhelmingly stoopid. Yet, now they do.

By this point, I'd think the Repub leadership would recognize that the ONLY way for them to salvage any appearance of a modicum of adequacy at governing or just old-fashioned politics would be to put together a coalition of House and Senate leaders, and march down to the White House and tell Trump he has to stop with all this "winning." And to save the tattered remains of what was the GOP, he must resign. Just like Nixon, put him on a helicopter. Then, on to the jet that will carry him to Mar-a-Lago and the nearest golf course.

The Repubs are just going to have to face the fact that the Orange Shitgibbon is going to be criminally indicted and no doubt spend tim in prison for actual criminal activity. They seem to forget that, not a few of them will be, too.

However, Trump wouldn't be able to save them from their fate even if he were to remain in office because they're going to be charged with federal and state crimes. I hate to dwell on Turtle McConnell's fate at the hands of KY voters for all his self-enriching illegal schemes and his betrayal of coal miners by supporting the Con-man-in-Chief. So many of them are going to die because of the lack of affordable health care and Medicaid. The FBI's already going after their recently defeated ex-governor for his corrupted pardons for political/monetary gain.

For the best deal they can get from various state's attorneys, they need to jettison Trump.

By my calculation, they have a week to ten days to force him out before it's too late.

Dec 29, 2019, 6:59am Top

>7 Limelite:

"What I don't understand is how is it that Trump's mental defectiveness is catching?"

LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! LOL! ... LOL! ...



Dec 30, 2019, 11:08am Top

Although a bit... long-winded, proximity has hit upon why Trump is President. There are a lot of people (and not just MAGA-hat wearing imbeciles) who actually like Trump and what he's done (and is doing) to the country.

Edited: Dec 30, 2019, 1:15pm Top

>9 BruceCoulson:

To which Clintonians and O-bominationians reply,

"Maybe, but, since these people are M-A-G-A-hat-wearing imbeciles, they're not really even aware of what Trump is doing or has done."

and they can take refuge in this view without noticing that it completely describes their own relationships as supporters of the Clinton-Obama "Democrats."

None of us want to think about gangrene, now, do we? That's right, we don't. And we certainly don't want to look at a photograph example of it. It's revolting.

Well, this is a metaphor which is based on the problem of gangrene.

When such a condition becomes too far advanced for less drastic measures, the last-resort-treatment is amputation. In these cases, the alternative to amputation is the patient's death. Very often, a person suffering from gangrene would, if given a choice, prefer to suffer an amputation than to allow it to advance until it proves fatal to him.

But, in this case, it's the poorest and most disadvantaged, the powerless and the pushed-aside (race & "gender" ain't necessarily got anything to do with it any more) who are suffering the gangrene—the side-effect of the wealthiest .01 % 's lavish living-standards. These wealthy, privileged, include all "races," both young and old, men as well as women, etc.

Now, to treat the gangrene of the wretched of society entails the wealthiest, most privileged segments of the society (at least somewhere, even if not in the same society itself where the suffering is occurring) taking a "hit" to their lavish lives' opulence

Obviously and of course, these privileged wealthy, if asked and forced to answer, are going to say they deplore gangrene, that it's terrible. They'll certainly deny that they favor certain others suffering—in theory, in principle they're opposed. In practice, they want as much opulence as they can get; if, in the process of their getting it, others get gangrene, well, quite frankly, too bad for the sufferers, but, by God, let's not have any amputations as long as it is others rather than myself or my own who are doing the suffering and dying.

Trump's election was metaphorically speaking, an "amputation": politically necessary to get rid of some extremely serious case of advanced gangrene. This diseased and dying gangrenous spread was focused in this case in the Democratic party.

Trump was elected.

As a consequence, the most privileged in society, those who enjoy the most comforts and splendor experienced an ever-so-slight tremor of turbulence in their plush, cushy worlds.

And these same pampered, privileged, spoiled brats responded by screaming bloody murder; they pulled out all the stops to reverse the effect of their being required to slightly slow their rapacious predatory Deep-state-based practices.* At every major national press corps institution, the effect was one of a naval vessel's sounding "General quarters! Battle stations! All hands on deck! This is not a drill! Battle stations! Battle stations!"

Bless their god-damned greedy, spoiled-rotten little hearts.

More bad news for the glitterati: the first measures have not proven at all sufficient. More amputations are going to be required—just in order to get to a state where even the first semblance of health can begin to be hoped for.


* those same practices of the Republicans or, to be more precise, the non-partisan instances, those in which there is a mutually-shared interest between Democrats and Republicans across party-lines, those, of course, continue, generally speaking, more or less unabated.

But, under the circumstances, in "our" duopolistic only-somewhat-and-pseudo-democracy, this cannot be helped. It is simply not feasible to address both parties' rapacious predatory Deep-state-based practices at one and the same time.

It is only reasonable that the first measures be applied where they have the best (soonest) chances of eventual success: in the once-upon-a-time "frequent-able" Democratic party. Only then can there be an attempt to get the rot out of the Republican party. And when that time comes, you are going to pray for a person like Donald Trump to be available to do it. Fucking ingrates!

Edited: Dec 30, 2019, 7:52pm Top

To this day some large plurality or even majority of repukelican right-wing scumbags still insist that Obama was born in Kenya and thus an illegitimate President - they also believe he is a secret Muslim - both moron ideas held with no actual evidence for them and held against all the evidence to the contrary.

I don't think the most imbecilic liberals in the country are anywhere near that imbecilic. That is true ignorant shit-for-brains asshole-ism.

So the pun is: Pot Kettle BLACK.


Jan 6, 7:33am Top


Duty To Warn 🔉 @duty2warn | Jan 5, 2019:
Mental health professionals warn Trump is psychologically unfit. #UNFIT film in post production.
Independent, truthful. To read more, participate: http://unfitfilm.com

A malignant narcissist uses boastful bluster to cover up deep fears and insecurity.
When the fear turns to dread, the bluster turns to distraction.
Trump has lived a life of secrets and deceit and dreads destruction of his fake construct.
After dread comes desperation.

When Trump peddles fear about a cataclysm like war with Iran, it's because he fears a cataclysm unto himself.
He fears humiliation; exposure of a lifetime of lies.
Malignant narcissists will distract so as to preserve.
People won't matter.
America never mattered.
Only he matters.

"Our President will start a war with Iran because he has no ability to negotiate, he's weak and ineffective, and he is desperate to be re-elected." - Trump, 2011

To protect the lies and secrets, he will bully and cheat to an unfathomable degree.
Because if lies and secrets are exposed, then achievements can no longer rival his grandiosity.
For a malignant narcissist with power, there is no going back.
This is why they never go down alone.

Edited: Jan 8, 3:09pm Top

Aaron Rupar @atrupar | 11:36 AM · Jan 8, 2020


0:08 (https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1214949044356878338)


Starts 18:16/19:02:
26:34 "accomplishmishakes"?



He sniffed a lot during a debate or two in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. I wondered at the time if it was cocaine or something.
Sounds like problem might have returned?

Timothy Burke @bubbaprog | 12:04 PM · Jan 8, 2020:
58 times. He sniffed 58 times during his address. Here are all of them.
0:35 ( https://twitter.com/bubbaprog/status/1214955938119127040 )


‘What drugs is he on?’ Trump sparks concern by slurring and sniffling through Iran remarks
Travis Gettys | January 8, 2020


Jan 9, 1:20pm Top

We have a U.S. president who is psychologically and mentally both dangerous and incapacitated. His presentation is consistent with a person who, when his falsely inflated self-image is questioned, or when his emotional need for adulation is thwarted, lashes out in an attempt to restore his sense of potency and command over others.

All senior military leaders in the chain of command are required to pass yearly psychological as well as physical evaluations. Only the person known as the commander-in-chief is exempt from this requirement, but at this time he is, in fact, the person in most need and who is a maximum danger.

Jan 9, 1:44pm Top

>14 Limelite:


I very seriously pity you.

Jan 9, 10:25pm Top

>15 proximity1:

And I don't give you a second thought. LOL!

Jan 10, 7:20am Top

Trump does not have a foreign policy. He has a series of impulses.
Fareed Zakaria | Jan. 9, 2020

...The killing of Soleimani could be justified as a way to respond to Iranian provocations, but this move, like so much of Trump’s foreign policy, was impulsive, reckless, unplanned and inconsistent — and as usual, the chief impact is chaos and confusion. Trump did not bother to coordinate with the government of Iraq, on whose territory the attack was perpetrated. After the Iraqi government protested and voiced a desire to have U.S. troops leave Iraq, he threatened to sanction the country and stay put until it paid the United States billions of dollars for an air base.

The result: A policy that could well have produced a marked diminution of Iran’s power might well trigger the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, which has been the chief Iranian objective in the region for years.

This is not an isolated instance. Trump began his policy toward North Korea threatening “fire and fury like the world has never seen” and ridiculing leader Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man.” Soon he was declaring his unabashed affection for Kim — “we fell in love” — and making unprecedented concessions by meeting with the dictator three times...


Jan 10, 9:03am Top

#17--at most Trump coordinates with McConnell and Graham on his impeachment. Apart from that I don't see him coordinating with anyone except for maybe Pompeo and Barr and once in a while Pence. As far as foreign policy he doesn't keep any of our so-called allies in the loop of whatever he's up to. If he does at all coordinate with anyone it's the likes of Putin, MBS, Netanyahu and Erdogan. For instance he doesn't talk to the Kurds or our allies before he pulls the rug out from under everyone's feet. The same happens with the Suleimani assassination. He says nothing to congress. He would start a war without any advice or any notice to anyone.

Edited: Jan 10, 10:24am Top

"They're saying, 'You should get permission from Congress, you should come in and tell us what you want to do -- you should come in and tell us, so that we can call up the fake news that's back there, and we can leak it,' Trump said. Lot of corruption back there.

"The president added that it would have been impractical to alert Congress, given the 'split-second' nature of the decision to kill Soleimani." ...

Jan 29, 6:27am Top

Wildwood, NJ rally, Jan 28, 2020:

Fox News cut away from Trump's rally immediately after his brain short-circuited
( Fox video at https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1222335747992248322 )
- Aaron Rupar @atrupar | 8:48 PM · Jan 28, 2020

Trump's brain misfires when he tries to say the word "witch"
0:08 ( https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1222317443923763200 )
Aaron Rupar @atrupar | 7:36 PM · Jan 28, 2020

He had a large right arm spasm during the me, me , me segment....
( https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1222330254267768833 )
-Little Mariposa @LittleMariposa | 8:45 PM · Jan 28, 2020

Feb 5, 6:47am Top

( 0:09 https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1224892185583243265)

- Aaron Rupar @atrupar | 10:07 PM · Feb 4, 2020

Feb 8, 9:17am Top

This vulgar man has squandered our decency
Dana Milbank | Feb. 7, 2020

“Character is the only secure foundation of the state.”
— President Calvin Coolidge, addressing the National Republican Club in New York, 1924.

“It was all bullshit.”
— President Trump, addressing Republicans in the White House and a national television audience on Thursday after his acquittal.

From the birth of the Republic — indeed, from the birth of Athenian democracy — it has been an article of faith that self-governance cannot survive without leaders of character.

“Not much probity is needed for maintaining or sustaining a monarchical government or a despotic government,” wrote the Baron de Montesquieu, whose philosophy inspired the Framers. “But in a popular state, one more recourse is necessary, which is virtue.”

Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist 68, confidently predicted that the Constitution would prevent those with “talents for low intrigue” from reaching the highest office: “There will be a constant probability of seeing the station filled by characters preeminent for ability and virtue.”

Washington, Emerson, Lincoln, even Richard Nixon spoke of the American experiment’s reliance on leaders of character. But this week, our leaders took a decided turn against that belief.

...With Republicans’ latest embrace of this man of the lowest character, they are becoming who he is.

And as our children see our feckless leaders tolerate a president without a fiber of virtue, I fear that we will all become who he is.


Feb 8, 10:29am Top

Boris Johnson has been accusing Trump of failing to lead and letting the air out of the global economy......and the Donald doesn't like it. Apparently after their last little tete-a-tete Donald slammed down his phone. It makes sense in a way because when Brexit implodes Britain's economy Boris will need a fall guy and the Donald fits that profile perfectly because for one thing almost every national leader hates Donald as it is and all of them know that Donald is a dumb politician.

Feb 8, 2:08pm Top

So then in a few months not-so-Great Britain's economy will have tanked utterly, with the pound worth about a U.S. quarter - and I can then go on a super cheap vacation to the land of my fore-bearers?

As Austin Powers would say "Groovy, man."

Edited: Feb 8, 3:54pm Top

#24--make sure you bring everything you think you'll need---you might not be able to find it there.

Edited: Feb 11, 7:36am Top

Overnight on the President’s Twitter feed:
retweets f-bombs,
defends Roger Stone,
spouts disproven conspiracy theories &
suggests Trump cronies in prison were wronged by the Obama administration,
demonizes leadership at FBI (again),
calls impeachment a coup.

- Joyce Alene (U Alabama Law) @JoyceWhiteVance | 6:21 AM · Feb 11, 2020

Edited: Feb 14, 10:12am Top

Unfit for Office (excerpts retweeted by George Conway @gtconway3d)

“The evidence of Trump’s narcissism is overwhelming—indeed, it would be a gargantuan task to try to marshal all of it, especially as it mounts each and every day.”

“(A)s with his narcissism, all this evidence of Trump’s sociopathy only begins to tell the tale. ... As a 1997 profile of Trump in The New Yorker put it, Trump has ‘an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.’”

“In a way, Trump’s sociopathic tendencies are simply an extension of his extreme narcissism. Take the pathological lying. Extreme narcissists aren’t necessarily pathological liars, but they can be, and when they are, the lying supports the narcissism.”

“As (Dr.) Lance Dodes has put it, ‘People like Donald Trump who have severe narcissistic disturbances can’t tolerate being criticized, so the more they are challenged in this essential way, the more out of control they become.’”

“In particular, ‘They change reality to suit themselves in their own mind.’ Although Trump ‘lies because of his sociopathic tendencies,’ telling falsehoods to fool others, ... he also lies to himself, to protect himself from narcissistic injury.”

“And so Donald Trump has lied about his net worth, the size of the crowd at his inauguration, and supposed voter fraud in the 2016 election.”

“The latter kind of lying, Dodes says, ‘is in a way more serious,’ because it can indicate ‘a loose grip on reality’—and it may well tell us where Trump is headed in the face of impeachment hearings.”

“Lying to prevent narcissistic injury can metastasize to a more significant loss of touch with reality.”

“As @DrCraigMalkin puts it, when pathological narcissists ‘can’t let go of their need to be admired or recognized, they have to bend or invent a reality in which they remain special,’ ...”

“... and they ‘can lose touch with reality in subtle ways that become extremely dangerous over time.’ They can become ‘dangerously psychotic,’ and ‘it’s just not always obvious until it’s too late.’”

“But even that doesn’t exhaust all the mental-health issues possibly indicated by Trump’s behavior.”

“His ‘mental state,’ according to @JustinFrankMD, a (psychiatrist) who wrote a book about Trump’s psychology, ‘include(s) so many psychic afflictions’ that a ‘working knowledge of psychiatric disorders is essential to understanding Trump.’”

“Indeed, as @johndgartner puts it: ‘There are a lot of things wrong with him—and, together, they are a scary witch’s brew.’”



What Exactly Is "Malignant Narcissism"? (Excerpts by George Conway @gtconway3d)
Dan Neuharth | May 25, 2019

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier calls President Trump a malignant narcissist.

“Psychoanalyst and Holocaust survivor Erich Fromm, who invented the diagnosis of malignant narcissism, argues that it ‘lies on the borderline between sanity and insanity.’”

“Otto Kernberg, a psychoanalyst specializing in borderline personalities, defined malignant narcissism as having four components: narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality and sadism. Trump exhibits all four.”

“His narcissism is evident in his ‘grandiose sense of self-importance … without commensurate achievements.’ From viewing cable news, he knows ‘more about ISIS than the generals’ ….”

“…. and believes that among all human beings on the planet, ‘I alone can fix it.’ His ‘repeated lying,’ ‘disregard for and violation of the rights of others’ (Trump University fraud and multiple sexual assault allegations) ….”

“…and ‘lack of remorse’ meet the clinical criteria for anti-social personality. His bizarre conspiracy theories, false sense of victimization, and demonization of the press, minorities and anyone who opposes him are textbook paranoia.”

“Like most sadists, Trump has been a bully since childhood, and his thousands of vicious tweets make him perhaps the most prolific cyber bully in history.”

“Psychoanalyst and retired Harvard Medical School Professor Lance Dodes said, ‘The best diagnosis for Trump is that he is a malignant narcissist.’”

“‘It contains the narcissistic part, which is no big deal alone —lots of people are narcissistic—but the malignant part is the sociopathy dimension. These terms suggest that Trump is a very primitive man. He is also a man who….’”

“‘… has a fundamental, deep psychological defect. It is expressed in his inability to empathize with others and his lack of genuine loyalty to anyone. You will notice that Trump wants everyone to be loyal to him, but he is loyal to nobody.’”


Edited: Feb 14, 3:13pm Top

> 27

d. trump, in layman's terms, is clearly a nutburger with extra cheese. It is as plain as the make-up on his fat fucking stupid ignorant-ass face.

Yet his supporters continue to deny this obvious reality - by the most stupid defenses in the world, e.g., saying the criticisms of trump are all based on envy on the part of socialist progressive liberal leftists types, who are engaging in conspiracy to overthrow the last election, that it is the Deep State and hordes of Hilary-admirers behind all criticism, that trump is actually doing a great job regarding jobs (actually, compared to Obama, he is not), his supporters ignoring the added trillions of dollars in debt his policies have caused, etc.

If someone ignores the insanity of a high official and instead manically continues to support him, and has no monetary vested interest in doing so then I think that fact argues for insanity on the part of the supporter also.

On election day this year in November it will be the show-down between the mainly sane anti-trump voter against the obviously insane trump supporter. Who will prove to be the majority that will elect a President? - assuming the electoral college does not fuck us all again.

We shall see. It is going to be a long 37 and a half weeks until then. To help me ignore this crap most of the time I read a lot, watch ancient reruns, movies, and educational TV, and exercise a lot.

What do the rest you do to divert yourselves from the horror? Sex orgies? Actual useful work? Licking photos of trump while beating your meat? (i.e., what DO conservo-repuklicans do all during their waking hours?)

Feb 15, 8:25am Top

>10 proximity1: this one post was worth wading through another echo-chamber copy & paste thread.

Doesn't anyone READ books anymore?

Think upon the dusty tomes upon someone's shelves, neglected for the glittery websites full of Chicken Little ranting about one man.

I'm heading back to Alistair MacLean. Y'all have fun.

Feb 15, 1:41pm Top

#29--those who would take their cue from Donald Trump wouldn't read anything.

Edited: Yesterday, 7:10am Top

He needed to read this little speech? Follow print with his fingers?

The President does his finger reading shuffle
0:10 ( https://twitter.com/Acyn/status/1229149077759070208 )

- Acyn Torabi @Acyn | 4:02 PM · Feb 16, 2020

Yesterday, 4:44pm Top

I have never before seen an adult read by underscoring individual words with an index finger.

That's a severe reading disability. Probably explains why he speaks so slowly when using a Teleprompter. He's seeing 2-3 words at a time, has no idea where the sentence is going, and doesn't know what to do when punctuation pops up. It explains his monotone, too. He's so intensely focused on trying to pronounce what he sees that he has no mental capacity to express any comprehension. Obviously, he has no recollection of the text after he delivers it because there's no capacity available to create short-term memory of what he's read, either.

This reading disability may be indicative of why he lies so much. He really doesn't know nor can he remember what is real and it's impossible for him to distinguish it mentally, either. His standard behavioral pattern is denial (doesn't have a memory), followed by full admission (has no recollection, therefore deed can't be bad, so no harm admitting to it), ending with vengeance (if he can't remember and if it couldn't have been bad because there's no regret for what can't be remembered, then criticism is undeserved and must just be false accusations).

Much of his objectionable personality traits are his compensatory acts to bluster his way through social interactions where language is the primary medium of expression. He hides his inadequacies by attacking others, projecting in order to avoid being seen as the weak and "defective" human being he is.

Trump has a mind that is a terrible wasteland.

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#32--kind of like watching an 90 year old driver weaving between cars parked along a street at 10 mph. Like time to take the car keys away for the safety of everybody.

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