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Wende Devlin (1918–2002)

Author of Cranberry Thanksgiving

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Works by Wende Devlin

Cranberry Thanksgiving (1971) 1,045 copies
How Fletcher Was Hatched (1969) 443 copies
Cranberry Christmas (1976) 392 copies
Old Black Witch! (1963) 214 copies
Cranberry Valentine (1986) 211 copies
Cranberry Easter (1990) 135 copies
Cranberry Halloween (1982) 133 copies
Cranberry Birthday (1952) 83 copies
Cranberry Autumn (1993) 75 copies
Cranberry Summer (1992) 61 copies
Old Witch Rescues Halloween (1972) 57 copies
Cranberry Mystery (1978) 37 copies


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Mr. Whiskers is afraid to go to the dentist to get his sore tooth taken care of in this sweet Cranberryport picture-book from 1994, until Maggie and Grandmother convince him that the dentist is there to help him, and that he should definitely pay her a visit. Taking the plunge, Mr. Whiskers schedules an appointment, and finds Dr. Martinez friendly and helpful, as she carefully explains everything she is doing to him, during his checkup...

One of six paperback Tales of Cranberryport picture-books published in 1994 and 1995, as a continuation of Wende and Harry Devlin's series of full-sized Cranberryport picture-books, begun in 1971 with Cranberry Thanksgiving, Cranberry Trip to the Dentist offers another charming visit with these beloved characters, and their comfy small town in New England. Although, much like Cranberry Moving Day—the other paperback Tales of Cranberryport picture-book I have read—I wouldn't say this was the equal of the earlier books, I found it appealing, appreciating the vintage-style illustrations and wholesome story. Recommended to fans of these books and characters, and to anyone seeking a reassuring story about dentists for younger children, who may be experiencing some fear of their own regarding the subject.… (more)
AbigailAdams26 | Aug 26, 2023 |
Mr. Whiskers has never received a single Valentine. Maggie is concerned, but Grandmother doesn't have time to talk about it. A few days later, Mr. Whiskers is aghast to discover someone has sent him a Valentine. Who could have done that? In a strange coincidence, a lady in a green coat is asking around town about Mr. Whiskers. What could she want? Now Mr. Whiskers concerned. Armed with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, Mr. Whiskers makes his way to Maggie's house where he's pleasantly surprised.

The Bottom Line: As with Cranberry Thanksgiving, this book comes with a recipe. To read the complete review including taste test, please visit the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog.… (more)
aya.herron | 3 other reviews | Jul 22, 2023 |
I love the colors and illustrations in this story. Delightfully awful
witch is no match for a calm and determined mother and son duo bent on opening a tearoom in the country.

*from my 9 year old,” The witch is hilarious and now I want to try blueberry pancakes! This is a very good book to read, especially over a bowl of blueberries.”

*The title will tell familes that avoid witchcraft and spells all they need to know.
FamiliesUnitedLL | 7 other reviews | Jul 1, 2023 |
Thanksgiving on the cranberry bog farm is Grandmother's favorite. Each year she encourages Maggie to invite someone to dinner who is lonely or poor. Grandmother herself has invited Mr. Horace, who uses a gold cane, smells of lavender, and is all alone. Maggie chooses to invite her friend, Mr. Whiskers. Grandmother is less than thrilled as she suspects that Mr. Whiskers is after her secret cranberry bread recipe. Nevertheless, Maggie is hopeful Grandmother will change her mind. When there is a scuffle in the dining room followed by both guests exiting quickly, it looks like Grandmother was right. Or was she? Things are not always as they appear, and Maggie knows the truth. Just when it looks like the recipe is gone for good, Grandmother is in for a surprise.

The Bottom Line: This book originally became popular in 1971, and now it's back. The illustrations in watercolor and ink have classic appeal. This delightful tale reminds readers what is truly important at Thanksgiving: family and friends.

For the complete review, please visit the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog.
… (more)
aya.herron | 16 other reviews | Feb 4, 2023 |


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