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Treasure Hunt: LGBTQ Pride Month

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Edited: Jun 24, 10:04am Top

Happy Pride!

We've written 11 clues for you to solve around the theme of LGBTQ Pride. Read and solve each clue, then find the page on LibraryThing that matches your answer. When you find the right solution, you’ll see a banner at the top of your screen announcing that you’ve found a rainbow. Remember: it's not necessarily a work page!

Go here for the hunt!

You have one week—until Tuesday, June 30th at 5pm EDT—to find as many rainbows as you can.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc

As in past hunts, we'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least one rainbow, and anyone who finds all 11 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing coaster set and sticker. This is a change from our usual tshirt prize, as stock is difficult to access while the office is still closed for social distancing.

Important: When giving hints, please use the spoiler tag. To mark something as a spoiler, start your message like this:


And end it like this:



If you’re not seeing banners, or the hunt is otherwise not working for you, you may be using the old site design. Hunts don’t work on the old version of the site. You can switch to the new version by going here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look under "Design." You can always switch back after the treasure hunt, if you like.

Happy hunting!

P.S. Thanks to conceptDawg for the gorgeous peacock illustration! He's made many of our treasure hunt graphics in the last couple years. We like them, and hope you do, too!

Jun 23, 5:49pm Top

I'm stuck on #5 and I thought #6 was And Tango Makes Three but I'm not getting a flag for it.

Jun 23, 5:57pm Top

I'm not getting flags for 5 or 6. I think the answer for 6 is fairly obvious, but I checked both the tag for the blank word and the work page for 5, am I missing something?

Edited: Jun 23, 6:06pm Top

>3 Watry: Same for me. I’m fairly certain I’m in the right place for both 5 and 6 but no banners.

Jun 23, 6:12pm Top

yeah, the answer to 6 seems obvious, I even own the book, but no banners. I got banners for 1-4.

Edited: Jun 23, 6:13pm Top

I got the first one and the last one.

Like everyone else, I thought I must have 6.

Jun 23, 6:20pm Top

I'm in the same boat on 5 and 6!

Edited: Jun 23, 6:29pm Top

Well, while we wait for answers on 5 and 6, does anyone have a hint for 7?

ETA: Never mind, I got it just after I typed this out! That just leaves 5 and 6.

Jun 23, 6:35pm Top

Joining the crowd i have the book of 6 but not getting any joy when i go for it

Jun 23, 6:36pm Top

I was sure I was doing something wrong for 5 & 6. Glad to see it's LT and not me. lol

Jun 23, 6:42pm Top

I'm another member who's here to confirm banners are missing. At first, I thought the problem was that I'd clicked from my catalogue. Then problem is the main work page doesn't bring up the flag.

Jun 23, 6:47pm Top

5 and 6 aren't working for me, either.

Jun 23, 6:51pm Top

>11 aspirit: Hm. I'll check that out. Definitely not planned.

Edited: Jun 23, 6:58pm Top

I'm pretty sure I'm correct for numbers 5 and 6, too, but I'm not getting a banner for either.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:00pm Top

Ok. Fixed that. It was only failing to find Clue 6 correctly because the solution key had a trailing '/' after it, so it wouldn't know that you hit that page unless you ALSO had a trailing slash after the work ID. Needless to say, most of them don't unless you happen to have the book (in which case it would have a trailing slash followed by the book/bookID suffix).

Anyway, I'm rambling. Short answer: that clue is fixed.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:02pm Top

>15 conceptDawg:
Yep! It popped up!

P.S. The Peacock painting is beautiful!

Jun 23, 7:04pm Top

Oh. And it looks like it might be having problems with Clue 5 also. I'm looking into it.

Jun 23, 7:06pm Top

>15 conceptDawg: Hurray!

Now I just need a hint for #5.

Jun 23, 7:06pm Top

Is 10 okay? I felt sure I knew it, and that it was a tag, but I haven't seen a banner yet.

Jun 23, 7:07pm Top

>19 al.vick: Not a tag...

Jun 23, 7:08pm Top

>18 amanda4242: Last line missing word and word from first line give you 1/2 the answer (only four words).

Jun 23, 7:10pm Top

I've gotten all the tags except 5, so unless something else happens, it looks like the rest are working.

al.vick, it's not the tag you probably think it is. You're looking for more specificity, two words.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:12pm Top

Answer to Clue 5 is working!

Jun 23, 7:12pm Top

CLUE 5 solution was incorrect in the solution key also. I've fixed that.
So if you think you knew the answer to 5 and it didn't give it to you, try again. You might have been correct.

Jun 23, 7:14pm Top

so 10 is a "place" in common knowledge?

Jun 23, 7:15pm Top

>25 al.vick: It is NOT.

Jun 23, 7:15pm Top

>25 al.vick: #10 is a tag of a place.

Jun 23, 7:16pm Top

You have the right idea, but it's not linked to the CK place page.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:18pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Jun 23, 7:18pm Top

got 10. I was thinking it was a nightclub, but I looked it up on wikipedia. and it is a tag.

Still stuck on 7.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:18pm Top

>18 amanda4242: Thanks, but I'm still stuck on 5.

Edited: Jun 23, 7:20pm Top

For 7, make sure you're reading the first line correctly. You're looking for someone who shares a first name with a famous Brando. Or really one of his works. .

Jun 23, 7:20pm Top

>31 amanda4242: try searching google for 5

Jun 23, 7:23pm Top

Thanks Watry! I was thinking Brando not the other name!

Jun 23, 7:26pm Top

>33 al.vick: It's difficult to do a search when you don't know what to search for.

Jun 23, 7:27pm Top

>32 Watry: Thanks from me, too! That hint was just what I needed.

And I'm done! This was more challenging than the last one but just as enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone at LT for the diversion :)

Edited: Jun 23, 7:32pm Top

>35 amanda4242: Try searching for the last line. Google might autocomplete it for you.
Or, really google any part of the clue would give you some good pointers.

Jun 23, 7:37pm Top

>37 conceptDawg: Thanks, but google proved no help. Clicking on every slightly plausible Lambda finalist finally yielded results.

Thanks for another great hunt!

Jun 23, 8:45pm Top

Got 'em all without clues! First time that's happened.

# 10 had me flumoxed for a while until I got more specific and focused on the TAG, not the place

Jun 23, 8:46pm Top

>19 al.vick: & >30 al.vick: Sorry. Had #11 and #10 mixed up in my head!

Jun 23, 10:14pm Top

Interesting tidbit: I had one rainbow already when I opened the hunt page because I entered the book minutes before.

Jun 23, 10:40pm Top

>41 SandraArdnas: Wow, the chances of that are pretty small. You should hit the casino later. heh

Jun 23, 11:04pm Top

>42 conceptDawg: I was thinking the same, but the chances of two extremely unlikely odds happening in a row are even slimmer ;)

Jun 23, 11:08pm Top

I've found all ten! The answers include a fun mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. Tamping down the urge to add books to my Wishlist was a bit of an additional challenge. That's a good sign, though.

Thank you for the hunt. I like the peacock. The badge selection is also nice.

Jun 23, 11:12pm Top

Hey everyone! I'm stuck on my last clue, which is #3. Otherwise I've gotten all of them, which is exciting.
I've done a crap ton of Googling and I think I must be missing something! Any hints for me?

Edited: Jun 23, 11:21pm Top

>45 steelcutoaths:

African-American author. Expat.

Jun 23, 11:23pm Top

Hm. Either I'm searching the wrong authors, or the banner isn't working when I search. I'll keep Googling and see if I can come up with someone else. Thank you! :)

Jun 23, 11:26pm Top

>45 steelcutoaths:

Phrases from the clue start two titles by this author.

Jun 23, 11:30pm Top

>45 steelcutoaths: There are several partial titles of his books in the clue. It's also the rainbow I got by entering the book, so if all else fails you can check my recently added

Edited: Jun 23, 11:35pm Top

Thanks! I'm almost positive I have the answer, but I'm not getting a banner telling me that I got a rainbow for it, so there must be a bug.

Edited to add: I just got it and I'm not entirely sure how I did. xD Anyway, thanks for all the help!

Edited: Jun 24, 12:55am Top

Thanks to google I have them all except #2. Any clues would be grateful.

Edited: Jun 24, 2:33am Top

So thanks to this talk and judicious googling I have only four more to get. Number 7 I have seemed to stumble on by accident

I searched the site for Authors called Marlon and then clicked on one, then on a few of the books but I didn't see the notification come up. But when I doubled back to the hunt page to rethink it was flagged.

I don't know what I did to get it but I'm happy I have


Edited: Jun 24, 3:47am Top

Please someone toss me some clues for #8 and #9!

ETA: never mind, some googling got me there

Edited: Jun 24, 3:48am Top

>51 lowelibrary:, #2 - I found it by searching (the internet) for the opening phrase and "epistolary". The author's name is also in the clue.

>52 Macbeth:, #7 - Yes, it is an author with first name Marlon.

>53 FemmeNoiresque:, #8 - Try searching for a relevant tagmash on LT.

#9 - Try searching (the internet) for the character's relevant characteristics.

I don't know why I didn't notice this earlier, but in the posted clues, capitalized words usually indicate a proper name. Like, ya know, a person or the title of a work.

Jun 24, 6:53am Top

Thank you, thank you! I love these hunts! Always learn something and have fun doing it. Please keep them coming!

Jun 24, 7:57am Top

Got them all, with the assistance of Google.

Jun 24, 10:07am Top

Hi all. This is a quick note that, due to social distancing constraints of accessing our store stock, the prizes for this hunt have been changed.

As in past hunts, we'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least one rainbow, and anyone who finds all 11 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing coaster set and sticker.

Jun 24, 10:21am Top

Got them all with a bit of googling.

Jun 24, 11:08am Top

For number 5, some hints:

I believe the final line of the clue is a reference to a dance song by comedy duo Ylvis .

The word Confessions is in the title of the work.

It's author is Jordy Rosenberg.

Jun 24, 11:43am Top

Thanks everyone for the hints, I got them all.

Jun 24, 11:55am Top

For anyone stuck on # 3.

I knew the author right away and clicked on his profile but no banner.

So I looked up the title of the work mentioned in line 3 of the clue, and clicked the author's name from there .... BINGO!

Jun 24, 12:00pm Top

>57 kjgormley: I doubt that people are doing it for the prizes. We haven't gotten the badges for the last treasure hunt yet.

Jun 24, 12:55pm Top

Got 'em all - thanks for the quiz it made a nice break. :)

Edited: Jun 24, 5:11pm Top

Thanks for the hunt! Got them all!

>62 MarthaJeanne: Now this is the last treasure hunt :-) A fresh hunt beats a badge anytime :-)

Jun 24, 6:02pm Top

>57 kjgormley:

Quite frankly, I don't do these for the badges or the prizes. I do it for the fun!

Jun 24, 6:29pm Top

thanks for the hunt - really enjoyed it and came across some books I'm less familar with. good fun! 🏳️‍🌈

Jun 24, 6:30pm Top

>57 kjgormley: I've always preferred the coaster set anyway. So yay! Maybe I'll win this time.

But I'm glad I came to this group to look for something else. I saw the banner once then never again and I forgot about it. I'm using the current web design. After about a century, I finally changed.

I still want my salmon back. 😝

Jun 24, 6:52pm Top

For #5, I know what the word is - I know the song (ew) and I know the book (Google Fu) but where do I find it? I'm not getting the rainbow for tag or character and I'm not sure where else to look.

Jun 24, 7:05pm Top

>68 Morphidae: the rainbow is on the work page..

Jun 24, 7:21pm Top

So as it goes in the Melissa Etheridge song (how appropriate) - I'm Down To One.

Looking for No. 11 and then I'm done :)


Jun 24, 7:29pm Top

>70 Macbeth:

Look for a book with the phrase in quotation marks in the penultimate line of the clue. Then find that author.

Jun 24, 8:35pm Top

>69 aspirit: Okay, that was confusing. Up until now, the answer has always been what fills in the blank. I'll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks.

Jun 24, 10:01pm Top

🌈🌈🌈 Took me forever to find Rainbow #10 but finally! I got it. (I must have been going through a wrong route?) Thank you >1 kjgormley: for a fun treasure hunt again. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Jun 24, 10:06pm Top

>71 lilithcat:

Bless you Lilithcat

Another hunt successfully completed.


Jun 24, 10:32pm Top

Can anyone give me any clues towards #10? I think I have the correct tag , actually I've tried a number of tags, but I can't seem to get it. Is it a tag on say a book on something like The Stonewall Riots ? I feel like I've tried every tag I can think of related to that, but I'm coming up empty, so to speak. Is the tag on the work page of a book or somewhere else? Or am I out in left field ? Thanks in advance.

I got all the rest no problem, but this one is driving me crazy ;-)

Edited: Jun 24, 10:36pm Top

>75 vancouverdeb: It's the tag for the establishment after which the riots were named.

Jun 24, 10:52pm Top

>76 amanda4242: Thanks so much! I thought I'd hit the particular tag, but apparently not! Thanks for the hint. All 11 hints found now. Thanks for those who put this together. I always enjoy the treasure hunts.

Jun 25, 8:45am Top

Adding to the voices saying I do these hunts because they're fun.

Jun 25, 9:15am Top

All done. I needed some help on one. Thanks.

Jun 25, 10:57am Top

Thanks to everyone who provided hints!

Jun 25, 11:32am Top

Got them all, this was a fun little diversion. Thanks!

(And a quick question, but the Rainbow Badge, when should that show up? I'm not super worried about it I'm just curious, since it's not on my profile/badges so far. I know someone else posted that a previous badge hasn't shown up, I just think they're fun to have.)

Jun 25, 11:36am Top

>81 Ricechex: Badges are awarded after the hunt is over. It's not an automated process so it can take quite awhile.

Edited: Jun 25, 11:59am Top

>82 amanda4242:(Argh, didn't want to delete my response.) Thank you so much! I've never done one of these before so I figured I'd find out. Thank you again! And thank you to everyone for the help in the clues. Some of them were tricky! (And phew, I finally got it to link to the person I was trying to reply to, THAT was a process!)

Jun 25, 1:32pm Top

Yay, so much fun! Saw this a couple of days ago, but didn't have time to do it until today. Got them all pretty quickly, with a bit of help from google and some hints for #7 (which was my last one to find, and the only one I needed help with).

Thanks so much to the organizers!

And I agree with all the others who love the peacock!

Jun 25, 5:06pm Top

Literally squealed when I saw this! Only found three so far but only started like 20 minutes ago, lol. I knew 10 immediately but it took awhile to get the exact wording right. Knew 6 immediately but forgot the phrasing of the title at first.

Thank you for all these awesome treasure hunts! I look forward to these so much.

Jun 25, 6:35pm Top

I’ve gotten all but #1, which must be really easy as no one else has asked about it

Jun 25, 6:44pm Top

>86 amac121212: It's the tag for what you get when you've found the answer.

Edited: Jun 25, 8:05pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jun 25, 8:05pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jun 25, 8:16pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Jun 25, 8:16pm Top

Clue 10 it is more than one word

Jun 25, 8:16pm Top

>90 Salvator: I just checked and it worked for me. Are you using the full name of the place?

Edited: Jun 25, 8:50pm Top

Can someone please remind me how to find a tagmash? I'm stuck on #8 (my last one!).
Thanks in advance!

Edited: Jun 25, 8:51pm Top

>93 frogprof: Separate the tags with a comma, search, click "tags" on the left, and then select tagmash.


Jun 25, 8:57pm Top

>94amanda4242 Merci mille fois!

Jun 25, 9:11pm Top

This is the first time I've done a Treasure Hunt here and it was a lot of fun!

Jun 25, 10:23pm Top

Thank you once again LibraryThing! I was stuck on two clues and I appreciate the helpful members above!

Edited: Jun 26, 12:11am Top

Got them all, with special thanks to >54 karenb:, who provided just enough clues for 7,8, and 9. Will we get this badge and the previous one at the same time as in prior hunts?

Edited: Jun 26, 1:29am Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Edited: Jun 26, 1:30am Top

amanda4242 Thanks! I could have sworn I tried that!

Edited: Jun 26, 3:42am Top

Found them all ;) with a bit of help ;) from here and our friends at Google.

Jun 26, 3:55am Top

Stuck on 8 and 9, any clues?

Jun 26, 5:41am Top

I've got all but #1 and feel like a dolt because it seems kind of obvious, but nothing I have tried worked.

Jun 26, 6:02am Top

>103 phlegmmy: #1 refers to the ....... flag, search the word on the dots as tag

Edited: Jun 26, 8:48am Top

Clue #1 is so obvious that you probably think that can't be it! It's the tag for what these clues are called: ____ 1, ____2, etc.

Clue #8: Do a tagmash search on the topics and look for the book whose author who fills in the blank.

Clue #9: You're looking for the series page of children's books about Norse gods. Author's initials are RR (not just the middle two!) He has another series based on Greek mythology.

Jun 26, 10:40am Top

>102 hepzibah59:

# 8 - I tried google search for identifiers listed in the second line of the clue - AND - then I looked for an author with initials C R S whose last name would rhyme with "thwarten")

# 9 - Very popular YA/children's author with initials RR - You are looking for the SERIES name, not an individual work

Jun 26, 7:38pm Top

Another fun treasure hunt, thanks LT! Thanks everyone for help with clues - saved me from tearing my hair out over #2 and #3. And well done to conceptDawg for another delightful illustration.

Edited: Jun 26, 9:29pm Top

Still getting no rainbow love from the page for Clue #5.

Also getting nothing from page I believe goes with Clue #7.

I'm 99% sure I've got the right pages for both.

ETA: #7 finally registered, but no banner to tell me so. #5 is not registering in spite of multiple attempts.

Jun 26, 9:43pm Top

Out of topic but I don't have my badge for Spring Seedling Hunt :(

Jun 26, 10:54pm Top

>109 bellsreads:

And if you check the thread about it http://www.librarything.com/topic/319272#7198988 and read the last few messages there, you will see the update that these will probably be given out when the ones for this one are - no one has a badge for the seedling one yet (as these are somewhat manual and the developers were a bit busy lately).

Jun 27, 12:03am Top

>108 amysisson: for you, #5 is not on the main work page for the book?

Jun 27, 6:02am Top

Yay! I’ve found them all with lots of help from google. Made me realise how much I don’t know about books.

Edited: Jun 27, 9:05am Top

Thanks FAMeulstee and lkmiller--I thought I had tried that, but it worked this time!

Jun 27, 1:04pm Top

I got all except #9 very quickly (with an hour). Used the hints here for #9.
Can someone explain (in a spoiler) what the Pride connection is for #9? (I haven't read the book and am not seeing an obvious connection for either author or book content.)

Jun 27, 1:05pm Top

Thanks, LibraryThing, for another amazing treasure hunt. I treasure every one!

Jun 27, 1:55pm Top

>114 LucindaLibri: no spoiler is needed. The riddle describes the main character as genderfluid, which is included in the LGBTQ spectrum.

Edited: Jun 27, 2:38pm Top

I am having SUCH a hard time over #2. I have the rest down pat. Anyone have any new clues?

Edit: I knew, in my soul, that as soon as I asked for help I would find it on my own! Got them all now!

Jun 27, 2:43pm Top

>116 aspirit:

The riddle describes the main character as genderfluid

No, it doesn't. It describes a character in a different series by the same author as genderfluid: One Alex is . . . genderfluid . . . The series is not about Alex . . .

Jun 27, 2:51pm Top

Do we just post that we found everything on here or do we submit it somewhere??

Jun 27, 3:05pm Top

By Tuesday I might even have figured out #4.

Jun 27, 3:18pm Top

I did get #6 and it is the one all of you think it is. I put the name of the book in the search box and it gave me two book titles. I clicked on the first one, and got my rainbow. Try again!

Edited: Jun 27, 3:43pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Jun 27, 3:48pm Top

Thanks! Awesome as usual. And, like everyone else, I love the Peacock!

Jun 27, 3:59pm Top

I hate when I know the book title and I know I know the author's name but can't think of his name to save my life. Finished the hunt.

Jun 27, 5:51pm Top

>119 lkemeny1:

You can post here, but it's not necessary. And, no, you don't submit it anywhere. The site knows when you've got everything.

Jun 27, 7:31pm Top

>111 aspirit:

Correct, it is not registering as the correct answer on the main work page for the book.

Jun 27, 7:43pm Top

awesome thank you so much!!

Jun 27, 8:05pm Top

The hunt is not over yet, is it? There is a banner saying it is but the end date is not until June 30th. I am so confused.....

Edited: Jun 28, 2:50am Top

>128 lkemeny1: Still working. I just got my last rainbow.

Edited: Jun 28, 11:28am Top

All but 11 wrapped up. I keep thinking I have it but then I'm shown I don't. Any hints?

I got it as soon as I posted here.... Too funny

Jun 28, 12:51pm Top

Is it just me, or did the banner disappear from the home page already? I noticed yesterday it was gone and it's still gone today. Had to find this thread to be able to get to it (I usually don't take time to do these until the weekend).

Jun 28, 12:56pm Top

>118 lilithcat: the series is titled after the character whose name is blank in the clue, but Alex is one of the series' main characters.

Jun 28, 4:20pm Top

>132 aspirit: That happened to me too right after I completed the search and got 11 rainbows. Past hunts did not work like that. I also had to access through this thread. There does not seem to be any other access point. There should be. It is not supposed to be over until Tuesday.

Jun 28, 9:14pm Top

Banner is gone for me also however, I did not check after I had finished.

Jun 28, 11:20pm Top

>133 Micheller7: I looked for it in the "top news" section on the right side of my home page. Usually the treasure hunts are also listed there with a link, but I was surprised to not see it (it was the first place I looked when I noticed the banner gone). So, instead I had to hunt down this thread!

Jun 29, 7:30am Top

Got them all in about 3 hours. Some I knew by my self. But Google is a great friend.

Jun 29, 9:58am Top

Tried all the clues and still stuck on #9

Jun 29, 10:03am Top

>137 keepfitz: Electricity Robber is code for The Lightening Thief which gives you the author of the series you are looking for

Jun 29, 10:05am Top

>137 keepfitz:

Massive : Go to Rick Riordan's author page and check all the series. I have no idea about the "ice cream brand"!

Jun 29, 1:00pm Top

I didn't know about the treasure hunt until I read the monthly newsletter. When I click to use the "new design" nothing seems to change? :(

Jun 29, 1:12pm Top

>137 keepfitz: >139 lilithcat:

Magnum which is close enough to the series main character name :)

Jun 29, 1:26pm Top

>140 Faranae: What colour do you see at the top of this page? If you see chocolate brown, you are using the 'new' design. If you see salmon pink you are are using the old design. This change was made in 2013, so before you joined LT.

Jun 29, 2:21pm Top

Hi all—I'm glad you're all playing this month! Per a couple notes here, I've made sure to put a link to the hunt in the Homepage Top News section. Thanks for the catch. Happy Hunting!

Edited: Jun 29, 4:25pm Top

>142 MarthaJeanne: I thought so, which was why I was confused by both the bug and the fix. Definitely using the "new" design, and I do not get the event banner except when I solve a clue.

>143 kjgormley: Oh thank you KJ! That makes things much easier even without the banner. :)

Jun 29, 5:35pm Top

Thanks very much for the Pride Hunt this month! Got them all without coming here (she says smugly)…. very fun!

Jun 29, 9:51pm Top

>143 kjgormley: Thank you! Nice to see it in the Top News section (for a day or two, anyway! :-) ).

Jun 29, 10:16pm Top

Glad the link is now in the news. I had looked there too when I did my prior post to this thread. But no one has said why the banner disappeared.

Jun 30, 4:54am Top

yay got them all! so much fun 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈​

Edited: Jun 30, 10:52am Top

Fun Hunt and educational - learned about a lot of books i might never have heard of otherwise.

Thanks to LT and the Dawg for putting this up

Jun 30, 2:06pm Top

>116 aspirit: and >118 lilithcat:
So the only connection is that this author once wrote a different book that includes a genderfluid character??
That seems like a pretty lame connection to Pride.
Oh well. Got it anyway, but if that's it then the series isn't going onto my TBR LGBTQ list anytime soon . . .

Jun 30, 2:36pm Top

You don't have to know or to understand. You just have to find.
The solution is on this site and is of a technical kind.

Jun 30, 3:06pm Top

Hunt for the Pirate. Travel back in time.
You will find all 11 solutions in a single chest.

Edited: Jun 30, 6:59pm Top

>149 magicians_nephew: To be sure I have VERY little to do with this hunt, or any of the others for that matter. I contribute about 15 minutes of my time to a sketch and get the hunt files up to the server then get personal credit in every talk post. It's a sweet gig. :)

kjgormley is the one that does most of the actual work of planning, poems, organization, social posts, talk posts, giving out prizes, etc. They deserve all of the credit. The Hunts are fun though so I think we keep going until members stop participating.

Jun 30, 7:01pm Top

Thanks to all involved. Great challenge.

Edited: Jul 1, 7:20am Top

>150 LucindaLibri: no a secondary character in the SAME series is genderfluid. and the main character is pansexual btw (if u wanted to know)

Jul 1, 5:34pm Top

>150 LucindaLibri: this doesn't feel to me like an appropriate thread to talk about any one book's characterizations and themes in detail.

Basically, the main hero's interactions with the Alex character include discussions about gender and identity. If you do want to know more, you should be able to look up the reviews onsite and fan synopsis off-site.

Of course, don't include the series on a list where you don't want it.

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