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Philip Larkin was a British poet, novelist, critic, and essayist. Born in 1922 in Coventry, England, he graduated from St. John's College, Oxford, in 1940 and then pursued a career as a librarian, becoming the librarian at the University of Hull in 1955. Although he led a retiring life and show more published infrequently, producing only one volume of poetry approximately every 10 years, Larkin was still considered one of the preeminent contemporary British poets. He is often associated with the "Movement," a 1950s literary group that, through the use of colloquial language and common, everyday subjects, endeavored to create poetry that would appeal to the common reader. However, this association came about mainly because Larkin's poem "Church Going," for which he first gained critical attention, was published in New Lines, an anthology of the "Movement" poets. In reality, his work, particularly his later poems, is not typical of the group. Larkin's published a total of only four volumes of poetry: The North Ship (1945), The Less Deceived (1955), The Whitsun Weddings (1964), and High Windows (1974). He also wrote two novels, Jill and A Girl in Winter, and published two volumes of prose, Required Writing and All That Jazz, a collection of his reviews of jazz records. Philip Larkin died in 1985. (Bowker Author Biography) show less


Works by Philip Larkin

Collected Poems (1988) 2,261 copies
The Whitsun Weddings (1964) 675 copies
High Windows (1974) 622 copies
A Girl in Winter (1947) 410 copies
Jill (1946) 374 copies
The Complete Poems (2012) 236 copies
The North Ship (1945) 152 copies
The Less Deceived (1901) 136 copies
Letters to Monica (2010) 104 copies
Early Poems and Juvenilia (2005) 14 copies
Gedichten (1983) 11 copies
Poesía reunida (2014) 10 copies
Enredo en Willow Gables (2022) 5 copies
Où vivre, sinon ? (1994) 4 copies
Aquí : trenta poemes (1986) 4 copies
Church going (1992) 3 copies
44 wiersze (1991) 3 copies
Femmes damnees 2 copies
High Windows [poem] (1657) — Author — 1 copy
Zebrane 1 copy
Aubade (1977) 1 copy

Associated Works

The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms (2000) — Contributor — 1,250 copies
Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (1995) — Contributor, some editions — 914 copies
An Unsuitable Attachment (1982) — Foreword, some editions — 693 copies
The Nation's Favourite Poems (1996) — Contributor, some editions — 622 copies
A Pocket Book of Modern Verse (1954) — Contributor, some editions — 441 copies
The Faber Book of Modern Verse (1936) — Contributor, some editions — 284 copies
The New Poetry (1962) — Contributor — 267 copies
The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse (1950) — Contributor, some editions — 264 copies
The Art of Losing (2010) — Contributor — 197 copies
British Poetry Since 1945 (1970) — Contributor, some editions — 166 copies
The Faber Book of Beasts (1997) — Contributor — 139 copies
Emergency Kit (1996) — Contributor, some editions — 108 copies
The Everyman Anthology of Poetry for Children (1994) — Contributor — 72 copies
The Hungry Ear: Poems of Food and Drink (2012) — Contributor — 63 copies
The Grim Reader: Writings on Death, Dying, and Living On (1997) — Contributor — 60 copies
The Faber Book of Christmas (1996) — Contributor — 47 copies
Modern Poets: Four (1968) — Author — 17 copies
Masters of British Literature, Volume B (2007) — Contributor — 16 copies
Poetry anthology (2000) — Contributor, some editions — 6 copies
New voices (1959) — Contributor — 6 copies
The Paris Review 84 1982 Summer (1982) — Contributor — 6 copies
Damien Hirst: Superstition — Contributor — 2 copies


20th century (203) 20th century literature (42) anthology (674) British (136) British literature (83) British poetry (40) collection (68) criticism (32) death (23) drama (47) England (73) English (102) English literature (142) English poetry (87) essays (82) fiction (434) grief (27) jazz (31) Larkin (47) letters (73) literary criticism (52) literature (361) music (42) non-fiction (139) novel (60) own (32) Philip Larkin (60) poems (62) poetics (40) poetry (3,488) poetry anthology (64) read (66) reference (82) short stories (27) textbook (66) to-read (316) UK (35) unread (38) verse (26) writing (72)

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My favorite collection of poetry from any poet, I think.
judeprufrock | Jul 4, 2023 |
Five stars despite skipping the jazz reviews that make up the last fifteen or so pages. His introduction to All What Jazz? is worth reading, if only for the comparison of the destruction of the other arts under modernism to that of jazz in the same mode.
judeprufrock | 1 other review | Jul 4, 2023 |
Cómo, una novela en la que todos los personajes, incluido el protagonista, te caen mal, el ambiente es sórdido, no solo por el contexto bélico de la novela, y en la que las cosas van cada vez más a peor, te encandila? De hecho una frase que repite creo que hasta tres veces nos lo recuerda: "Sé que las cosas irán cada vez peor, pero no me importa, porque también mejorarán cada vez más."
Aunque Larkin nos explica en el prólogo que su intención no es contar la historia de un héroe desplazado de la clase obrera, algo de esto también se refleja, inevitablemente, cuando parte de los personajes son descritos como "opresores cuyo deseo más violento podía satisfacerse de inmediato, lo cual sin duda era la cumbre de la ambición."
Pero, es verdad, que no es este el único tema. Miedo, soledad, mentira, hipocresía y la imaginación que nos salva de todo, también son importantes.
La novela solo decae un poco en un momento dado pero, una vez superado este, continúa hacia arriba sin parar. Estupenda.
… (more)
Orellana_Souto | 2 other reviews | Jul 27, 2021 |
Even though I quite liked a few of the poems in this collection, I found the overall tone to be rather soul-less. Larkin focuses on describing small, everyday scenarios, but the reader can tell that he is describing these scenes from a distance. The only poems that I felt his voice was connected to were "the Old Fools," "This be the verse," and "Annus Mirabilis." All three poems were truthful and a touch sarcastic, and they seems to touch on common themes in the human experience that anyone should be able to connect with.… (more)
JaimieRiella | 4 other reviews | Feb 25, 2021 |



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