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Works (19)

The Acts of the Apostles: The Greek Text with Introduction and Commentary by Bruce,F. F.Saint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
Biblical Essays by J. B. LightfootSaint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
Byzantium: The Early Centuries by John Julius Norwich260/265–339/340
Caligula: The Mad Emperor of Rome by Stephen Dando-Collins
The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason by Charles Freeman
Codex Sinaiticus: The Story of the World's Oldest Bible by D. C. Parker260/265-339/340
Divinity of Doubt: The God Question by Vincent Bugliosi260/265–339/340
Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics I-IV by Adolf Hoenecke260/265–339/340
Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics II by Adolf Hoenecke260/265–339/340
Faith of the Early Fathers [3-volume set] by William A. Jurgens260/265–339/340
Faith of the Early Fathers, Volume 1 by William A. JurgensSaint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
The Fathers of the Church: An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers by Mike AquilinaSaint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
Fighting Words: The Origins of Religious Violence by Hector Avalos
From the Holy Mountain: A Journey in the Shadow of Byzantium by William Dalrymple
God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism by Jonathan Kirsch260/265–339/340
A History of Apologetics by Avery Robert Cardinal Dulles260/265–339/340
How We Got the Bible by Neil R. LightfootSaint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
Our Great Heritage Volume 2 by Lyle W. LangeSaint, Eusebius Pamphilus, 260/265–339/340
The Thought of Gregory the Great (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) by G.R. Evans