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Francis, part 8 (2017) 70johnthefireman, Wednesday 4:18pmignore
First anniversary of Laudato Si' 4johnthefireman, Wednesday 3:35amignore
Pope Francis: 'Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace' 4johnthefireman, June 9ignore
Amoris Laetitia – An Apologia for its Orthodoxy 5hf22, June 5ignore
Fact or fiction? Secret Societies. 9timspalding, June 2ignore
Oscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr 38johnthefireman, June 2ignore
Pope Francis orders review of new Mass translation rules 9johnthefireman, May 31ignore
‘African Catholicism 2.0’ 5johnthefireman, May 31ignore
Mass Report (A.K.A. Mass is Boring) 19johnthefireman, May 15ignore
What's in fashion? 25johnthefireman, May 9ignore
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (contued) Part III 81Joansknight, April 18ignore
dubia 33johnthefireman, April 17ignore
Ash Wednesday Reflection: Fast from Violence 6johnthefireman, April 13ignore
Charity begins at home 432wonderY, March 22ignore
Authors/Books similar to Richard John Neuhaus and George Rutler? 72wonderY, March 12ignore
Mass is boring! 256SaintSunniva, March 6ignore
Catholic diocesan social media accounts get weird 4sullijo, March 6ignore
Drug killings in the Philippines 5johnthefireman, February 27ignore
Spotlight 44margd, February 7ignore
Catholics at Jamestown 2mrsdoc83, January 25ignore
Seven Core Values of Catholic Social Teaching 181margd, January 20ignore
Group read: Silence by Endo? 16timspalding, January 19ignore
Pope Francis is… wildly popular 6eschator83, January 18ignore
The 'new' Church Militant? 15timspalding, January 11ignore
Francis, part 7 (2016) 249johnthefireman, January 2ignore
Married priests for Brazil? 1johnthefireman, December 2016ignore
Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator on women's inclusion in church structures 1johnthefireman, December 2016ignore
Laudato Si': Chapter 1 3eschator83, December 2016ignore
Conclave by Robert Harris 4PossMan, December 2016ignore
Martin Scorsese’s Silence 3timspalding, December 2016ignore
Mass in Washington DC 11johnthefireman, December 2016ignore
The Podesta Emails 2LesMiserables, November 2016ignore
Pope Francis extends Sacramental authority indefinitely 1LesMiserables, November 2016ignore
Francis: Beware those who claim to be “very Catholic” 3LesMiserables, November 2016ignore
USCCB: Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship 20margd, November 2016ignore
Amoris Laetitia 61johnthefireman, October 2016ignore
'Simultaneously very traditional and very progressive' 2SaintSunniva, October 2016ignore
Vatican event tackles women's equality, inclusion, ordination 40johnthefireman, August 2016ignore
Bishop Edward Daly, RIP 5Phlegethon99, August 2016ignore
Why is LT 'honoring Pride"? 10LesMiserables, August 2016ignore
"It’s not Vatican II’s fault" 56johnthefireman, August 2016ignore
Fr. Jacques Hamel 32johnthefireman, August 2016ignore
Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac 2rolandperkins, July 2016ignore
"End the Confusion" 23johnthefireman, July 2016ignore
Vatican probe ends with olive branch for US nuns 24johnthefireman, June 2016ignore
Douthat: The Crisis of Contemporary Catholicism 7justanotherjohn, June 2016ignore
Three part NCR Interview with +Fellay 22hf22, May 2016ignore
Mother Angelica RIP 5justanotherjohn, May 2016ignore
What is 'Reformed Catholicity?' 4LesMiserables, May 2016ignore
Lovely 3johnthefireman, May 2016ignore
Laetare Medal to Joe Biden? 2barney67, April 2016ignore
Francis: "This Jubilee Year of Mercy excludes no one" 32johnthefireman, April 2016ignore
Happy Easter 3johnthefireman, April 2016ignore
Mother Teresa to become saint 6johnthefireman, March 2016ignore
Women preaching in mass 17johnthefireman, March 2016ignore
Dr Brant Pitre - Scholarly Consideration of Traditional Views 3hf22, March 2016ignore
Bishop of Rome and Pope of the Catholic Church - A Cautionary Tale 5hf22, March 2016ignore
Married priest replaces cleric who fell in love with parishioner 5CherryBlossom.76, March 2016ignore
Fernando Cardenal RIP 1johnthefireman, February 2016ignore
Francis' book, The Name of God is Mercy 10johnthefireman, February 2016ignore
Cafeteria conservatives 5Joansknight, January 2016ignore
Francis, part 6 (2015) 541johnthefireman, January 2016ignore
Council of Cardinals to focus next on ‘decentralization’ of Catholic church 1johnthefireman, December 2015ignore
The Problem With “Mary Did You Know” 4hf22, December 2015ignore
New document on Catholic-Jewish relations 5hf22, December 2015ignore
'Sister Acts' 49hf22, December 2015ignore
The Synod October 2015 336johnthefireman, November 2015ignore
Catholics as bad as Radical Islamists 11hf22, November 2015ignore
African Catholic publishing house launches e-books 8johnthefireman, November 2015ignore
Common Easter Date? 15rolandperkins, November 2015ignore
'Is My Online Behavior Inviting Others to the Church?' 7PossMan, November 2015ignore
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (continued) 199Joansknight, November 2015ignore
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church 509johnthefireman, November 2015ignore
Catholic Answers Classics series 1justanotherjohn, October 2015ignore
Are there any Pharisees left in the building? 3LesMiserables, October 2015ignore
Lead up to the Next Synod 497johnthefireman, October 2015ignore
Thoughts on the new translation of the Roman Missal? 93johnthefireman, September 2015ignore
Stephen Colbert in GQ 2johnthefireman, August 2015ignore
Richard Rohr on Orthopraxy 1johnthefireman, August 2015ignore
Homosexuality in the ordained ministry 13johnthefireman, August 2015ignore
Has the church ever apologized for its use of capital punishment? 43johnthefireman, August 2015ignore
Make that six continents… 1timspalding, July 2015ignore
St Peter Damien's Book of Gamorrah 151johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
The Novelties of Pope Francis 48johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
African theology conference 1johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
Scrutinizing the Gospel in the light of the Signs of the Times 3hf22, July 2015ignore
Favourite Hymns? 6johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
Favourite Prayer Books 3johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
Masquerading 1LesMiserables, July 2015ignore
Archbishop Cupich: "We're all different people..." 7LesMiserables, July 2015ignore
Vatican ends crackdown on LCWR 9LesMiserables, July 2015ignore
An antidote to stories about the Church falling apart 42LesMiserables, June 2015ignore
The Cross and the Confederate Flag - Catholic Split Off 15hf22, June 2015ignore
Catholic Composers 4parelle, June 2015ignore
New CARA Data - Actual Number of World Catholics 2hf22, June 2015ignore
Atlantic: "Will Pope Francis Break the Church?" 98LesMiserables, May 2015ignore
Kubler-Ross on near-death/afterlife 22wonderY, April 2015ignore
The Pope's Bible version/translation 5barney67, April 2015ignore

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