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Summa Theologica 42LesMiserables, Today 1:45amignore
Catholic Library Association 3CatholicLibraryAssoc, Yesterday 3:15pmignore
Seven Core Values of Catholic Social Teaching 52LesMiserables, Monday 8:06pmignore
Pope says married men could be ordained priests if world's bishops agree on it 22LesMiserables, Monday 1:16amignore
Francis, part 2 (2014) 164timspalding, Monday 12:14amignore
Thoughts on the new translation of the Roman Missal? 63LesMiserables, Friday 2:31amignore
Women's leadership in the early Church 29johnthefireman, Friday 1:20amignore
Fasting 47LesMiserables, Wednesday 7:09pmignore
Human nature & sin 12wonderY, April 2ignore
Offered a new post? 152wonderY, April 2ignore
Charity begins at home 252wonderY, April 1ignore
Conversations around homosexuality. 33hf22, March 31ignore
The Virtue of Temperance 6LesMiserables, March 30ignore
Return to Fish Fridays? 152wonderY, March 24ignore
Fact or fiction? Secret Societies. 5LesMiserables, March 24ignore
Lent 42vpfluke, March 17ignore
Mass is boring! 1212wonderY, March 16ignore
Reading the Bible 24PossMan, March 16ignore
The Rosary 39LesMiserables, March 14ignore
Okay, explain marriage to me? 78johnthefireman, March 5ignore
Global Catholicism: The Church is Changing, But Not How We Might Think 2johnthefireman, February 27ignore
BENEDICTUS PP XVI 179timspalding, February 26ignore
Michael Rood - A Rood Awakening 62wonderY, February 24ignore
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church (continued) 97MMcM, February 22ignore
Reviewers Needed for Catholic Books 1CatholicLibraryAssoc, January 24ignore
Conversions 13LesMiserables, January 23ignore
Prayer Books 6johnthefireman, January 22ignore
Prolife Novena: January 18th - 26 2enevada, January 22ignore
What's in fashion? 23LesMiserables, January 17ignore
the biblical roots of the Mass 32wonderY, January 16ignore
Most Catholics aren't searching for spirituality online 3LesMiserables, January 16ignore
Francis 336timspalding, December 2013ignore
The Making of Saints 3timspalding, December 2013ignore
how to record Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur? 92wonderY, December 2013ignore
Paul Ryan Finds God 3timspalding, December 2013ignore
Catholic league seeks to expose child sex-abuse accuser 3timspalding, December 2013ignore
Evangelii Gaudium and Beati Pauperes 38timspalding, December 2013ignore
Pope Francis Wins Facebook… 15timspalding, December 2013ignore
Right-wing reaction to Francis… 22timspalding, December 2013ignore
Caryll Houselander - Reed of God audio book 2SaintSunniva, November 2013ignore
"Lumen Fidei", Pope Francis' First Encyclical 15johnthefireman, November 2013ignore
Rome asks views on thorniest issues 16johnthefireman, November 2013ignore
Natural Family Planning Week: July 21- 27th 49timspalding, November 2013ignore
Catholic funeral for a Nazi war criminal? 18razzamajazz, October 2013ignore
America Magazine interviews Pope Francis 39dekesolomon, September 2013ignore
Francis Book Club: The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni 4enevada, September 2013ignore
Papal trivia II 10nathanielcampbell, September 2013ignore
"10 ways to revitalize the Catholic Church" 11johnthefireman, September 2013ignore
Vatican under pressure to bless GMOs 4margd, September 2013ignore
Priest Celibacy Is Open To Discussion 1johnthefireman, September 2013ignore
A church that requires a different kind of bishop 1johnthefireman, September 2013ignore
Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan on… Mary? 1timspalding, September 2013ignore
'Hierarchy's Mary is vastly differs from ours' 6johnthefireman, September 2013ignore
Vatican orders slight change in text for baptism 5timspalding, August 2013ignore
Feast Days 12enevada, August 2013ignore
Benedict says God told him to resign 12ThomasRichard, August 2013ignore
Veteran Jesuit explains choice to return to lay life 170johnthefireman, August 2013ignore
Francis' in-air interview—the part that wasn't about gays 14johnthefireman, August 2013ignore
Catholic Atheism 40LesMiserables, August 2013ignore
Pope on homosexuals: 'Who am I to judge?' 12enevada, August 2013ignore
Vatican panel clears Pope John Paul II for sainthood 17timspalding, July 2013ignore
The Church v. modern medicine malpractice 10nathanielcampbell, July 2013ignore
Notre Dame Press Overstock Sale 3parelle, July 2013ignore
"Free the Word" - Copyright and the Church 4timspalding, July 2013ignore
Fortnight for Freedom: June 21 - July 4 19enevada, July 2013ignore
'Post-Partisan' Catholicism? 2enevada, July 2013ignore
The Pope's Bible version/translation 4nathanielcampbell, June 2013ignore
Year of Faith: Catholic Women Read 9enevada, May 2013ignore
NYTimes: Poll shows disconnect between US Catholics and the Church 4johnthefireman, May 2013ignore
Cardinal Sean O'Malley 6enevada, May 2013ignore
Demographic shifts in global Catholicism 6enevada, May 2013ignore
Teresa Forcades, a nun on a mission 1johnthefireman, May 2013ignore
Gosnell chooses Life 2enevada, May 2013ignore
Professing Faith 14enevada, May 2013ignore
50th anniversary of Pacem in Terris 3johnthefireman, May 2013ignore
DIGNITATIS HUMANAE 2johnthefireman, May 2013ignore
Archbishop of Freiburg opens door for deaconesses 2timspalding, April 2013ignore
Questions about Doctrine 26MyopicBookworm, April 2013ignore
SSPX Update 13timspalding, April 2013ignore
If I were Catholic 202wonderY, March 2013ignore
Cardinal O'Brien "very happy" if priests could get married 3PossMan, February 2013ignore
Papal trivia 379johnthefireman, February 2013ignore
Rehabilitating Pius XII 11lawecon, February 2013ignore
Great Catholic Theology Books 54johnthefireman, January 2013ignore
Family prayer 16plaris, January 2013ignore
St Francis of Assisi 3johnthefireman, January 2013ignore
Driscoll book on the liturgy "What Happens at Mass" 12wonderY, January 2013ignore
Clarifying Vatican II - the CDF 45johnthefireman, January 2013ignore
The pope, Taize and EWTN 2timspalding, December 2012ignore
Late Cardinal says Church '200 years behind' 65johnthefireman, December 2012ignore
Pope Benedict's "October Surprise": Six new Red Hats for November Consistory 10johnthefireman, November 2012ignore
Sedevacante & The One True Catholic Church 493johnthefireman, November 2012ignore
Should the Church "pre-emptively withdraw from the civil marriage business"? 3timspalding, November 2012ignore
'It’s a more complicated church than you thought – and there’s hope' 1johnthefireman, November 2012ignore
Catholic Social Teaching: new zeitgeist 1johnthefireman, November 2012ignore
Books for the Year of Faith 31johnthefireman, November 2012ignore
Peru university in Vatican battle over right to call itself Catholic 2sullijo, October 2012ignore
Group Read: The Rule of St. Benedict 4JDHomrighausen, October 2012ignore
Italian cardinal brands tax evasion a sin 5timspalding, October 2012ignore

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