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Clergy sexual abuse scandal 3 (continued) 341johnthefireman, Friday 1:02amignore
Grenfell Towers fire: the church got it right 1johnthefireman, Friday 12:58amignore
New German book on Luther 16MarthaJeanne, June 9ignore
Three Days and Three Nights 92pmackey, June 5ignore
Catholics, Protestants and Christian Unity 25pmackey, June 5ignore
Some interesting articles about persecution 28margd, June 4ignore
Perelandra in one comic 3pmackey, April 26ignore
Dear Christians, when was the last time...? 45johnthefireman, April 17ignore
Jesus would have been done for extremism 20JGL53, April 12ignore
US Christianity: 'change and decay' 3pmackey, March 29ignore
Hans Kung: “500 years after Reformation it is time to end the schism!” 3johnthefireman, March 19ignore
Africa - where are western Christians when we need them? 3margd, February 21ignore
Camara quote 3MarthaJeanne, February 10ignore
What book would you give to an atheist? 323ronpeltier, January 29ignore
Anglican archbishops call on Christians to repent for Reformation split 10MarthaJeanne, January 27ignore
Richard Rohr: Prayer for those are hurting after the US election 4margd, November 2016ignore
Choose to believe? 75ChristiantytheDeceit, November 2016ignore
Simon of Cyrene 32quicksiva, September 2016ignore
Anybody interested in a cover-to-cover Bible group read next year? 1The_Hibernator, September 2016ignore
Trip to the Ark Museum 3JGL53, September 2016ignore
What is the good news? 5JGL53, September 2016ignore
Demoniac and the pigs Mark 5 5JGL53, September 2016ignore
Taize in Africa 4johnthefireman, August 2016ignore
Attaboy! Attagirl! 44margd, August 2016ignore
Woes in Matthew , 23.8-36 3richardbsmith, August 2016ignore
Teen Christian Fiction (1970s?) 2fireweedhunny, August 2016ignore
Paul's argument Romans 1 - No excuses 6JGL53, August 2016ignore
Genesis 15.6 3richardbsmith, July 2016ignore
Beatitudes - for now or for later 22richardbsmith, July 2016ignore
Tower of Babel 6richardbsmith, July 2016ignore
Galatians 2.19 5richardbsmith, July 2016ignore
Gal 5.11 Scandal of the cross 8pmackey, June 2016ignore
A step as big as is possible now in the Church? 11pmackey, June 2016ignore
The Great Pat Summitt 5johnthefireman, June 2016ignore
Scripture, Reason, Tradition 58johnthefireman, June 2016ignore
Anti-Jewish Liberal Theology? 13hf22, June 2016ignore
Church of Scotland 'to introduce online baptism' 24richardbsmith, May 2016ignore
Climate denial is immoral, says US Episcopal church head 327rrp, May 2016ignore
On what grounds and on what authority did Paul persecute early church? 9cl1914p, May 2016ignore
Gal 2.16 by works of the law shall no one be justified 1richardbsmith, May 2016ignore
Joy of Love - far enough? too far? 3richardbsmith, April 2016ignore
Genesis 3.16 9richardbsmith, April 2016ignore
Best history of the early Church? 23JGL53, February 2016ignore
Where is the Grace? 7blueberry, January 2016ignore
Circumcision and the Documentary Hypothesis 1richardbsmith, January 2016ignore
Global Warming and Christianity 5richardbsmith, December 2015ignore
Radical Christian Terrorist attacks Planned Parenthood Facility - murders three people, including a policeman. 14JGL53, December 2015ignore
'C of E should be bridge between Catholics and Evangelicals' 3JGL53, November 2015ignore
Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince 76Cecrow, November 2015ignore
christians vs. muslims: the most important difference. 1JGL53, November 2015ignore
Pyramids and Joseph and grain storage 61richardbsmith, November 2015ignore
Submission religions 19JGL53, November 2015ignore
Christianity and kindness 4jburlinson, November 2015ignore
The 10 worst typos in the Bible 2JGL53, October 2015ignore
Author pushes back against Christians' 'passive bystanding' 26Taphophile13, October 2015ignore
10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been “Americanized” 26margd, September 2015ignore
Hatred, where does it comes from? 23madpoet, September 2015ignore
“Jesus’ Wife” Fragment: The Collective Negative Judgment 40johnthefireman, September 2015ignore
The Cross and the Confederate Flag 38pmackey, August 2015ignore
Former Anglican head backs assisted suicide 16MarthaJeanne, August 2015ignore
Diversity and the Emergence of “Orthodoxy” in Early Christianity 3hf22, August 2015ignore
Sacra Pagina… 2hf22, August 2015ignore
The 'angel' of Guatemala: 12-year-old chooses death over gang violence 15ChristianWilliej1617, July 2015ignore
Thoughts on the Beatitudes? 31erwinkthomas, July 2015ignore
Theological Cooky Recipe 4JGL53, July 2015ignore
Arise! 3johnthefireman, July 2015ignore
Who Would Dare to Love ISIS? 15JGL53, June 2015ignore
Searching for love and peace for the human race! 3johnthefireman, June 2015ignore
Cornelius and Acts 10:30 2johnthefireman, May 2015ignore
Marathon bomber and loving your enemies 90jburlinson, May 2015ignore
NYT: Church Is Becoming More Informal, Just Like the Rest of Society 91kathryn2write, May 2015ignore
Richard Rohr interview 2pmackey, February 2015ignore
What are you giving up for Lent? 15hf22, February 2015ignore
R.I.P. Kayla Mueller 1timspalding, February 2015ignore
Williams: Christianity's Eastern history has been forgotten 5hf22, February 2015ignore
Church of England votes yes to allowing female bishops 189margd, February 2015ignore
To Seventh-day Adventists and Friends 1jimbeshires, January 2015ignore
Movie: Calvary 2Jason_Hess, January 2015ignore
New translation of the Nicene Creed 38quicksiva, November 2014ignore
Science Fiction For Christians? 10quicksiva, November 2014ignore
Weekly Readings Thread (Nov. 2014) 29johnthefireman, November 2014ignore
The Ecumenism of "No" 69timspalding, November 2014ignore
Justin Welby: what should we do about ISIS? 6quicksiva, November 2014ignore
Church Times List of the 100 Best Christian Books 31MarthaJeanne, October 2014ignore
New York Times: James Foley converted to Islam soon after his capture 1hf22, October 2014ignore
Archbishop of Canterbury admits doubts about existence of God 14JGL53, September 2014ignore
Pope Francis warns on 'piecemeal World War III' 19JGL53, September 2014ignore
Catholic priest 'receives death threats' after gun control rally 13razzamajazz, September 2014ignore
GOD vs. Science 201jburlinson, September 2014ignore
Matthew 15:22-28 The Canaanite woman 26JGL53, September 2014ignore
Pope Francis hugs disfigured man 2razzamajazz, September 2014ignore
10 Reasons Why The Prosperity Message is Relevant 13nathanielcampbell, August 2014ignore
Which Early Christian Heresy Are You? 28zangasta, August 2014ignore
Do we need big givers to the Church, are they really important? 3Christine_Tate, August 2014ignore
Married Catholic Priests: Why Are Some Catholic Priest Married? 140johnthefireman, July 2014ignore
"Bibliotheca" 3theophila, July 2014ignore
Pope Francis’ Friend Dies in Motorcycle Crash 2hf22, July 2014ignore
Group read - The Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry 9johnthefireman, July 2014ignore
Which Mid-Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologian Are You? 7AsYouKnow_Bob, July 2014ignore

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