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Roni Reads in 2019

75 Books Challenge for 2019

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Edited: Jan 1, 9:53pm Top

Hi, I'm Roni. I live in San Diego with one husband, one small dog and way too many cats in a small bungalow with a garden and lots of books. I'm retired these days, after a long career as a school psychologist.

I've been a member of LT since 2008 and an active member of the 75 Book Challenge groups for that long as well. I read mostly in genre, science fiction and fantasy, but also try to read some nonfiction and mystery.

Welcome to my thread. I love visitors and promise to visit you back.

My final thread of 2018 is here: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298278

Edited: Jan 1, 11:17pm Top

Goals for 2018:

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages. I ended up reading 175 books and 58359 pages. 11/2 MET!!!
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs). I have 295 books tagged “tbr” and that does not count my new acquisitions this month. I only read 33 BOMBs this year, not meeting my goal of 40.
3. It looks like I have been averaging about 85 books acquired for the last 6 years, so I will keep the goal of acquiring no more than 85 books. currently at 62 books, so goal MET
I need to do better at de-accessioning books from my stash. I will set the goal of 50 books out the door once more. I only got rid of 49 books. So CLOSE! I feel like tossing one in the recycle bin just to make the numbers.

New Goals for 2019:

My goals generally stay pretty stable, and this year will be no exception.

1. Read 150 books and 50,000 pages.
2. Read at least 40 books off my own bookshelves (BOMBs).
3. Acquire no more than 80 books.
4. 50 books out the door once more.

Edited: Jan 3, 10:14pm Top

My Best Books of 2019>/b> (in order read):

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Olua
An Informal History of the Hugos by Jo Walton
The Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrews Cummings
Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter by Theodora Goss (and its sequel is good, too)
the Murderbot quartet of novellas by Martha Wells
The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

I did a lot of rereading this last year, much of it rereading whole series. Of the new books I read, So You Want to Talk about Race is the most important for people to read. The Hugos book by Walton is an amazing compilation of information about the history of speculative fiction. The Goss and Wells books were the most fun, very entertaining and good. And The Calculating Stars is just amazing, as was Spinning Silver!

2018 Summary

Books read: 175
Pages read: 58359
Average pages per day: 160
Average pages per book: 333

New reads: 122
Rereads: 55
Library books: 50
Books off the shelf (ROOTS): 33
New acquisitions read: 33/62
Did Not Finish (DNF): 2

science fiction 37
fantasy 102
children's 9
nonfiction 12
fiction 5
romance 6
mystery 6

Author gender: 145 female, 38 male

Country of origin: USA, England, Wales, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa

Medium: Kindle, Hardback, trade paper, mass market paper

Books acquired: 62
Source: Amazon; Costco; Mysterious Galaxy; gifts
Read: 33
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, fiction
Cost: $379.25

Books out the door: 49

Edited: Yesterday, 10:19pm Top

Books Read in 2019

1. Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep
2. The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman
3. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
4. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
5. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher

Edited: Yesterday, 10:29pm Top

Books acquired in 2019

1. These Truths by Jill Lepore
2. Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher
3. The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher
4. Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
5. New Spring by Robert Jordan
6. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
7. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
8. Time's Shadow by Arnold Bauer

Edited: Jan 1, 11:19pm Top

Dec 31, 2018, 8:01pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni! Can't wait to see your best reads list from 2018. I am collecting the lists to see what all I missed last year :)

Dec 31, 2018, 8:29pm Top

Welcome back, Roni!

Dec 31, 2018, 8:40pm Top

Greetings, Roni! Wishing you and yours a happy and joyous 2019, filled with peace, love, and great books.

Dec 31, 2018, 9:01pm Top

Dec 31, 2018, 9:03pm Top

Happy new year, Roni!

Dec 31, 2018, 9:48pm Top

Hi Roni! Dropping off my star and looking forward to another year of sharing conversation about books, pottery, and (of course) cats.

Dec 31, 2018, 11:32pm Top

Happy New Year and happy new thread! Can’t wait to see what you read this year. The Calculating Stars is on my list, for sure!

Jan 1, 3:52am Top

Happy New Year Roni - looking forward once again to following your thread.

Jan 1, 4:28am Top

Happy New Year & New Thread Roni! Looking forward to see what you read this year.

Jan 1, 4:29am Top

Happy New Year, Roni! I like your goals, particularly the BOMBs one. Maybe I need a ticker...

Jan 1, 8:49am Top

Happy 2019, Roni!

Jan 1, 10:16am Top

I wish you from my heart a healthy 2019 filled with happiness, satisfaction, laughter and lots of good books.

Jan 1, 10:47am Top

Happy reading in 2019, Roni!

You did well with your goals in 2018 :-)

Jan 1, 10:48am Top

Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 10:48am Top

Hooray! It's not 2018 anymore.

Jan 1, 2:53pm Top

Happy new year! Wishing you lots of good reading in 2019.

Jan 1, 3:07pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni. I hope 2019 is filled with stellar reading.

Edited: Jan 1, 3:24pm Top

Happy New Year Roni! Your best books of last year all look pretty tempting. (Except All Systems Red which I read and loved as much as everyone else did) Looks like I'm starting 2019 with some book bullets! Linked to that, you've inspired me to actively try and read more BOMBs. I've just done my stats from last year and only read 5 of them in 2018!

Jan 1, 7:13pm Top

Happy 2019
A year full of books
A year full of friends
A year full of all your wishes realised

I look forward to keeping up with you, Roni, this year.

Jan 1, 7:17pm Top

Happy new year, Roni!

Your list of beste is inspiring. And I loved Spinning Silver as well.

Jan 1, 10:11pm Top

I've been eyeing my digital copy of Spinning Silver since it was released. I'm a little scared to start it, as I have such high expectations after Uprooted.

I look forward to keeping an eye on what you read this year. We seem to share quite a bit in the way of tastes.

Jan 1, 10:33pm Top

Jan 1, 11:05pm Top

Welcome to all my visitors! It is great to be spending another year with you, Stasia, Jim, Dejah, Kim, Katie, Ellen, Foggi, Kerry, Rhian, Susan, Chelle, Barbara, Anita, Rachel, Richard, Carrie, Beth, Paul, Ella, Amanda and Susan.

Jan 1, 11:06pm Top

Happy new year! May it be filled with great reads.

Jan 1, 11:06pm Top

looking forward to following your reading, etc, in 2019!

Jan 1, 11:11pm Top

Hello Dear One! May 2019 be good to you and yours. I added two of your top ten books to my tbr pile.

I look forward to images of your animals, your pottery, your lovely jewelry, and anything else you might want to let us know about!

All good wishes to you!

Jan 1, 11:22pm Top

Thanks, Anita, Rhonda and Linda!

Jan 1, 11:53pm Top

Hi Roni! Newbie over here, and you had me at cats in your bio!!! Following your thread.

Jan 2, 12:30am Top

I got to meet Mary Robinette Kowal at WorldCon! She is so generous and kind. Did you read the Fated Stars yet? And there are two more she's writing!


Jan 2, 12:35am Top

>34 vikzen: Yay!
>35 AuntieClio: No, but you remind me that I need to go to the library site and put a hold on it. I did love The Calculating Stars--so well done!

Jan 2, 4:29am Top

Happy New Year Roni! And happy new thread!

Wishing you and your family (and zoo) the best for 2019.

Jan 2, 9:41am Top

Happy New Year, Roni! I'm glad that So You Want to Talk About Race was one of your favorite books of 2018. I attended her talk at the Decatur Book Festival last year and bought this book, so I'll make it my business to read it soon.

Jan 2, 10:29am Top

Happy New Year, Roni! Can't wait for more books and cats. Especially the cats. :)

Jan 2, 1:14pm Top

*waves* Hiya, Roni!

Jan 2, 6:07pm Top

Hi Roni! Happy new year and happy first thread of 2019.

Jan 2, 9:13pm Top

Happy New Year! Your favorites for 2018 are already giving me some new to-reads for this year :-)

Jan 3, 12:15am Top

HI, Nina, Darryl, Cassie, Laura (my Secret Santa), Karen and Jennifer, and welcome to my new thread!

Book #1 Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep (467 pp.)

Fairly traditional other-world medieval-type fantasy well done and very readable. This pulled me right in and was a quick read. Evie is a believable character with strong character growth and the first-person narrative is handled very well.

Estep has evidently authored several series but this is my first encounter with her work.

Jan 3, 7:23am Top

>43 ronincats: My local library does not have that one, but does have several of Estep's other books, so I will have to check them out.

Jan 3, 7:24am Top

Hi Roni!! I found your thread (thanks for the link)! I love your intro with one husband and one small dog. That made me smile! I only live with one small dog. No husband. God Bless you for working as a School Psychologist. I work in the special education offices and work with the school psychologist at our HS so I know how much work goes on working in a school and dealing with parents, admin, staff, and students.

I will be following your thread for the science fiction and fantasy books.

Happy New Year!!

Jan 3, 10:35am Top

Hi Roni, starring your thread and hope you have lots of great reading this year. Good luck with your reading goals!

Jan 3, 10:42am Top

Happy New Year, Roni! I love your stats in >3 ronincats:. Very cool.

Jan 3, 10:48am Top

Happy reading in 2019 Roni

Jan 3, 3:54pm Top

I'm back from Kansas and I have news!

ALA is going to be in Seattle and I wanted to let everybody know that the American Library Association Winter Conference will be in Seattle, WA starting January 25 and ending on January 28. Most of the major publishers will be there on the exhibit floor with plenty of Advanced Readers Copy's (ARC's) for people to pick up.

Tim Spaulding, intrepid founder and leader of LT, and Loreanne, the web services librarian for LT, will be there in the ProQuest booth, so you can stop in and meet them. (Rock stars that they are. Yeah LT!)

At this point I don't know if LT will be able to give out free passes to the exhibit floor, but the LT people are checking on it. If you are an LT user and live close enough to Seattle it might be worth your while to make plans to attend on Saturday or Sunday and pick up some of those free ARC's.

I don't know if we will have a meetup - yet, but if there is positive response I will plan one. Usually, Saturday night works best for us to meet for food and book talking. I will let you know.

If there are enough people interested in a meetup I will set up a separate thread and get us organized so that people can get free books and we can eat and talk about books.

Jan 3, 6:02pm Top

Hi Roni - happy New one! Looking forward to following in 2019.

Jan 3, 7:28pm Top

I'll be around this year, Roni, to check on your reading and pottery progress. You sure booted a lot of 5-star books out the door this past year. I should be more brutal. I hang on to the best ones thinking I will do a lot of rereading. Last year I just reread 4 books thanks to this wonderful group and all the enthusiastic book recommendations. I may try Spinning Silver this year as I rather liked Uprooted…and it's good for me to venture out of my reading comfort zone.

Edited: Jan 3, 10:15pm Top

>44 alcottacre: This one is the first of a new series Estep is starting, Stasia. I haven't heard anything about her earlier series but I also will be checking them out.
>45 crazy4reading: Hi, Monika. Yep, 31 years! Glad to see you here.
>46 aktakukac: Thanks, Rachel.
>47 Crazymamie: Mamie!!!
>48 calm: Thank you, Calm. Hug the kitties for me.
>49 benitastrnad: Green with envy am I, Benita.
>50 charl08: Hi, Charlotte!
>51 Donna828: The unusually high number of 5-star books is due primarily to my rereading a number of my favorite series during the year, Donna. Also, I see that a number of books that were 4.5 here on LT became 5 stars on Goodreads.

To the pottery studio this morning, where I trimmed and threw bowls and mug bodies. My glazed items were not out of the kiln yet because Annie was gone on vacation for 10 days and only started up the firings again yesterday. Next week! And then to the dentist to get my permanent crown, which required a lot more stress on my jawbone than I had anticipated. The crown seems to have solved the tooth problem, however, which is a big relief.

My copy of These Truths arrived this morning early, before I left for the pottery, so I will be starting that for the group read, and I have the next book in the Invisible Library series on my nightstand ready to start tonight. That would be #5 in the series, The Mortal Word.

Jan 3, 9:49pm Top

Looking forward to following your reading, cats, and pottery!

Jan 3, 10:19pm Top

Hi Roni! You asked a few questions on my 2018 thread, so I thought I'd pop over here and answer them on your thread.

Examples: Were The Fourth Bear and the Paks books rereads or the first time? Did you love the Paksennarion books? How about the Murderbot books, the new Scalzi series, and Spinning Silver? Was this a first time for Wrapt in Crystal--I love that mystery! And I'm getting ready to start Kill the Queen--what did you think?

I had never read Fforde's Nursery Crimes novels before - I was a bit dubious, but really enjoyed them. Paks is an old friend - I have no idea how many times I've reread that trilogy! I adored the Murderbot books - I thought they were absolutely marvelous. I'm going to make an effort to read everything else sh's written. As for the new Scalzi series, I thought The Collapsing Empire was good, but not great - I'll get to The Consuming Fire some time this month. On the other hand, I read his two mysteries, Lock In and Head On and thought they were wonderful.

I enjoyed Spinning Silver, but didn't love it as much as many people did. I think I liked Uprooted more. Wrapt in Crystal was another reread - I can see the flaws in Sharon Shinn's older works, but I still really like them. As for Kill the Queen, I gobbled it up like popcorn - make that chocolate. There was nothing particularly new or innovative about it, but I found it very engaging. I know I read some of Estep's urban fantasy a good while back, but didn't like it enough to keep reading it. I didn't read as much urban fantasy then, so I'm going to give it another try.

Jan 4, 2:18am Top

Happy new year Roni! I haven't done my best of 2018 list yet but Spinning Silver and the Murderbot series will definitely be on it :-)

Jan 4, 3:01am Top

Happy New Year! Dropping off a star. So You Want to Talk About Race, Spinning Silver, and The Calculating Stars were also some of my favorites from last year :)

Jan 4, 1:25pm Top

I would like to use your thread to let people know that I am hosting a mystery challenge thread within the 75'ers Group.

Here is the link. https://www.librarything.com/topic/301787

For lack of a better title I christened it: Lackberg and Leon: A Scandicrime vs Venetian Mystery Challenge. I thought about doing something with North vs. South or Hot and Cold Climes Crime, but somehow it just didn't mesh. If one of you can come up with something let us know over on the new thread.

It is part of the 75 Books Challenge group. For a couple of years we have been doing a compare and contrast mystery group read and this year we selected the Erika Falck series by Camilla Lackberg and the Guido Brunetti series by Donna Leon as our two authors. Scandicrime vs. Canal Crime? The Ice Princess is our first book for this year.

If nothing else, drop a star on the thread and just lurk. We don't mind.

Edited: Jan 4, 1:29pm Top

Happy New Year, Roni! Nice to see the Murderbot books among your favorites of last year. What a fun series!

Jan 4, 7:41pm Top

Happy new year, Roni! Star is dropped :)

Jan 4, 7:42pm Top

Looking forward to following your reads and more this year, Roni!

Jan 4, 9:52pm Top

I've dropped my star, Roni, and pulled up a comfy chair. I am excited about all the bookish possibilities that are to come in 2019! I think we are going to have a fun year.

Jan 4, 10:06pm Top

>53 thornton37814: Hi, Lori. I'll be following you and those cuddly boys as well.
>54 Dejah_Thoris: Thanks for coming to respond to my question on my thread here, Dejah. It's been so long since I read the Nursery Crimes books that I really need to do a reread. I'm glad you love Paks--I also have read the trilogy (and all the related books) many, many times. The Collapsing Empire was so much a set-up for the series that it was hard to get emotionally connected to the story. See, I liked Uprooted but I thought Spinning Silver both better written and more mature. Agreed the the Estep was very engaging.
>55 souloftherose: Great minds, Heather!
>56 curioussquared: Ditto, Natalie!
>57 benitastrnad: Announce away, Benita.
>58 jnwelch: Hi, Joe! So you are home for a while now?
>59 RebaRelishesReading: Hi, Reba!
>60 bell7: Glad to hear it, Mary.
>61 DeltaQueen50: Hi, Judy. Comfy chairs abound and I'm glad you've taken possession of one. Definitely a fun year!

About halfway through The Mortal Word, the 5th in the Invisible Library series. These are definitely fun. And I got my hair cut and the green hair colored bright blue, so now my hair is blue and red, my school colors. And since I will be dressed in KU gear twice a week for basketball games, it will definitely go with my outfits!

Jan 5, 12:08am Top

Happy New Year Roni! Dropping a star so I can find my way back here. Looking forward to more cats, pottery, beading and books.

Jan 5, 6:19pm Top

>49 benitastrnad:
I would love to go to the ALA conference. I will be going to the Ontario Library Association conference this month (which has become our de facto national conference).

Jan 5, 8:35pm Top

>63 lkernagh: Hi, Lori. I will endeavor to keep you supplied with all of the above!
>64 Deedledee: Well hi there, Dee.

Book #2 The Mortal Word by Genevieve Cogman (433 pp.)

When I started this series 2 years ago, I thought the first book had potential, was fun, but wasn't blown away by it. But here, at Book 5 in the series, I feel Cogman has really grown as a writer and, having gotten a lot of existential angst out of the way in earlier books, is able to concentrate on an intricate plot while still having a lot of fun. This is the best one yet, in other words! Not much about the Library, but an action-filled murder mystery that pushes Irene to her utmost. Go read the series.

Jan 5, 9:35pm Top

I'm slowly getting around to the 2019 threads, Roni. My star is dropped but I was surprised there are no pictures. The pottery you explained but no cats?

Edited: Jan 6, 5:54pm Top

Antqueen thoughtfully put together a compact list of several challenges on her thread, and I've borrowed them. I usually participate in the nonfiction challenge and the SSFCAT challenge. Not being a member of the Category Challenge group I had not priorly noted the series and tbr challenges, but they definitely look like something I should track because they are so close to what I normally read anyhow! I will also find list of the American and British Author Challenges to post but I don't try to complete them, just note if I read anything on them.


Nonfiction Challenge

January: Prizewinners (and Nominees!): These Truths by Jill Lapore (already reading for a group read)
February: Science and Technology: Innovations and Innovators
March: True Crime, Misdemeanors and Justice, Past and Present Day
April: Comfort Reads
May: History
June: The Pictures Have It!
July: Biography & First Person Yarns: Becoming by Michelle Obama
August: Raw Materials: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
September: Books by Journalists
October: Other Worlds: From Spiritual to Fantastical
November: Creators and Creativity
December: I've Always Been Curious About...

SFFKit: https://www.librarything.com/topic/299184

January: Read an SFF you meant to read in 2018, but never started/completed: The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin
February: Colonization
March: Mystery/police procedural/detective Science Fiction or Fantasy
April: Sword & Sorcery
May: International Sci-Fi/Fantasy by Non-US/UK authors
June: Road-trip
July: Space Opera
August: Alternate History
September: Series
October: Comedy
November: Award Winners
December: End-of-the-Year Wrap Up

SeriesCAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298613#

January: Series in translation: Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke https://www.librarything.com/topic/299976
February: YA/Children's
March: Series by a favorite author
April: Series You've Been Meaning to Get Back To
May: Newest book in a favorite series
June: Series that are definitely complete
July: Genre: fantasy
August: Series set in a country/region where you do not live
September: Genre: Mystery
October: Historical Series
November: Series with a female protagonist
December: Series that's new to you

TBR CAT: https://www.librarything.com/topic/298605

January: First in, last out - read one of the oldest members of your tbr: Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov https://www.librarything.com/topic/300226
February: A book you borrowed to read and still haven't got to
March: Book acquired on/for trips or for a special occasion
April: Book originally acquired for an LT group read or challenge
May: Book that I keep looking at, but never manage to open
June: Book bullet (i.e. book suggested by someone else, not necessarily on LT)
July: Book by an author with more than one book on your TBR shelf
August: Book purchased with great excitement and with plans to read right away that is somehow still on my tbr a year later
September: Classics I feel I should read
October: Book purchased because of its visual appeal (striking cover or colors, beautiful edition, etc.)
November: Book given to me as a gift
December: A book I bought because it was so cheap (library sale, remainder table, etc)

Jan 6, 3:55am Top

A little belated Happy New Year.
A little belated Happy New Thread.
I wish you and yours a year full of books, love, friends and health.

Jan 6, 6:50am Top

>67 ronincats: Hi Roni, what a useful overview of Challenges. Thanks for the post!

The SFF challenge Looks like fun. I still have to finish the trilogy by Jemisin, I loved The Stone Sky. Hope you will too.

Will have a look at the other challenges as well. Just for ideas, Becoming in July sounds good as well.

Jan 6, 7:08am Top

What a lot of challenges!

I'll have to check out the Cogman series.

Jan 6, 8:30am Top

>65 ronincats: That sounds like an interesting series (not that I need yet another :)

Edited: Jan 6, 10:49am Top

Hi Roni and a latish but heartfelt Happy New Year!

I like the way you organized your ratings from last year in >4 ronincats:! I'm struggling to read titles, however. :)

And I love the way you and antqueen have the various challenges with the links provided. Promptly stolen uh borrowed.

In addition, I'm also going to try the RandomCat challenge to deal with getting more books off my shelves. I'll just dip in and out of the various challenges, I think.

I have received my copy of These Truths - wow what a doorstopper! It's hard to start in when I'm also reading the 800+ page Lonesome Dove for my Real Life Book Group this month.

I look forward to following your reading, your cats, your jewelry and pottery.

Jan 6, 12:16pm Top

>68 SirThomas: Guten morgen, Thomas, und willkommen!
>69 EllaTim: I liked it when I saw it, Ella. Most of them are over in the Category Challenge group so we don't always notice them.
>70 BLBera: Hi, Beth. I'll bet you'd enjoy them.
>71 ChelleBearss: Right, sure, Chelle.
>72 streamsong: Hi, Janet. I borrowed them myself, just added the links.

So, I am considering downsizing. I currently have this

Although this one is not mine (being empty and not loaded to the gills). But I am considering moving to something like this while Elfa systems are on sale this month to go with my Elfa mesh storage tower:

But with more books than boxes, like the shelves on the opposite wall. Except with room for my CDs and craft materials instead of ALL books...

Jan 6, 2:17pm Top

>65 ronincats: I need to get to this series - Abby has been trying to get me to read it for the past couple of years. I think she has read and loved the first three.

>73 ronincats: I love what you already have, but I get where the newer versions you posted would be more functional - I like the second one best as I like how the drawers look.

Happy Sunday to you, Roni!

Jan 6, 2:24pm Top

Happy New Year Roni! Dropping a star and thinking I need to continue the Invisible Library books ...

Edited: Jan 6, 3:35pm Top

>74 Crazymamie: What I have, Mamie, was acquired to fit as much as possible into as little space as possible and it does that. But even though the closed footprint is 45" by 24" (and 75" tall), it takes up a lot of room in a 9' by 12' room. Or perhaps it is just that the sheer bulk overpowers the room, and I think that a modular system, which hangs from a bar at the top of the 104" wall, might give at least the impression of a roomier, airier office.

This gives you a feeling for what I mean.

>75 swynn: Finally, Steve, I can stop checking the threads every day to find yours! Welcome.

Jan 6, 3:31pm Top

>65 ronincats: I read the first book in the series and, like you, was not blown away by it, so never returned to the series. I will have to go back and give the whole series another shot. Thanks for the recommendation, Roni!

Edited: Jan 6, 3:51pm Top

>67 ronincats: Huh; I think I’ll have to check these out, too. Thanks (both) for the ideas.

ETA: As for the Invisible Library series, I thought I’d picked up the second one but I actually got one further down the series - so it looks like I’m committed anyway, since I’m a completist.

Jan 6, 3:53pm Top

>77 alcottacre: You are quite welcome, Stasia.
>78 humouress: They are neat, but they may be leading me to over-commit! Look at what's on my January to-read shelf between those four challenges (one of which is also a group read) and my library books!

Edited: Jan 6, 5:34pm Top

Nice to read shelf for January! Hope you have fun redesigning the shelving in the office. I've just got my new bookshelf and am already wanting another!

Jan 6, 5:41pm Top

>73 ronincats: I like that last set of bookshelves...do I detect a pattern of kitties???

Jan 6, 6:01pm Top

>76 ronincats: I especially like the small bookcase on top of the storage system.

Happy New Year!

Jan 6, 8:29pm Top

That looks like a lot to read in a month! I have Elfa in both of our closets and over the washer/dryer and I love it. I think it would probably make your space look airier and lighter. Could you fit as much in though?

Jan 6, 9:24pm Top

>79 ronincats: These Truths The History of The United States looks like a book I might enjoy. I'll see if my local library has a copy.

I hope your weekend was a good one Roni.

Edited: Jan 6, 9:46pm Top

Hi, Charlotte, fuzzi, Katherine and Reba. It has inspired me already. After hoisting the 9 boxes of Christmas stuff up into the attic (thus clearing the floor of my office), I've spent the rest of the day clearing off all the extraneous paperwork and giving the piece of furniture discussed above a good dusting.

>81 fuzzi: ...maybe? Who wants to know? ;-)
>82 qebo: Unfortunately it is a CD holder, and it will have to go if I get this other shelf system. I figure they must have a modular CD shelf holder that will work.
>83 RebaRelishesReading: A number of the library books are not ones that have holds on them, so I have several more 3-week renewals I can use. I agree, the ones for my challenge are a lot in themselves.

I think I could probably fit just as much in, if I can figure out how to house my sewing machine, which is hiding out in the cubby on the pull-out section on the bottom right (if you look at the empty cabinet, it's where the old CPU tower was supposed to go). I would move over my craft materials that take up one shelf on the other side, and move the craft books in the cabinet--there are only about 36" of them--either into another bookshelf by culling some rarely used reference and cooking books or onto one shelf on the new system, which would be 5 foot wide. The hard ones to find a home for are the tbr hardbacks hiding on the shelf under the desk section. (Since the shelf I will free up on the other side of the room will be used for the 70" of trade paperbacks and hardbacks stacked against the wall next to the couch.) I probably need to cull some more books. (You all have a secret stash like this somewhere, right?) Hopefully it will be a more efficient use of space.

ETA I only need to read the last half of the final book of His Dark Materials. Really!

Jan 6, 9:47pm Top

>84 Whisper1: It is supposed to be excellent, Linda, and if you do, drop in on the extended group read at http://http://www.librarything.com/topic/301417.
The Breakdown of Sections...

January--Part One, The Idea, pages 1-149 (1492-1799)

February--Part Two, The People, pages 153-310 (1800-1865)

March--Part Three, The State, pages 311-520 (1866-1945

April--Part Four, The Machine, pages 521-789 (1946-2016)

Jan 6, 9:56pm Top

>85 ronincats: (You all have a secret stash like this somewhere, right?)
I do not! I put every. single. book. properly organized on a shelf over the holidays, and carted 5 boxes of books (2 of which had been sitting by the front door for 2+ years) to the public library for the annual book sale. Previously, the books were stacked on the office floor and a ledge along the staircase; not secret at all!

Jan 6, 10:02pm Top

>85 ronincats: Stacks yes, secret no - except what happened to the library copy of The Marvels, due tomorrow - no one knows where it went though everyone has seen it "downstairs."

Jan 7, 12:16am Top

Hi Roni. Oh boy, the never ending challenge of finding storage space for one's books, art supplies, bookmarks, etc. As you know from my thread, I bought a lovely sleek desk and I'm already realizing it does not have enough storage space. I think I figured that since I hadn't even had a desk at home before, I wouldn't need a bunch more space. But I have been acquiring calligraphy supplies, colored pencils, etc. -- feeling my oats a bit and wanting to branch out into some creative outlets.

Anyway, I also want to say that I hope I didn't hurt your feelings over on my thread. I "shrugged off" your comment about needing more drawer space but it was purely because of the above.

Off to bed. I hope you have a terrific week!

Jan 7, 12:23am Top

>87 qebo: Well, it's not all that "secret", just out of the way enough that half the time I forget they are even there, which is NOT a good thing.
>88 quondame: Hope you are able to find your book, Susan!
>89 EBT1002: Not at all, Ellen. Those pictures were just taking up all kinds of space on your thread and no one was commenting on them, so I figured better off over here. Limit my obsessions to my own thread, you know. ;-)

Jan 7, 1:23am Top

>83 RebaRelishesReading: I put some Elfa systems up in my parents' place; very useful. However, I doubt Roni's will look very different once she's filled it with books :0D

>85 ronincats: Secret? No. My bedside table is overflowing (admittedly there's a file box of magazines and even a clock radio under there somewhere) and I have to tread lightly when I walk past it.

By the way, please make sure any new shelving system can take the weight of books. They (books) don't look like much - until you have to lift a heap in one go.

Jan 7, 8:07am Top

baBAM! Found you! Tag (and Star)!

Jan 7, 8:31am Top

>85 ronincats: love your stash...and I see you have a couple of my favorites, The Chronicles of Amber by Zelazny. Are those book club editions? Mine look exactly like yours, and I got them through a book club. Zelazny is one author I don't discard when we move, I always make room for his stuff.

Regarding secret stashes, it's not exactly "secret", but I have a bookcase in my (small) walk-in closet in the bedroom, and on top of it is another bookcase/nightstand, all filled with books, mainly paperbacks I've read and am not sure I want to rehome, yet.

>91 humouress: I agree with you about making sure the shelves can handle books. I am "done", through with any wood-chip/particle board shelves, as they always eventually bend and bow even underneath a small load. A couple months ago I was at the local Habitat for Humanity and found a home-made set of shelves made of real wood. Of course I bought them! They can handle an incredible load of hardcovers and reference books, as proved by them laughing at a stack of Prince Valiant oversized volumes that I've added to one side. I love real wood.

Jan 7, 9:08am Top

<85 (You all have a secret stash like this somewhere, right?)
Nope, but I do have a tendency to leave random individual books on table tops, counter tops, bathroom counters, stairs, etc until my husband's head is about to explode and then I go around a collect them back to the book shelves,

Jan 7, 11:04am Top

My "secret stash" is at work. I order books, have them delivered to work.... when I moved across the state, they got integrated with my "regular" collection of books. But now I've started the secret stash of books up again. Heh.

Jan 7, 12:34pm Top

Hi Roni!

I love all the pictures of your books and stuff.

>79 ronincats: January to-read. Well. I’ll be happy to get through These Truths and one or two small fiction books of one sort or another and perhaps a DLS short story or two. Good luck and happy reading.

>85 ronincats: My 'secret stash' is in plain sight on the floor in the Sunroom. It’s only 2’ tall, but it’s only been there since Christmas.

Jan 7, 5:14pm Top

>65 ronincats: I really enjoyed this series. My yet to be published review focused on the Blood Countess.

Jan 7, 5:20pm Top

My tiny apartment is overflowing with books, literally. I got some cabinets so I could move stuff off the flat spaces and designated one cubby for my LitCrit reference books but they keep finding their way back to the desk!

At least I'm caught up with my reviews, so that stack of books has been dealt with.

Jan 7, 5:20pm Top

Loving all the "secret stash" collections. I have one! In the built in cupboard on my side of the bed in the bedroom. They're TBR books that always seem to get overlooked, so periodically I go through them and add some of them to the "main" TBR pile, a bit nearer the bed. Somehow the pile never seems to get any smaller though....

Jan 7, 6:06pm Top

>62 ronincats: We are home for a while, Roni! We're dedicated to going nowhere for the month of January. February will probably see us in Los Angeles visiting family, and maybe finally going to Harry Potter at Universal (we went to the one in Orlando and had fun).

My wife points out that last year I spent nearly two months with my now-late dad in Ann Arbor, so that contributed to our being gone so much, and won't be a factor this year.

Edited: Jan 8, 6:12pm Top

>91 humouress: If you look at the bottom photo in >73 ronincats:, Nina, you will see the Elfa system on the north side of the room, which does quite nicely at holding many books. The trick is to keep the boards to 2 or 3 foot lengths, and since my desk area, if I do it, will be 5 feet, that will work out fine. It will be, essentially, 2/3 of the desk system on the right just above it, but with more shelves.
>92 dragonaria: Welcome, Kimberly!
>93 fuzzi: Sharp eye, Fuzzi. A lot of those there on the left side are old book club editions.
>94 ChelleBearss: If you have the shelf space to shelve them all, you are a lucky reader, Chelle!
>95 EBT1002: You sound as bad as Paul C., Ellen!!
>96 karenmarie: I know, Karen--it's highly ambitious and not helped by being distracted by recommendations from Heather.
>97 AuntieClio:, >98 AuntieClio: It's a never-ending issue, keeping books corralled, Stephanie.
>99 HanGerg: That's what happens with these, Hannah. I keep overlooking them.
>100 jnwelch: Glad to know you are settled in for this month, Joe. Looking forward to good times in the cafe.

Book #3 Clockwork Boys by T. Kingfisher (230 pp.)

Heather (souloftherose) distracted me with her review of this book on her thread (https://www.librarything.com/topic/301686#6690573, third review in message), so I immediately picked up and read the shiny new distraction, only to discover that it's only the first part of the story. So then I had to read the second book as well (working on that now). Thank goodness for instant delivery via Kindle. Classic heroic fantasy, but with a twist to the tropes that calls them into question. Read Heather's review.

Jan 8, 6:11pm Top

>101 ronincats: It's been some months, but I do remember liking The Clockwork Boys and enjoyed the variations on all the tropes.

Jan 8, 8:48pm Top

Me too. That was a good one!

Jan 8, 8:52pm Top

Hi Roni! Found and starred your thread for 2018. Spinning Silver was a favorite of mine in 2018 also. I gave it to Marina for Christmas, and she has been sucked in as well!

Jan 8, 11:44pm Top

>102 quondame:, >102 quondame: Did you read the sequel as well?

>104 AMQS: Glad to hear it, Anne!

Book #4 The Wonder Engine by T. Kingfisher (318 pp.)

Well, this is the second 60% of the story started in Clockwork Boys, and it is as entertaining as the first. Given that I purchased the book this morning, I guess that's a given. I started the day with a headache as well, so got a late start, but once it started to dissipate, I didn't do much else than read. And this is the kind of book to read when recovering from a headache, lots of action and character exposition and action and some upbeat moments to carry it through. Thank you, Heather!

Jan 8, 11:46pm Top

>101 ronincats: >104 AMQS: Well, it looks as though I have two books to look forward to!

Jan 8, 11:48pm Top

THREE, Princess!

Jan 8, 11:54pm Top

>105 ronincats: No, but I have it on hold now. It's not at all my libraries and I'll have to wait a bit.

Jan 9, 11:50pm Top

>101 ronincats: (Actually, I had and noticed that the bottom one is sagging slightly, which is what prompted my comment.)

So what's a book club edition. Is it very different from MMPs and trade publications?

Jan 10, 9:00am Top

>85 ronincats: My whole room is a not-so-secret stash. As soon as you walk in, the wall opposite the door is the north one where my to read pile helps insulate against our (now, finally) cold winters. Not to mention the bookcases crammed to their weight limits with books. Oh, and there's the reading nook downstairs, where a few of my books reside.

Jan 10, 10:20am Top

>101 ronincats:
>105 ronincats:

You got me with the Clockwork Boys books. Guess I'll have to get to those too.

Jan 10, 10:41am Top

You got me too!

I loved your stats -- Hooray for exceeding your reading goal, (I never seem to make mine, but I'm not going to lower the number.)

I did a huge clean out of my studio last fall - got pretty ruthless with a dream of streamlining. Still have the papers to finish going through (golly that is slow work) but it is a pleasure to go there now.

Jan 10, 10:51am Top

>108 quondame: Good!
>109 humouress: Yeah, the 3' section with the hardbacks on it does sag a bit, but within specs. BCEs were editions published specifically for the book clubs, usually hardbacks in a smaller format than the retail ones and on poorer quality paper.
>110I'm loving the "stash" stories, Cassie.
>111 swynn: Go, Steve, go!
>112 sibyx: Hi, Lucy. I did it! Yesterday I went to the Container Store and designed my desk wall. The parts are ordered and I will pick them up in two weeks, so I have that long to empty and disassemble the monster. So far I took the CD holder off the top and put the CDs in some cute bins I found at Target when we went to buy cat food afterwards.

Now it's off to pottery, and I should have some experimental pieces (in the glazes) to bring home.

Jan 10, 10:58am Top

Back to add that I was thrilled to see my book in your best of!

Jan 10, 12:18pm Top

Congrats on ordering your new desk wall. I'll bet you're going to love it.

Jan 10, 2:35pm Top

Good luck with all your book storage reorganizing, Roni. As for secret stashes, I have a large walk in closet with a sturdy set of shelves to one side of the hanging wracks. Of course, those shelves are very good for books - triple stacked and there is also space for a short bookcase at the back of the closet - those shelves are only doubled stacked and there are stacks of books on top of the book case - wouldn't want any room to go to waste!

Jan 10, 7:48pm Top

Your Clockwork enthusiasm is infectious. I will have to check it out. Kingfisher has quite a few books out. Swordheart appears to be related to the two you just read.

Jan 10, 8:46pm Top

>114 sibyx: ;-D
>115 RebaRelishesReading: Thanks, Reba. I think it will really open up my room.
>116 Familyhistorian: Ooh, that sounds like a lovely hide-away!
>117 RBeffa: Yes, I'll have to check it out--but I have a lot of books to get to before I explore more of hers.

So I brought 4 pieces home from the pottery today, 2 mugs and 2 heart bowls. Tried a new technique on glazing on the mugs. Not too bad for a first effort, but I'm going to work to refine it. But I won't be able to glaze the 6 mugs I trimmed and assembled for another 2 weeks, so bring home time will be 3 to 4 weeks.

Jan 10, 9:22pm Top

High school hallway, English dept., in Chicago. Way cool!!!

Jan 10, 9:32pm Top

>119 ronincats: Love that high school hallway! Roni, I have just started A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner and it's wonderful to be back reading the King of Attolia series again.

Jan 10, 9:49pm Top

Love those cat mugs, Roni!

Jan 10, 10:41pm Top

>118 ronincats: The heart bowls are a great shape. The photo-right one has the more successful glaze from the standpoint of enhancing the shape.

>119 ronincats: Cool!

Jan 10, 10:44pm Top

Your pottery just gets more and more beautiful.

Jan 11, 7:21am Top

I predict those cat mugs will be a hit at your craft shows!

Jan 11, 7:57am Top

>101 ronincats: >105 ronincats: 2 Book bullets!

>118 ronincats: Love the pottery! I want a cat mug. In fact, I think I need one. If you ever do owl mugs, I will absolutely have to have one.

>119 ronincats: I agree - way cool!

Jan 11, 12:13pm Top

>118 ronincats: are the kitties raised or flat with the mug (I hope that makes sense, I don't know the right terms)? They're cute either way but I found it hard to tell in the photo.

>119 ronincats: love, love, love the hallway. What a cool idea.

Jan 11, 5:55pm Top

>118 ronincats: Lovely mugs and bowls, the colors of the left bowl please the eye.

>119 ronincats: I love the idea, although I would have felt intimidated in my teens by lager than life books...

Jan 11, 6:33pm Top

>87 qebo: Yes, Indeed, I do have a stash of books somewhere. To confess, I need to say I have many stashes of books. When my grand daughter saw me walking upstairs into her room, opening one of her empty cabinets, she said, "Oh, No, now you are putting books in my room"

Jan 11, 10:29pm Top

>119 ronincats: I'd love to have hallways like this!

>118 ronincats: Lovely pottery, as always.

Jan 12, 9:24pm Top

Roni, good luck with your space/desk reorg! Thanks for the list of categories in post 67: I plan to follow some if the sci find this year

Jan 13, 11:05am Top

Hi Roni!

>118 ronincats: All are gorgeous, being either cats or hearts, but the heart bowl on the left’s colors are quite wonderful.

>119 ronincats: Wow, that’s fantastic.

Jan 13, 2:06pm Top

>65 ronincats: Glad to hear the Invisible Libraries series keeps getting better Roni! :-)

>67 ronincats: Hmm, I was hoping to skim over that thread without getting sucked into any more challenges but the TBR CAT sounds fun.

>101 ronincats:, >105 ronincats: Yay! (about the books, not the headache).

I think T. Kingfisher has recently published another book in the same world but with different characters - Swordheart. I think it's a standalone but I haven't read it yet so cannot guarantee that! :-) Otherwise I think I'm planning to read most of her back catalogue this year (looks like lots of fairytale retellings - a bit Robin McKinley perhaps?)

>118 ronincats: Oooh - love the cat mugs!

Jan 13, 3:02pm Top

Jan 13, 6:50pm Top

>120 DeltaQueen50: Another great book in the series, Judy! Enjoy.
>121 katiekrug: Thank you, Katie.
>122 richardderus: Yes I agree, Richard, but the colors in the other one are more dramatic.
>123 AMQS: Thank you, Anne.
>124 foggidawn: My husband agrees with you, foggi.
>125 alcottacre: I'll be playing around with animals, Stasia, so you never know if an owl might pop up eventually.
>126 RebaRelishesReading: The cats are glaze only, so flat with the mug, Reba.
>127 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita.
>128 Whisper1: How funny, Linda! You are as bad as Paul!
>129 BLBera: Dramatic, aren't they? Thank you, Beth.
>130 markon: Ardene, so good to hear from you! I've been over to put a star on your thread.
>131 karenmarie: Hi, Karen. Thank you.
>117 RBeffa:, >132 souloftherose:, >133 quondame: When I opened my Kindle, I realized I had downloaded a sample of Swordheart, so of course and despite my brave words to Ron, I had to read it, and that led to downloading the book and I am 50% of the way through it. I think it is the author's women characters that I like so much. This one takes place in the same world as the duology, some years later, but is otherwise not connected, at least so far.

So the other day we were out and around--my HMO has responded to competition by adding free gym memberships to its Senior Advantage package, so after pottery and a stop by the library to pick up The Fated Sky, we went to the Kroc Center a couple of miles from the house and enrolled. It has a large facility with three pools and senior exercise classes at 10 and 11 on weekdays. Now we'll see if I use it. Then my husband wanted to stop at a specialty grocery store in the same strip mall as the specialty Goodwill store, and I picked up three books in lovely condition and very inexpensively:
New Spring: The Novel by Robert Jordan, which is a prequel to the Wheel of Time series.
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel--I know I'm going to read it eventually
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles-- a gorgeous large-print trade paperback that I picked up to send to my mom because I think she will enjoy it, maybe even as much as I did.

Jan 13, 6:59pm Top

Hi Roni, loved your recent pottery as well, and the left heart-shaped bowl would be my choice, those colours!

>134 ronincats: Free gym membership, very good! You can just try it out and see how you like it, without financial damage:-)

Jan 13, 8:55pm Top

>76 ronincats: Love the "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" sign above the window. And look at that cutie keeping watch over your books!

Four books read and some cool pottery already this year. You are off and running once again!

Jan 13, 10:20pm Top

Since you rated the Theodora Goss novel, The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter, as a top read of last year, I will give the series another shot... I have the book as an audio, started it, and got bogged down -- don't know why. Haven't returned it, but nothing has really made me feel the urge to try again. Until now...

Jan 13, 11:37pm Top

I starred you earlier, but forgot to stop in and say hello! Thanks for the gentle nudge. I look forward to a year of beautiful pictures of your works and delightful reviews.

Good luck with reorganizing all the books. I have made the doubtless foolish resolution to myself to not exceed the capacity of my current shelving. Actually, I have already exceeded it with the stack of TBR anthologies piled atop my stack of crates filled with hardcover fiction. And in the last couple of weeks, I finally went through all the binders of all the notes from all the classes and got rid of a lot of paper. I can't quite fit all the remaining binders on the shelves with the books. It's taken me a few decades, but I'm finally ready to let go of such stuff, along with sadly outdated textbooks. More room for new fiction, I guess.

Jan 14, 12:03am Top

>135 EllaTim: Thank you, Ella. Yes, it's a painless way. I wish I would be as good as my mother at getting there.
>136 Donna828: Hi, Donna. Oh yes, we keep up the place right!
>137 Chatterbox: Commented on your thread, Suz.
>138 justchris: Ah, I feel it with you. Hopefully this winter will be the season I get up in the attic and get rid of dozens of boxes, especially those with left over school stuff.

Book #5 Swordheart by T. Kingfisher (426 pp.)

This story takes place in the same world as the Clocktaur books but it has a completely different feel to it, being a romantic comedy adventure. I loved Halla, the protagonist, completely--the author has a real talent for female characters.

Jan 14, 3:03pm Top

>139 ronincats: Just went to look the Kingfisher books after catching up on this thread, and I can't find a single one of her adult books at CPL or any of the suburban libraries I pass by on my commute! Seems a bit odd, but I put in an ILL request and I can't imagine they wouldn't be able to find a copy somewhere

Jan 14, 3:43pm Top

>140 fredanria: I hope so, but my library, which is normally very very good, doesn't have any of them either.

Reading is going slowly, but today is a rainy day and I hope to get some in. Current reading:

These Truths: 12 more pages and I will have completed Part 1 at 149 pages. Fascinating. I've read a lot about this era (up to 1800 for Part 1) and am still learning more.
The Bloodprint: library book, p. 62, atypical fantasy with strong echoes of ISIS in the Mideast. Bathtub book.
Robots and Empire: p. 81 Published in 1985, bought from a bookstore that has been out of business for over 20 years, this is one of the oldest of my tbrs, catalogued at my first entries into LT in October of 2007. For the TBR challenge.

Unstarted: Inkdeath for my series challenge (series in translation) and The Stone Sky for the SFF challenge (a book you meant to read in 2018).

I have unloaded and removed the upper doors of my computer armoire. I will do most of the disassembly next weekend, with the new system being ready for pickup on the following Wednesday, as I don't have space to store the pieces until after the rain stops later this week.

I also plan to sketch out some designs for my mugs this afternoon and then watch the KU-Texas game at 4.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Jan 14, 3:45pm Top

Hope you enjoy the gym. Kaiser made the same offer and we decided to take it up too. We have a 24-hour fitness 2 1/2 block up the street so we joined there. I've been pretty good about making 2 or 3 of the 11 a.m. classes for seniors per week. I'm thinking about signing up for some trainer-time too.

Jan 14, 6:31pm Top

Hi, Roni. Well, you convinced me on Clockwork Boys and Wonder Engine. Onto the WL they go.

Yesterday, 12:30pm Top

>134 ronincats: 'When I opened my Kindle, I realized I had downloaded a sample of Swordheart, so of course and despite my brave words to Ron, I had to read it, and that led to downloading the book and I am 50% of the way through it.'

Mwa haha! Glad you enjoyed it :-)

Edited: Yesterday, 2:23pm Top

Drat, I wish I had thought of reading Inkdeath for the series challenge. Instead I chose the second Elena Ferrante novel, The Story of a New Name. While I haven't started it yet, I have it on hand and my library had to acquire it from another library in their partner sharing group.

Perhaps Inkdeath will fit into one of the later series challenges. I'll be interested to see what you think of it. I liked Inkheart but wasn't as crazy about Inkspell which is probably why I put the series aside.

Love all the talk about the secret stashes of books. Since I live here alone, I have books everywhere. Tidying up a bit is on the agenda - so all the places people are 'fessing to are giving me good ideas. :)

Yesterday, 10:42pm Top

>142 RebaRelishesReading: Yes, we have Kaiser as well, Reba. I hope but doubt that I will be as good as you at making it to classes.
>143 jnwelch: You'll enjoy them, Joe.
>144 souloftherose: Good intentions, Heather, right?
>145 streamsong: Oh dear, Janet, thank you. It is Inkspell I need to read next. I was meh about Inkheart because I thought the protagonist kept making dumb, dumb, dumb decisions, no matter how much I liked the premise, but I have the complete set and need to read them so I can donate them to the local school. I had the order confused.

I have finished part 1 of These Truths, which I am really liking. Neither of my other reads is lighting my fire. Bloodprint is slow because I have forebodings of violence and conflict that impede my progress. One of my oldest tbrs, Robots and Empire is picking up steam so I will probably concentrate it, but I may just skip the other five Foundation books that are in my tbr if I don't really enjoy this. This is from one who read and reread the Foundation Trilogy back in the sixties when I was an adolescent.

We finally made it to the movie theater and watched Mary Poppins Returns, as we have been meaning to since Christmas. It was delightful. Loved Lin-Manuel Miranda and Colin Firth and the cameos by Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury and Dick Van Dyke.

Yesterday, 11:50pm Top

>146 ronincats: I found the later Foundation/Robot books. whether by Asimov or others dull to deadening and sometimes manipulative. The original trilogy didn't wear to well for me either.

Today, 1:40am Top

>146 ronincats: I hope I can manage to keep going to at least a couple each week. A friend and I have booked a trip to England in September to walk from Reading to Bristol which is 95 miles so I need to beef up the fitness a bit before then :)

Today, 4:56am Top

>146 ronincats: forebodings of violence and conflict that impede my progress...this happens to me as well with both books and tv series.

I finally finished Spinning Silver which I enjoyed a lot, just read it slowly for some reason. Now I've made a good start on A winter's promise which is the first in the Mirror Visitor quartet to be translated. Funny how I've ended up with another book where the protagonist can travel through a mirror.

Today, 6:40am Top

I read Inkdeath a few years ago and gave it 3 stars out of 5. So I thought it was ok but not great. I don’t remember much about why I have it that rating.
I just finished up Funke’s sequel to Dragon Rider which was great! This series is aimed at a younger audience than the other series and is not as dark.

Today, 1:04pm Top

Afternoon, Roni! Glad you loved Mary Poppins Returns - me, too! Daniel and his girlfriend took me to see it over Christmas, and it was great fun. Completely different from the books, but oh, so charming.

Today, 2:40pm Top

>146 ronincats: I did a big project to read through all of the Robot, Empire and Foundation books a few years back and found I struggled with a lot of the later sequels written in the 1980s and 1990s. I still like the original trilogies but I think he should have stopped there and not tried to tie them all together later on.

Today, 2:43pm Top

>147 quondame: I'm going to finish this one for my challenge, Susan, but probably will jettison the others on my tbr pile. Yes, I have reread the Foundation trilogy in the last decade and the Suck Fairy had definitely been there.
>148 RebaRelishesReading: It's nice to have a definite goal to work toward, Reba.
>149 avatiakh: It's a tendency that has become more pronounced with age, Kerry, and I fear it may keep me away from challenging books and too much in my comfort zone.
>150 jayde1599: Oh, Jess, I enjoyed Dragon Rider much more and didn't realize it has a sequel now--two of them, I see. And the library has them! If I don't enjoy Inkspell, I think I will just bail and read The Griffin's Feather instead. Thank you!!
>151 Crazymamie: It's been long enough since I've read the books (although I reread them probably 12 to 15 years ago) that I have no idea what the plot of the second book was, so I could enjoy the movie for what it was. Charming is the perfect word for it, Mamie.

We were up in the middle of the night for several hours--funny (or not) that we seem to have developed this mutual insomnia occasionally. We go to sleep okay but wake (at 1:45 this morning) and then have trouble getting back to sleep. So I slept in this morning until 10:30! Now I am going back to work on my computer armoire. I have a box for the paper I have stored in the file drawer on the bottom right, and I think I am going to weed out some of those SFBC editions under the desk--am I ever going to read all those Greg Bear books? If the library has it, I'll discard it. Except for the Amber books and the two Donaldson ones. Having those others lurk there doesn't bring "joy" as much as foreboding. Time to go!

Today, 3:31pm Top

>153 ronincats: I have found that since getting (ahem) older my sleeping habits have changed. I used to fall asleep quickly and sleep right through the night eaily but not so anymore. I have gotten into the habit of not going to bed until after midnight but I am often awake for part of the night or up wandering around at 4:00 am. I then tend to fall asleep during the day, so I have gotten to appreciate the art of napping! I get some of my best reading done in the early hours of the morning.

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