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Author MaryJanice Davidson was born in August 1969. She writes primarily paranormal romance, but she has also written young adult literature and non-fiction. She is the author of the Undead series, the Jennifer Scales series, and the Fred the Mermaid series. She won the 2004 Romantic Times show more Reviewer's Choice Award. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Works by MaryJanice Davidson

Undead and Unwed (2004) 3,327 copies
Undead and Unemployed (2004) 2,503 copies
Undead and Unappreciated (2005) 2,299 copies
Undead and Unreturnable (2005) 2,019 copies
Undead and Unpopular (2006) 1,726 copies
Undead and Uneasy (2007) 1,562 copies
Undead and Unworthy (2008) 1,176 copies
Sleeping with the Fishes (2006) 1,039 copies
Derik's Bane (2005) 958 copies
Dead and Loving It (2006) 929 copies
Undead and Unwelcome (2009) 880 copies
Swimming Without a Net (2007) 759 copies
The Royal Treatment (2002) 708 copies
Undead and Unfinished (2010) 634 copies
Dead Over Heels (2008) 543 copies
Hello, Gorgeous! (2005) 533 copies
Fish Out of Water (2008) 514 copies
The Royal Pain (2005) 488 copies
No Rest for the Witches [Anthology 4-in-1] (2007) — Contributor — 471 copies
Mysteria (Anthology 4-in-1) (2006) — Contributor — 467 copies
Undead and Undermined (2011) 427 copies
The Royal Mess (2007) 400 copies
Drop Dead, Gorgeous! (2006) 359 copies
Undead and Unstable (2012) 324 copies
Under Cover (2003) 305 copies
Me, Myself, and Why? (2010) 296 copies
Faeries Gone Wild (Anthology 4-in-1) (2009) — Contributor — 234 copies
Undead and Unsure (2013) 231 copies
Secrets: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance - Volume 06 (2000) — Contributor — 197 copies
The Silver Moon Elm (2007) 187 copies
Valentine's Day Is Killing Me (2006) — Contributor — 168 copies
Undead and Underwater (2013) 149 copies
Betsy the Vampire Queen (2005) 142 copies
Wolf at the Door (2011) 137 copies
Doing It Right (2007) 135 copies
Wicked Women Whodunit (2005) — Contributor — 134 copies
Outta the Bag (2010) 132 copies
Seraph of Sorrow (2009) 119 copies
Romance at the Edge: In Other Worlds (2005) — Contributor — 114 copies
Undead and Unwary (2014) 114 copies
Undead And Unforgiven (2015) 97 copies
Yours, Mine and Ours (2012) 85 copies
Mysteria Nights (2011) — Author — 82 copies
Undead and Done (2016) 75 copies
Rise of the Poison Moon (2010) 70 copies
Charming the Snake (2005) 68 copies
By Any Other Name (2001) 63 copies
Bears Behaving Badly (2020) 61 copies
The Love Scam (2020) 54 copies
Betsy Bride of the Vampire (2008) 53 copies
You and I, Me and You (2013) 52 copies
Deja Who (2016) 50 copies
Dying For You (2012) 44 copies
Evangelina (2011) 36 copies
Danger, Sweetheart (2016) 36 copies
A Wolf After My Own Heart (2021) 30 copies
Thief of Hearts (2001) 30 copies
Deja New (2017) 23 copies
Love Lies (2000) 22 copies
Mad for a Mate (2022) 21 copies
Underwater Love (2011) 20 copies
Love's Prisoner 11 copies
Santa Claws (2001) 10 copies
Road Queens (2023) 10 copies
Beggarman, Thief (2004) 9 copies
Monster Love 9 copies
Fiend in Need 7 copies
Jared's Wolf 7 copies
Driftwood 6 copies
Forgotten Wishes (3-in-1) — Contributor — 5 copies
Dying for Ice Cream (2010) 4 copies
The Royal Mess 2 copies
Unreliable (2018) 2 copies
Witch Way 2 copies
Survivors 1 copy

Associated Works

Bite (2004) — Contributor — 1,961 copies
Cravings [Anthology 4-in-1] (2004) — Contributor — 1,348 copies
Over the Moon (Anthology 4-in-1) (2007) — Contributor — 602 copies
Perfect for the Beach (Anthology 6-in-1) (2004) — Contributor — 321 copies
Kick Ass (Anthology 4-in-1) (2005) — Contributor — 297 copies
Men at Work (3-in-1) (2004) — Contributor — 184 copies
Bad Boys With Expensive Toys (Anthology, 3-in-1) (2004) — Contributor — 146 copies
Secrets: The Best in Women's Erotic Romance - Volume 08 (2002) — Contributor — 143 copies
How to be a "Wicked" Woman (2004) — Contributor — 139 copies
Surf's Up (Anthology 3-in-1) (2006) — Contributor — 135 copies
Merry Christmas, Baby (Anthology 6-in-1) (2004) — Contributor — 132 copies
Bewitched, Bothered, and BeVampyred (20-in-1) (2005) — Contributor — 127 copies
Naughty or Nice (2003) — Contributor — 46 copies
Disposal (2007) — Introduction, some editions — 19 copies
Blood Sample Box Set (7-in-1) (2010) — Contributor — 7 copies
Things That Go Bump In the Night II — Contributor — 7 copies


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Found: Romance novel about millionaire in Name that Book (October 2021)


Undead and Unwary, book 13 in the Queen Betsy series, gives us the mystery of Jessica and Dick's periodically vanishing infant twins. Eric Sinclair is still obsessive about his black lab puppies, Fur and Bur. Baby Jon is mentioned, but has no scenes. Laura Goodman shows up to nag Betsy about her promise to help Laura run Hell. Betsy is dragging her feet on that promise. Jessica mentions seeing a previous character thought dead. Betsy refuses to believe it. Betsy meets Father Marcus, protector of the Blade Warriors (see book 2, Undead and Unemployed) again.
Betsy gives Hell a new look. Her late stepmother, Antonia 'the Ant' Taylor, is being unexpectedly helpful. So is Cathie Richardson, the ghost of a murdered woman from book 4, Undead and Unreturnable.
Dick Berry finally lets Betsy have it over her refusal to just call him 'Dick'. Betsy's attempt to atone made me chuckle.

Because I listened to books 2 and 4 just last month, I can tell that Ms. Davidson should have checked them. Betsy got that nightclub from Monique, not Marjorie in book 2. Also, the confrontation with the Driveway Killer in book 4 took place in the killer's house, not the home of the last woman he kidnapped.

Betsy learns things about herself and Laura. I would have to say that the sisters are definitely John Taylor's daughters. I wonder if Laura will take as long as Betsy to stop deluding herself.

It's not as much fun as the earlier books, but still has it's good points.
… (more)
JalenV | 2 other reviews | Jun 15, 2024 |
Undead and Unappreciated is the book that introduces Betsy's younger paternal half-sister, Laura Goodman. It's also the one where Betsy attempts to read the Book of the Dead, and there's a significant step forward with her relationship with Eric Sinclair.
JalenV | 58 other reviews | May 30, 2024 |
I've read each "Queen Betsy" from the first with both delight and tolerance. It's intentionally silly,ribald and supernaturally cock-eyed. The series and Betsy's antics have been funny enough, up to now, to ignore the crass factor. (especially as the author has been known to make fun of it herself) Based on the Acknowledgement/authors comments this installment appears to be an attempt to correct the last book,(which apparently wasn't well received.) but comes off more like a parody of the series, and more than a little confused by itself.

I've Lost interest.
… (more)
djambruso | 12 other reviews | Feb 23, 2024 |
MYSTERIA LANE is a paranormal romance anthology, though I would add humor to that description as all the stories in the collection are sure make you chuckle occasionally. MYSTERIA LANE, like its predecessor MYSTERIA, is set in a mystical town called Mysteria where it's not unusual to see a lady dressed in the latest fashions beheading some wicked demon from another plane of existence.

The fun of MYSTERIA LANE is that the four authors—MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant, Gena Showalter and P.C. Cast, four recognizable authors of the paranormal genre—have created an endless resource for which they can make stories about. There are enough secondary characters and characters with the briefest introduction to create several more stories. For instance, the Desdaine triplets from MJD's story, Disdaining Trouble, are familiar pranksters from the first anthology and are mentioned in the other three stories as well.

The only trouble I had was time relativity from one story to the next. The stories aren't told in Story A first, Story B second, etc., but from various times scattered about. This can get confusing. especially when the events of Disdaining Trouble, the first story of the anthology, aren't referenced in the other stories. As something rather big happens to the characters therein, this was surprising. I'm not sure if this was intentional to avoid giving away details of each individual author's story, or if it was merely overlooked for the grander picture.

However you look at it, the anthology is an enjoyable read. Fun, witty characters make Mysteria a town everybody would want for their own—even with temperamental wishing wells and horny ghosts.
… (more)
lexilewords | 13 other reviews | Dec 28, 2023 |



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