Forward Poetry Prize

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Other Names: Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection
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The Forward Poetry prizes were created in 1991 to bring contemporary poetry to a wider audience. Known as the 'bardic booker', this is the UK's most valuable annual poetry competition as well as the show more only major awards that honour both established and up-and-coming poets.
The Forward Prizes are sponsored by Forward and Felix Dennis under the direction of the Forward Arts Foundation, who will appoint the judges. The Prizes are administered by Colman Getty Consultancy. They will be awarded in three categories:
Category A: The Forward Prize for Best Collection
A prize of £10,000 will be given to the author of the best collection of poetry, published in the UK or Republic of Ireland.
Category B: The Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection
A prize of £5,000 will be given to the author of the best first collection of poetry published in the UK or Republic of Ireland.
Category C: The Forward Prize for Best Single Poem in memory of Michael Donaghy
A prize of £1,000 will be given to the author of the best single poem which is not part of a collection or an anthology and which has been published in a newspaper, periodical or magazine in the UK or Republic of Ireland or to a poem which has been the winner of a poetry competition. Book length poems should be submitted in the Best Collection or Best First Collection category.
The judges of the Prizes will be responsible for compiling shortlists of not less than four and no more than six entries in each of the three categories. In addition the judges may each call in 2 eligible poems or collections of poetry for consideration.
In that event publishers will be asked to submit 6 copies of each. Only in exceptional circumstances, and then only with the prior approval of the Forward Arts Foundation, may any of the prizes be divided.
(a) All entries must be published in the UK or Republic of Ireland within the dates specified (see above).
(b) Poems or collections of poetry must be written in English. Translations from other languages are not eligible.
(c) Anthologies or collections of works by more than one author are not eligible.
(d) Entries from individual poets of their own work will not be accepted. This includes self-published collections.
(e) Work submitted on behalf of an author who is deceased at the date of publication of the work is not eligible.
(f) Collections which contain new and selected poems may be eligible, but the judges will only consider the new poems for the Prizes.
(g) The decision of the judges on the eligibility of a poem, or a collection of poetry, is final and binding.
(e) Work submitted on behalf of an author who is deceased at the date of publication of the work is not eligible.
(f) Collections which contain new and selected poems may be eligible, but the judges will only consider the new poems for the Prizes.
(g) The decision of the judges on the eligibility of a poem, or a collection of poetry, is final and binding. show less
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Winner 60

Self-Portrait as Othello by Jason Allen-PaisantBest Collection2023
Bad Diaspora Poems by Momtaza MehriBest First Collection2023
All The Men I Never Married by Kim MooreBest Collection2022
Amnion by Stephanie Sy-QuiaBest First Collection2022
Vertigo & Ghost by Fiona BensonBest Collection2019
If All the World and Love Were Young by Stephen SextonBest First Collection2019
Don't Call Us Dead: Poems by Danez SmithBest Collection2018
Shrines of Upper Austria by Phoebe PowerBest First Collection2018
On balance by Sinéad MorrisseyBest Collection2017
Night Sky with Exit Wounds by Ocean VuongBest First Collection2017
Measures of Expatriation by Vahni CapildeoBest Collection2016
Wife by Tiphanie YaniqueBest First Collection2016
Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia RankineBest Collection2015
Small Hands by Mona ArshiBest First Collection2015
The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion by Kei MillerBest Collection2014
Black Country by Liz BerryBest First Collection2014
Drysalter by Michael Symmons RobertsBest Collection2013
Dear Boy by Emily BerryBest First Collection2013
Place: New Poems by Jorie GrahamBest Collection2012
81 Austerities by Sam RiviereBest First Collection2012
Black Cat Bone by John BurnsideBest Collection2011
Sidereal by Rachael BoastBest First Collection2011
Human Chain by Seamus HeaneyBest Collection2010
Berg by Hilary MenosBest First Collection2010
Rain by Don PatersonBest Collection2009
The Striped World by Emma JonesBest First Collection2009
The Lost leader by Mick ImlahBest Collection2008
Sunday at the Skin Launderette by Kathryn SimmondsBest First Collection2008
The Drowned Book by Sean O'BrienBest Collection2007
Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit NagraBest First Collection2007
Swithering by Robin RobertsonBest Collection2006
Countries of the Body (Contemporary World Poetry) by Tishani DoshiBest First Collection2006
Legion by David HarsentBest Collection2005
Intimates by Helen FarishBest First Collection2005
The Tree House by Kathleen JamieBest Collection2004
These Days by Leontia FlynnBest First Collection2004
Breaking News by Ciaran CarsonBest Collection2003
Fire Stations by Ab JacksonBest First Collection2003
Max Is Missing by Peter PorterBest Collection2002
Touching the Bones by Tom FrenchBest First Collection2002
Downriver by Sean O'BrienBest Collection2001
Panoramic Lounge Bar by John StammersBest First Collection2001
Conjure by Michael DonaghyBest Collection2000
In by Andrew WaterhouseBest First Collection2000
My Life Asleep by Jo ShapcottBest Collection1999
The Man in the White Suit by Nick DrakeBest First Collection1999
Birthday Letters by Ted HughesBest Collection1998
The Boy from the Chemist Is Here to See You by Paul FarleyBest First Collection1998
The Marble Fly (Oxford Poets) by Jamie McKendrickBest Collection1997
A Painted Field by Robin RobertsonBest First Collection1997
Stones and Fires (Chatto poetry) by John FullerBest Collection1996
Slattern by Kate ClanchyBest First Collection1996
Ghost Train (Oxford Poets) by Sean O'BrienBest Collection1995
Breathe Now, Breathe by Jane DuranBest First Collection1995
Harm by Alan JenkinsBest Collection1994
Progeny of Air by Kwame DawesBest First Collection1994
Mean Time by Carol Ann DuffyBest Collection1993
Nil Nil by Don PatersonBest First Collection1993
The Man with Night Sweats by Thom GunnBest Collection1992
Kid by Simon ArmitageBest First Collection1992

Shortlist 26

No Stage 1


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