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Oct 20, 2007
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Bengt Eriksson
About My Library
My favourite subjects are thrillers, mysteries and history. I prefer signed first editions.
I have finally decided (October 2008) to follow the example of The British Library and several members of LT and register my DVD's and CD's as well.
I want to use LT as a record of my library in terms of what I really own.
All the items to be seen here are physically part of my collection and owned by me.

As from today 22nd of July 2010 I have decided to archive all past comments as they are becoming somewhat unwieldy and at the same time will make both incoming and outgoing messages 'Private'.
It goes without saying that I will continue to welcome any future communications from the LT community as usual.

Today (Wednesday May 9, 2012) I have decided to get rid of some of my books. The reason is that I soon have to move house and simply can't store them all. The first 40 books have gone today.
Many books will go to charity but I will also sell on the Internet. But of course I will continue to buy books as well, old habits don't die easily.
Today (Monday June 22, 2020) my library decreased to 2366 items.
If you are interested in buying some of my books, please send me an e-mail and I will tell you how to proceed.

About Me
I am a Swedish booklover and bibliophile and I have been collecting books all my life and have about 4300 books in my library. After my divorce in april 2012 I have started selling books, although I cannot stop buying a few my collection will diminish.

Today, April 16 2014, there are 2914 books in my library.
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