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richardderus's second 2020 thread

This is a continuation of the topic richardderus's first 2020 thread.

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Edited: Jan 14, 9:57am Top

Cele Goldsmith Lalli with Michael Lalli image via Wikimedia Commons

Cele Goldsmith (1933-2002) edited two influential mainstream SF/F magazines, Amazing Stories and Fantastic Stories of Imagination from 1958 to 1965.

what makes this cover's topmost question so hilarious is that Goldsmith later edited Modern Bride magazine...

this cover image purports to illustrate "The Seats of Hell" by Gordon R. Dickson, among the many men published by Cele Goldsmith who praised her editorial talents.

She was responsible for the first professional publication of Ursula K. LeGuin's fiction, a story called "April in Paris," in Goldsmith's Fantastic Stories of Imagination. It's a lovely time-travel tale, much anthologized after LeGuin became famous.

But LeGuin wouldn't have become famous if Cele Goldsmith hadn't seen the bones of the writing were good, and how much of a story was in fact there in this modest effort. Many authors held in highest possible esteem in today's fandom...Thomas Disch, Fritz Leiber, Roger Zelazny, J.G. Ballard...were discovered or rehabilitated (Leiber's alcoholic writer's block was broken when Goldsmith devoted an issue of Fantastic to his work, requiring him to produce or renege) or brought to US magazinedom.

Cele Goldsmith was honored at WorldCons as a major shaper of the watershed 1960s, the decade when SF broke free of its pulpy past and set off in interesting new directions. Dune appeared in 1965; had Frank Herbert written it for publication in 1955 it would've been impossible to find an editor who would've consented to read it, all 1000-plus manuscript pages of it. Sweeping epics and stories of ideas and writers whose worlds included women...what a huge number of changes the decade that Cele Goldsmith helped birth wrought on the worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

Edited: Jan 14, 10:21am Top

In 2020, I will post 10 book reviews a month on my blog. I already read a book every other day, as this year's total of 155 (a lot of individual stories don't have entries in the LT database so I didn't post them here; guess I should do more to sync the data this year) reads shows; so it's doable, and I've done better than that in the past.

I will Pearl Rule books I'm not enjoying with notes on Goodreads & LibraryThing about why I'm abandoning the read.

My Last Thread of 2018 Is Here:
Reviews are back-linked there.

My Last Thread of 2019 Is Here:
Reviews are back-linked there.


Reviews 1 through 3 are thataway.

Jan 14, 9:04am Top


Jan 14, 9:04am Top

Hi! What's new?

Jan 14, 9:18am Top

Richard! New thread! The fun continues...

I hope you are feeling better (or soon to find a way to enjoy good sleeps). And lots of great reading/reviewing.
Nothing new here in the frozen North. I'm thinking me 'n my wooly blanket are going to snuggle down on the sofa to finish my current Tony Hillerman, Finding Moon. It's -33 oC on the thermometer outside the kitchen window.

Edited: Jan 14, 9:20am Top

Happy new one, Richard. So, are you sticking with the same person for the topper, since it's still January?

>5 SandyAMcPherson: - We are currently at a balmy +1C here in TO, Sandy. Though that won't last long. The weekend looks to be bringing us WINTER

Jan 14, 9:23am Top

Greetings from the windy desert! Happy new thread....

Jan 14, 9:48am Top

*taps toe* *waits for topper to appear*

Jan 14, 10:09am Top

>5 SandyAMcPherson: The shenanigans may commence, Sandy's here!

I regret to inform you, however, that I can only dash your hopes for a better-feeling host. I feel miserable. I caught the cold, sneezy raspy stuffed-up cold, that's wending its way around.


Jan 14, 10:12am Top

>6 jessibud2: I think it's about 6C outside...that's around 40° I think...but it's also foggy/cloudy/soon-to-be rainy. It's winter, so that's not all bad.

>7 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie! Stay indoors, windy deserts = inhaled sand = UGH

>8 laytonwoman3rd: It's up! It's up!

Oh, if you can't see the images, switch to http because there's a dearth of https resources for these specific cover images.

Jan 14, 10:15am Top

Happy new thread, Richard!

Jan 14, 10:22am Top

>11 harrygbutler: Thanks, Harry! Welcome.

Jan 14, 10:29am Top

Happy new thread Richard! And thank you for the topper about Cele Goldsmith, a name I'm embarrassed to say I did not recognize. Brava Cele!

Jan 14, 10:42am Top

Happy new thread, RD. Sending tropical get well vibes your way.

Jan 14, 10:59am Top

>13 swynn: I suspect the fact she's a she plays a big role in her relative obscurity among the fannish. But for Le Guin alone she deserves a spot in the pantheon.

>14 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul, but put a hold on any tropical heat, huh? The horrors of summer will be here all too soon.

Jan 14, 11:09am Top

Happy New Thread, Richard!

Wow, I knew nada about Cele Goldsmith. Thanks for clueing me in. The covers (and illustrations) aren't coming through for me, but I get the idea. As you say, LeGuin alone garners her a spot in the pantheon.

Jan 14, 11:10am Top

Happy new one!

Jan 14, 11:33am Top

Happy new one, Richard and feel better soon! xxx

Jan 14, 12:01pm Top

Happy New thread - I feel your snotty urghhh - stupid January colds :( The whole office is hacking away and it's all a bit miserable.

Jan 14, 12:32pm Top

>1 richardderus: I browsed here and here (Safari {Version 13.0.4 (13608.} on a Mac Notebook).

Which ones precisely are the covers which won't show here? I'm totally intrigued!

Edited: Jan 14, 2:43pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 14, 4:04pm Top

Happy new thread Richard.

Jan 14, 4:36pm Top

>1 richardderus: Cool! Like others I was unaware of how much I owed to this benefactor! I think I was had read much of Leiber's oeuvre before I became aware of Le Guin, and Zelazny was very much the thing in the mid-seventies when I fell into the SF library at LASFS.

I saw this 🐙 today, and well, it's been a while hasn't it?

Jan 14, 4:42pm Top

Happy new thread, Richard dear, and feel better soon!
2 books read and 17 Pearl ruled??!!

Jan 14, 4:50pm Top

Fellow oldster Murrikinz...go listen to this rendition of Kansas's Dust in the Wind and be shocked someone this lassie's age even knows who Kansas were.

I'll be back later. I woke hungry and must feed Seymour to my inner triffidy thing.

Jan 14, 5:50pm Top

Ricardo--Happy new one!! Boo to the crud afflicting you and Cheers to Cele Goldsmith!!

Edited: Jan 14, 6:27pm Top

Happy New Thread, Richard. Sorry, you are stuck inside with the "yucky" weather, but I see that, you are not complaining, so I take that as a good sign.

Jan 14, 6:49pm Top

>25 richardderus: - Wow, that was amazing! I had to google to find out what instrument it is. Apparently, a *gayageum* is a Korean zither-type-thing. She is some talent!! Thanks for posting this, Richard! Feel better soon!

Jan 14, 7:00pm Top

Wow! You really have been busy with the Pearl Rule!

Jan 14, 8:18pm Top

>16 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe. Her relative invisibility was appalling to me, but not surprising since I only learned of her existence by accident in the 1990s.

>17 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita!

>18 DianaNL: Thank you, Diana.

>19 BekkaJo: Oh no, Bekka, that is colossal heaps of No Fun. Sending snotless hugs.

Jan 14, 8:21pm Top

Sending ((gentle hugs)) your way, RD!

Jan 14, 8:25pm Top

>20 SandyAMcPherson: One is the Amazing Stories cover for November 1960; the second is Fantastic Stories for October 1960; the third is Fantastic for November 1959, the Leiber issue.

>21 drneutron: Hi Jim, thanks!

>22 johnsimpson: Hello John, happy to see you.

>23 quondame: Oh I love that octomoji! Hilarious.

I think a lot of us saw the people she launched and never much wondered how that happened. Such is the nature of the beast.

Jan 14, 8:29pm Top

>32 richardderus: Did you click on the octomoji? It was a link to duarker realms.

Jan 14, 8:29pm Top

>24 FAMeulstee: Heh, not just this year, that's a rolling ticker from last year as well.

>26 Berly: Thanks, Berly-boo! *smooch*

>27 msf59: It's not long to be trapped. Tomorrow will be sunny and 48°/7-plusC.

It's also not January weather, this is more like Texas when I was growing up.

>28 jessibud2: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Shelley, the young person amazes me with her grasp of musical nuance.

>29 thornton37814: Hi Lori!

Jan 14, 8:32pm Top

>31 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia, and keep 'em gentle until your arm's better.

>33 quondame: Funnier realms, where The Quackening happens anew. Heh.

Jan 14, 9:39pm Top

Happy new thread, RD!

Edited: Jan 15, 4:59am Top

Early morning greetings, RD!

>20 SandyAMcPherson: and >32 richardderus: This may only work for PCs, and it may only work using Mozilla Firefox, but I right clicked on the image I couldn’t see, chose the Copy Image Location option, opened a new tab, pasted it in, and voila. I could see each cover.

>25 richardderus: Wow! Luna Lee. Thanks for sharing – I’ve done the unheard of and actually made a music recommendation to Bill and Jenna.

*smooch* from your own Horrible

Edited: Jan 15, 9:36am Top

>37 karenmarie: I right clicked on the image I couldn’t see, chose the Copy Image Location option, opened a new tab, pasted it in, and voila. I could see each cover.

Thanks for this suggestion, Karen! (Also: why didn't I think of that?) For me something similar worked in Chrome, except that after pasting I had to change the "https:" prefix to "http:" I expect something like this would work in most browsers.

** Nerdy stuff **

I notice in the code, there is no prefix stating the protocol:
<img src="//www.philsp.com ....>"

I believe most browsers' usual behavior in this case is to insert whichever protocol is used in the linking page. Since the LibraryThing page uses "https", most browsers will insert "https" into any link where the protocol is not specified. But the images exist on a site that uses http --- hence, broken links.

Jan 15, 9:41am Top

Happy New Thread, Richard.

Jan 15, 10:33am Top

>38 swynn: I had noticed the http: vs https: discrepancy with the broken images. I tend to right click and do "copy image source" so it includes a protocol, but once in awhile, something changes after I post, and I still have to redo an image source.

Edited: Jan 15, 10:46am Top

>40 thornton37814: Yep, and now I see that Richard mentioned this back in post 10. So, yeah, nevermind.

Jan 15, 11:25am Top

>38 swynn: Same for me, even in Firefox (altering to remove the 's' from the http).
I have fairly stringent security settings so even in Firefox, I couldn't always see an image without altering the url.

Thanks for giving us that hint, Karen. I could then have "my daily laugh" from >1 richardderus: saying, what makes this cover's topmost question so hilarious is that Goldsmith later edited Modern Bride magazine.. because ...

Jan 15, 11:32am Top

Happy new one, Rdear. Big waves over the pond.

Jan 15, 12:16pm Top

Dude! Feeling better? That's a bad bug going around. I got the flu shot about 10 days ago; knock on wood.

Jan 15, 1:14pm Top

>36 lkernagh: Thanks, Lori!

>37 karenmarie: Thank you, Horrible!

>37 karenmarie:, >38 swynn:, >40 thornton37814:, >41 swynn: I'm glad the tech *finally* cooperated with you.

Jan 15, 1:16pm Top

>39 The_Hibernator: Thanks, Rachel!

>42 SandyAMcPherson: Heh. That's one of the priceless moments no one would dare write into a story.

>43 Ameise1: Hi Barbara!

>44 SomeGuyInVirginia: Feeling much, much better indeed, thanks Larry. I'm not particularly spry but also not clogged and drippy. I call that a major win.

Jan 15, 6:16pm Top

Happy new thread!

Jan 15, 6:45pm Top

I am very late to the party. Have a star. Happy new thread

Jan 15, 6:53pm Top

>47 ChelleBearss: Thank you, Chelle!

>48 BBGirl55: Hi Bryony! Glad to see you here.

Jan 15, 7:43pm Top

Happy new one! I am glad to hear that you are feeling better - not clogged and drippy is definitely moving in the right position. You can work on spry later.

Jan 15, 8:47pm Top

>50 Crazymamie: Thanks, Mamie, it feels flat-out delightful not to schnerkle every third breath. Heaven only knows how it affects the apnea!

Jan 15, 8:49pm Top

Glad you are feeling better! Removing the "s" worked for me to see the images, so thanks for the instructions.

Jan 15, 8:54pm Top

>52 ronincats: Me too, Roni, and it's good that you can see them now. That polygamy thing still makes me chuckle.

Jan 16, 7:03am Top

Morning, RD. Sweet Thursday. Last work day, before starting my long holiday weekend. Yah! It looks like we are finally settling into January-like temps, for the rest of the month. As long as the snow and ice holds off, I will not complain.

Jan 16, 8:24am Top

Happy new thread Richard! Very happy to hear that you're feeling better.

Jan 16, 8:28am Top

Good morning, Richard, and happy new thread! Glad to hear the cold seems to be abating.

We are experiencing rainy weather today, but I'll take it over snow. Two more work days 'til the weekend (a split weekend, I'm working Sunday and off for the holiday on Monday), and I may be getting snowed in with the cats on Saturday. Guilt-free reading time, though? I'll take it! I already had a library patron call and ask about the weekend forecast, and had to be sorry to disappoint but right now I can see in the ten-day forecast, there's a 100% chance of snow, and they are not predicting how much.

Jan 16, 9:12am Top

>54 msf59: A-women, Mark, on the hold-offs. I can't think of any good reason to wish for an ice storm. Ever.

Enjoy the little pleasure of knowing this is It for four days!

>55 Coffee.Cat: Thanks, Abby! How lovely to see you.

>56 bell7: People call the library to find out what the weather forecast is?


But a weekend replete with guilt-free reading time is ideal. Enjoy!

Jan 16, 9:21am Top

'Morning, RD, and happy Thursday to you.

schnerkle every third breath

As always, your words are a joy.

Jan 16, 9:28am Top

>58 karenmarie: Hey Horrible, how goes the parade?

Thanks for the kind words! *smooch*

Jan 16, 9:29am Top

Congrats on no longer being a schnerkling Snuffleupagus, RD. I will say your virtual baking skills remained undimmed throughout. But there's nothing better than finally being able to breathe freely again.

Jan 16, 9:31am Top

I just finished brekkie, am on my 2nd mug of coffee. The animals have been fed, I need to do a few things around here then go for the self-indulgent massage I allow myself every month. Three errands in town since I'll be there anyway, then home again.

Jan 16, 9:59am Top

>60 jnwelch: Thanks, Joe. It's been a siege of snot, though I'm grateful it wasn't flu. (No fever, no bone-breaking pain, whew!) I'll go a long way for a dobos torte!

>61 karenmarie: Sounds like a lovely Thursday. No sense making more than one trip, for environmental and stress reasons.

Jan 16, 10:35am Top

>57 richardderus: You'd be amazed at what people call the library for; the weather is the least of it (there, at least, I can make the argument that even in our well-to-do town, not all folks have easy access to the Internet). There are, in fact, questions I *can't* answer and often do have to explain to people that I can't give tax, medical or legal advice - and in fact, would break the law if I do!

Jan 16, 11:19am Top

I am getting ready for the ALA winter conference in Philadelphia. It is January 24 - 27, 2020. I have not yet received conformation that LT will provide the free passes to the exhibits, as they have done in the past, but have made contact with them to find out. So far, I have received no inquiries regarding a meetup, but if anybody reading this thread is interested let me know and I will find a place and we can hang out and talk about what incredible finds we have made on the exhibit floor.

The exhibit floor opens on Saturday, January 24 at 9:00 a.m. and closes at noon on Monday, January 27, 2020. In between are lots of free ARC (Advanced Readers Copies) for both children and adults. As soon as I find out from the LT gods if there will be free passes to this nirvana I will let you know.

Jan 16, 3:29pm Top

Glad you are feeling better!

Jan 16, 6:39pm Top

Hi RD! Just catching up here. I am glad you are feeling better.

"Schnerkle" is a great word. I'm going to steal it.

Jan 16, 8:18pm Top

>63 bell7: You're right, I can only barely conceive of the things the General Public can dream up to ask a librarian.

...but tax questions...SMDH

>64 benitastrnad: Anyone know anything relevant?

>65 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita! I slept a solid four hours in the middle of the day snuggled up to The YGC. That was unexpected and lovely.

>66 katiekrug: Welcome to use it at will, dear lady.

Jan 16, 8:29pm Top

Happy new thread Richard. Glad you're feeling a bit more....spry?

Jan 16, 10:00pm Top

>67 richardderus: One of my local libraries has bins of tax forms every spring. It only makes sense to ask librarians.....
One more advantage of YGCs.

Jan 17, 7:16am Top

'Morning, RichardDear. Congrats on napping, and in such a pleasant way.

Jan 17, 9:26am Top

>68 brenzi: Me too, Bonnie, and thanks!

>69 quondame: That's like asking the librarian for car-repair advice because they have Chilton's Auto Repair Manuals on the shelves, at least to me.

He's a gigantic gift to me. Luckily he feels I'm a gift to him as well.

>70 karenmarie: It was lovely, and the net good effect has continued into today.

Jan 17, 9:45am Top

Morning, BigDaddy! We made it to Friday, so I think we should celebrate:

Pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon pecan syrup

Jan 17, 10:10am Top

>72 Crazymamie: What an excellent idea, Mamie! I'll just get the butter delivery signed for and be right back:

Jan 17, 10:14am Top

*belly laugh*

Jan 17, 4:24pm Top

Happy Friday, Richard. Snow arriving shortly. I am meeting Bree and her fiance for dinner and brews, but hope to be home, before the worst of it. I hope it will be clear enough for our drive up to Milwaukee tomorrow. Had a good afternoon with the books, finally finishing up The Chaneysville Incident. The guy is a terrific writer and smart as hell, but he does go on and on and on. That said, I am glad I finally got to it.

Jan 17, 4:36pm Top

>74 Crazymamie: :-)

>75 msf59: Hey there, Birddude, it's going to be "wintry mix" here starting this evening...my absolute least favorite thing, not excluding ice storms, is "wintry mix" because the wretchedness is so immensely vile. Coldest-possible rain meets wettest-possible snow meets sting-iest-possible sleet. Ugh.

Jan 17, 6:05pm Top

>66 katiekrug: Me too

"Schnerkle" is a great word. I'm going to steal it.

Jan 17, 9:22pm Top

>77 SandyAMcPherson: Heh, feel fee...I mean free!
I will see the pulmonologist Tuesday late a.m.! At last this process can get going.

Jan 17, 10:00pm Top

>72 Crazymamie: Ok, I want those now, lol.

((Left armed hugs)) to you, RD! Glad you are feeling better.

Yesterday, 12:23am Top

>72 Crazymamie: I found the perfect plates!

>79 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! I'm thrilled not to feel stuffed up anymore, and so so so glad I don't have flu. You're due for the next round of improvements. *smooch*

Yesterday, 12:42am Top

Happy new thread, Richard. Good to see that it won't be long until your appointment. Ugh, weather. We have had snow since Monday and we don't do it well. Looks like it is back to our regular rain soon.

Yesterday, 10:31am Top

>80 richardderus: Lovely!! *Saturday smooch* And hooray for the pulmonologist appointment!

Yesterday, 11:46am Top

>80 richardderus: What a beautiful plate!

Yesterday, 12:12pm Top

I call this next work, 'Portrait of the young middle-aged artist not cleaning the kitchen like I promised.' I swear, if I ever win the lottery I'm hiring a housekeeper.

And a totally hot butler.

I'm reading The Rules of Civility. I have better things to do than going at the floor with a scrub brush. Love the book so far, kind of hate the title, but I think therein lies the tale.

Edited: Yesterday, 12:37pm Top

>81 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg! Rain, of the cold and horrible variety, is our fate this evening.

>82 Crazymamie:, >83 laytonwoman3rd: Agreed, it's lovely and so weird. I'm thrilled to have the assurance that the end of this awfulness might be beginning.

>84 SomeGuyInVirginia: Ah, "middle age" that jittery, moving target! It's plausibly moved its northern suburbs to fifty-ish from forty-ish, but, well...sixty-ish is still old.
A Hot Butler:

*happy sigh*

I simply do not understand why I can't launch myself into Amor Towles's work. On the surface appearance of the stuff, I should eat it up with a spoon. In reality I can't wait for each sentence to end and, by the time I'm done with the story, I'm seething with dissatisfaction at the reading experience. *shrug* He probably wouldn't like me, either.

Yesterday, 12:53pm Top

>85 richardderus: A rather non-traditional uniform, but otherwise...

Yesterday, 1:24pm Top

>86 laytonwoman3rd: Agreed...isn't it traditional that hot Butlers go starkers when discharging their duties? Admittedly, that's a fifteen-year-old photo of Mr. Butler, but he's aged well:

I confess to an *unruly* need to fix his jeans-cuffs....

This is Royal Stafford's "Ocean Blue" dinnerware:

It is a new pattern for 2019 and I ***COVET*** it. I have no need for it, no place to put it, and a strenuous desire to eat my dinner off these beautiful plates.

Yesterday, 1:25pm Top

PS this is the pattern inside the bowl:

Yesterday, 1:45pm Top

Yesterday, 2:06pm Top

Hi Richard! I’m back from our west coast US trip.

We came across so many beautiful octopus sculptures - especially glass ones in Hawai’i - I gave up trying to take pictures of them all but I did take some of a Chihuly underwater-scape. I’ll see if I can post one sometime. Speaking of, I’ll have to try some work-around to view your thread toppers. And Yay! for the Ladies of SF.

We also saw a live octopus on a snorkelling trip which one of the Guide divers brought out of the water and offered it to us to hold. I may regret the missed opportunity but I felt bad for the poor thing; it looked rather upset at being grabbed out of the sea. I would have liked to have taken a photo though, but we were about to take our turn going underwater on sub-scooters and my phone was safely tucked away somewhere dry.

Yesterday, 7:57pm Top

Hi RD!

It does not surprise me at all that you covet dinnerware with octopuses and other sea creatures on it.


Yesterday, 8:05pm Top

>88 richardderus: I love that!

Yesterday, 8:33pm Top

>88 richardderus: It's new!?! I found images on a replacements site I've used, so I thought it was retired. I do not need new china. Just replaced roof and heating-air. No room. China breaks. It is so cool!

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