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"Cullud" fun : a compilation of the best Negro stories at which the people of the South have laughed in the past generation, including a group of the best-loved soldier stories of the World War by Jack Dionne
5,000 Miles to Freedom: Ellen and William Craft's Flight from Slavery by Judith Bloom Fradin
ADAC Reiseführer, USA-Südstaaten by Bernd Wagner
African American Life in the Rural South, 1900-1950 by R. Douglas Hurt
America's testing time: 1848-1877 by Donald M. Jacobs
The American Guide: the South, the Southwest by Federal Writers Project
The American South by Richard L. Nostrand
The Architecture of John F. Staub: Houston and the South by Howard Barnstone
Autobiographical Reflections on Southern Religious History by John B. Boles
Better Day Coming: Blacks and Equality, 1890-2000 by Adam Fairclough
Black Business in the New South: A Social History of the NC Mutual Life Insurance Company by Walter B. Weare
Black Flag Over Dixie: Racial Atrocities and Reprisals in the Civil War by Gregory J. W. Urwin
Black Southerners, 1619-1869 by John B. Boles
The Bloody Shirt: Terror After Appomattox by Stephen Budiansky
The Bobbsey Twins in the Land of Cotton by Laura Lee Hope
Catholics in the Old South: Essays on Church and Culture by Randall Miller
Civil Rights Unionism: Tobacco Workers and the Struggle for Democracy in the Mid-Twentieth-Century South by Robert Rodgers Korstad
Civil Wars: Women and the Crisis of Southern Nationalism by George C. Rable
A Class of Their Own: Black Teachers in the Segregated South by Adam Fairclough
A Companion to the American South by John B. Boles
Crazy Cruise [1942 animated short film] by Tex Avery
Culture Shock! USA - The South by Jane Kohen Winter
Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads by Paul Theroux
Deep Souths: Delta, Piedmont, and Sea Island Society in the Age of Segregation by J. William Harris
Delaying the Dream: Southern Senators and the Fight Against Civil Rights, 1938-1965 (Making the Modern South) by Keith M. Finley
Dixie Before Disney: 100 Years of Roadside Fun by Tim Hollis
Dixie Dateline: A Journalistic Portrait of the Contemporary South (New Series: No. 1) by John B. Boles
Dixie's Forgotten People, New Edition: The South's Poor Whites (Minorities in Modern America) by J. Wayne Flynt
Dog Gone South [1950 animated short film] by Chuck Jones
Ella Baker: A Leader Behind the Scenes by Shyrlee Dallard
Ellen Foster by Kaye Gibbons
The Encyclopedia of Southern History by David C. Roller
The Fall of the House of Dixie: The Civil War and the Social Revolution That Transformed the South by Bruce Levine
Far More Terrible for Women: Personal Accounts of Women in Slavery by Patrick Minges
Fodor's the South by Fodor's
For Freedom's Sake: The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer by Chana Kai Lee
From George Wallace to Newt Gingrich: Race in the Conservative Counterrevolution, 1963-1994 by Dan T. Carter
Ghost and Goblins: Stories for Halloween by Wilhelmina Harper'The Conjure Wives', 'Old Man Gully's Hant'
Ghosts & Specters of the Old South: Ten Supernatural Stories by Nancy Roberts
A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O'Connor
Grand Homes of the South by Bill Harris
Great Family Vacations South by Candyce H. Stapen
The Great Revival: Beginnings of the Bible Belt (Religion in the South) by John B. Boles
The Hairstons: An American Family in Black and White by Henry Wiencek
The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam by Nancy Roberts
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers
Help Me to Find My People: The African American Search for Family Lost in Slavery by Heather Andrea Williams
Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine
Hippocrene U.S.A Guide to America's South: The Atlantic States by Tom Weil
Hippocrene U.S.A. Guide to America's South: The Gulf and the Mississippi States : The States of Alabama, Mississippi, Lo by Tom Weil
Hippocrene U.S.A. Guide to Historic Black South: Historical Sites, Cultural Centers, and Musical Happenings of the African-American South by James Haskins
The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons
I, Varina by Ruth Painter Randall
The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation by Brenda Wineapple
In Struggle by Clayborne Carson
Insiders' Guide to Civil War Sites in the Southern States by John McKay
Insight Guides Old South by Martha Ellen Zenfell
Interpreting Southern History: Historiographical Essays in Honor of Sanford W. Higginbotham by John B. Boles
The Irony of Southern Religion (The Rockwell Lecture, Vol 5) by John B. Boles
Jeffrey Introduces 13 More Southern Ghosts by Kathryn Tucker Windham
John Stuart and the Southern Colonial Frontier by John Richard Alden
Journal of Mormon History - Vol. 34, No. 1, Winter 2008 by Mormon History Association
King, Vol. 2 by Ho Che Anderson
King; a Biography by David Lewis
Land and Labor, 1865 by Steven Hahn
Laure by T. D. McKinney
A life in letters : Lt. Col. Robert A. Hardaway in the Civil War and the New South by Ga.) Columbus Museum (Columbus
Lonely Planet Florida & the South's Best Trips by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet The Carolinas, Georgia & the South Trips by Alex Leviton
Looking for Clark Gable and other 20th-Century Pursuits by Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton
The Making of America: Deep South - 1983 [map] by John B. Garver, Jr.
Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord: Race and Religion in the American South, 1740-1870 by John B. Boles
Masters of the big house : elite slaveholders of the mid-nineteenth-century South by William Kauffman Scarborough
Mercy by Joyce MacIver
Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom by Carole Boston Weatherford
My Folks Don't Want Me to Talk About Slavery by Belinda Hurmence
New Masters by Lawrence N. Powell
The Old South: A Picture Book to Remember Her By by Peter Beney
On Grandma's Porch by Debra Leigh Smith
The Only Land They Knew by J. Leitch Wright Jr.
Origins of the Civil Rights Movement by Aldon D. Morris
Origins of the New South Fifty Years Later: The Continuing Influence of a Historical Classic by John B. Boles
Orpheus Lost by Janette Turner Hospital
The Other South: Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century by Carl N. Degler
Our Trust is in the God of Battles by Thomas W. Cutrer
The Outcast by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
The Oxford Book of the American South: Testimony, Memory, and Fiction by Edward L. Ayers
The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales by Virginia Hamilton
Plantations and Outdoor Museums in America's Historic South by Gerald Lee Gutek
Politics and Society in the South by Earl Black
Powhatan's Mantle: Indians in the Colonial Southeast (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Gregory A. Waselkov
The Promise of the New South: Life After Reconstruction by Edward L. Ayers
Recommended Bed & Breakfasts, The South by Carol Thalimer
Recommended Country Inns The South, 8th (Recommended Country Inns Series) by Carol Thalimer
Reconstructing the Household: Families, Sex, and the Law in the Nineteenth-Century South (Studies in Legal History) by Peter W. Bardaglio
Religion in the Old South by Donald G. Mathews
Religion in the South: Essays (Chancellor's Symposium Series, 1984) by John B. Boles
The Routledge Historical Atlas of the American South by Andrew K. Frank
The Ruling Race: A History of American Slaveholders by James Oakes
Scarlett Slept Here: A Book Lover's Guide to the South by Joy Dickinson
The Second Wave: Southern Industrialization from the 1940s to the 1970s (Economy and Society in the Modern South) by Philip Scranton
The Shaping of Southern Politics by J. Morgan Kousser
The Slave Power Conspiracy and the Paranoid Style by David Brion Davis
Slavery and the Numbers Game: A Critique of Time on the Cross by Herbert G. Gutman
So You're Going South! by Clara E. Laughlin
The South as It Is: 1865-1866 by John Richard Dennett
The South Through Time: A History of an American Region Volume II (3rd Edition) by John B. Boles
Southern Birds: Backyard Guide - Watching - Feeding - Landscaping - Nurturing - North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, ... Texas (Bird Watcher's Digest Backyard Guide) by Bill Thompson
Southern Crossing: A History of the American South, 1877-1906 by Edward L. Ayers
The Southern experience in the American Revolution by Jeffrey J. Crow
Southern Fried Rabbit [1953 animated short film] by Friz Freleng
Southern Ghosts by Nancy Roberts
Southern Ladies & Gentlemen by Florence King
Southern Living Travel South by Rand McNally Staff
The Southern Mystique by Howard Zinn
Southern Politics in State and Nation by V. O. Key
Southern Poor Whites by J. Wayne Flynt
Southern Single Blessedness: Unmarried Women in the Urban South, 1800-1865 by Christine Jacobson Carter
Southern States Trolleys in Color by Edward A. Ridolph
The Spanish Frontier in North America by David J. Weber
Spirit of Rebellion: Labor and Religion in the New Cotton South by Jarod Roll
Splendid failure : postwar Reconstruction in the American South by Michael W. Fitzgerald
Spooky South: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore by S. E. Schlosser
Struggle for the soul of the postwar South : white evangelical Protestants and Operation Dixie by Elizabeth A. Fones-Wolf
Sugarcane House: And Other Stories about Mr. Fat by Adrienne Bond
Testing the New Deal: The General Textile Strike of 1934 in the American South by Janet Christine Irons
Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery by Robert William Fogel
To Redeem the Soul of America by Adam Fairclough
The Tribe of Black Ulysses: African American Lumber Workers in the Jim Crow South by William P. Jones
The U.S. South: like an old familiar friend by Faces Magazine
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Union League Movement in the Deep South by Michael W. Fitzgerald
Vengeance and Justice: Crime and Punishment in the Nineteenth-Century American South by Edward L. Ayers
Visits from the Drowned Girl by Steven Sherrill
The Vital South by Earl Black
The Wartime Genesis of Free Labor. The Lower South by Ira Berlin
West of Slavery by Kevin Waite
What Caused the Civil War?: Reflections on the South and Southern History by Edward L. Ayers
When the War Was Over: The Failure of Self-Reconstruction in the South, 1865-1867 by Dan T. Carter
White Terror: The Ku Klux Klan Conspiracy and Southern Reconstruction by Allen W. Trelease
Wildlands of the Upper South by John M. Thompson
William Bartram on the Southeastern Indians by William Bartram
Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor
Without consent or contract : the rise and fall of American slavery by Robert William Fogel
Working Cures: Healing, Health, and Power on Southern Slave Plantations by Sharla M. Fett