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Joe's 2020 Book Cafe 4

This is a continuation of the topic Joe's 2020 Book Cafe 3.

75 Books Challenge for 2020

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Edited: Feb 12, 2:29pm Top

By various artists

Welcome back to the cafe!

Edited: Feb 14, 1:03pm Top

Books Read in 2020


1. Equinoxes by Cyril Pedrosa*
2. American Spy by Lauren Wilkerson
3. Indecency by Justin Phillip Reed
4. A Handmaid's Tale Graphic by Renee Nault and Margaret Atwood*
5. The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street by Helene Hanff
6. Dream Within a Dream by Patricia MacLachlan
7. Deep Creek by Pam Houston
8. Due Diligence by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
9. Wandering Star by Teri S. Wood*
10. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell
11. The Black God's Drums by p. Dejeli Clark


12. The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
13. The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McGinty
14. For Kicks by Dick Francis
15. The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
16. Into the Fire by Gregg Hurwitz
17. Golden in Death by J.D. Robb
18. Into the Frame by Dick Francis

Illustrated Books

1. Birdsong by Julie Flett
2. Paper Girls Volume 6 by Brian K. Vaughn
3. I Love This Part by Tillie Walden
4. Door by JiHyeon Lee
5. Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson
6. The Iridescence of Birds by Patricia MacLachlan
7. The Master and Margarita Graphic Novel by Andzej Klimowski
8. Monstress Vol. 4 by Marie Liu
9. Ms. Marvel Vol. 10 by G. Willow Wilson
10. Swimming in Darkness by Lucas Harari
11. Dr. Who: The Betrothal of Sontar by Gareth Roberts
12. Constantine Hellblazer by Jaime Delano


Edited: Feb 12, 2:19pm Top

Rafa geocaching with his Papa

Edited: Feb 12, 2:20pm Top

Favorites From 2019

Top 5

The Long Take by Robin Robertson
The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo
Friday Black by Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

Favorite Graphic Works

Good Talk by Mira Jacob
They Called Us Enemy by George Takei
Frida Kahlo: An Illustrated Life by Maria Hesse
The Initiates by Étienne Davodeau
Quiet Girl in a Noisy World by Debbie Tung

Favorite Poetry Collections

Lord of the Butterflies by Andrea Gibson
Drive Here and Devastate Me by Megan Falley
Monument: Poems by Natasha Trethewey
Tap Out by Edgar Kunz
Magical Negro by Morgan Parker

Edited: Feb 12, 2:21pm Top

The squishable Princess Fina

Edited: Feb 12, 2:24pm Top

Art by Aaron Jasinski

OK, the cafe is open!

Feb 12, 2:32pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe! Once again, wonderful toppers!
I just finished Here a wonderful Graphic Novel by Richard McGuire. If you have not read it I highly recommend you check it out!
Squishable Princess Fina! I love it!

Feb 12, 3:13pm Top

Safe travels, Joe, and enjoy your time in Pittsburgh. Don't work too hard - ha!

Feb 12, 3:45pm Top

>6 jnwelch: That's trippy as all get-out, but I'd kill for that superpower.

Safe travels!

Feb 12, 4:00pm Top

Happy new one, Joe. Fantastic art and family photos. Wishing you safe travels.

Feb 12, 4:08pm Top

Happy new thread Joe, mate. Once again fantastic artwork and great family photos.

Feb 12, 4:31pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe and happy travels. Looking forward to lots of cute-o-graphy….

Feb 12, 4:38pm Top

Happy new thread. Wishing you top grandparenting.

And I can confirm that McKinty's NI series continues to be excellent - you have many books ahead of you - I'm a fan. (I think someone on LT must have recommended them to me too.)

Feb 12, 5:26pm Top

Happy new one!

Edited: Feb 12, 5:37pm Top

Happy New thread!

>1 jnwelch: I wish coffee did that for me. It's good, real good, but there are limits.

>3 jnwelch: So one parent was standing by to catch Rafa while the other took the picture. Great photos, but oh boy!

>5 jnwelch: Fina has that sleep thing down perfectly!

>6 jnwelch: Yes, addiction is an issue.

Feb 12, 6:02pm Top

Happy New Thread, Joe! I love Rafa in the cliff-top topper! Now, that should be at the top! Grins...Good luck, that the weather cooperates, so you guys can get out tomorrow.

Feb 12, 6:11pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe. Save travels!

Feb 12, 6:19pm Top

>7 Carmenere: Thanks, Lynda! Congrats on being the first to arrive. Latte? Muffin? What would you like - it's on us.

I did read the graphic novel Here by Richard McGuire, and I liked it, too. I'm glad you had a good time with it. Thanks re our squishable Princess. We see her tomorrow!

>8 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie. We'll have an extra hand, our daughter, and I imagine things are much more settled than our first trip when Fina was born. Fewer emergency runs to Target, for one thing. :-)

>9 richardderus: >6 jnwelch: is trippy, isn't it, Richard. Good word for it. That is one heck of a desirable superpower.

>10 Ameise1: Thanks, Barbara. I'm glad you like the art and family photos. It's a short flight - about an hour in the air - so it shouldn't be too bad. It takes longer to and from the airport than the flight itself.

>11 johnsimpson: Thanks, mate. Good to hear you like the artwork and the family photos.

Feb 12, 6:30pm Top

>12 jessibud2: Thanks, Shelley. I imagine there'll be a bit of cute-o-graphy happening whilst we're there. :-)

>13 charl08: Thanks, Charlotte. We're sure looking forward to seeing those two little gremlins.

Oh, that's a strong endorsement of the Sean Duffy series, thanks. Now I'm excited to get on with more of them.

>14 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Anita!

>15 quondame: Thanks, Susan!

What, you don't flow glowingly to your first cup of coffee of the day? It's pretty standard here in our part of the country. Luckily Madame MBH isn't a coffee drinker, so we don't bump into each other in the air.

Ha! Rafa and his Papa didn't have Mama with them on this geocaching trip. When Papa was a wee one, he used to have our hearts racing with his antics. Now he gets to worry about Rafa.

Fina has been practicing her sleeping day and night, and all her hard work is really paying off, isn't it.

LOL! You're cracking me up, Susan. Yes, addiction is an issue, as illustrated in >6 jnwelch:, isn't it.

>16 msf59: Thanks, Mark! We love that cliff-topper photo of Rafa, too. Neither of us can really express why, but there's something about that little guy looking out over the vista . . .

Yeah, I'm seeing the snow coming down. Fingers crossed that the weather doesn't throw off travel.

>17 Familyhistorian: Thanks, Meg! It's an early departure tomorrow. Thanks for the safe travel wishes.

Feb 12, 7:13pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe!

Feb 12, 7:21pm Top

Coming in for a cuppa, Joe. It is cold and rainy here.

Love the pics of the grands, but I would dearly love to know what the rest of your son's shirt says, lol.

Feb 12, 7:44pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe! Nice to see the cafe open.

>1 jnwelch: Toppers are great. I think #3 is my favorite.

>3 jnwelch: >5 jnwelch: Rafa and Fina looking awesome as well. Such cute kids.

Hold over from page 3. Nice to see that you enjoyed Into the Fire. I cannot wait.

Feb 12, 8:51pm Top

>3 jnwelch: well geocaching is a new one on me Joe. I've never heard of it but it sure looks like Rafa is enjoying himself. And of course, that little Financial is such a cutie.

Feb 12, 9:18pm Top

>3 jnwelch: Rafa on the rocks! I love it (now that I'm pretty sure he didn't take a header off the edge). That photo could have been taken in my end of the state of PA... so many spots very similar to that in our neck of the woods.

Feb 12, 9:27pm Top

I was going to grab a cuppa. So good. But it is a little late in the day. Tomorrow morning maybe. Have a nice time here in Pennsylvania. You'll be in the part that's on the other side of Alabama from my chunk of PA.

Feb 12, 10:00pm Top

Happy New Thread, Joe!

Edited: Feb 13, 6:37am Top

>20 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

>21 alcottacre: Hi, Stasia. Please grab a cuppa from the kitchen, as we're heading out to the airport.

Our son finds the best t-shirts. I'm curious about that one, too! I'll try to remember to do some investigative work.

>22 brodiew2: Thanks, Brodie! I'm glad you like the toppers. #3 is cool, isn't it. I'm a fan of #1. Thanks re Rafa and Fina. We'll be seeing those two today. Into the Fire! Can't wait to hear what you think.

>23 brenzi: Our son is a bigtime geocacher, Bonnie, and really good at it. We love it - we end up walking to all sorts of places we wouldn't otherwise see, and the hunt is fun. Ha! Little Financial! I'll have to remember to pass that on. So true, right?

>24 laytonwoman3rd: Rafa is very good about being careful, I'll say that much, Linda. He's becoming very good on stairs these days. Yes, I've come to love your part of the country. We don't get much of that hilliness in our whereabouts.

>25 weird_O: Please run into the kitchen and grab a cuppa. Your friendly proprietor is heading to the airport. Huh. Now I have to go look at Alabama. I would've placed it farther west than that. Shows we're never to old to learn, right?

>26 ronincats: Thanks, Roni!

Feb 13, 6:39am Top

Morning, Joe. Not-So-Sweet Thursday! What time is your flight? Hopefully it gets out on time, with the wind and snow. Fingers crossed.

Feb 13, 9:01am Top

Hi Joe and happy new thread.

>1 jnwelch: How did you know I float downstairs in anticipation of the first cup of coffee? And that the kitties are observing?

>3 jnwelch: Curious Rafa and Papa/Rafa love. Thanks for sharing.

>19 jnwelch: Fina has been practicing her sleeping day and night, and all her hard work is really paying off, isn't it. Good for darling Fina!

Safe flight, joyous reunion. How long are you and Debbi staying this time?

Feb 13, 11:41am Top

Happy new thread!

Feb 13, 2:51pm Top

Are you in PGH now? So lovely to be back with the grands, isn't it?

I'm counting down to a trip of my own to my grandbaby, who is definitely not a baby anymore.

Today I'm battling a huge, breath-stealing wall of anxiety, and think maybe it's time for chamomile tea?

Feb 13, 2:58pm Top

Maybe I need to make it a double.

Feb 13, 4:32pm Top

Happy new one, Joe!

>3 jnwelch: Rafa is growing so quickly.

Feb 13, 4:43pm Top

>1 jnwelch: Very cafe appropriate Joe.

>3 jnwelch: scary, you wouldn't get me that near the edge...

Feb 13, 5:20pm Top

>27 jnwelch: Years ago, Bob Casey Sr., the father of our current Democratic U.S. Senator, was running for governor. James Carville was running his campaign. He famously characterized Pennsylvania thus: "On one side you have Pittsburgh. On the other side Philadelphia. In the middle, you have Alabama."

Feb 13, 5:40pm Top

>27 jnwelch: I hope you know that was auto correct and I missed it entirely Joe.

Feb 13, 8:41pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe! As always, love the art selection and photos of the grandkids. I agree, that one of Rafa looking out over the vista is a great pic.

Feb 13, 8:43pm Top

>35 weird_O: I knew I had heard that somewhere before, but couldn't place it. Thanks for the attribution. Carville is nothing if not quotable.

Feb 13, 8:47pm Top

Happy new thread, Joe! Hope your flight was pleasant and your visit with the kids and grands is a lot of wonderful.

Great toppers, especially the first topper (which is how I feel about that first cup of coffee in the morning), Rafa and Squishable Fina. They're both adorable!

Edited: Feb 14, 7:02am Top

Morning, Joe! Happy Friday! Glad you guys got out okay and are comfortably ensconced in PA. Enjoy your time with the little ones. Add Everywhere You Don't Belong to your list. This is definitely your cuppa. Set on the southside, with plenty of basketball references.

I wish I didn't have to leave the house today. Chokes up a little...

Feb 14, 7:55am Top

Thanks, everyone. We’re safely arrived, and the kiddoes are great. Their parents, too, if I remember correctly. 😀

I’ll try to catch up later on.

Feb 14, 9:40am Top

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 14, 11:22am Top

Morning, Joe! Glad that you arrived safe and sound. Hoping your visit is full of fabulous!

Feb 14, 11:56am Top

Ok, here we go. We'll see how long the peace lasts. :-)

>28 msf59: Hiya, Mark. In that lousy weather we were on the tarmac for more than an hour, waiting to go, and had to be de-iced a second time. But then we took off and made good time, and it's all been pretty smooth since then. Becca gets in today for the weekend - we'll fly back together on Monday, and Debbi will stay for a total of two weeks this time. Our DIL's mother returned home a few days ago, so we and Debbi will give them a helping hand and let them get further into their new routines. As you know, that needs to somehow include rest and exercise time for the both of them, and Adriana continues to write while Jesse's on paternity leave. She and Angie Cruz are just finishing up the new issue of Asterix Journal.

Some good news: Jesse has been at Amazon three months and is really enjoying it. The combination of software engineer and management is just what he's wanted from the get-go, and he's happy with his team. He got a lot done before the leave (which they knew about in hiring him), so they're happy with him, too.

>29 karenmarie: Thanks, Karen.

You know, I knew we were simpatico, and that I always float downstairs to my day-starting coffee, so I figured you'd do the same. I don't have kitties watching me, but Madame MBH picks up that slack.

Aren't those great photos of Rafa and his Papa? That one with Rafa overlooking the vista gets us every time. He's such a curious and engaged little boy.

Darling Fina is irresistible, and is quite reasonable in her sleeping, eating, dealing with digestion, and getting her diaper changed. She's becoming much more aware of her surroundings, which of course I love.

I come back with our daughter on Monday. The more useful and essential Madame MBH is staying a week and half longer.

>30 drneutron: Thanks, Jim!

>31 mckait:, >32 mckait: Hi, Kath. Yes, we're in PGH with the grands. It's great. They're both evolving so quickly - it's been long enough that I'd forgotten how it goes so fast. That boy is a whizbang guy, and his sister is growing fast and engaging more by the day.

Enjoy your grandbaby visit. I know - we were just talking about how our little boy is raising his little by - and girl now - and doing it beautifully.

So sorry to hear about your running into the massive wall of anxiety. I hope you found your double of chamomile, maybe accompanied by chocolate or the comfort treat of your choice. (I'm telling everyone to make free use of the kitchen while I'm gone). We have a fair amount of anxiety in our family (I'm too much of a slug for it), and I know this is a tough time for those suffering from it, particularly with the unrelenting awfulness of our current administration. I hope you're feeling somewhat improved.

Feb 14, 12:10pm Top

>33 PaulCranswick: Thanks, Paul. Isn't Rafa growing quickly? He's a hoot, that little guy.

>34 Caroline_McElwee: Thanks, Caroline. I'm glad you like the appropriate toppers.

Ha! As someone pointed out (Bill, I think), that kind of edge is all over the place here in hilly Pittsburgh. I've really grown to love the terrain here, although I know it can be tough to negotiate in the bad weather. Our curious little grandson is very careful, and his father very fast. :-)

>35 weird_O: Ah, now I get it, Bill, thanks. I had never heard that one, and had no idea that mid-PA was quite that red. It's like the large swatch in IL in our otherwise blue state, where the swatch residents usually are griping about the influence of big city Chicago and its burbs.

I must say, I'm so happy so far with our new governor Pritzker. He has surprised and gotten a lot of good things done quickly, after his awful Repub predecessor who got nothing done.

>36 brenzi: Ha! I didn't know that autocorrect corrected "Fina" to "Financial", Bonnie. I thought you were making a witty point about the cost of raising a new baby.

One autocorrect changed my wife's typing of "lift" to "Lufthanza". As she said, why in the world would the default for anything be "Lufthanza"?

>37 bell7: Thanks, Mary. I'm glad you're liking the decor of the new cafe. Isn't that a cool pic of Mr. Rafa gazing out into the wilderness?

>38 laytonwoman3rd: Carville was saying something recently about Democrats getting too wound up right now, but I didn't have a chance to track it down. Anyway, I agree, Linda - he's a quotable guy.

>39 Storeetllr: Thanks, Mary. It's a short flight here and almost always pleasant - and it was pleasant this time. Our daughter joins us from Chicago any minute now.

It's been quite wonderful to reunite with the grandkids and their folks.

Thanks re the toppers (the first is my favorite, too) and Rafa and squishable Fina. I'm in between Fina duty right now, and hoping to catch up.

Oops - daughter.

Feb 14, 12:47pm Top

And . . . we're back.

>40 msf59: Hiya, Mark. All is well here. Becca arrived and is conferencing with Fina. Everywhere You Don't Belong is new to me; thanks for the rec.

Man, my sympathy on the weather today. Becca says it's super-cold. I hope you're hanging in there all right. If I were in the vicinity I'd send a St. Bernard with a remedial keg.

>42 Coffee.Cat: Thank you, sweet Abby! Happy Valentine's Day! That's a clever way to do it.

>43 Crazymamie: Morning, Abby's crazy Mom! Thanks - it is full of fabulous here. With the arrival of our daughter, we've got the whole band back together, and with two talented new members. We're even managing to give Rafa and Fina's folks some time to rest and be non-parents. We're going to cover with the wee ones tonight, and let our son and DIL have a Valentine's Day date together. I hope you and the fam are having a great Friday yourownselves. Enjoy the weekend, my friend.

Feb 14, 2:10pm Top

One-handed shot of baby Fina sleeping on her Grandpa

Time to refuel

Feb 14, 2:13pm Top

This is what I meant to leave you on our traveling day!

Feb 14, 2:47pm Top

>45 jnwelch: It's Appalachia, Joe. From northern 'Bama up through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West B'Gosh, on through PA and into New York State. All those ornery Scots-Irish folks.

Feb 14, 3:26pm Top

>47 jnwelch: Ah! What a darling!

Feb 14, 3:40pm Top

omigosh, that sweet baby!!

Feb 14, 5:21pm Top

It's nice to see darling Fina with her eyes open! What a sweetheart. Enjoy your weekend, Joe!

Feb 14, 6:00pm Top

>47 jnwelch: Your duckling socks are gorgeous, Joe. :-D

Feb 14, 6:05pm Top

>47 jnwelch: Cuteness overload!

Feb 15, 10:52am Top

Fina’s a cutie!

Feb 15, 12:35pm Top

>49 weird_O: Thanks, Bill. OK, it makes sense now. I guess maybe my Englandness and Welshness leaven the Scottish and Irish. Although ornery is not out of my skill set.

>50 quondame: Right, Susan? She's a sweet one.

>51 mckait: Ha! Agreed, Kath! Wish you were here to hold her - my resting heart rate is mellow indeed with her around.

>52 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. Wow, were those eyes open and was she ever aware this morning. She was intrigued by everything. Her eyes are a deep blue now. It'd be cool if she kept that. We'll see.

>53 richardderus: Thanks so much, RD. Fashion is important, don't you know, even while grandparenting. Today I've got on my "Select Hearing Specialist" socks that our daughter gave me. Huh. I wonder why she thought those were just the ones for me. She had to jostle my arm a couple of times to get me to notice she was giving them to me.

>54 alcottacre: Woo! She packs in a lot of cuteness, that little Fina, doesn't she, Stasia.

>55 drneutron: Thanks, Jim! She may not be a solar probe, but she's pretty darn cute, I agree.

Feb 15, 12:43pm Top

Fina with her grandpa

Rafa with his pal Maleta

Feb 15, 1:02pm Top

Beautiful photos. Wishing you a gorgous time with your family.

Feb 15, 2:23pm Top

>57 jnwelch: Looks like you and Fina were having quite the conversation. And Rafa's so adorable with his buddy!

Feb 15, 3:52pm Top

>57 jnwelch: Wonderful moments.

Feb 15, 4:04pm Top

>57 jnwelch: What treasurable moments!

Feb 15, 4:39pm Top

Hi Joe mate, it looks like you and Debbi are having a lovely time with your family, enjoy the rest of your trip and look forward to more photos mate.

Feb 15, 5:32pm Top

>57 jnwelch: That's a serious conversation going on there Joe. Young Fina is a growin'.

Lovely to see Rafa with his buddy too.

Feb 15, 7:03pm Top

Hi Joe. Back to your prior thread, I know I have a copy of The Cold, Cold Ground around here somewhere. It sounds like a perfect surgery-recovery read and it will fit in with March's AlphaKIT (C and G).

Your grandchildren are so beautiful, both of them. I love that one-handed photo of Fina sleeping on her grandpa (nice job with the one-handed photography, there!). And her refueling! What a wonderful gaze. And of course Rafa with Maleta (patient canine), so sweet.

I have no idea what you're reading (mostly your grandchildren's faces, I know) but I hope you're enjoying it!

Feb 15, 7:12pm Top

It's great how your whole family works together to help in bringing up the grandkids, Joe. Love the photos. Too bad you aren't staying that long this time.

Edited: Feb 16, 12:34pm Top

Thanks, everyone. Everybody’s fine, and it’s not serious, but we’ve hit a health issue and I won’t be on here much.

Best wishes to everyone.

P.S. I’m extending my stay here; not sure how long.

Feb 16, 1:43pm Top

>66 jnwelch:

Joe - with your reassurance that the health issue is not serious,
I'm guessing that it has to do with you explaining to Fina that No, she will not go bald...

ps. if you are looking for a light, mostly funny, though sometimes greatly odd,
way to wind up an evening after The Little Ones are safely sleeping,
"The History of Latin America for Morons" by John Leguizamo might be a good choice.

Feb 16, 5:19pm Top

>66 jnwelch: thinking of you and the family, Joe.

Feb 16, 6:47pm Top

Thinking of you, Joe, and hope that everything works out quickly.

Yesterday, 12:25am Top

Your grandchildren are gorgeous Joe ... but I think you know that. Lovely photos.

Hope the health issue is swiftly resolved. Take care.

Yesterday, 12:40am Top

>47 jnwelch: & >57 jnwelch: Lovely photos. A rightly proud Grandad.

>66 jnwelch: A bit concerning. Hope all is well, Joe. I'll will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday, 6:41am Top

>66 jnwelch: I hope all is resolved well, soon Joe.

Yesterday, 8:19am Top

Hi, Joe. Thanks for checking in. I hope things have settled down there and you can relax a bit, for the rest of your visit.

Yesterday, 8:42am Top

Morning, Joe! I love all the photos of the wee ones, so thanks for sharing. And Birdy LOVES the duck socks! Sorry to hear that there is a health issue - keeping you and yours in our thoughts.

Yesterday, 9:54am Top

>67 m.belljackson:. Hi, Marianne.

We’re enjoying that Fina seems to be keeping most of that hair. She’s relaxing right now on Madame Bubbe.

That John Leguizamo show sounds both educational (count me among the morons) and entertaining.

>68 lauralkeet:. Thanks, Laura. All is well. We had a bit of a scare and a hospital visit, but the staff were great and the ship is righted and sailing on in sunny weather.

>69 banjo123:. It did, Rhonda, thanks, although minutes in a hospital always seem like hours to me.

Breakfast is appearing. I’ll be back.

Yesterday, 10:09am Top

Happy no-so-new thread, Joe! Love the Rafa and Fina pics!

Yesterday, 4:42pm Top

gorgeous little ones ~ hope even minor health issues vanish soonest!

Yesterday, 5:45pm Top

>75 jnwelch: Yay! Glad to hear good health news.

Today, 10:28am Top

>70 NarratorLady:. Thanks, Anne. All is well here, and the wee ones continue to be gorgeous. I’m always wearing my “they’re gorgeous” glasses, so it’s nice to hear you think so, too.😀

>71 PaulCranswick:. Thanks, Paul. Sorry to be a bit mysterious. No social media was requested. But all is well. It was a puzzler at first, but the doctors quickly sorted it out.

>72 Caroline_McElwee:. All is well, Caroline, and it only needed two nights in the hospital, so it was realatively quick, considering.

>73 msf59:. Hiya, buddy. Thanks for your texting sympathy along the way. Normalcy has resumed; Rafa is back in school after having yesterday off for the holiday, so maintenance duties have eased, and it’s a bit more relaxing, today. Always fun, but sometimes on the hectic side.

It currently looks like we’ll come back Thursday, if we can arrange a flight.

Edited: Today, 12:27pm Top

>74 Crazymamie:. Morning, Mamie!

Thanks re the photos. I wish we could post videos - Debbi just filmed a great one of Fina doing her morning stretches. She’s quite athletic for a non-crawler. All is well on the health front, thanks.

P.S. Tell Birdy I wore my socks with otters on them yesterday. I’m glad she liked the rubber ducky ones. These are from my creative sock-buying daughter.

>76 ChelleBearss:. Thanks, Chelle!

>77 mckait:. Thanks, Kath. The little ones are having a good time, and the health issues have been resolved.

>78 banjo123:. Thanks, Rhonda!

Today, 10:57am Top

Good morning, Joe! I hope all is well with you.

>57 jnwelch: Rafa is such a cute kid. Nice one of you and Fina. Granddad moment. Does Rafa have a special name for you as grandfather. Early on, back when I was just a tyke, I, or one of us, called my grandfather 'Undaddy' and it stuck to the day of his passing.

As for small pleasures, NCIS: Los Angeles returned last night. I just love the banter between LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell. The humor on the show really complements the action.

Today, 11:06am Top

Glad to hear that the health issue was resolved and you are back to your regularly scheduled, slightly more relaxing hectic time with the family (I know what you mean, my sister has two kiddos too and it's always a hectic visit for me even though I'm enjoying myself).

Edited: Today, 12:45pm Top

>81 brodiew2:. Good morning, Brodie!

Oh, I like “Undaddy”! Ha! For Rafa, I was going to be Tampa, the nickname of one of my grandfathers. But that’s been a hard one for the little guy. He did manage “Teapot” the other day. Most recently he came up with “Banjo” (for Grandpa Joe). My Dad played the banjo, so we thought that might be a good one if it sticks.😀

I like NCIS:LA, but I’m more drawn to Jethro Gibbs and the gang. Madame MBH is a big fan of both, so I’ll make sure she gets the good news.

>82 bell7:. Right, Mary, thanks. We’re enjoying the heck out of it, but it’s pretty much nonstop action with them this young.

We rescheduled our flights to Thursday, and they waived the hefty change fees, thank goodness, in view of the hospital situation. So we’re all set to head back then.

Today, 1:10pm Top

Happiness resounds, health being restored. Have a safe flight home.

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