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anything13 unread / 13MrAndrew, September 8
Good websites/companies that you can commission to reprint old books?11 unread / 11VoicelessTorment, September 7
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Exploring Books Through Articles, Reviews, Announcements, & Lists 2022-2 Apr.-June72 unread / 72featherbear, June 29
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A ghost book? A ghost series?4 unread / 4VicRML, June 23
Books not found when I know they exist9 unread / 9MarthaJeanne, June 22
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Most beautiful poetic translations of The Iliad, The Theogony, The Aeneid, The Odyssey, and The Metamorphoses?1 unread / 1VoicelessTorment, June 14
Giovanni Diodati and the Italian Bible1 unread / 1CYetzer, June 13
***Group Read: The Lensman Series (Spolier-free)6 unread / 6Bookmarque, June 11
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Henry James: American Decadent2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 11
Henry James: Decadent Writer2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 11
drneutron's 75 in 2010 - Thread 22 unread / 2bnielsen, June 11
d_perlo's 2010 50 book challenge2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
d_perlo's 2010 50 book challenge2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
d_perlo's 2010 50 book challenge2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
2010 challenge for d_perlo2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
d_perlo's 2010 50 book challenge2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
d_perlo's 2010 50 book challenge2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 10
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Broken LT2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 8
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readinggeek gives it a go...again2 unread / 2bnielsen, June 7
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