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Works (47)

Ariadne by Jennifer Saint
Ariadne by June Rachuy Brindel
Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss
Ariadne in Mantua : a romance in five acts by Vernon Lee
Ariadne's Web by Fred Saberhagen
D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths by Ingri d'Aulaire
Bulfinch's Mythology by Thomas Bulfinchdaughter of King Minos who aided Theseus
Circe by Madeline Millerdaughter of Pasiphaë, niece of Circe
Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett
The Defender's Throne by Alessandra Woodwardha-mazaan
Dion: A Tale of the Highway by Jonathan Maas
Dionysos: The New God by George O'Connor
Dionyzos by Louis Couperusnot in English Common Knowledge
The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet
For Love or Money Bundle [3-in-1] by Sarah MorganSale or Return Bride
FOUR PRETENDERS & THE TALISMANS OF DARKNESS & LIGHT: The Grimlindian Chronicles, Part 2 by Melvin Karew
Geoffrey Chaucer: Love Visions (Penguin Classics) by Geoffrey Chaucer
Golden Gryphon Feather by Richard Purtill
The Greek Epic Cycle and its Ancient Reception: A Companion by Marco Fantuzzi
Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 1: Orientation by Thomas Siddell
The Helmet of Horror: The Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur by Viktor Pelevin
The Immortals by J. T. Ellison
Johann Heinrich Dannecker, Ariadne auf dem Panther: Zur Lage der Frau um 1800 (Kunststuck) (German Edition) by Ivan Nagelnot in English Common Knowledge
John Gower: Confessio Amantis by John Gower
The King Must Die by Mary Renault
The Legend of Good Women by Geoffrey Chaucer
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. WeaverSangeeta Chakravarthy's roommate
Lost in the Labyrinth by Patrice Kindl
The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
Metamorphoses [in translation] by Ovid
The Mythic Dream by Navah Wolfe
National Geographic Guide to the World's Supernatural Places: More Than 250 Spine-Chilling Destinations Around the Globe by Sarah Bartlett
Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist by Walter Arnold Kaufmann
Perry Rhodan - Das Mittelmeerinferno (Mittelmeer-Inferno) by Hans Kneifelnot in English Common Knowledge
Phaedra: A Novel of Ancient Athens by June Rachuy Brindel
Ponto De Equilíbrio by Anne B. Ramosnot in English Common Knowledge
The Reddest Rose: Romantic Love from the Ancient Greeks to Reality TV by Liv Strömquist
The Riverside Chaucer by Geoffrey Chaucer
Sale or Return Bride by Sarah Morgan
Seven Devils by Laura Lam
The Shadow of the Minotaur by Wendy Leighton - Porter
So Close the Hand of Death by J. T. Ellison
Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Theseus and the Minotaur by Yvan Pommaux
The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan
The Unfaithful Wife by Lynne Graham
The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer by Geoffrey Chaucer