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Includes the names: Tage la Cour, Tage La Cour

Works by Tage La Cour

Mord i Gaslys 7 copies
De glæder med gys : Poe-Klubben skriver (1973) — Editor — 5 copies
Unikum (1971) 4 copies
Rejser på bogfloden (1980) 3 copies
Vintermysterier (1953) — Editor — 3 copies
Kisten (1970) 2 copies
Historier fra andre verdener — Editor — 2 copies
Heksens have (1971) 2 copies
Mord til Jul 2 copies
Spionhistorier fra hele verden (1959) — Editor — 2 copies
Nye detektivhistorier fra hele verden — Editor, some editions — 2 copies
Musefælden (1971) 1 copy
fuglene 1 copy
Mord for millioner (1976) 1 copy
Viggo Naae (1979) 1 copy
Elsk dit hjem (2009) 1 copy
Dødsmasken 1 copy
Den balsamerede hval (1973) 1 copy
Tretten tinsoldater (1970) 1 copy
Sportsblod (1972) 1 copy
Falskspilleren (1971) 1 copy
De bedste kriminalhistorier fra hele verden (1966) — Editor — 1 copy
Verdens beste kriminalhistorier (1960) — Editor — 1 copy
Nye kriminalhistorier (1969) — Editor — 1 copy

Associated Works

Hickory Dickory Dock (1955) — Translator, some editions — 3,226 copies
Ten Great Mysteries (1959) — some editions — 103 copies
Virkelige eventyr (1978) — Author, some editions — 3 copies
Mark Twains beste : en omnibusbok — Editor, some editions — 1 copy
Ellery Queen's 1966 Anthology — Contributor — 1 copy


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La Cour, Tage
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crime fiction writer
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While I've seen at least one other book that's closely similar to this one, this overview of crime fiction is, I think, pretty well presented, though it has some curious aspects to it. Some series are lingered over, and some covered with a bare paragraph. It's also possibly sloppily edited, as one book I'd never heard of (a Russian crime novel) was attributed to 1945, when it appears to have been 1965 (slightly less interesting!). The choice of illustrations is quite nice, and in some cases (such as bits with Chesterston) quite funny. Generally recommended, but take care with some of the details.… (more)
EricCostello | 2 other reviews | Sep 17, 2020 |
A fun illustrated book of various detectives in stories from the U.S. and abroad.
EdGoldberg | 2 other reviews | Jun 24, 2019 |

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