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224,707 (279,131)3,78512 (3.86)9750
Foundation (Author) 17,423 copies, 317 reviews
I, Robot 12,817 copies, 234 reviews
Foundation and Empire 11,178 copies, 132 reviews
Second Foundation 10,399 copies, 110 reviews
Foundation's Edge 8,544 copies, 64 reviews
Prelude to Foundation 7,078 copies, 83 reviews
Foundation and Earth 6,964 copies, 62 reviews
The Caves of Steel 6,745 copies, 120 reviews
The Robots of Dawn 5,889 copies, 84 reviews
The Foundation Trilogy 5,458 copies, 69 reviews
The Naked Sun 5,389 copies, 86 reviews
The Gods Themselves 5,076 copies, 90 reviews
Forward the Foundation 4,976 copies, 49 reviews
Robots and Empire 4,279 copies, 36 reviews
Pebble in the Sky 3,160 copies, 50 reviews
The End of Eternity 3,146 copies, 78 reviews
Nemesis 3,099 copies, 33 reviews
The Stars, Like Dust 3,082 copies, 58 reviews
The Currents of Space 2,785 copies, 43 reviews
Nightfall 2,680 copies, 46 reviews
Fantastic Voyage 2,255 copies, 21 reviews
The Complete Robot 2,002 copies, 33 reviews
Robot Dreams 1,859 copies, 19 reviews
Bicentennial Man 1,649 copies, 18 reviews
Robot Visions 1,525 copies, 15 reviews
Earth Is Room Enough 1,430 copies, 14 reviews
The Martian Way 1,363 copies, 9 reviews
The Rest of the Robots 1,321 copies, 13 reviews
Asimov's Mysteries 1,262 copies, 16 reviews
Nine Tomorrows 1,233 copies, 19 reviews
Nightfall and Other Stories 1,221 copies, 13 reviews
Buy Jupiter and Other Stories 1,166 copies, 9 reviews
The Complete Stories, Volume 1 1,111 copies, 13 reviews
The Positronic Man 912 copies, 15 reviews
The Ugly Little Boy 843 copies, 11 reviews
Azazel 833 copies, 10 reviews
David Starr: Space Ranger 737 copies, 11 reviews
I.Asimov: A Memoir 709 copies, 11 reviews
Understanding Physics 690 copies, 3 reviews
Murder at the ABA 655 copies, 15 reviews
Les Pirates des astéroïdes 652 copies, 9 reviews
Tales of the Black Widowers 633 copies, 9 reviews
Asimov's New Guide to Science 580 copies, 3 reviews
The Complete Stories, Volume 2 531 copies, 3 reviews
More Tales of the Black Widowers 492 copies, 6 reviews
Casebook of the Black Widowers 491 copies, 4 reviews
The Best of Isaac Asimov 486 copies, 3 reviews
Extraterrestrial Civilizations 450 copies, 4 reviews
A Whiff of Death 450 copies, 7 reviews
Banquets of the Black Widowers 443 copies, 5 reviews
Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales 406 copies, 6 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts 403 copies, 4 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Odyssey (Foreword) 399 copies, 5 reviews
The Edge of Tomorrow 389 copies, 2 reviews
The Early Asimov: Volume 1 (of 3) 389 copies, 5 reviews
The Early Asimov 381 copies, 4 reviews
The Union Club Mysteries 359 copies, 5 reviews
The Early Asimov: Volume 2 (of 3) 355 copies, 4 reviews
100 Great Science Fiction Short Short Stories (Editor; Contributor) 355 copies, 5 reviews
Nightfall Two 346 copies, 2 reviews
Nightfall One 346 copies, 2 reviews
100 Malicious Little Mysteries (Editor; Contributor) 339 copies, 4 reviews
Asimov's Chronology of the World 334 copies, 2 reviews
The Left Hand of the Electron 312 copies, 3 reviews
The Last Question 302 copies, 19 reviews
Asimov on Numbers 282 copies, 5 reviews
Where Do We Go from Here? (Editor) 279 copies, 4 reviews
The Tragedy of the Moon 277 copies, 3 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Treasury of Humor 275 copies, 3 reviews
The Hugo Winners: Volume One (1955-1961) (Editor; Preface; Afterword) 273 copies, 6 reviews
The Planet That Wasn't 260 copies, 1 review
Asimov on Science Fiction 249 copies, 5 reviews
The Empire Novels 249 copies, 1 review
Through a Glass Clearly 248 copies, 4 reviews
Opus 100 248 copies, 2 reviews
Beginnings 247 copies, 2 reviews
Norby: Robot For Hire 242 copies, 2 reviews
The Hugo Winners: Volume Three (1971-1975) (Editor) 239 copies, 1 review
Puzzles of the Black Widowers 238 copies, 6 reviews
Is Anyone There? 235 copies, 4 reviews
Asimov On Astronomy 233 copies, 3 reviews
Asimov on Physics 230 copies, 1 review
The Return of the Black Widowers 222 copies, 4 reviews
Words from the Myths 221 copies, 1 review
100 Great Fantasy Short, Short Stories (Editor) 218 copies, 4 reviews
The Relativity of Wrong 218 copies, 2 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Treasury (Editor; Contributor) 216 copies, 2 reviews
The Genetic Code 207 copies
The 13 Crimes of Science Fiction (Editor; Contributor) 206 copies, 5 reviews
The Hugo Winners: Volume Four (1976-1979) (Editor; Contributor) 202 copies, 2 reviews
Breakthroughs in Science 201 copies, 4 reviews
Foundation Tetralogy 201 copies, 6 reviews
The Alternate Asimovs 193 copies, 5 reviews
Adding a Dimension 192 copies, 1 review
The Egyptians 188 copies, 5 reviews
Norby Through Time and Space (Author) 188 copies, 1 review
The Roving Mind (Author) 188 copies, 1 review
Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright 184 copies, 3 reviews
The New Hugo Winners, Volume II (Editor) 183 copies, 2 reviews
The Sun Shines Bright 179 copies, 1 review
Yours, Isaac Asimov 178 copies, 1 review
Tomorrow's Children (Editor, Contributor) 178 copies, 5 reviews
The Stars in Their Courses 177 copies, 1 review
The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction (Editor) 174 copies, 2 reviews
View from a Height 168 copies, 1 review
Please Explain 166 copies, 4 reviews
Nebula Award Stories 8 (Editor) 165 copies, 2 reviews
Asimov's Guide to Halley's Comet 159 copies, 3 reviews
The Complete Stories: Volume 1 158 copies, 2 reviews
In the beginning... 155 copies, 2 reviews
The Wellsprings of Life 152 copies, 2 reviews
Science, Numbers, and I 148 copies, 1 review
From Earth to Heaven 146 copies, 1 review
It's Been a Good Life 145 copies, 7 reviews
The Greeks; A Great Adventure. 145 copies, 4 reviews
Last Man on Earth (Editor) 142 copies, 3 reviews
Opus 200 141 copies
A Short History of Chemistry 138 copies, 3 reviews
The Roman Republic 138 copies, 3 reviews
Realm of Numbers 134 copies, 1 review
The Beginning and the End 133 copies, 2 reviews
The Roman Empire 133 copies, 3 reviews
Youth [novelette] 132 copies, 9 reviews
Life and Energy 130 copies
'X' Stands For Unknown 130 copies, 2 reviews
Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space (Editor; Contributor) 129 copies, 2 reviews
Microcosmic Tales (Editor) 129 copies, 3 reviews
Realm of Algebra 124 copies
Only a Trillion 121 copies, 3 reviews
Dragon Tales 121 copies, 1 review
Fact and Fancy 117 copies
The Foundation Novels [seven-book bundle] (Author) 115 copies, 2 reviews
Our Angry Earth 115 copies, 1 review
Space Mail (Editor) 113 copies, 1 review
The Sensuous Dirty Old Man 110 copies, 5 reviews
El Cercano Oriente 107 copies, 2 reviews
Dark Ages 106 copies, 3 reviews
Five-Odd 102 copies, 2 reviews
Jupiter 98 copies, 1 review
Words of Science [Omnibus] 98 copies, 1 review
Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot (Author) 95 copies, 5 reviews
The Hugo Winners 93 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov: Science Fiction Masterpieces (Editor; Contributor) 92 copies
The Land of Canaan 92 copies, 6 reviews
Visions of Fantasy: Tales from the Masters (Editor, Contributor) 90 copies, 2 reviews
Twentieth Century Discovery (Author) 90 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's Space of Her Own (Editor) 88 copies, 3 reviews
The Secret of the Universe 85 copies, 1 review
Frontiers 85 copies, 1 review
The road to Infinity 83 copies, 1 review
Life and Time 81 copies, 1 review
Starships (Editor) 79 copies, 1 review
Flying Saucers (Editor) 79 copies
Asimov on Chemistry 79 copies, 1 review
Norby Down to Earth (Author) 79 copies
The Science Fictional Solar System (Editor) 78 copies, 1 review
Opus (A Panther Book) 78 copies, 2 reviews
Catastrophes! (Editor) 76 copies, 1 review
Norby and the Oldest Dragon (Author) 75 copies
The Shaping of England. 73 copies, 3 reviews
Super Hugos 72 copies, 2 reviews
Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories 11 (1949) (Editor; Contributor) 71 copies, 1 review
A Short History of Biology 69 copies, 1 review
Time Untamed 69 copies, 2 reviews
World of Carbon 69 copies, 3 reviews
The sun 67 copies
The Asteroids 67 copies, 1 review
Young Mutants (Editor) 65 copies, 4 reviews
Comets and Meteors 65 copies, 1 review
Earth, Our Crowded Spaceship 62 copies, 1 review
The shaping of France 60 copies, 2 reviews
Chrono-minets 58 copies
Other Worlds of Isaac Asimov (Author) 57 copies, 1 review
Space Mail II (Editor) 55 copies
Purr-Fect Crime (Editor) 55 copies
The search for the elements 55 copies, 2 reviews
Robots 54 copies
How Was the Universe Born? 53 copies, 1 review
Young Extraterrestrials (Editor) 52 copies, 3 reviews
Mars, We Love You (Introduction) 52 copies, 2 reviews
Space Garbage 52 copies
The Moon 51 copies
Mercury: The Quick Planet 51 copies, 1 review
Norby's Other Secret (Author) 51 copies
The History of Physics 51 copies, 2 reviews
Au prix du papyrus 49 copies, 1 review
The Twelve Crimes of Christmas (Editor) 48 copies, 1 review
The Double Planet 47 copies, 1 review
Realm of Measure 46 copies, 1 review
Laughing Space: An Anthology of Science Fiction Humour (Editor; Contributor) 46 copies, 2 reviews
War With the Robots (Editor) 45 copies
4 Futures (Editor) 45 copies, 1 review
TV:2000 (Editor; Contributor) 45 copies, 1 review
Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Science Fiction Novels (Editor; Contributor) 45 copies, 3 reviews
Limericks 45 copies
Speculations (Editor; Contributor) 44 copies
Great Ideas of Science 44 copies, 4 reviews
Inside the atom 44 copies
Our Solar System 44 copies, 1 review
The Future I (Editor) 43 copies
Young Monsters (Editor) 42 copies, 1 review
The Kingdom of the Sun 41 copies, 1 review
Photosynthesis 41 copies, 2 reviews
Asimov's Galaxy 41 copies
The Story of Ruth 40 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's Wonders of the World (Contributor) 40 copies
The Adventures of Lucky Starr 40 copies, 1 review
The Last Answer 37 copies, 3 reviews
Opus 300 37 copies
The Feeling of Power 36 copies, 2 reviews
Norby and the Invaders (Author) 36 copies
All the Troubles of the World 36 copies, 1 review
Norby and the Queen's Necklace 35 copies, 1 review
13 Horrors of Halloween 35 copies, 1 review
Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Fantasy Novels (Contributor) 33 copies, 1 review
Les vents du changement 33 copies, 2 reviews
Words on the Map 33 copies, 1 review
Environments Out There 33 copies, 1 review
World of Nitrogen 33 copies, 1 review
A Whiff of Death & Murder at the ABA (Author) 33 copies, 1 review
Ik, robot (Author) 30 copies, 1 review
Facts and Trivia (Giant Books) 29 copies, 1 review
Sally [short story] 29 copies, 2 reviews
Animals of the Bible 28 copies, 3 reviews
Astronomy Today 28 copies, 1 review
Norby Finds a Villain (Author) 27 copies
Murder on the Menu (Introduction; Editor) 27 copies, 1 review
Nightfall [novelette] 27 copies, 2 reviews
Young Witches and Warlocks (Editor) 27 copies, 2 reviews
Young Ghosts (Editor) 26 copies, 1 review
The Clock We Live on 26 copies, 1 review
Norby and the Lost Princess (Author) 26 copies
L'amour, vous connaissez? (Author) 26 copies, 1 review
Familiar Poems, Annotated 26 copies, 1 review
The Fun They Had 25 copies, 1 review
Cal 24 copies
Profession 24 copies
Robbie [short story] 24 copies, 2 reviews
Galley Slave 23 copies
The Dead Past 22 copies, 1 review
Creations 22 copies
The War of the Worlds (Afterword, some editions) 15,206 copies, 275 reviews
The Mysterious Island (Afterword, some editions) 3,970 copies, 68 reviews
Dangerous Visions: 33 Original Stories (Foreword; Foreword, some editions) 1,676 copies, 34 reviews
Foundation's Triumph 1,181 copies, 11 reviews
A History of Mathematics (Foreword) 895 copies, 9 reviews
The World Treasury of Science Fiction (Contributor) 771 copies, 3 reviews
Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns and other Delusions (Introduction, some editions) 683 copies, 7 reviews
The Wizards of Odd: Comic Tales of Fantasy (Contributor) 566 copies, 4 reviews
I, Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay (Original Work) 555 copies, 9 reviews
Adventures in Time and Space (Contributor, some editions) 486 copies, 7 reviews
Agent of Byzantium (Introduction, some editions) 455 copies, 9 reviews
The Time Traveller's Almanac (Contributor) 443 copies, 10 reviews
Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century (Contributor) 388 copies, 8 reviews
Galactic Empires, Volume One (Contributor) 357 copies, 6 reviews
The Ascent of Wonder: The Evolution of Hard SF (Contributor) 355 copies, 5 reviews
Once Upon a Time: A Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales (Contributor) 337 copies, 4 reviews
The QPB Companion to The Lord of the Rings (Contributor) 309 copies, 1 review
The Further Adventures of Batman (Contributor) 304 copies, 3 reviews
Science Fiction Omnibus (Contributor) 298 copies, 4 reviews
The Big Book of Science Fiction (Contributor) 285 copies, 6 reviews
Ghosts: A Treasury of Chilling Tales Old & New (Contributor) 282 copies, 2 reviews
Wandering Stars: An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy and Science Fiction (Introduction; Contributor) 257 copies, 5 reviews
The Time Machine; The Invisible Man; The War of the Worlds (Introduction, some editions) 251 copies, 2 reviews
Witches & Warlocks: Tales of Black Magic, Old & New (Contributor) 240 copies, 4 reviews
Space Opera (Contributor) 233 copies, 3 reviews
Detective Stories (Story Library) (Contributor) 232 copies, 1 review
The Paradox Men (Foreword, some editions) 229 copies, 2 reviews
Dangerous Visions 1 (Introduction) 227 copies, 4 reviews
Study War No More: A Selection of Alternatives (Contributor) 225 copies, 1 review
The 1977 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 224 copies, 5 reviews
The Best of Stanley G. Weinbaum (Introduction, some editions) 223 copies, 4 reviews
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (Contributor) 218 copies, 4 reviews
The 1989 Annual World's Best SF (Introduction, some editions) 215 copies, 1 review
The Road to Science Fiction #3: From Heinlein to Here (Contributor) 215 copies, 4 reviews
Mistletoe Mysteries (Contributor) 215 copies, 6 reviews
Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy (Contributor) 209 copies, 2 reviews
The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology (Contributor) 208 copies, 2 reviews
The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries (Contributor) 203 copies, 6 reviews
Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology (Contributor; Introduction) 201 copies, 1 review
The 1984 Annual World's Best SF (Author) 198 copies, 4 reviews
The World turned Upside Down (Contributor) 194 copies, 6 reviews
Don't Open This Book! (Contributor) 191 copies, 1 review
The 1975 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 184 copies
The Classic Philip Jose Farmer, 1952-1964 (Foreword) 179 copies, 4 reviews
The Arbor House Treasury of Modern Science Fiction (Contributor) 177 copies, 1 review
A Different Flesh (Introduction, some editions) 176 copies, 2 reviews
A Century of Science Fiction (Contributor) 170 copies, 1 review
Masterpieces of Mystery and Suspense (Contributor) 169 copies, 3 reviews
Tales from the Spaceport Bar (Contributor) 160 copies, 3 reviews
Stories to Be Read With the Door Locked (Contributor) 153 copies, 4 reviews
Science Fiction Stories (Contributor) 153 copies, 1 review
Alternate Worlds: The Illustrated History of Science Fiction (Introduction, some editions) 149 copies
A Science Fiction Argosy (Contributor, some editions) 147 copies
World's Best Science Fiction: 1971 (Contributor) 144 copies, 2 reviews
The Ultimate Frankenstein (Introduction, some editions) 143 copies, 4 reviews
17 X Infinity (Contributor) 141 copies, 1 review
Great Tales of Science Fiction (Contributor) 139 copies, 2 reviews
Another Round at the Spaceport Bar (Contributor) 137 copies
Future on Ice (Contributor) 135 copies, 1 review
A Science Fiction Omnibus (Contributor) 135 copies, 3 reviews
Worlds to Come 131 copies, 2 reviews
The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky (Introduction, some editions) 128 copies
Weird Tales: 32 Unearthed Terrors (Contributor) 126 copies, 1 review
Nebula Award Stories 4 (Contributor) 125 copies, 1 review
Time Probe: The Sciences in Science Fiction (Contributor) 124 copies, 3 reviews
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 8th Series (Contributor) 123 copies, 2 reviews
Soviet Science Fiction (Introduction) 122 copies, 1 review
The Golden Age of Science Fiction (Contributor) 122 copies, 3 reviews
The Prisoner: A Televisionary Masterpiece ("Theodore Prisoner") 122 copies, 1 review
World's Best Science Fiction: 1968 (Contributor) 120 copies, 2 reviews
Connoisseur's Science Fiction (Contributor) 120 copies, 1 review
Penguin Science Fiction (Contributor) 119 copies, 2 reviews
Possible Worlds of Science Fiction (Author) 118 copies, 2 reviews
The Best Science Fiction of the Year #6 (Contributor) 118 copies, 1 review
Analog: The Best of Science Fiction (Contributor) 115 copies, 1 review
New Tales of Space and Time (Contributor) 112 copies, 6 reviews
Earthmen and Strangers (Contributor) 111 copies, 2 reviews
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Foreword; Foreword) 109 copies
Galactic Empires {complete} (Contributor) 106 copies, 1 review
Spectrum 2 (Contributor) 105 copies, 1 review
Bicentennial Man [1999 film] (Original story) 104 copies, 2 reviews
The Third Galaxy Reader (Contributor) 103 copies, 1 review
The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 2 (Contributor) 103 copies, 4 reviews
Great Science Fiction by Scientists (Contributor) 103 copies, 1 review
The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction (Contributor) 102 copies, 3 reviews
Beyond Belief (Contributor) 100 copies, 3 reviews
Christmas on Ganymede and Other Stories (Contributor) 100 copies, 1 review
The Worlds of Science Fiction (Contributor) 99 copies
The Three Pound Universe (Foreword, some editions) 99 copies, 1 review
11th Annual Edition: The Year's Best S-F (Contributor) 99 copies, 2 reviews
The New Hugo Winners, Volume IV (Contributor) 98 copies, 1 review
Galaxy, Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction (Contributor) 96 copies, 4 reviews
Science Fiction Stories (Contributor) 94 copies
Great Stories of Space Travel (Contributor) 94 copies, 1 review
New Writings in SF-4 (Contributor) 94 copies, 2 reviews
Beyond Tomorrow (Contributor) 93 copies, 1 review
The Fantastic Universe Omnibus (Contributor) 93 copies
More Soviet Science Fiction (Introduction) 91 copies
The Universe (Contributor) 91 copies, 1 review
Space Odysseys 91 copies
The Future Makers (Contributor) 91 copies
First Contact (Contributor) 90 copies
Great Science Fiction Stories (Contributor) 89 copies, 2 reviews
Prologue to Analog (Contributor) 88 copies, 2 reviews
Nebula Winners Fourteen (Contributor) 87 copies
The Jupiter Effect (Foreword, some editions) 87 copies
The Planets (Contributor) 87 copies, 2 reviews
13 Above the Night (Contributor) 85 copies, 4 reviews
The Unknown (Foreword, some editions) 85 copies, 2 reviews
Project Solar Sail (Contributor) 84 copies, 1 review
Sci-Fi Private Eye (Contributor) 83 copies, 2 reviews
Star Science Fiction Stories No. 3 (Contributor) 82 copies, 1 review
Science Fiction Terror Tales (Contributor) 82 copies
Best SF Two (Contributor) 81 copies
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction: A 30-Year Retrospective (Introduction; Contributor) 80 copies, 1 review
Skylife: Space Habitats in Story and Science (Contributor) 80 copies, 1 review
Science Fiction: The Future (Contributor) 77 copies, 1 review
Best SF: 1968 (Author) 76 copies, 1 review
The Second IF Reader of Science Fiction (Contributor) 75 copies, 1 review
Time to Come (Contributor) 74 copies
Nebula Winners: 12 (Contributor) 74 copies
Giants Unleashed (Contributor) 73 copies, 1 review
A Treasury of American Horror Stories (Contributor) 73 copies, 2 reviews
Magicats II! (Contributor) 71 copies
Worlds of Maybe : Seven Stories of Science Fiction (Contributor, some editions) 70 copies, 1 review
Beyond Control (Contributor) 70 copies, 1 review
Between Time and Terror (Contributor) 69 copies
The expert dreamers (Contributor) 69 copies
The Fire Came by: The Riddle of the Great Siberian Explosion (Introduction, some editions) 68 copies
My Best Science Fiction Story (Contributor) 67 copies, 1 review
18 Greatest Science Fiction Stories (Contributor, some editions) 64 copies, 1 review
Six great short science fiction novels (Contributor) 63 copies, 2 reviews
More Adventures in Time and Space (Contributor) 63 copies, 1 review
New Dimensions 2 (Author) 62 copies, 1 review
Decade: The 1940s (Contributor) 61 copies, 1 review
The Mirror of Infinity (Contributor) 61 copies
The Microverse (Contributor) 60 copies
Future Tense (Introduction) 60 copies
Nebula Awards 23 (Contributor) 60 copies, 1 review
Orion's Sword (Contributor) 59 copies, 1 review
Time Travelers (Fiction in the Fourth Dimension) (Contributor) 58 copies, 2 reviews
Mind to Mind (Contributor) 56 copies, 1 review
The Space Beyond (Introduction) 56 copies
The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack (Contributor) 55 copies, 2 reviews
Rod Serling's Other Worlds (Contributor) 55 copies, 1 review
Contact (Contributor) 53 copies
Bug-eyed monsters (Contributor) 52 copies, 1 review
Best Science Fiction Stories (Author, some editions) 50 copies, 1 review
Other Worlds, Other Times (Contributor) 49 copies
The Pseudo-People (Contributor) 48 copies, 2 reviews
Space, Time & Crime (Contributor) 48 copies, 1 review
Best Short Shorts (Contributor) 48 copies, 1 review
Stellar #2: Science-Fiction Stories (Contributor) 48 copies
Beachheads in Space (Contributor, some editions) 47 copies
3 From Out There (Contributor) 47 copies
The Constellations: An Enthusiast's Guide to the Night Sky (Introduction, some editions) 46 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's SF-Lite (Contributor) 45 copies
Isaac Asimov's Christmas (Contributor) 42 copies
Anthropology Through Science Fiction (Contributor) 42 copies, 1 review
Science Fiction Inventions (Contributor) 41 copies
Science Fiction Adventures in Dimension (Contributor, some editions) 40 copies
Isaac Asimov's Detectives (Contributor) 39 copies
Phantoms (Introduction, some editions) 38 copies
Science Fiction Oddities (Author) 38 copies, 2 reviews
In Dreams Awake (Author) 37 copies
The nightmare reader, volume one (Introduction) 36 copies, 1 review
The Folio Science Fiction Anthology (Contributor) 36 copies
Towards Infinity (Contributor) 36 copies, 1 review
SF: Authors' Choice (Contributor) 36 copies
The Unexpected (Contributor) 36 copies, 1 review
Science Fiction (Author) 35 copies, 1 review
Great Science Fiction Stories (Contributor) 35 copies
Beyond the Curtain of Dark (Contributor) 34 copies
The Night Fantastic (Contributor) 34 copies
Futures Unlimited (Contributor) 33 copies
14 Great Tales of ESP (Contributor) 33 copies, 1 review
The Time Travelers: A Science Fiction Quartet (Contributor) 33 copies, 1 review
Dimension X: Five Science Fiction Novellas (Contributor, some editions) 32 copies
The Space Magicians (Contributor) 32 copies
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: Vol. 1, No. 1 [Spring 1977] (Contributor, some editions) 31 copies, 1 review
Operation Future (Contributor) 31 copies
Science Fiction Thinking Machines (Contributor) 31 copies
The Science Fictional Dinosaur (Contributor) 30 copies, 1 review
Elsewhere X3 (Contributor) 29 copies
The Best of Omni Science Fiction (Contributor) 28 copies, 1 review
Exiles (Contributor) 28 copies
Invasion of the Robots (Contributor) 27 copies, 1 review
Lost Cities and Forgotten Tribes (Introduction) 27 copies
Dinosaurs II! (Contributor) 26 copies
Isaac Asimov's Marvels of Science Fiction (Introduction; Contributor) 25 copies
101 Mystery Stories (Contributor) 25 copies
The Androids Are Coming (Contributor) 24 copies
Beastly Tales (Contributor) 23 copies
New Voices III: The Campbell Award Nominees (Introduction) 23 copies, 1 review
The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1949 (Contributor) 23 copies, 1 review
Manhattan Mysteries (Contributor) 22 copies
Great Tales of Madness and the Macabre (Contributor) 21 copies, 2 reviews
Eastern Ghosts (Contributor) 21 copies
Isaac Asimov's Adventures of Science Fiction (Introduction; Contributor) 20 copies
The Best from Fantastic (Contributor) 20 copies
Isaac Asimov's Robots (Contributor) 20 copies
Classic Science Fiction: The First Golden Age (Contributor) 19 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's Worlds of Science Fiction (Introduction; Contributor) 19 copies
Isaac Asimov's Masters of Science Fiction (Introduction; Contributor) 18 copies
Star Trek: Original 1979 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Contributor, some editions) 18 copies
Your Share of Fear (Contributor) 17 copies
Isaac Asimov (Afterword) 16 copies
The Human Zero (Contributor) 16 copies
Out of This World (Contributor) 16 copies
Short stories II (Literary Heritage) (Contributor) 16 copies
Asleep in Armageddon (Contributor) 15 copies
Drabble Project (Contributor) 14 copies
Rejser i tid og rum : en bog om science fiction (Author, some editions) 12 copies, 1 review
Astounding Science Fiction 1952 10 (Contributor) 11 copies
Science fiction verhalen [1969] (Contributor, some editions; Contributor, some editions) 10 copies, 1 review
Astounding Science Fiction 1955 02 (Contributor) 10 copies
The Stars and Under: A Selection of Science Fiction (Contributor) 10 copies, 1 review
Astounding Science Fiction 1956 10 (Contributor) 9 copies
An Anthology of Angels (Contributor) 9 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1948 06 (Contributor) 8 copies
Isaac Asimov's Near Futures and Far (Introduction) 8 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1956 11 (Contributor) 8 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1949 11 (Contributor) 8 copies
Thrilling Wonder Stories - Summer 2007 (Contributor) 7 copies, 1 review
Astounding Science Fiction 1954 02 (Contributor) 7 copies
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazin 1 (Contributor) 7 copies, 1 review
Galerij der Giganten 6 (Contributor) 6 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1948 01 (Contributor) 6 copies
Saturn im Morgenlicht (Contributor) 6 copies, 1 review
Bifrost n°66 (Contributor) 6 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1944 08 (Contributor) 6 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1957 07 (Contributor) 6 copies
Das große SF - Film - Lesebuch (Autor, some editions) 5 copies
Det sidste spørgsmål og andre historier (Author, some editions) 5 copies, 1 review
ULLSTEIN 2000 SF STORIES 81 (Contributor) 4 copies
Rings around tomorrow (Introduction) 4 copies
Venture Science Fiction May 1958 (Contributor) 4 copies
Kaleidoskop III (Author, some editions) 3 copies, 1 review
The Mind angel : and other stories (Foreword) 3 copies, 1 review
I Premi Hugo 1976-1983 (Contributor) 3 copies
Robots from Asimov's (Contributor) 3 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1945 04 (Contributor) 3 copies
Astounding Science Fiction 1945 11 (Contributor) 3 copies
Pistolero fuori tempo (Contributor) 3 copies
The Nightmare reader (Introduction) 2 copies
Otte Science Fiction Noveller (Author, some editions) 2 copies, 1 review

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Because of the wide number of topics that he wrote about, 9 of the 10 major categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification, Asimov was jocularly known as "The World's Greatest Expert."
Isaac Asimov (January 2, 1920 – April 6, 1992) was an American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. He was known for his works of science fiction and popular science. Asimov was a prolific writer who wrote or edited more than 500 books and an estimated 90,000 letters and postcards.

Asimov wrote hard science fiction. Along with Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov was considered one of the "Big Three" science fiction writers during his lifetime. Asimov's most famous work is the "Foundation" series, the first three books of which won the one-time Hugo Award for "Best All-Time Series" in 1966. His other major series are the "Galactic Empire" series and the Robot series. The Galactic Empire novels are set in earlier history of the same fictional universe as the Foundation series. Later, with Foundation and Earth (1986), he linked this distant future to the Robot stories, creating a unified "future history" for his stories much like those pioneered by Robert A. Heinlein and previously produced by Cordwainer Smith and Poul Anderson. He also wrote hundreds of short stories, including the social science fiction novelette "Nightfall", which in 1964 was voted the best short science fiction story of all time by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Asimov wrote the Lucky Starr series of juvenile science-fiction novels using the pen name Paul French.

Asimov also wrote mysteries and fantasy, as well as much nonfiction. Most of his popular science books explain concepts in a historical way, going as far back as possible to a time when the science in question was at its simplest stage. Examples include Guide to Science, the three-volume set Understanding Physics, and Asimov's Chronology of Science and Discovery. He wrote on numerous other scientific and non-scientific topics, such as chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, history, biblical exegesis, and literary criticism.

He was president of the American Humanist Association. The asteroid (5020) Asimov, a crater on the planet Mars, a Brooklyn elementary school, Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO, and four literary awards are named in his honor.
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