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Mike Ashley has specialized in the history of science fiction and fantasy for more than 30 years. He is the author and editor of over a hundred books that in total have sold over a million copies worldwide.
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Works by Mike Ashley

The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits Volume 1 (1993) — Editor — 566 copies
The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy (1998) — Editor — 506 copies
The Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy (1999) — Editor — 333 copies
The Mammoth Book of Extreme Science Fiction (2006) — Editor — 315 copies
The Tainted Relic (2005) — Editor — 246 copies
The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF (2010) — Editor — 239 copies
The Giant Book of Myths and Legends (1995) — Editor — 231 copies
Steampunk Prime: A Vintage Steampunk Reader (2010) — Editor — 223 copies
The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives (1995) — Editor — 223 copies
The Mammoth Book of Arthurian Legends (1998) — Editor — 196 copies
Classical Whodunits (1996) — Editor — 187 copies
The Mammoth Book of Awesome Comic Fantasy (2001) — Editor — 185 copies
The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy (2005) — Editor — 182 copies
The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF (2013) — Editor — 171 copies
The Mammoth Book of Sorcerers' Tales (2004) — Editor — 164 copies
The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF (2009) — Editor — 153 copies
The Mammoth Book of More Historical Whodunnits (2001) — Editor — 148 copies
The Mammoth Book of Fantasy (2001) — Editor — 146 copies
The Mammoth Book of Egyptian Whodunnits (2002) — Editor — 143 copies
Shakespearean Whodunnits (1997) — Editor — 142 copies
The Mammoth Book of New Historical Whodunits (1993) — Editor — 140 copies
The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits (2003) — Editor — 127 copies
Camelot Chronicles (1992) — Editor — 122 copies
The Mammoth Book of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits (2004) — Editor — 117 copies
The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy (2008) — Editor — 109 copies
The Mammoth Book of Merlin (2009) — Editor — 100 copies
The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures (2005) — Editor — 99 copies
The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction (2011) — Editor — 93 copies
Lost Mars: The Golden Age of the Red Planet (2018) — Editor — 88 copies
Shakespearean Detectives (1998) 78 copies
The Mammoth Book of Jacobean Whodunnits (2006) — Editor — 75 copies
The Merlin Chronicles (1995) — Editor — 68 copies
The Random House Book of Fantasy Stories (1963) — Editor — 66 copies
The Platform Edge: Uncanny Tales of the Railways (2019) — Editor — 61 copies
The Mammoth Book of Fairy Tales (1997) — Editor — 61 copies
The Chronicles of the Round Table (1997) — Editor — 61 copies
The Best of British SF 2 (1977) — Editor — 59 copies
The Mammoth Book of Dickensian Whodunnits (2007) — Editor — 58 copies
Glimpses of the Unknown: Lost Ghost Stories (2018) — Editor — 54 copies
The Mammoth Book of Sword and Honour (2000) — Editor — 52 copies
Historical Detectives (2002) 52 copies
Souls in Metal: An Anthology of Robot Futures (1977) — Editor — 48 copies
Fighters of Fear: Occult Detective Stories (2020) — Editor — 48 copies
The Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories (1996) — Editor — 44 copies
The Best of British SF 1 (1977) — Editor; Introduction — 38 copies
Weird Legacies (1977) — Editor — 33 copies
A Phantom Lover and Other Dark Tales (2020) — Editor — 31 copies
SF Choice 77 (1977) — Editor — 28 copies
Future Crimes (2021) — Editor — 25 copies
Born of the Sun: Adventures in Our Solar System (2020) — Editor — 20 copies
Unforgettable Ghost Stories by Women Writers (2008) — Editor — 19 copies
The Supernatural Index (1995) — some editions — 18 copies
Spaceworlds: Stories of Life in the Void (2021) — Editor — 18 copies
Monthly Terrors (1985) 7 copies
Smarties Incredible Facts (1999) 4 copies
NOTTURNO (2023) 2 copies
QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL (1997) 2 copies
Smarties Wacky World (2001) 2 copies
Jewels of Wonder (1981) 2 copies

Associated Works

Seven Novels (1863) — Introduction — 721 copies
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) — Contributor — 511 copies
100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (1995) — Contributor — 277 copies
100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories (1995) — Contributor — 217 copies
The Notting Hill Mystery (1862) — Introduction, some editions — 194 copies
The Female Detective (1864) — Introduction, some editions — 184 copies
The Mystery of Cloomber (1888) — Introduction, some editions — 171 copies
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1978) — Contributor — 130 copies
The Neil Gaiman Reader {essays} (2007) — Contributor — 110 copies
Foreign Devils (2002) — Foreword, some editions — 80 copies
Mr Bazalgette's Agent (1888) — Introduction, some editions — 59 copies
Camelot Fantastic (1998) — Contributor — 54 copies
Dancing With the Dark (1999) — Contributor — 49 copies
Revelations of a Lady Detective (1860) — Introduction, some editions — 39 copies
The Outcast: And Other Dark Tales by E F Benson (2020) — Editor, some editions — 36 copies
The Doom of Camelot (2000) — Contributor — 29 copies
Mrs Gaskell's Tales of Mystery and Horror (1978) — Editor — 20 copies
By Horror Haunted (1992) — Contributor — 19 copies
The Ways Of Ghosts (2023) — Editor — 14 copies
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 1 (2004) — Contributor — 14 copies
Julius LeVallon / The Bright Messenger (2005) — Introduction, some editions — 13 copies
The Lady Wore Black and Other Weird Cat Tails (2000) — Introduction, some editions — 11 copies
Gaslight and Ghosts (1988) — Contributor — 9 copies
Discovering Classic Horror Fiction I (1991) — Contributor — 9 copies
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 6 (2005) — Contributor — 5 copies
Remember the Dead at Halloween & Christmas (2019) — Introduction — 4 copies
A Niche in Time and Other Stories (2011) — Foreword — 3 copies
Darker Ages (2004) — Introduction, some editions — 3 copies
Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine | January 1982 (1982) — Contributor — 2 copies


(88) 19th century (40) anthology (1,134) Arthurian (102) biography (51) Britain (41) British history (47) collection (73) crime (123) crime fiction (45) detective (53) ebook (93) encyclopedia (48) England (68) fantasy (850) fiction (1,002) historical (70) historical fiction (249) historical mystery (138) history (291) horror (231) humor (163) Kindle (51) King Arthur (86) literature (62) medieval (36) mystery (746) non-fiction (239) read (71) reference (248) science fiction (638) sf (178) sff (44) Sherlock Holmes (93) short stories (1,029) speculative fiction (40) steampunk (45) to-read (519) unread (113) William Shakespeare (39)

Common Knowledge

Other names
Ashley, Michael Raymond Donald (birth name)
Country (for map)
England, UK
Southall, Middlesex, England, UK
Places of residence
Chatham, Kent, England, UK
Awards and honors
Munsey Award (2020)



A collection of 25 stories, one of which (by Fritz Leiber) I had read before, two of which I gave up on, and only one of which (by Christopher Priest) inspired me to look for the author's other works. There were also a couple of authors whose work I was already familiar with. The rest were so-so merging on meh but not actually bad.
Robertgreaves | 5 other reviews | Nov 6, 2023 |
Shakespearean Whodunnits is an anthology comprised of short story adaptations of Shakespeare's original plays. Most of them are based on loose ends at the ends of the original plays, exploring a particular character's death.

While it claims you do not need to have any knowledge of the plays, I would highly recommend knowing all of Shakespeare's plays thoroughly before reading this anthology, as most were confusing if you haven't read the original.

There were a couple of gems in here, but most of them felt rushed and underdeveloped, like a rough outline of how that story were to go if it were written in full. All of them were quite forgettable. Additionally, several of the short stories had a lot of racism and sexism, even in excess of Shakespeare's original plays, which I was not a fan of.

If you're looking for a Shakespeare retelling or adaptation, I would look to full length stories focusing on one of his plays
… (more)
Griffin_Reads | 1 other review | Sep 24, 2023 |
Should be the big book of extremely bad science fiction.
Seems the editor, and the authors, were more interested in the central concepts of the stories, and to hell with the rest. Things like whether whatever came next was sensical or not. Like a bunch of modern "action" movie scenes. Whatever goes on from one moment to the next doesn't matter except that each should be a big "ooh! Shiny!" Ball of something or other.
I made note to search through my Goodreads lists and remove anything else from any of these writers.… (more)
acb13adm | 6 other reviews | Sep 13, 2023 |
I can't remember many details, but this was a nice look at how people conceptualized Mars before we knew that it was a barren desert.
finlaaaay | 1 other review | Aug 1, 2023 |



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