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Author Brian M. Stableford was born in Shipley, Yorkshire, U. K. on July 25, 1948. He received an undergraduate degree in biology from the University of York in 1969 and a Ph.D. in sociology in 1979. Before becoming a full-time writer in 1988, he taught sociology at the University of Reading. He has published over 100 books, including science fiction and fantasy works, non-fiction, translations, and learned articles. He has written under the pseudonym of Brian Craig as well as under Brian Stableford and Brian M. Stableford. He has received numerous awards for both fiction and non-fiction including the British Science Fiction Award (1995), the Distinguished Scholarship Award of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (1987), the J. Lloyd Eaton Award (1987), the Science Fiction Research Association's (SFRA) Pioneer Award (1996), and the SFRA's Pilgrim Award (1999). (Bowker Author Biography) — biography from The Empire of Fear… (more)
The Empire of Fear 279 copies, 4 reviews
Halcyon Drift 215 copies, 8 reviews
Architects of Emortality 206 copies, 2 reviews
Journey to the Center 204 copies, 3 reviews
Rhapsody in Black (Author) 202 copies, 5 reviews
Inherit the Earth 201 copies, 4 reviews
The Fenris Device 177 copies, 2 reviews
The Florians 175 copies, 4 reviews
Critical Threshold 167 copies, 3 reviews
The Werewolves of London 166 copies, 1 review
Promised Land 162 copies, 1 review
Swan Song 159 copies, 2 reviews
The Paradise Game 157 copies, 3 reviews
The City of the Sun 143 copies, 2 reviews
The Cassandra Complex 139 copies, 2 reviews
Wildeblood's empire (Author) 134 copies, 3 reviews
The Paradox of the Sets 95 copies, 1 review
The Dedalus Book of Decadence (Editor) 91 copies, 2 reviews
Balance of Power 89 copies, 3 reviews
The Mind Riders 88 copies
In the Kingdom of the Beasts 86 copies, 1 review
The Castaways of Tanagar 86 copies, 1 review
The Gates of Eden 85 copies, 1 review
Day of wrath 85 copies, 1 review
Dark Ararat 81 copies, 1 review
The Walking Shadow 73 copies, 2 reviews
Zaragoz 72 copies
Optiman 69 copies, 1 review
Plague Daemon 67 copies, 1 review
Serpent's Blood 65 copies, 1 review
Storm Warriors 58 copies
The Wine of Dreams 51 copies, 3 reviews
Pawns of Chaos 51 copies
Invaders from the Centre 44 copies, 1 review
The Face of Heaven 44 copies, 1 review
Swan Songs 43 copies, 2 reviews
Seed of the Dreamers / The Blind Worm (Author) 41 copies, 1 review
Salamander's Fire 40 copies, 1 review
War Games 39 copies
The Centre Cannot Hold 28 copies, 1 review
Future Man 27 copies
Young Blood 26 copies
The Dedalus Book of Femmes Fatales (Editor; Contributor) 23 copies
Streaking 23 copies
Man in a Cage 22 copies, 2 reviews
Year Zero 22 copies, 1 review
Kiss the Goat 14 copies
Ghost Dancers 13 copies
The Blind Worm 11 copies
The Cthulhu Encryption 11 copies, 1 review
The Womb of Time 8 copies, 2 reviews
Decadence and Symbolism: A Showcase Anthology (Editor/Introduction/Translator) 7 copies
The Snuggly Satanicon (Editor/Introduction/Translator) 6 copies
The Darkling Wood 6 copies, 1 review
The Vermilion Book of Occult Fiction (Editor/Translator) 6 copies
Snuggly Tales of Hashish and Opium (Editor/Translator) 5 copies
Snuggly Sirenicon (Editor/Introduction/Translator) 5 copies
The Plurality of Worlds 4 copies, 1 review
Following The Pharmers 4 copies, 1 review
The Snuggly Satyricon (Editor/Introduction/Translator) 4 copies
News from the Moon 3 copies, 2 reviews
Snuggly Tales of the Afterlife (Editor/Translator) 2 copies
The Quintessence of August 2 copies, 1 review
Automata 2 copies
Riding The Tiger 2 copies, 1 review
Burned Out 2 copies, 1 review
Hot Blood 2 copies
Sleepwalker 2 copies, 1 review
To The Bad 2 copies
Illa's End 1 copy, 1 review
The Castaways of Eros 1 copy, 1 review
Dieudonat 1 copy
The Golden Rock 1 copy, 1 review
Sheena 1 copy
The Xenobiotic Invasion 1 copy, 1 review
THE TRIAL 1 copy
Casualty 1 copy
Busy Dying 1 copy
Fays of the Sea and Other Fantasies (Editor/Introduction/Translator) 1 copy
Complications {novelette} 1 copy, 1 review
Nephthys 1 copy
The End 1 copy
The serpent 1 copy, 1 review
Shadows Over Baker Street: New Tales of Terror! (Contributor) 694 copies, 19 reviews
The Science Fiction Encyclopedia (Contributing Editor, Contributor) 671 copies, 13 reviews
Black Heart, Ivory Bones (Contributor) 660 copies, 4 reviews
The Night Land (Foreword, some editions) 453 copies, 11 reviews
Shadows Over Innsmouth (Contributor; Contributor) 348 copies, 1 review
Beginning Operations: A Sector General Omnibus (Introduction) 341 copies, 7 reviews
The Mammoth Book of Vampires (Contributor) 330 copies, 6 reviews
The Hard SF Renaissance: An Anthology (Contributor) 324 copies, 4 reviews
The Devil in Love (Introduction, some editions) 313 copies, 10 reviews
The Wandering Jew (Editor, some editions) 295 copies, 2 reviews
By Blood We Live (Contributor) 289 copies, 7 reviews
100 Wicked Little Witch Stories (Contributor) 270 copies, 3 reviews
The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction (Contributor) 269 copies, 4 reviews
Year's Best SF 6 (Contributor, some editions) 266 copies, 6 reviews
Year's Best SF 2 (Contributor) 253 copies, 3 reviews
Science Fiction: DAW 30th Anniversary (Contributor) 248 copies, 2 reviews
Year's Best SF 3 (Contributor) 248 copies, 4 reviews
Black Wings of Cthulhu: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (Contributor) 244 copies, 8 reviews
Year's Best SF 5 (Contributor) 240 copies, 1 review
Vampire Sextette (Contributor) 227 copies, 3 reviews
100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories (Contributor) 213 copies, 6 reviews
The 1990 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 202 copies, 2 reviews
The 1976 Annual World's Best SF (Author) 198 copies, 2 reviews
Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex (Contributor) 196 copies, 5 reviews
The 1975 Annual World's Best SF (Contributor) 196 copies
Year's Best Fantasy (Contributor) 195 copies, 2 reviews
Year's Best SF 15 (Contributor) 190 copies, 2 reviews
Classical Whodunits (Contributor) 186 copies, 4 reviews
Fantasy Gone Wrong (Contributor) 171 copies, 9 reviews
Vanishing Acts: A Science Fiction Anthology (Contributor) 145 copies, 1 review
Cthulhu’s Reign (Contributor) 144 copies, 5 reviews
Monsieur de Phocas (Translator, some editions) 136 copies, 3 reviews
Year's Best Fantasy 3 (Contributor) 133 copies, 2 reviews
Vampires: The Greatest Stories (Contributor) 120 copies, 2 reviews
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (Contributor) 119 copies
Horrors! 365 Scary Stories (Anthology) (Contributor; Contributor) 117 copies, 1 review
Tomorrow Sucks (Contributor) 109 copies
The Mammoth Book of Dracula (Contributor) 108 copies, 1 review
A Woman Appeared to Me (Translator, some editions) 105 copies, 2 reviews
Nightmares of an Ether-drinker (Introduction/Translator, some editions) 104 copies, 2 reviews
The Best of Interzone (Contributor) 96 copies
Temps (Contributor) 94 copies, 1 review
The Mammoth Book of New Jules Verne Adventures (Contributor) 91 copies, 1 review
Visions of Wonder (Contributor) 87 copies, 2 reviews
The DAW science fiction reader (Contributor) 86 copies
Supermen: Tales of the Posthuman Future (Contributor) 82 copies, 1 review
Black Wings of Cthulhu 3 (Contributor) 81 copies, 1 review
The Angels of Perversity (Translator) 75 copies, 4 reviews
The Secret History of Vampires (Contributor) 72 copies, 2 reviews
Future Weapons of War (Contributor) 68 copies, 2 reviews
Leviathan Three (Contributor) 68 copies, 1 review
Isaac Asimov's Utopias (Contributor) 68 copies, 2 reviews
The Best of Dreams of Decadence (Contributor) 68 copies, 1 review
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 07 (Contributor) 60 copies, 1 review
The Chronicles of the Round Table (Contributor) 60 copies
100 Astounding Little Alien Stories (Contributor) 58 copies
Interzone: The 2nd Anthology (Contributor) 57 copies, 1 review
We Think, Therefore We Are (Contributor) 57 copies, 2 reviews
Moon Shots (Contributor) 54 copies
Eurotemps (Contributor) 54 copies, 1 review
Immortals (Contributor) 53 copies
Red Thirst (Contributor, some editions) 52 copies
Visitants (Contributor) 52 copies, 11 reviews
Camelot Fantastic (Contributor) 52 copies, 2 reviews
La garçonne (Adapter, some editions) 51 copies, 3 reviews
Virtuous Vampires (Contributor) 50 copies
Champavert: Immoral Tales (Translator, some editions) 49 copies, 2 reviews
Interzone: The 3rd Anthology (Contributor) 49 copies, 1 review
Vampire City (adaptor, translator, annotator, introduction, some editions) 49 copies, 3 reviews
Ignorant Armies (Contributor) 48 copies, 1 review
Dancing With the Dark (Contributor) 47 copies, 1 review
Genometry (Contributor) 43 copies
Arrows of Eros (Contributor) 42 copies
The Madness of Cthulhu, Volume Two (Contributor) 41 copies, 2 reviews
Wolf Riders (Contributor) 39 copies
Interzone: The 4th Anthology (Contributor) 38 copies, 1 review
Double Heart (Translator, some editions) 37 copies
The Scaffold and Other Cruel Tales (Adapter) 36 copies, 3 reviews
The Fortune Teller (Contributor) 35 copies
Fantasy: The Best of 2002 (Contributor) 34 copies
100 Tiny Tales of Terror (Contributor) 33 copies
Future Crimes (Contributor) 33 copies
The Vampire Soul and Other Sardonic Tales (Adapter) 32 copies, 3 reviews
Future Americas (Contributor) 29 copies
Isis (Translator/Introduction, some editions) 27 copies, 2 reviews
Isaac Asimov's Skin Deep (Contributor) 26 copies
SF Choice 77 (Contributor) 26 copies
Knightshade (translator, editor, introduction, some editions) 26 copies
Weird Fiction Review #5 (Contributor) 25 copies, 1 review
Drabble II: Double Century (Contributor) 25 copies
Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned (Contributor, some editions) 25 copies
Millennium 3001 (Contributor) 25 copies, 1 review
Christmas Forever (Contributor) 24 copies
Gothic Ghosts (Contributor) 22 copies, 1 review
The Macabre Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (Introduction, some editions) 22 copies, 1 review
New Bodies for Old (Adapter) 22 copies, 1 review
Route 666 (Anthology) (Author) 21 copies
Errant Vice (Translator, some editions) 21 copies
The Best Horror Stories (Contributor) 21 copies
Masks in the Tapestry (Translator, some editions) 20 copies
Clarimonde and Other Stories (Introduction, some editions) 20 copies
Cinema Futura (Contributor) 19 copies
Balzac's Death (Translator, some editions) 19 copies
Reading Science Fiction (Contributor) 18 copies
The Blue Peril (Adapter, some editions) 18 copies
The Crocodile, or the War Between Good and Evil (Adapter, some editions) 17 copies, 1 review
The Outcast Spirit: And Other Stories (Introduction) 17 copies, 2 reviews
Dark Voices 2 (Contributor) 16 copies
The Pale Ape and Other Pulses (Introduction, some editions) 16 copies
The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique (Contributor) 16 copies, 1 review
Drabble Project (Contributor) 15 copies
Bluebirds (Translator, some editions) 13 copies, 2 reviews
Mephistophela (Translator, some editions) 13 copies
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 15: Worldcon 2008 Special (Contributor, some editions) 13 copies
A Surfeit of Mirrors (Adapter, some editions) 13 copies
The Demi-Sexes and The Androgynes (Translator) 12 copies
From a Faraway Land (Translator, some editions) 12 copies
LE TRESOR DES ALBIGEOIS (Adapter) 12 copies, 1 review
The Mirror of Legends (Translator, some editions) 11 copies
Misty Thule (Translator, some editions) 10 copies
L'Araignée Rouge (Translator, some editions) 10 copies
The Latin Orgy (Translator, some editions) 10 copies
Hauntings (Translator, some editions) 10 copies
The Tale of Gold and Silence (Adapter, some editions) 9 copies
Misanthropic Tales (Translator, some editions) 9 copies
Univers 1985 (Contributor) 9 copies
Postscripts Magazine, Issue 2 (Contributor) 9 copies
The Antisocial Man and Other Strange Stories (Translator) 9 copies, 2 reviews
The Frail Soul: And Other Stories (Translator) 9 copies
Fards and Poisons (Translator, some editions) 9 copies
Babels, Balloons and Innocent Eyes (Translator, some editions) 8 copies
Reincarnation and Redemption (Translator) 8 copies
Morose Vignettes (Translator, some editions) 8 copies
Amanit (Translator) 8 copies
The Last Fay (Adapter, some editions) 8 copies, 2 reviews
The Bacchantes: A Dionysian Scientific Romance (Translator, some editions) 8 copies
The Crazy Corner (Adapter) 8 copies, 3 reviews
The Vengeance of the Oval Portrait (Adapter, some editions) 8 copies, 2 reviews
Sabbat (Translator, some editions) 7 copies
Hannibal's Ring (Translator, some editions) 7 copies
Wormwood, Issue 12 (Contributor) 7 copies
Faustina and Other Stories (Translator) 7 copies
For Reading in the Bath (Translator, some editions) 7 copies
My Lunatic Asylum (Translator) 6 copies
Le Sang de Toulouse (Adapter) 6 copies
The Enchanted Ring (Translator, some editions) 6 copies
The Modesty of Sodom (Translator, some editions) 6 copies
The Torch-Bearers (Translator, some editions) 6 copies
Der Cthulhu-Mythos 1976 - 2002 (Contributor) 6 copies, 1 review
Outlaws and Sorrows (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
Elsewhere and Other Stories (Translator) 5 copies
Flowers of Ether (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
The Blonde Tress and The Mask (Translator) 5 copies
Isoline and the Serpent-Flower (Adapter, some editions) 5 copies
The Gate of Ivory (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
The Priestesses of Mylitta (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
The Bull-Man and the Grasshopper (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
A Decadent Woman (Translator, some editions) 5 copies
The Ultimate Pleasure (Adapter, some editions) 4 copies, 1 review
Baal (Adapter, some editions) 4 copies, 1 review
The Enchanted Castle (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
The Last Siren: and Other Stories (Translator) 4 copies
Lucifer (Adapter) 4 copies
The Temple of Gnide (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
Stigma and the Pompeiian Fresco (Translator) 4 copies
De sang et d'encre (Contributor) 4 copies, 1 review
Decadent Prose Pieces (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
The Confession of a Madman (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
The Wandering Jew's Daughter (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
Priscilla of Alexandria (Adapter) 4 copies
Ainsi soit l'ange : 18 contes entre ciel et terre (Contributor) 4 copies, 1 review
Stirring Stories (Translator) 4 copies
The Virgin Orient (Adapter, some editions) 4 copies
Jean Sbogar and Other Stories (Translator) 4 copies
The Red Sorcerer (Translator, some editions) 4 copies
Midnight!! (Adapter/Introduction) 3 copies
The Inn of Tears (Translator, some editions) 3 copies
White of the Moon (Contributor) 3 copies, 1 review
The Vampires of London (Adapter, some editions) 3 copies
Love in Five Thousand Years (Adapter, some editions) 3 copies
Revue asphodale nø2 (Contributor) 3 copies
A Malediction (Translator, some editions) 3 copies
SF Impulse 12 (Contributor) 3 copies
The Call of the Beast (Adapter) 3 copies
The Story of the King of Bohemia and his Seven Castles (Translator, some editions) 3 copies
The Path of Amour (Translator) 3 copies
Isuren and Other Stories (Translator) 3 copies
Martyrs of Science (Adapter) 3 copies, 2 reviews
The Blood of Toulouse (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
White Dwarf 125 (Contributor) 2 copies
The Albigensian Treasure (Translator) 2 copies
The Exigent Shadow (Adapter) 2 copies
The Human Microbes (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Angel of Lust (Adapter) 2 copies
The Son of Silence (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies, 1 review
The Mystery of the Tiger (Adapter) 2 copies
Penelope's Secret (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Don Juan in Paradise (Adapter) 2 copies
The Second Life (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Perfume of Lust (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Parret (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Infinity plus two (Contributor) 2 copies
The Last Days of Atlantis (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Phantoms of Venice (Contributor) 2 copies
The Centaurs (and Other Stories) (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Magnetized Corpse (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Il compagno (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Double Life (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Little Fays in the Air (Adapter) 2 copies
An Idyll in Sodom (Translator, some editions) 2 copies
Illusions of Immortality (Adapter) 2 copies, 1 review
The Prince of Fools (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The Sacred Fire (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
Penthesilea (Translator, some editions) 2 copies
The Palace of Vengeance: Tales of Enchantment (Adapter, some editions) 2 copies
The War of the Sexes (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Prince Bonifacio (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
The Man Who Married a Mermaid (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Danse Macabre (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Caresco, Superman (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Human Seed (Translator/Introduction, some editions) 1 copy
The Miller of Carnac (Adapter) 1 copy
The Song of the Skylark (Adapter) 1 copy
The End of Atlantis (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Argentine (Adapter) 1 copy
Obsession (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
William's Angel (Adapter/Introduction, some editions) 1 copy
Arrival in the Stars (Adapter) 1 copy
The Human Paradise (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
The Angel and the Sphinx (Adapter/Introduction, some editions) 1 copy
Superhuman Tales (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Journey to the Sun (Adapter) 1 copy
Melusine (Adapter) 1 copy
Rapid Tales (Translator) 1 copy
The Angel Asrael (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
Human Life (Translator, some editions) 1 copy
The Secret of Zippelius (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
The Iron Man (Adapter, some editions) 1 copy
The Last Rendezvous (Translator) 1 copy
anthology (2,395) collection (117) Cthulhu Mythos (97) DAW (151) decadence (203) ebook (192) encyclopedia (63) fairy tales (102) fantasy (1,111) fiction (2,019) French literature (121) hardcover (119) horror (839) humor (119) literature (122) Lovecraft (80) mmpb (52) mystery (118) non-fiction (137) novel (188) own (66) paperback (171) read (131) reference (285) science fiction (3,538) Science Fiction/Fantasy (79) series (74) sf (1,241) sff (228) Sherlock Holmes (96) short fiction (102) short stories (1,472) signed (55) speculative fiction (69) to-read (769) unread (218) vampire (116) vampires (323) Warhammer (69) year's best (66)
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