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This Group is for the lovers of any good book. I know ground breaking stuff. What I mean is you don't have to love a certain book to join. Once you are part of this group you don't have to agree with what anyone else is saying. Put a comment about a good book you just finished, and trust me, someone else out their in cyber space will be very happy to start a virtual debate with you. For the rest of us it will be interesting to watch. So no matter if you hate the Hunger Games(though I doubt there are many people who do.) Or you belive that Pretty Little Liars should have never become a show,(who's with me on that one?)Maybe you believe that Hermione and Harry should have ended up together? Whatever you think post a topic, and have some like minded individuals comment on it. Join this group and make it your own.

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Percy Jackson Debate!!!84 unread / 84LunaTheHermit, October 2020
Age Poll36 unread / 36superboy, July 2020
It is impossible for Harry and Hermione to end up together, it doesn't make sense.2 unread / 2twinbookworm, June 2020
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: What do we think?12 unread / 12twinbookworm, June 2020
Divergent5 unread / 5twinbookworm, June 2020
Katharine Kerr's Deverry Series2 unread / 2sallypursell, April 2020
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Harry Potter, Voldemort Wins the World83 unread / 83-Booklover., May 2019
Favorite Book Quotes 290 unread / 90Ciel-Phantomhive, May 2016
The Maze Runner69 unread / 69ElliottLShifman, December 2014
Favorite Book Quotes212 unread / 212mrmcfluff2, August 2014
What is everyones favorite series?57 unread / 57mrmcfluff2, March 2014
Just chatting329 unread / 329mrmcfluff2, March 2014
The Mortal Instruments Series16 unread / 16amy.e.n, December 2013
Rue or Prim? Note: Hunger Games SPOILER132 unread / 132immdauntless, October 2013
The "Classics"22 unread / 22mrmcfluff2, July 2013
[Untitled topic]93 unread / 93cats44454, May 2013
Emma Watson9 unread / 9prettylilbookaholic, March 2013
Chaos Walking12 unread / 12hyper13, February 2013
Good Series Gone Bad15 unread / 15flanisntjustdessert, December 2012
Harry Potter Trivia230 unread / 230mrmcfluff, December 2012
Debating Thread137 unread / 137flanisntjustdessert, December 2012
Interesting Websites11 unread / 11justjukka, November 2012
I am number four16 unread / 16mrmcfluff2, November 2012
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows15 unread / 15flanisntjustdessert, November 2012
Has Anyone Read This Series?13 unread / 13flanisntjustdessert, November 2012
Pure by: Julianna Baggott- The New Hunger Games?5 unread / 5swimfreak14, November 2012
Gone Series10 unread / 10swimfreak14, November 2012
House of Night14 unread / 14mrmcfluff2, November 2012
Hunger Games Will Be Four Films15 unread / 15mrmcfluff2, November 2012
District 11 Tributes Announced6 unread / 6mrmcfluff, November 2012
Uglies Series, Dystopic or Utopic??78 unread / 78hyper13, October 2012
Has Anyone Read the Gemma Doyle Trilogy?26 unread / 26swimfreak14, October 2012
Finnick13 unread / 13mrmcfluff2, September 2012
Kristen Stewart22 unread / 22amysisson, September 2012
Not a series but....28 unread / 28hyper13, September 2012
Breaking Dawn40 unread / 40AresofAmbition, August 2012
FABLEHAVEN18 unread / 18mrmcfluff, August 2012
VOTE: What do you think of "Twilight?"122 unread / 122mrmcfluff, August 2012
Big Word Challenge303 unread / 303ErisofDiscord, July 2012
Hunger Games Fan Art52 unread / 52mrmcfluff, July 2012
New Books24 unread / 24mrmcfluff, June 2012
New Members and Pictures223 unread / 223flanisntjustdessert, May 2012
Recommendations51 unread / 51flanisntjustdessert, May 2012
FIRST HUNGER GAMES TRAILER IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!109 unread / 109flanisntjustdessert, May 2012
Pretty Little Liars22 unread / 22mrmcfluff, May 2012
The House of Night Series14 unread / 14mrmcfluff, April 2012
GIVEAWAY ALERT! Books-to-Movies Ebook GIVEAWAY! WORLDWIDE5 unread / 5mrmcfluff, April 2012
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The Walking Dead series?15 unread / 15mrmcfluff, March 2012
HELP!20 unread / 20ErisofDiscord, March 2012
Here's Katniss!28 unread / 28ErisofDiscord, March 2012
Heh Heh... I just realized someting...20 unread / 20flanisntjustdessert, March 2012
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD/Blu-Ray Editions!10 unread / 10sarahy, March 2012
catching fire dream casting54 unread / 54ErisofDiscord, February 2012
Any Weird Talents?74 unread / 74flanisntjustdessert, February 2012
Mockingjay88 unread / 88Mariah7, February 2012
Hungers Games Motion Poster!13 unread / 13Mariah7, January 2012
Hunger Games, Katniss Should Have Married Gale107 unread / 107mrmcfluff, January 2012
Alex Flinn Modern Fairytales19 unread / 19mrmcfluff, January 2012
Weasley TV show!!54 unread / 54flanisntjustdessert, January 2012
PARTY69 unread / 69taz1030, December 2011
2012 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge!!2 unread / 2mrmcfluff, December 2011
Dobby the House Elf!35 unread / 35sarahy, December 2011
Harry Potter: What House Would You Be In?171 unread / 171ErisofDiscord, December 2011
Harry Potter and the Bill of Rights4 unread / 4magelet87, December 2011
Twilight, Emmet is Better Then Edward or Jacob32 unread / 32magelet87, December 2011
The Tomorrow Code8 unread / 8Mariah7, December 2011
Tom Felton Lovers51 unread / 51sarahy, November 2011
Christopher Paolini's Inheritance- Funny Parts4 unread / 4read_books, November 2011
Severus and Lily27 unread / 27mrmcfluff, November 2011
The Next Hunger Games?12 unread / 12swimfreak14, November 2011
Shiver series22 unread / 22ErisofDiscord, November 2011
Inheritance19 unread / 19ErisofDiscord, November 2011
Hunger Games Cast Announcements91 unread / 91mrmcfluff, November 2011
Artemis Fowl, Rivals Harry Potter??37 unread / 37sarahy, November 2011
GIVE ME THE PRECIOUS!35 unread / 35sarahy, November 2011
Dumbledore vs. Snape53 unread / 53sarahy, November 2011
Warriors books17 unread / 17sarahy, November 2011
Rangers Apprentice, Are More Books Always Better??38 unread / 38mrmcfluff, November 2011
Secret Series11 unread / 11sarahy, November 2011
wefr10 unread / 10sarahy, October 2011
:(42 unread / 42sarahy, September 2011
The 39 clues18 unread / 18mrmcfluff, September 2011
Harry's anger issues!25 unread / 25supersam, August 2011
Harry Potter and the Love Lives of His Friends60 unread / 60sarahy, August 2011
Gale and Peeta8 unread / 8sarahy, August 2011
New Group!1 unread / 1sarahy, April 2011
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