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LibraryThing Valentine's Day Heart Hunt 2019

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Edited: Feb 19, 5:14pm Top

Update, Feb. 19: The Heart Hunt is over! Thanks for participating, everyone. Below, you can find links to each Heart solution. All clues are still visible on the Valentine's Day Heart Hunt page

Heart 1
Heart 2
Heart 3
Heart 4
Heart 5
Heart 6
Heart 7
Heart 8
Heart 9
Heart 10
Heart 11
Heart 12
Heart 13
Heart 14
Heart 15
Heart 16
Heart 17
Heart 18

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Love is (finally) in the air here at LibraryThing, and we're pleased to announce the second annual LibraryThing Valentine's Day Heart Hunt!

» Go find the hearts!

We've put our hearts into writing 18 love-themed clues for you to solve. Read and solve the clues, and find the page on LibraryThing that matches your solution. You have one week—until Tuesday, Feb. 19th—to find as many hearts as you can.

Use this thread to brag, ask for and give hints, etc.

Important: When giving hints, please use the spoiler tag. To mark something as a spoiler, start your message like this:


And end it like this:


As in past treasure hunts, we'll be awarding profile badges to anyone who finds at least one heart, upgrading accounts to lifetime memberships for anyone who finds at least five, and anyone who finds at least 15 will be entered into a drawing for a LibraryThing or TinyCat t-shirt of their choice.

Happy hunting!

Feb 12, 12:14pm Top

Thank you!

Feb 12, 12:17pm Top


Feb 12, 12:22pm Top

Excellent! Thank you for another treasure hunt.

https://www.librarything.com/valentinestreasurehunt2019.php generates a script prompt, inviting me to sign in to https://athena.librarything.com. I presume that's a development artefact and isn't meant to be there?

Feb 12, 12:23pm Top

>4 konallis: Huh, that's weird. I'm not seeing it, is anyone else?

Feb 12, 12:28pm Top

>4 konallis: Aha, found it. Somebody left an athena link to the little heart icon. Whoops! Sorry about that. Should be working properly now. Thank you!

Feb 12, 12:35pm Top

>6 lorannen: Fixed, thanks!

Feb 12, 12:38pm Top

Are we supposed to get the little yellow bar announcing the hunt? I usually do (I have completed all previous hunts) but I did not get a yellow bar today; I just happened to stumble upon a string of threads that led me here.

Edited: Feb 12, 12:45pm Top

Got ten of them in just a couple of minutes!

Taking a break now.

Feb 12, 12:48pm Top

>8 macsbrains: We should have one up soon, but for the time being, it's not there.

Feb 12, 12:50pm Top

So far I've got all but 7, 11, and 12.

Edited: Feb 12, 12:54pm Top

Whereas I'm having instant trouble. Not with the obvious ones that are just looking for words and things, but anything involving an actual book or movie? This is not my area of expertise...

(ETA meaning the genres. We all love books here!)

Feb 12, 12:56pm Top

Surely the city of love is San Francisco? Or Rome?
I looked for both in the CK section and, nothing....

Feb 12, 1:06pm Top

>13 ScarletBea: No, neither of those. What is another European capital that is famous for l'amour?

Feb 12, 1:12pm Top

Yay! I love these! (I must have been in the zone or something because... I got them all already. I usually have at least a solid handful I have to puzzle over for a long time.) Happy to give clues if anyone wants any.

Feb 12, 1:19pm Top

Got 13 as fast as I could type the relevant text into the search box - now I'm left with the ones that require me to actually have familiarity with the plots of romance novels or movies.

Feb 12, 1:25pm Top

>14 Marissa_Doyle: Doh!

Feb 12, 1:25pm Top

Agh, still stuck on 4, 7, 8, 11, and 18.

Edited: Feb 12, 1:38pm Top

macsbrains (#18)

For #8, I'd never heard of it.

(mild spoiler)

I got it by googling some key terms from the description, namely the roles of the two lovers plus "pirates". That's actual Google, not LT search.

(bigger spoiler)

It appears to be one of Tim's, with his classicist hat on. Ancient Greek writer, who I'd never heard of either, and whose name "Shortus" is punning on.

And I just got #11 through sheer cussedness:

Did a tag search for "romance", and started going to the author pages for all the male authors. No idea how we were meant to get anything out of the clue beyond "male author", but in this case that was adequate.

Feb 12, 1:39pm Top

>18 macsbrains:

For #7:

Hint 1: The genre is YA

Hint 2: It was made into a movie recently

Hint 3: The movie title is different from the book's, but both feature the main character's first name

Feb 12, 1:45pm Top

Love this! I've found half so far, but am stumped on a few that I thought were obvious, but was wrong about. Need to think a little.

I was waiting for one of the hearts to be #14, and was so giddy when I read it that I actually squeed out loud. Yes, I'm that nerdy.

Edited: Feb 12, 1:56pm Top

>18 macsbrains:


Hint 1: The genre is YA

Hint 2: "Okay? Okay." is a famous quote from the book.

Hint 3: It was made into a movie.

Hint 4: The answer to the clue is the author's name.

Hint 5: The author is one half of a famous brother pair on YouTube.

Edited: Feb 12, 1:46pm Top

>19 lorax: I'm only first hand familiar with 4 of them (6, 10, 15 & 16) and 2 others only in passing (12 & 14.)

You were a big help, and I found #8 it instantly with the "bigger spoiler" clue. I took "shortus" as a synonym for a name and was looking for Greek and Latin words for short! I have come across that work before though I have not read it.. I least I was in the right direction for type.

(Edited to refer to the clue number I found)

Feb 12, 1:58pm Top

>20 lycomayflower: Ah, hint 3 for #11 is what I missed there. While I know who the author is, and I read two of his a long, long time ago, I stick pretty exclusively to sf/f and am not really into straight-up romance. I checked all his works, but forgot to check his author page.

>19 lorax: I used that #11 tactic to get two of the other clues.

Feb 12, 2:01pm Top


Feb 12, 2:02pm Top

Yep, me too. That was fun!

Feb 12, 2:06pm Top

Thanks to the cluse here I have everything but 12, which has me completely stuck.

Feb 12, 2:08pm Top

>27 yoyogod:

"It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .

Feb 12, 2:08pm Top

For 18....
Hint: Look at the tag "elevator" and sort by "recently published".

Feb 12, 2:08pm Top

>27 yoyogod: #12 english classic with a famous opening line about a rich man needing a wife

Feb 12, 2:10pm Top

>27 yoyogod:

For #12

Hint 1: The last six words of the clue are key.

Hint 2: They reference a famous line in the book.

Hint 3: It's a famous early romance that has been made into maaaany films.

Feb 12, 2:10pm Top

Is anyone finding this hunt easier than the Christmas one? I was totally stumped with so many for the 12 Days of LT.

Feb 12, 2:13pm Top

>24 macsbrains: Yeah, a lot of these do require at least knowledge of straight up romance, if not having read a lot of it. Several of the clues have dead giveaways if you're up on romance and are probably totally opaque if you're not. Nature of the game!

Feb 12, 2:13pm Top

Hooray! Well, I've found most of them without too much trouble, although I thought my lack of romance genre knowledge would slow me down. Only 4, 5, and 18 to go...

Feb 12, 2:13pm Top

I thought I got #6, but I actually solved #15.... so now I'm stumped on #6 because none of the works pages are the correct answer.

Edited: Feb 12, 2:29pm Top

>32 monnibo: Yes! For the Christmas one, I often knew the answer but struggled to find what page to land on to get the pear. I don't know if this one is actually easier or if I've just had some practice now and am better at guessing where the actual heart would be.

Feb 12, 2:14pm Top

Feb 12, 2:15pm Top

For #5:

Hint 1: The book referenced was made into a movie of the same name

Hint 2: The movie starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Hint 3: the answer to the clue is the author's name

Feb 12, 2:15pm Top

Dang it, I read the clue for #17 and now I'm all sniffly at work.

Feb 12, 2:16pm Top

>35 monnibo:

#6: Think, too, of Gertrude Stein

Feb 12, 2:18pm Top

>35 monnibo:

For #6

If you think you know the answer but can't find it, try another area rather than works. Authors, Common Knowledge, Tags, etc.

Feb 12, 2:19pm Top

>37 yoyogod: Welcome! :-)

Feb 12, 2:20pm Top

>40 lilithcat: LOL. I was thinking the same thing!

Feb 12, 2:28pm Top

>39 fyrefly98: Tell me about it! I first came across this one as a teenager and my immediate thought was "how dare this be a children's book!" It's devastating!

Feb 12, 2:37pm Top

I've got all except #4 - I'm still trying but that one is really stumping me!

Feb 12, 2:40pm Top

Am I the only one stumped by #14? I must be dwelling on The Man in Black line too much because I can't stop thinking about Johnny Cash.

Edited: Feb 12, 2:54pm Top

It took me ages to get it, but #4 is a magical realist novel written by a Mexican novelist

Feb 12, 2:43pm Top

>46 mstrust: For #14 It's often more well-known as a movie, but is a book, too. "Anybody want a peanut?" is a direct quote.

Feb 12, 2:44pm Top

I also have all but #4 at this point. Any clues people could share?

>46 mstrust: Think cult classic film with a Spaniard and a "Man in Black", but go for the book version.

Feb 12, 2:46pm Top

>46 mstrust: You don't know 14? Inconceivable! (Sorry, I've been waiting for someone to ask about that one so I could say that.)

Edited: Feb 12, 2:47pm Top

>46 mstrust: yeah, 14 has me stumped. Since >48 lorannen:'s clue isn't helping me, and it probably ought to be a dead give-away, I'm guessing I'll have to resort to Googling.

Feb 12, 2:47pm Top

>50 yoyogod: OH....I take it back! Now I"ve got it! Thank you.

Feb 12, 2:48pm Top


For #4,

The book was originally in Spanish, and has elements of magical realism; look for tagmashes of that genre with the genre represented by the hunt's theme..

The answer is a book page.

Feb 12, 2:49pm Top

>53 lorax: Also for No. 4, it has something in common with No. 9.

Feb 12, 2:50pm Top

>53 lorax: Thank you! That helped me get it. I knew things sounded familiar, but could not put it together myself.

Feb 12, 2:51pm Top

>45 tardis:, >49 shadrach_anki: For #4, the answer is a book (and movie) title that contains the answer to #9.

Feb 12, 2:54pm Top

Working on the clues.

Feb 12, 2:55pm Top

>54 laytonwoman3rd: maybe I was hungry when I wrote those

Feb 12, 2:58pm Top

Got #4! Thanks for the hints. Now I'm done the hunt!

Thanks very much to LT staff for another fun diversion! Now I have to get after the stuff I should have been doing when I discovered this was live.

Feb 12, 2:59pm Top

I'm pretty sure I got at least one because I was searching for the wrong clue and had to double-back for the clue I'd misinterpreted, but this was fun! Even for a non-romance-type like me.

Feb 12, 3:03pm Top

>53 lorax: >54 laytonwoman3rd: Got it now, thanks! Thanks, everyone, for the hints.

And thanks LT staff for another fun hunt. :)

Feb 12, 3:03pm Top

Got all bar #16; 7 without help, then I had to start Googling and checking this thread. I have to say most have gone over my head since I don't read much in the way of romance fiction.

Does anyone have any clues for 16?

Edited: Feb 12, 3:07pm Top

Maybe when this is over, someone will explain to me how we were supposed to get #11 without brute-forcing it or asking for hints, if we hadn't read it. I sort of feel like these hunts should at least give a hook to search on, if it's a specific book or author. I saw the spoilers in 22 (after I'd already solved it - didn't use them), but if you didn't know any of those, there's nothing to search on.

Feb 12, 3:08pm Top

>62 Maddz: #16 is a bit of an odd one for this search as it's a horror story, not a romance.

Feb 12, 3:08pm Top

I finally got them all. I actually read #7 last year and still didn't recognize it in the clue. It was only the fact that no one else seemed to have a problem with it that I thought it must be something recently visible.

I realize now that >20 lycomayflower: gave me a clue up above, but somehow I thought 20 & 22 were referring to the same thing...

Thanks for all the help, everyone! I needed it :)

Feb 12, 3:08pm Top

>62 Maddz: Think of an author who is really more associated with horror than romance, with the name of Edgar. Writes a lot of short fiction and some poetry. You are looking for one of his works.

Feb 12, 3:11pm Top

>64 yoyogod:, >66 shadrach_anki: I thought that was who was meant by the clue, but I was looking for a completely different work of his... Then I went for a certain crime writer, then I was looking at the Paris Opera...

That's the lot for me!

Feb 12, 3:13pm Top

YAY! I found all 18!! (only had to "cheat" for 3 of them) What fun!! Great job developers!!

Edited: Feb 13, 8:42am Top

>58 kjgormley: LOL!

Got 'em all now. Thanks to lycomayflower and yoyogod for their help with #7 and #14. And Mighty Google came to the rescue a few times as well.

Fun, as always. And now, of course, I want CHOCOLATE!

Feb 12, 3:19pm Top

Got 'em. Only had to look at a few spoiler clues here. I must say, they were very good at not entirely giving it away, but nudging in the right direction. Thanks! As always, LT, job well done.

Feb 12, 3:23pm Top

Any hint for #15 would be appreciated as that's my lone one unsolved; I thought I had it but everything I'm trying with it isn't coming up.

Feb 12, 3:23pm Top

Finally found them all! Thanks for the tips, everyone, and thanks especially to the LT team for creating the hunt. This is one of my favourite things on LT.

Feb 12, 3:24pm Top

>71 celiafrances: One of the most famous writers in history (mentioned in another clue) wrote a specific type of poem. If you figure out who it is and what the type of poem is, you've got it

Feb 12, 3:25pm Top

I’m stumped on number 6, my last one. Any clues?

Feb 12, 3:25pm Top

>71 celiafrances:

Re: #15 -

Same author as #6, but it's a work page

Feb 12, 3:27pm Top

>74 ads0123: Think of something that rhymes with the last word on the previous line, and that has Valentine's connection

Edited: Feb 12, 3:28pm Top

>63 lorax: lorax

I haven't read it but knew it immediately. I think if you're a part of the pretty large online community surrounding the author you'd get it.

Feb 12, 3:28pm Top

>77 pburrows:

To whom are you replying?

Feb 12, 3:32pm Top

Hooray and thanks to all for the #15 clues; I didn't connect it to a work so kept typing one or the other but not both together.

Feb 12, 3:45pm Top

Nearly done. Need help with 7 and 15 thanks

Feb 12, 3:50pm Top

Still need to get 3, 4, 7, 11, 18. I'm putting this down for a while and coming back to it. I didn't need any of the spoilers on this thread but I did a lot of googling. Number 16 was easy EXCEPT! that I was going for the title of the short story rather than an anthology.

Feb 12, 3:55pm Top

I need more help on #7 .... I don't watch movies, and am way past the YA stage, so I'm really lost here.

Feb 12, 3:58pm Top

I am having trouble with 7... it seems like a recent book about a young gay kid with an internet pen-pal but I'm not finding a title using tagmash or a regular Google search... is there anything in the clue that's a Google-able giveaway?

Edited: Feb 12, 4:04pm Top

> 40 lilithcat
> 41 lycomayflower

I found it.... but I don't know which one it was because the pop-up didn't happen. This is gonna bug me now... ahhaa

Feb 12, 4:03pm Top

>84 EmScape:
I finally found it by Googling Movie: gay kid + pen pal
The book has a different title, but the char name was the clue I needed.

Edited: Feb 12, 4:04pm Top

>85 monnibo:

Did you try the tag page? And it's singular.

Feb 12, 4:05pm Top

Yay pop-up heart! Thank you for satisfying my curiousity.

Edited: Feb 12, 4:07pm Top

>86 BookConcierge:

Thanks! That got it!!

Feb 12, 4:17pm Top

Feb 12, 4:17pm Top

Got 12 of them without working too hard. Now for the rest.

Feb 12, 4:24pm Top

pburrows (#77):

I am, obviously, not a member of the community surrounding the author. So, without connection to the book or author, the clue tells us:

There is a male author (presumably of romance novels, because of the day) who has written more than one book. One of which may in some way be associated with the word "okay", or be contentious such that "okay, okay" as an argument-ender would be associated with it.

My problem isn't that I didn't know the answer; my problem is that, short of "cheating" by asking for help, I don't see anything there that could help us FIND the answer. "Okay" isn't usefully searchable.

Edited: Feb 12, 5:21pm Top

Hint deleted because it didn't work for others.

Feb 12, 4:43pm Top

Need help with prolonging this hunt after finding all 18 :-)

Feb 12, 4:44pm Top

Got them all (with a little help from my friends and google)!

Never heard of some of the books, but that is okay. Always educational.

Thanks LT Staff et al. I had a wonderful time!

Feb 12, 4:46pm Top

Got 'em all.

Thanks! Fun as always!

Feb 12, 4:58pm Top

>93 rosalita:

I don't see that. I didn't get to it that way, and Googling that phrase gets me nothing that would lead me to the answer. Mostly got a music video. There is also nothing on the author page that connects to the clue.

Perhaps you could explain.

Edited: Feb 12, 5:01pm Top

rosalita (#93)

No, I don't. Like lilithcat, I get a music video, with or without quotes, regularly or in an incognito window.

If you're getting it, it's because Google's search results are personalized and contextual, and it knows you have associations with the book/author.

Feb 12, 5:08pm Top

>97 lilithcat: & >98 lorax: If you google the words (with punctuation, as rosalita said) in quotation marks and the word "book" (doesn't have to be in quotes), you'll definitely get the right hits .

Edited: Feb 12, 5:21pm Top

Got all of them, four out of familiarity with the work, five because they didn't refer to a work/author and were obvious, the rest from google searching (some of them took a few tries). In general it helped me to remember that the clues are usually referring to very popular or well known authors/works that I have probably heard of, which narrows the possibilities.

>98 lorax: I tried it in an incognito window and it works if you modify the search by adding relevant general terms and -unhelpful words related to the music that comes up.

Edited: Feb 12, 11:52pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Feb 12, 5:22pm Top

That was fun! Got them all but needed hints on a few.

Edited: Feb 12, 5:33pm Top

spoiler tags suddenly not working for me. Anyone else having that problem?

ETA: and now, of course, they are.

Feb 12, 5:38pm Top

Got'em all with a little help from friends (thanks friends!)

So much fun as always. Thanks to all who put this together!

Feb 12, 5:51pm Top


Feb 12, 5:54pm Top

>105 disneyworldmouse: Try a tagmash of romance & Asia.

Edited: Feb 12, 6:05pm Top

>105 disneyworldmouse: One that's definitely for googling if (like me) you're weak on the romance genre.

Google romance along with a couple of the more unusual words in the clue. And run down the Google page because you're unlikely to get this one on a top hit.

Feb 12, 6:01pm Top

>105 disneyworldmouse: There's been a movie made (based on the book in question) recently that you may have heard of, there's been a fair amount of talk about it since it's something of a first in its genre.

Feb 12, 6:18pm Top

>48 lorannen: >49 shadrach_anki: & >50 yoyogod: Thanks so much, I got it! Boy, I was way off, but as I said "The Man in Black" means one person to me. I appreciate you all reminding me of this one.

Feb 12, 6:19pm Top

15 was amusingly difficult, because I made it so hard for myself. I immediately knew what literary form the numbers referred to, but was confused because the clue itself wasn't in that form and I completely forgot about the relevance of the first line in the clue. (Also that they have their own Work, and aren't just bunged into a Complete Works or part of a monologue.)

I would have never got 11 without this thread, and several others I knew but couldn't name. I need to spend some time over the next few days exploring the read-alikes and work pages, I think. My TBR pile is growing shockingly low, and I haven't read much similar to the knew-but-couldn't-name books recently - it might be a nice change up!

And isn't it always fun to be spurred to explore a different genre or topic for a while, as a result of these scavenger hunts. :)

Edited: Feb 12, 6:27pm Top

Romance isn't a genre I know well, but I got close to half right away, then all but #4 with some hints here (thanks, everyone) and by Googling. I somehow got #11, but I don't remember how, nor do I remember the answer.

ETA: Got it. duh

Feb 12, 6:24pm Top

Got them all except #3. Any hints would be really appreciated.

Edited: Feb 12, 6:26pm Top

>112 Porua: You may find yourself groaning when you realize the answer is the theme to the entire hunt! (and don't forget that the clues tend heavily towards rhymes)

Feb 12, 6:26pm Top

>112 Porua: Read the poem out loud and the rhyme will fall into place. Hopefully.

Feb 12, 6:27pm Top

>99 PawsforThought:

I get a book about Vietnam, another about a radio station, a third by a woman (and we know we're looking for a male author). So, no.

Feb 12, 6:31pm Top

Could folks try to remember >1 lorannen:'s admonition to use spoiler tags as needed? Be careful. Sometimes information that you're imparting may seem so obvious as to be non-spoiler, but someone else who's having a mental block might find it a serious spoiler.

Edited: Feb 12, 6:34pm Top

>115 lilithcat: Maybe this will nudge you towards the right answer, because I found this one really hard too. Clue for #11: Most people associate Valentine's Day with the color red, but you should be thinking more about green.

Feb 12, 6:36pm Top

#114 Yes! That worked. I am awfully dense when it comes to rhymes. Thanks, mstrust!

Feb 12, 6:38pm Top

>116 CurrerBell:

Oh, I got the right answer. But the same way lorax did. The point we are both trying to make is that clue has absolutely nothing to do with the answer, as far as we can tell.

Feb 12, 6:39pm Top

>115 lilithcat: Try clicking image search.

Feb 12, 6:43pm Top

Thanks for all the helpful posts. I got several on my own or googling like mad, but I just haven't been to a romance movie in a long time, and romance is not my usual genre, so there was stretching involved and sometimes tunneling 2&3 deep into hints.

Feb 12, 6:43pm Top

>115 lilithcat: Do the search again but click on images and look at the image titles if the actual book cover doesn’t show.

Feb 12, 6:45pm Top

I got all 18 without hints and 13 without any Googling. But then I read romances.

Feb 12, 6:58pm Top

I got #14 while thinking I had #8. Had to use clues from here & google to eventually get that pesky #8 so thanks to those that helped. I now have them all with a bit more help from here as well.

Edited: Feb 12, 8:31pm Top

I'm not sure why, but 15 is giving me the collywobbles. Even rereading the hints folks have put here already...

and knowing Shakespeare, sonnets,

Thanks LT crew for another fun search

Edited: Feb 12, 8:38pm Top

>107 CurrerBell: CurrerBell: Thanks! I never would have gotten #2 without your hints.

Feb 12, 8:40pm Top

>125 ggprof:

RE: 15

Go to the author page, and scroll down the list of his works.

Feb 12, 8:45pm Top

Thanks >1 lorannen: and LT staff for another fun treasure hunt!

Feb 12, 9:31pm Top

Ah, got a bunch on my own, then used some hints here and am down to only three left!
7, 8, 18.

Will be back daily to keep trying until I get them all. I haven't yet used Google.

Feb 12, 10:24pm Top

>124 AHS-Wolfy: Me too. Even though it didn't quite fit.

Feb 12, 10:40pm Top

Not doing well at all. Only 1 heart so far. I have lost my touch.

Feb 12, 10:56pm Top

Got 10 on my first go through. Now I need to start pondering some more. I might just start punching in things and seeing if I happen to encounter a few. At least one answer I guessed would be there before I actually read the clue.

Feb 12, 11:16pm Top

I've got 8 so far. Some are giving me trouble. I'll keep trying and keep an eye on the spoilers.

Edited: Feb 12, 11:59pm Top

Done! I was able to get 13 without any help, and got the next 5 with a bit of help. I found #4 last, and realized that it sounded so familiar because I actually own it, although I read it a very long time ago.

So much fun - thanks to the organizers!

Feb 13, 12:17am Top

Wow - I would not have gotten 5, 8 and 18 without the great hints above. Love these treasure hunts!

Feb 13, 1:29am Top

So my biggest problem is I can never remember how to do a Tagmash. Help someone please?

Feb 13, 1:44am Top

>137 amaranthe: Thankyou. And with that I'm done.

Feb 13, 3:29am Top

It's been fun, but not following YA or the movies closely is a drawback for these hunts. Thanks for the tips!

Feb 13, 3:41am Top

All done now. Got most myself and had to do a bit of googling for some. Thanks all x

Feb 13, 5:17am Top

>124 AHS-Wolfy: Same here!

Feb 13, 5:21am Top

Only managed 2 more and my random guesses haven't panned out yet. The remaining clues feel familiar but no hits so far.

Feb 13, 6:41am Top

All done! Thanks for the fun hunt! Thanks, too, for the hints on the more YA oriented clues.

Feb 13, 7:38am Top

Phew, got them all in the end, thanks for the hints guys particularly on YA ones as not my area. Good way of hunting for different areas of the site. Thanks for the hunt, it was fun :-)

Edited: Feb 13, 8:37am Top

I was stuck on #14, but finally got it. Thanks for all of the fun. I've got all 18 :-)

Edited: Feb 13, 8:32am Top

Just got the last three. Quite a combination of my own knowledge, some googling and some great spoilers from my LT friends. Good one💜

Edited: Feb 13, 8:41am Top

>145 vancouverdeb: For #14 1)The popular film from the book celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017 with a return to theaters and 2)One of the cast members of the film also appeared in a Cindy Lauper video for another popular 80s movie

Feb 13, 8:48am Top

>147 Zoes_Human: Thanks for the spoiler, but fortunately I already got it. It's amazing what googling the right words will do. I just took one of the lines in the clue and googled it along with" book" and I figured it out

But thanks so much anyway. I'm sure you will help someone else!

Feb 13, 8:50am Top

I am totally stuck on #2, # 6 and #7. Even clicking all the spoilers. Can anyone clarify?

Edited: Feb 13, 9:17am Top

>149 SandyAMcPherson: I looked at clue number three, not number two. Sorry, >149 SandyAMcPherson:

Feb 13, 9:05am Top

>150 vancouverdeb: I already did that (and got a heart somewhere else) but #2 still doesn't register as 'collected' (and yes, I refreshed my cache). Thanks.

Feb 13, 9:18am Top

>149 SandyAMcPherson:, >150 vancouverdeb:

#2 is not a tag. It's the title of a book, and a recent movie..

I believe >150 vancouverdeb: is referring to #6 If so, use the singular, not the plural

Feb 13, 9:18am Top

>151 SandyAMcPherson: So sorry! I was looking at clue number 3 . My bad. So sorry!

Feb 13, 9:19am Top

>152 lilithcat: Sorry, yes I was looking at the wrong clue. Thanks >152 lilithcat:

Feb 13, 9:45am Top

Got eight so far without looking at clues. Hoping to find a few more before I start looking at them.

Edited: Feb 13, 9:48am Top

>149 SandyAMcPherson: I got #7 by googling (other search engines are available) parts of the clue gay young adult romance novel.

Feb 13, 10:03am Top

Still stuck on #8!

Feb 13, 10:15am Top

>157 mzonderm: mzonderm: google is your friend use terms from the clue and "Greek myth" .

Feb 13, 11:07am Top

So much fun, thanks LT for brightening a dull day.

Feb 13, 11:38am Top

Thanks >156 AHS-Wolfy:, sure needed that help for #7.

Still mystified by #6, though. I got the rhyming word and know what author is in the clue, but those are perhaps deceptive terms to search...

Feb 13, 11:53am Top

>160 SandyAMcPherson: The word you're looking for rhymes with the last word of the preceeding line. So a word that's connected to Valentine's Day, that rhymes with "nose" and that "Billy Shakes" has written very famously about. That's all you need. You're not looking for a title, you're looking for a specific tag word.

Feb 13, 11:54am Top

>160 SandyAMcPherson: Some clues on #6 sended me off in the wrong direction, it is simple search for the tag of the rhyming word

Feb 13, 11:55am Top

This was my first LT hunt, never would have figured many of them out without everyone’s help. Thanks!

Feb 13, 12:00pm Top

>161 PawsforThought:, >162 FAMeulstee: Oh good grief! That was so easy after all (#6). As FAMeulstee said, I was also off in the wrong direction all the time. Thanks so much everyone for the help. I usually end up stumped on *something* and then need to look at the spoilers.

Feb 13, 12:09pm Top

>164 SandyAMcPherson: I had trouble with that one for the longest time. Couldn't work it out. Then I watched some TV and ate some goodies and came back and I just knew. It's often the "easiest" things that are the most difficult, because we expect them to be difficult.
Glad you worked it out in the end!

Feb 13, 12:10pm Top

>163 AliciaR60: The first hunt is definitely the hardest, but each one after gets easier and easier, and more fun!

Feb 13, 12:19pm Top


The first hunt is definitely the hardest, but each one after gets easier and easier, and more fun!

First one may be the hardest, but it's definitely not monotonic after that - this one had a lot of narrowly-themed romance genre questions, that for someone unfamiliar with the genre required googling or hints - no good way to get them with internal LT tools.

Feb 13, 1:28pm Top

I don't know why I am having so much trouble with #13, it's probably the most obvious, and I can't seem to get it. I'm probably overthinking it.

Feb 13, 1:33pm Top

I'm stuck on 1,11,13 & 18.

Edited: Feb 13, 1:39pm Top

>169 varielle: #13 Think plural, Marilyn Monroe

Edited: Feb 13, 1:44pm Top

#1 French city, you need to find the right place in common knowledge

#11 male author who wrote a book with a name repeated twice

#13 you are looking for a tag page for a precious stone

#18 I tagmashed elevator and romance and found a book that fit the clue

Feb 13, 1:52pm Top

>170 EMS_24: and >171 calm:, thank you I was looking in the wrong place and also overthinking it!

Edited: Feb 13, 2:40pm Top


Feb 13, 2:17pm Top

OMG I THOUGHT I WAS LATE but no! Thanks so much for doing this!

Edited: Feb 13, 2:52pm Top

It was in my news sidebar -- no, now I see a banner, altho it's not yellow.

ETA: Got them all pretty quickly except for 5, 7, 8 and 18. Having trouble with the YA and movie clues too....

Feb 13, 2:52pm Top

>160 SandyAMcPherson: Ohh, I see. I was looking at the wrong word to rhyme.

Clue 2 is a no-brainer if you live in Singapore. News about the film, the actors, the award chances etc. etc. has been splashed all over the papers in the last year.

Feb 13, 3:16pm Top

Because of your bigger spoiler, I thought of looking at Tim's profile, and found a Ovid. Next is to look at all his works .

Feb 13, 3:32pm Top

Finally got them all! My brain needs a break now;) Thanks LT for yet another wonderful romp through literature:) And thanks for all the hints, i really needed help on a couple of them.

Feb 13, 3:54pm Top

Got 'em all. Ha, Ha! Thanks for your help.

Edited: Feb 13, 3:58pm Top

>177 EdwinKort: Any luck? This is the only one I can't get!

Feb 13, 4:03pm Top

Stuck on 5, 7, 10, 17.

Feb 13, 4:09pm Top

Does one need to have the yellow bar across in order to play?
I was going great guns until the bar began to irritate me and I clicked on the X. Haven't found a single one since.

Feb 13, 4:10pm Top

>182 rainpebble:

No, you don't need the yellow bar in order to play.

Feb 13, 4:16pm Top

>177 EdwinKort: If you are looking for #8: I googled "goatherd shepherdess pirates" and found a latin writer, find the book by that writer about a goatherd and a shepherdess

Feb 13, 5:45pm Top

>181 libraian:
#5 Author page. He’s a prolific romance writer. One of his books was made into a movie with Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, and Gena Rowlands
#7 Main character is named Simon
#10 A Chicago librarian has a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, creating complications in his marriage.
#17 Google the last line. Children's book.

Feb 13, 7:26pm Top

For the goatherd/shepherdess, I kept finding Goatherd and the Shepherdess: A Tale from Ancient Greece by Lenny Hort and that was driving me bats!

It wasn't Daphnis et Chloé, either.

Feb 13, 7:28pm Top

>180 mzonderm: Number 8 had me stumped too until I thought of this: the author might be the opposite of "shortus"

Feb 13, 7:50pm Top

>32 monnibo: actually, no, it's a lot harder for me. I haven't read or am familiar with most of the hearts I've discovered (thanks for the clues, everyone!).

Still stuck on #7, I'll keep looking.

Feb 13, 7:53pm Top

all done except #10. I think I have the correct book, but nothing is working.

Feb 13, 7:58pm Top

Feeling pretty thick because #6 and #15 are eluding me.

Feb 13, 8:01pm Top

>156 AHS-Wolfy: lots of searching for that one, finally got #7 as well.

Thanks for all the clues!

Feb 13, 8:02pm Top

Hurrah! I discovered tagmash! Now I have all 18. Many thanks for another fun hunt.

Feb 13, 8:02pm Top

>189 sundance: Do a tagmash of librarian and time travel.

Feb 13, 8:04pm Top

>189 sundance: Google time, travel, and librarian

Feb 13, 8:58pm Top

>190 tiffin: #6 is a rhyme that is Valentine’s Day related - nose/?

#15 Is something that the author in #6 wrote MANY of. Also try Googling the lady mentioned in the first line.

Feb 13, 9:59pm Top

>187 ILuvBookplates: and >184 FAMeulstee: gave me the hints I finally needed for #8! Thanks, I've got them all now!
Great hunt!

Feb 13, 10:26pm Top

>195 Morphidae:: Thanks, Morphy. I think my brain has seized up with all the snow we got.

Feb 13, 11:30pm Top

Many thanks for those final hints on #8.....I knew I must be missing something! Another fun Challenge and wishing everyone here a very Happy Valentine's Day :)

Feb 13, 11:50pm Top

OK, searching on own and then looking at clues has me with only #4 and #16 yet to be found.

Feb 14, 12:06am Top

A lovely Heart Hunt - thanks so much :)

Feb 14, 12:11am Top

>199 rastaphrog:

RE: 16

Probably not a you have the author's works in your library, but just in case.

Feb 14, 12:24am Top

>201 lilithcat: OFPS! The ole brain just didn't "see" the pretty obvious sitting right there in front of it's face. But that's not all THAT unusual for me. There's numerous instances where I put my travel mug of coffee down somewhere in the aisle I'm packing out, and I'll completely miss seeing it when I look for it later.

Feb 14, 12:45am Top

That was fun, found 16 in 30 minutes, but needed help with #18 & #14. #1 thru #6 & #8 were the easiest for me. Now it’s way past my bedtime! Thanks LT! 🛌💭📖

Feb 14, 1:23am Top

Well I'm still stumped. Romance and YA aren't my thing. I got most of the ones that referred to common knowledge or things, and got a couple good guesses, but time to look up some hints now.

Ps. Clue #14 was awesome!

Feb 14, 2:13am Top

>38 monnibo:. Thanks! #5 was my tough one, And I even had the idea but clicked the wrong part of the answer.

Edited: Feb 14, 3:50am Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Feb 14, 3:38am Top

Thanks.. Found it now. Found the book with a Google seach, but only as a rewritten version for age 4-8

Edited: Feb 14, 3:53am Top

Still looking for #4 and #16
I know the author of #16, but still can't figure it out

Feb 14, 3:57am Top

>208 EdwinKort:: Check the works by that author (#16)(I hadnt heard of this one either)

Feb 14, 3:59am Top

>208 EdwinKort: If you know the author, go to their page and then look for the title with a word that relates to the theme

Edited: Feb 14, 4:20am Top

Found them all. Thanks for some of the clue's. Others made me look at the wrong places, but still... Found them all now. On to the next hunt. Easter?

Feb 14, 4:24am Top

YAY! Searching and clicking here, there, and everywhere got me #18! Got them all now!

Feb 14, 5:43am Top

>211 EdwinKort: That long? Don't we get any shamrocks?

Edited: Feb 14, 11:34pm Top

>213 CurrerBell: Ooh! I know this one! The answers are green, lyre, snake, potato, James Joyce, and beer!

...okay, maybe not. Shamrock would be cool though.

Feb 14, 7:48am Top

Thank you for another great challenge. Here's to the next time

Feb 14, 8:43am Top

Not being a romance fan, this hunt was hard for me! But thanks for the fun!

Feb 14, 9:19am Top

Most likely the next hunt will be for Easter, but you never know. 2018 was the first time we had a Christmas Hunt, so, considering the popularity of the hunts, we could see one for St Pats.

Feb 14, 10:44am Top

OK, I got them all finally, but there was no way I was getting #7 without lots of hints.

Feb 14, 11:25am Top

#6 banging head on keyboard #6 The others were a piece of cake for the most part.

Feb 14, 11:50am Top

>219 tiffin:

Rhymes with the last word of the penultimate line. Singular. Tag page.

Feb 14, 12:19pm Top

>220 lilithcat:: it worked this time! I had already tried that, lilithcat, but for some reason it didn't take. I discovered the batteries in my keyboard needed replacing, and it worked after I did! Go figure. Thanks so much.

Edited: Feb 14, 12:57pm Top

Number 11 is the only one missing now - even with the clues written here :(

Ah, finally: the clues didn't help, though...

Feb 14, 12:56pm Top

Thank you very much for yet another fun challenge! It took me a while to figure out the answer for #16... I finally got it when I start blitzing all of the author’s books, ha!

Feb 14, 1:06pm Top

I thought for sure it was paris.. but I can't find anything on paris with the heart....

Feb 14, 1:25pm Top

dawnlovesbooks (#224):

Please put specific information about answers behind spoiler tags. That said,

There's more than one Paris in the world. Try going to the CK page for the specific one you're thinking of.

Feb 14, 1:26pm Top

213 I don't know all the dates of special things all over the world.

Edited: Feb 14, 3:45pm Top

Got 17 - all except for the final one which everyone else got = #13.

I've tried Books, Authors, Works, Common Knowledge, Tags...and guess (s)> are not sold in the store,
so, help welcome!

Feb 14, 2:32pm Top

# 13 = use the plural

Feb 14, 2:34pm Top

>227 m.belljackson:

PLEASE use the spoiler tag!

Feb 14, 3:14pm Top

Boom. I liked this one. And got all of them except for a couple without help. Pretty cool!! Much fun!!!!

Feb 14, 3:47pm Top

I got them all! YAY!

Edited: Feb 14, 3:58pm Top

What do I click on to submit my answer?

Feb 14, 3:50pm Top

This clue alone makes the game worth it, and the price of my lifetime membership, too. It's gorgeous, and I have no idea what it's referring to.

Heart 12
I'm sorry to say
That no matter how rich your friend is
He's still awful, if in want of a wife.

Feb 14, 3:54pm Top

>228 kitten-a-gogo:

Plowed through dozens of Books & Authors, then tried Tags (AGAIN!), and yes! Thank you!

Feb 14, 4:12pm Top

Although I seem to be a better pirate or pear than a heart, I loved the hunt. Thank you, LT&LTers for the hunt and the hints!

Feb 14, 4:21pm Top

>232 boblinfortino: You don't submit the answer, you go to the answers page. So, if the answer to the riddle was "The Cat in the Hat" you'd go to the Cat in the Hat's book page and at the top it would say something like, 'you found a heart'.

Feb 14, 4:36pm Top

>233 SomeGuyInVirginia: The phrase "in want of a wife" is part of a direct quote from the opening line of a very famous novel. It's been made into movies and TV-series multiple times, and is one of the most well-known love stories in literature.

Feb 14, 4:52pm Top

Or a President's Day hunt!!

Feb 14, 5:14pm Top

I'm absolutely stymied by #18. >171 calm:'s hint didn't seem to work for me.


Feb 14, 5:36pm Top

>239 karenmarie: If you do what >171 calm: says and click the tagmash for "elevator, romance", the correct title is is at the top of the list of books that come up. Just do a search for the tag "elevator", then scroll down and click "elevator, romance" under "Relevant tagmashes". Voilà!

Feb 14, 6:23pm Top

>214 WeeTurtle: Whiskey and corned beef & cabbage please.

Feb 14, 6:28pm Top

So........several hours in........still seeking #9 and #13. I am certain that I have the correct answers to the riddles but nothing I do with them is working for me.
But this has certainly been a fun little challenge.

Feb 14, 6:40pm Top

Happy V-Day to all the LT staff who gave us such a fun quiz!

Feb 14, 6:41pm Top

>243 rainpebble: Are you checking the tag pages for your answers? If so it could be a case of pluralisation or not to get the right one.

Feb 14, 6:45pm Top

>243 rainpebble: And a few of them may not be work or tag pages as well.

Feb 14, 6:48pm Top

>241 PawsforThought: Thank you, Paws! I needed to make it two steps - elevator, tags, relevant tagmashes. Learn something new every day!!

Feb 14, 6:56pm Top

>243 rainpebble: rainpebble, They're both tags. For #9 The first 2 lines are distracting, focus on the 3rd & 4th lines

Feb 14, 6:56pm Top

>245 AHS-Wolfy:

Please use the spoiler tag.

Feb 14, 7:13pm Top

Wow! Got em all, thanks to several hints! Thanks to LT for making up these fun challenges, and thanks to everyone who posted hints (although truthfully, a lot of them were just as obscure as the original clue--due to my ignorance, can't blame the "hinters"!) Looking forward to the next one! Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

Feb 14, 7:13pm Top

I only got five by myself so far. I will have to start looking at all your clues soon!

Feb 14, 7:33pm Top

>233 SomeGuyInVirginia: My only regret about that one is that I didn't write it myself. It's A+

Feb 14, 8:00pm Top

Does anyone know when we get notified that we've won prizes? I finished this yesterday but haven't heard anything yet.

Edited: Feb 14, 8:05pm Top

>253 Caroline77:

Read the initial post. The contest runs to February 19. Obviously, winners won't be announced until after that.

Feb 14, 8:16pm Top

Sifting through hints now. Turns out one of my random guesses was actually right. I just hit the book and not the author. Woops.

Edited: Feb 14, 8:17pm Top

Ah. Ok. I thought it was immediately for the prizes that don't involve a drawing. Thanks, lilithcat.

Feb 14, 8:20pm Top

Wasn't less than a week ago that we were notified about the Christmas badges?

Feb 14, 8:53pm Top

>242 quondame: It was with great disappointment and dismay that I finally accepted that I could no longer eat cabbage. Life is not the same.

Well I'm still stumped on 4, 5, and 7. I don't follow YA, or movies, or romance anything, or actors. IMDB isn't helping either! Bah! More google.

Feb 14, 8:55pm Top

Okay, got #7, though I have never heard of the film. I do recall seeing the book once.

Feb 14, 8:56pm Top

Not sure how I got #12. Thought I had been on that page before, but this time it gave me a heart!

Feb 14, 9:20pm Top

>258 WeeTurtle: For #5 you're looking for an author

Are you a fan of the Simpsons and Groundskeeper Willie?

Edited: Feb 15, 8:32pm Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Feb 14, 9:53pm Top

19 lorax
"And I just got #11 through sheer cussedness:"

I followed your advice and ended up with TWO more hearts just from the first 'page' of 1-25 authors tagged with 'Romance'!

Feb 14, 10:08pm Top

I’m still stumped on #4 and #15.

Feb 14, 10:12pm Top

>261 BookLizard: I've been curious if many people have been getting the reference. It's sort of a personal joke when it comes to wanting to preserve books.

Feb 14, 10:19pm Top

>264 catzteach:

#15 is the same author as #6. Look for a title on his author page.

Edited: Feb 14, 10:22pm Top

Wow. #5 was one of my random "surely a romance based clue game would reference this" guesses but I never actually searched it!

#4 Remains.

Feb 14, 10:45pm Top

>266 lilithcat: Thanks lilithcat! I got it!

Now I just need #4.

Feb 14, 10:51pm Top

Arrrgh! Well, I got them all, but two days later I can't remember them.....

Feb 14, 10:57pm Top

Finally found #4!! I have all of them now.

Feb 15, 2:25am Top

>267 WeeTurtle: If you check the tag >47 LibraryStuntwoman: mentioned in their post, and then look for a title with the word you were looking for in clue #) (like >56 Marissa_Doyle: mentioned), you should find what you're looking for.

Edited: Feb 15, 7:11am Top

>263 justjim: I see six hearts on that page :)

Feb 15, 8:30am Top

Got them all, easier than they appeared at first, but 7 took me ages (never heard of book or movie).

Feb 15, 8:51am Top

>252 lorannen:. Don't fret, it's like picking a single lilly from a field.

Feb 15, 9:39am Top

Thank you!

Feb 15, 12:01pm Top

Thanks for the help. I have found all 18 Hearts.

Edited: Feb 15, 12:16pm Top

Thank you for your helpful clues regarding tags, etc. I had never used the Zeitgeist before and all I knew of 'tags' was that I 'tagged' my own books. I have learned a lot through this little game.

Thanks for the fun (& frustration). LOL
Will 'see' you for the shamrocks!

Feb 15, 12:29pm Top

I have tried Paris in every way and cannot get the heart

Feb 15, 12:29pm Top

Despite the best efforts and hints I still cannot figure out 4, 9, 11, 12, and 18.

Edited: Feb 17, 12:33pm Top

>278 Carolibrarian: city, country

>279 hredwards: #4 a book made into a film directed by Alfonso Arau

#9 tag page for a candy commonly given on Valentine's Day

#12 Colin Firth starred in the mini-series adaptation of the book

#18 do a tagmash of elevator, wedding

Feb 15, 8:31pm Top

>269 quondame:. Same for me. It should be built so that once you get a heart, if you click on the check box on the clue page, it should bring you back to the page with the heart. But do not fear, after it is over, all the answers will be listed in Talk.

Feb 15, 10:10pm Top

>271 PawsforThought: Got it! Not quite that way. Had to involve some good and a bit of roundabout clicking (first page visit didn't register) but I got it! Thanks.

Edited: Feb 15, 10:40pm Top

Sorry, I just erased my message! Was looking for 6 and 8!

Edited: Feb 15, 10:39pm Top

>283 ddwarriner: #8 I had to google. #6 is one of those clues that's more elaborate than it needs to be. The answer is the rhyme that would go in the blank space. You're basically finishing the poem.

Feb 15, 10:40pm Top

Thank yoU!

Edited: Feb 15, 10:46pm Top

I searched for it, I had to click on the name in the Tags section before I could get the heart

Feb 15, 11:02pm Top

>269 quondame: That sounds just like me! I can never help with hints because I never remember what the answers are within a day or two of finding them! LOL! (To be honest, that's not always the case, but often!)

Feb 15, 11:07pm Top

Ok, I know #13 should be the really obvious diamond or diamond ring But I can not seem to find it.

Feb 15, 11:09pm Top

>269 quondame: >287 LibraryCin: St Patty's Day? Easter? Whenever. Next time I'm going to keep a little text file with my answers on it.

Feb 15, 11:12pm Top

>288 wd40sw: What exactly did Marilyn sing?

Feb 15, 11:14pm Top

>288 wd40sw: it's plural

Feb 15, 11:14pm Top

Wow! #7 was super-hard for me! Even using the clues and Googling what people suggested, I was getting lists and lists of possibilities!

Thank you to >185 perennialreader:! That's the clue that finally got it for me!

Now, I only have #8 left...

Feb 15, 11:14pm Top

>289 CurrerBell: That's a good idea!

Feb 15, 11:19pm Top

>292 LibraryCin: What's the opposite of SHORTus? That's the author. You want the book page.

Feb 15, 11:20pm Top

Even with all the hints and Googling, I'm not getting #8.

I think I've found the book title (how many books can there be with a goatherd, shepherdess, and pirate!?), but the book itself, nor the author, are getting me anywhere. I've tried clicking on common knowledge and many other options in the left menu, as well and nothing!

Feb 15, 11:21pm Top

>294 CurrerBell: There is no author by the name TALLus!. Obviously, this one is just way over my head (or I'm staring it in the face and just not cluing in!).

Feb 15, 11:22pm Top

Finally I've gotten all the hearts. Thanks to everyone who supplied clues, I really needed their help to get number 7. :)

Feb 15, 11:24pm Top

>295 LibraryCin: The book is such a "classic" that it will be appearing under multiple book pages and even in multiple languages. Use the hint I gave you in >294 CurrerBell: to go to the author page, then clink the link at the very top, under the author's name. Don't bother clicking through the huge number of book pages linked in the main body of the author page.

Feb 15, 11:27pm Top

>296 LibraryCin: You're close. But try another antonym for SHORTus.

Feb 15, 11:30pm Top

>296 LibraryCin: And this should make the SPOILER obvious: The ---- and the short of it.

Feb 15, 11:34pm Top

>298 CurrerBell: Do I even have the correct book? "The Goatherd and the Shepherdess"? I feel like even that is wrong, but it's all I come up with, no matter what I look for!

With what you've mentioned here: multiple book pages, multiple languages, this is not the book! So, I'm likely looking at the wrong author, as well (I've looked at the author of the book I've found, Lenny Hort), but I'm getting nothing there, either.

Ok, as I reread >298 CurrerBell: I tried searching Tallus again. Clicked on the first author, which led me to something about Tolkien, so I tried heading over to his author page. I think I'm completely lost!

(But thank you so much for trying to help. Maybe I should take a break and come back again tomorrow!)

Feb 15, 11:35pm Top

Ok, just seeing >299 CurrerBell: and >300 CurrerBell: now... Let me see what happens!

Feb 15, 11:36pm Top

>290 CurrerBell:
>291 amanda4242:

I'm still not getting it. I guess I'm to young to figure it out! I've tried every combination to get it.

Feb 15, 11:41pm Top

>303 wd40sw: If you didn't get it from Amanda's hint, then I think you may have the wrong word. If you have the right word, all you should have to do is pluralize it. MM sang it in the movie (but the movie's not the title of the song).

Feb 15, 11:41pm Top

>299 CurrerBell: and >300 CurrerBell:

Wow, even with your hint of >300 CurrerBell:, I couldn't get tall out of my head. It sounded like it fit the phrase!

I had to google to find another antonym for short. It never occurred to me that that was an antonym for short!!!

Again, thank you for all your help and hints. I finally got it (but obviously NEVER would have without your additional clues!).

Feb 15, 11:43pm Top

>303 wd40sw: Further SPOILER: The HEART isn't any kind of a title. It's a tag. And it's just one word, but pluralized.

Feb 15, 11:51pm Top

>307 CurrerBell: Thank you! That's very cute and it made me smile!

Feb 16, 12:06am Top

Edited: Feb 16, 2:17am Top

>185 perennialreader: Thanks!

5 - obvious (looking back) once you told me it was the author we're looking for

7 - still stuck - but it's the only one left now. Okay, got it, with a bit more googling. Thanks for the clues.

Thanks, LT goddesses and gods, for the hunt (and the frustration!).

Feb 16, 5:47am Top

I like the notion of link-backs from clues to their solutions, once they’re solved. There were at least a couple this go-round that I actually got unwittingly, but I’m not sure which clues the solutions match. Thanks for another fun hunt!

Feb 16, 8:15am Top

>307 CurrerBell: That made me smile also.

Feb 16, 5:29pm Top

265> "Save me from the books!" That's why I became a librarian - so I wouldn't have to keep all the books I want to read in my home.

And I got the answer to number 5 the same way you did.

Edited: Feb 16, 6:57pm Top

Wow! #8 was hard. Even with several great clues here, I couldn't find it until, thanks to >187 ILuvBookplates:, I searched for the potential author>.

Feb 16, 7:29pm Top

I'm stuck on #5, 8, 17, and 18.

Edited: Feb 16, 7:35pm Top

>315 ShyPageSniffer: Check out >184 FAMeulstee: and >187 ILuvBookplates: to get 18. Especially think about the author from 187's clue >

Edited: Feb 16, 7:51pm Top

I just got #2 using a clue for #11. It makes no sense to me. :-/

Feb 16, 8:02pm Top

>228 kitten-a-gogo: Thank you! I should have tried that long ago.

Feb 16, 8:16pm Top

I needed hints to get 4, 8, and 18, so thanks to everyone who gave some!

Feb 16, 8:55pm Top

Ok, I got number 8! that was tricky! now I just need 5, 17 & 18

Feb 16, 9:02pm Top

phew I got them all! :D

Feb 16, 9:31pm Top

I have all but #11, and I haven't found any of the clues or spoilers for #11 here to be helpful yet. :P

Edited: Feb 16, 10:12pm Top

Three more to go! 2, 11 and 18 have me stumped in spite of all the helpful hints. I got 8 on my own so I want to thank every one for the helpful clues.

Edited: Feb 16, 10:18pm Top

>319 pith: #4 Maurice Ravel turned it into a ballet.

>322 ArrowStead: #11 One of the author's books was made into a movie directed by Josh Boone.

Feb 16, 10:19pm Top

>324 amanda4242: Thank you for #11!

Feb 16, 11:36pm Top

Still stuck on 3 and 16.

Feb 17, 12:01am Top

>326 Steampunkkitties:

#3 Think of a genre of fiction that rhymes with the first line

#16 The author wrote short stories and POEtry

Feb 17, 12:33am Top

Woo hoo! Just found my last heart and very pleased that I did so without looking at anybody else's hints and spoiler alerts. A nice way to spend a lazy Sunday arvo in Melbourne, Australia. Go me!

Edited: Feb 17, 1:24am Top

8 and 14 are vexing me - I've read all the clues and all I sorted out from that for 8 is an opposite word for 'short' which gets me nowhere and I'm not even sure I understood the clues right to be honest. At least I'm only two shy from finishing... I've searched online too and that took me down a winding road from Ovid to Aesop (sighs)

Feb 17, 1:30am Top

>313 BookLizard: Library Tech in training here. ;). Though I'm pondering how one goes about making a private archive. LibraryThing here is my current catalogue.

There's no St. Paddy's challenge, we can all maybe add/ review green books and cover the home pages in some appropriate colour. ;)

Edited: Feb 17, 3:21pm Top

>329 joriestory:
For #8, the author isn't just an antonym for short. Try filling in the antonym in "SHORTus".

#11 is a quote from a book by a well-known YA author. He and his brother are youtube-famous, in particular for running an educational channel there. His last name is a colour; his first name is probably the commonest male name in English.

#14 is perhaps more famous as a film, rather than a book. The film is from 1987, directed by Rob Reiner.

Edited: Feb 17, 1:57am Top

>329 joriestory: I had to have CurrerBell, starting at >294 CurrerBell: pretty much walk me through it (#8) in its entirety. You can follow along between our conversation starting at >294 CurrerBell:, but I may have put something really obvious in one of my spoilers, I can't recall now. There is more than one opposite word for "short" and I was 100% using the wrong one for the longest time. I had to google it to find the other opposite for "short". It may be that other opposite word I'm thinking of that I might have added to one of my spoilers.

ETA: I went back and looked. I don't believe I gave away that other opposite after all.

Feb 17, 2:06am Top

>331 Petroglyph: #11 is not the film you state, that's #14.

Edited: Feb 17, 2:07am Top

>331 Petroglyph: Ooh bless you!! (big smiles) I couldn't sort out what to do with my "opposite word" and what you just said made it "click" as I already knew of the couples from Greek Myth that might work for an answer - yeah me! I finally solved that one!

>332 LibraryCin: Ooh that's the whole convo I was using to sort it out!! I think I spun myself into a grave trying to get it -- but somehow when Petroglyph mentioned what they did about what to do behind their spoiler - it just "clicked!"


If it wasn't for >331 Petroglyph: I think I would have gone properly out of my head with frustration!! Thank you!

Still seeking No14 --

Seriously -- its not just on LT where we have to dig a bit past the surface of things, as I honestly was clicking on the wrong, erhm field to understand what Petroglyph was trying to tell me!!


I am so thankful we're a supportive community... talk about mind-twisters, this time round! Jolly good fun!

Feb 17, 2:09am Top

>333 quondame: Ooh I spied that error -- that's why I originally going to say "still seeking" No14 - til I recognised what was wrong and then, of course I nearly blundered that hint anyway! lol

Edited: Feb 17, 7:58am Top

Thanks for all the help because I now have 17! But still stuck on #2. I've followed previous hints but can't get there... anything else I need to think about to steer me in the right direction.

ETA I did it!!! I miss read the word to google in previous hints :D Thanks everyone!

Feb 17, 8:00am Top

#16 was a pain and challenge for my membrane. Here is my clue (spoiler alert) Two homophones next to one another plus a synonym for valentine written by Edgar)

Feb 17, 8:02am Top

I wanted to send a clue to #326, steampunkkitties but I do not know how to do spoiler alerts so they are hidden. I am novice at this. Seeking help because I want the full experience of this challenge.

Feb 17, 9:09am Top

>338 vtlucania: Loranne has explained spoilers nicely in the very first message here >1 lorannen:

Edited: Feb 17, 11:04am Top

I got my first 12 hearts in half an hour, the next 4 involved considerable head-scratching and took a lot longer. The final two had me completely stumped, if it had not been for the hints from >280 amanda4242: and >185 perennialreader:.

Thank you both; and thanks to the Library Thing staff for putting together such an enjoyable Treasure Hunt.

A lot of these books and authors I had never heard of, so kudos for well-constructed clues.

I have only read 2 of the books referenced. I guess romance really is not my thing!

Feb 17, 12:54pm Top

I finally found them all. Was stuck the longest on what, looking back, was probably the easiest...#6! (I made it too difficult) Had been off-line for a few days and was happy to get in on the hunt before it was too late!

Feb 17, 2:26pm Top

Thank you! Found it! :D Oddly enough, I've not only never heard of the author, but never heard of any of his books, or their movies either. :P

Feb 17, 2:58pm Top

Thank you. I just saw that before reading your message. I should have read more thoroughly.

Edited: Feb 17, 3:22pm Top

>333 quondame:
Damn, you're right. Right underneath one another, they are. I've edited that post.

Feb 17, 4:15pm Top

Done! I thought most of them were pretty difficult. Thank you all for your hints!

Edited: Feb 17, 4:23pm Top

Thank you to everyone for help with the quiz. This is my first time as I am a new member here. I have really enjoyed it and look forward to getting to know you all.

Feb 17, 4:48pm Top

How do I sort by recently published??

Feb 17, 5:26pm Top

>347 mrsb623: Have you clicked on a tag and want to sort by most recently published?

Underneath the headline "Tagged works", but above the list of the works there's a row of clickable alternatives to sort by: "Most often tagged", "Weighted", "Popular recently" and "Published recently". If the alternative is blue, click it to sort the work that way. If it's black and bolded, it's already sorted in that way.

Feb 17, 6:47pm Top

I got them all, but there was no way I could’ve done it without you. Thank you all for the help and hints, you are a group of bright shining stars!

Feb 17, 10:07pm Top

I honestly was looking up Tallus for the longest time and getting absolutely nowhere. I'm glad you mentioned the the other opposite or I would have never gotten it!

Feb 17, 10:48pm Top

Well, that was fun, as usual, but I guess I'm going to have to settle for 16. I have no chance of getting #7 or #11; I don't have any pathways through YA territory.

Edited: Feb 17, 11:18pm Top

>351 Meredy: Check out the tip in >324 amanda4242:. That’s how I got #11. Although I confess it is now bringing me to #18 instead. Don’t remember what I did …

For #7, check clue in >86 BookConcierge:.

Feb 18, 12:10am Top

>352 krazy4katz: I did, thanks. I'm afraid none of the hints on #11 mean anything to me. I guess I could google my way to an answer on both, but I think I'll rest with what I've got. At least I got all the Pirate and Pear Tree ones--very gratifying!

Edited: Feb 18, 6:31am Top

>353 Meredy: That was also the most difficult one for me. A better clue would have been teenage cancer, combined with book/film

Feb 18, 10:29am Top

Thank you!

Feb 18, 11:13am Top

Thanks for the help. I have to give up on the last two this was fun but extremely hard. Guess I need more romance in my life.

Feb 18, 2:34pm Top

>354 ScarletBea: Ah, thanks--I had actually been to that book page several times, but I didn't think to click on the author page. That makes 17.

Feb 18, 4:15pm Top

Thanks for all the hints! There are always a few works/authors that are unfamiliar to me. The hints get me through every time.

And thanks to the LT team for putting these together!

Feb 18, 8:43pm Top

Thank you for the helpful hints! Most appreciated.
Found them all.

Feb 18, 11:14pm Top

Phew! I only just spotted this just now. Got all the hearts with a few hints from LT friends!

Someone mentioned you will kick yourself if you overthink no 3 - yep, that was me! It was the last one I got - duh!

Feb 19, 1:51am Top

I managed 12 hearts on my wits alone and then hit up this talk for hints :)

I struggled with No. 1 though going through a couple of other cities that I thought were city of love before finally remembering the right one.

Of course I initially failed because I clicked on the CK link to just the city name, only later did I realise it had to be the one that included the country

I have all 18 which marks my first fully successful hunt :)


Feb 19, 9:39am Top

Finally got them all. Thank you for doing this and for all the hints. I gave up several times but had to come back and try again!! This one seemed harder than usual. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Feb 19, 1:17pm Top

Congrats to everyone who's found hearts! I'm finally back after a long weekend, and will be here to help with hints until we wrap things up (5pm EST today). Happy heart hunting!

Edited: Feb 19, 2:27pm Top

EDIT: never mind, I found a heart but it wasn't the one I was looking for.

Feb 19, 2:28pm Top

>364 PhaedraB: Welcome to my world.

Feb 19, 2:39pm Top

I could not remember the name of the book for #4, but I remembered I borrowed it from my sister, so I found it in my catalog by searching for her name. Would they all be that easy.

Feb 19, 2:39pm Top

>366 PhaedraB: Well done!

Feb 19, 2:54pm Top

Yay, I got them all just in time, thanks to all the lovely hints above. Another successful hunt, thanks to all who put it together and helped with the hints.

Edited: Feb 19, 4:49pm Top

WOW! Just got the last one, thanks to reading some helpful clues. Thank you, clue-givers!! These Hunts are so much fun! Thank you LibraryThing!!

Feb 19, 4:57pm Top

>99 PawsforThought: Thanks! I own this book and have seen the movie and still didn't get the answer.

Feb 19, 5:05pm Top

>280 amanda4242: Thanks for the hint on #4! I was certain it was Chocolat and it was driving me crazy that I couldn't find the heart.

Feb 19, 5:09pm Top

Amazing! And so much fun. Even though I'm not much of a romance reader I found all the hearts, and it only took a few hours of hunting. Couldn't have done it without a LOT of hints. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful clues!

Feb 19, 5:14pm Top

Thanks for joining in the fun, everyone! The Valentine's Day Heart Hunt is officially over! I'll be back tomorrow with some stats, but for now, I'm posting the Heart solutions in >1 lorannen:.

Feb 19, 11:04pm Top

Thank you LT people for creating a great hunt! I also appreciate all the wonderful clues from my compatriots here.

And, by the way, is there another one in the planning stages? Not too soon and not too long from now, but I wouldn’t want to get too rusty. ;-)

Feb 20, 12:40am Top

>374 krazy4katz: It's a great day, for the Irish.... (?)

Feb 20, 11:57am Top

>375 CurrerBell: St. Patricks??

Feb 20, 12:55pm Top

Thanks, lorannen, et al.! Noting the "hunting calls" for St. Patrick's, Easter (Green Eggs and Ham?) and beyond, I'm beginning to get doubly curious now to see whether we're exhausting LT's creative, holiday-hunt energies in 2018-2019, or what they might also have in store (or create) for a follow-up second-year to make it a tradition ... Inquiring minds, etc.!

Feb 20, 1:17pm Top

>377 jasbro: It's all a plot to give away all those excess t-shirts.

Yesterday, 4:38pm Top

Finally, some fun stats, and prize winners!

1,306 members total found at least one heart (and will receive a profile badge)
1,088 members found at least five hearts (and will get lifetime membership upgrades)
782 members found at least 15 hearts, and were in the running for a t-shirt.
716 members found all 18 hearts!

Heart #1 was the most commonly found, with 1,141 of you locating that one.
On the flip side, Heart #8 was the trickiest to find, with 799 members. Tim did, indeed, pen that clue—well-spotted, >19 lorax:.

And the lucky winners are...

Each of the following members will receive their choice of a LibraryThing or TinyCat t-shirt. A heart-y congratulations to:

dawnlovesbooks, dnorum, ghilbrae, loremistress, sgump, Milwaukee_LGBT_Ctr, joyblue, SandyAMcPherson, MollyABorum, and jeknook

Yesterday, 7:14pm Top

>379 lorannen: Congratulations to all the prize winners ... and all the other winners, who found solutions to clues!

Yesterday, 10:08pm Top

>379 lorannen: Amazing!
Better than buying a lottery ticket... and way more fun.

Thank you ~ does the happy dance

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